Lumia 520 becomes even more affordable in the UK - £59.95 at CPW

The Carphone Warehouse has done something incredible. The UK retailer has made the Lumia 520 even more affordable. Priced at just £59.95, those who are seeking a PAYG (Pay As You Go) upgrade will be able to save 40 percent over previous pricing. While networks are tied to the handset when checking out, Carphone Warehouse generally deal with SIM-free devices.

So how do you know if you qualify for the upgrade? You'll need to have a PAYG account that's been topped up for the past six months. Fear not if you're not quite there as the standard price is just £80. It's almost humorous just how affordable this Windows Phone is here in the UK.

It's not a terrible device either. In fact, we highlighted many of the positives in our in-depth review. While it's cheap as chips, the experience is superb.

Source: The Carphone Warehouse (opens in new tab), via: AllAboutWindowsPhone

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • That's a steal.
  • I'm so going to get this tomorrow! Thanks for the tip.
  • These price drops tell me Nokia is coming out with something new that they expect to do big business...and possibly hurt their sales on the existing product line. Phablet? New line with better hardware? Should be interesting...
  • I think Nokia is adjusting price of 520 to make space for 620 and arrival of 625.
  • No thats not it.  Whatever "phablet" or high end phone comes out next, is not targeted at the same market the 520 is.
  • I could get like four of those for the price of one Polish escort! Hot damn!
  • Must be a d@mn hot one!! How much for an English one?? 8P
  • WOW
  • Do this in the US.
  • Nokia is going for the kill!!!
  • This phone started as the best phone for the money, and now has just become the most ridiculous deal in phones ever.
  • This. I was blown away by the value offered by 620. Then 520 came out, and now it's selling for dirt-cheap. My only concern is that Nokia might be losing money on these, but if they can sell them with no losses (even if no profit), then it's great for expanding the market share (which is what WP really needs).
  • Wow, at that price I might get one just to have one spare...
  • Now that's a bargain!
  • I love it when articles keep on coming.. And feel really sad when 24hrs pass without articles.. I must see a psychiatrist.. :-/
  • Lol, seek help
  • Holy WoW. They need to advertise this and try and get across the great GPS maps etc.
  • Like the American prizes...lumia 520=$60 lumia 620=$90-99
  • The uni i work for in the Uk just got these for all its IT and building management teams through EE. Its a fantastic little device especially for the little they cost. Its not as awesome as my L920 but i would have one as a spare/festival phone.
    Its great that Carphone Warehouse is doing this. However the staff need to push it a little more. 3's people are awful at selling wp8 and push Galaxy S4 all the time.
    Still the L520 is a step in the right direction. Just wish I could find out when 3 will update 920 with GDR2 & Amber /sadface.
  • Well, I know where I'm going tomorrow morning...
  • It's an ultimate deal for a starter
  • It is a steal for sure. Amazing how all of the prices are so low right now (except for 1020 and 925). I picked up my brand new SIM-Free 32GB white 920 for just £270! 820 is like £190 right now on Amazon too.
  • Dads been going on about getting a new phone for ages, he wants something that does more than his current one but doesn't want to pay the price of a 920 or iphone. Think this will be perfect.. Assuming it runs Nokia maps and Nokia drive? Such a good price
  • Wow I thought the Firefox OS phone was good value at £60. This has much better specs than it! I wonder if Nokia are even making a profit on this phone
  • I went there yesterday, and they said this offer doesnt apply to PAYG Upgrades for Orange/Tmobile/EE. They didnt tell me which carriers are supporting this offer. 
    Very misleading from CPW because their website states the same offer and price. 
  • Strange. I bought one as a payg upgrade for orange today, no problem.