Lumia 435 now available from Microsoft Ireland

Following launches at other retailers and it's British counterpart, Microsoft has put the Lumia 435 up for sale from its Irish online store now for €79. That's a little higher than we've seen the phone for sale in other countries since launch, though Irish buyers have been limited on opportunities thus far with some pretty outrageous pricing to boot.

In a break from the norm it seems Microsoft Ireland is doing away with the duller looking black version and is only offering the Lumia 435 for sale in either orange or green. When we reviewed it we found a capable budget priced Windows Phone that offers a quality experience through the hardware and the overall experience.

If you've been holding out for one, drop by the Irish Microsoft Store right now and pick one up.

via TechBuzzIreland

Thanks Jim for the tip!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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