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Lumia 520 Review - The most affordable Nokia Windows Phone

Windows Phone Central's review of the the Lumia 520, the cheapest Nokia Windows Phone yet

The Lumia 520 is a well-priced Windows Phone for an entry-level model. The option itself provides consumers an affordable Windows Phone that doesn’t have a negative impact on the user experience. The beauty of the Lumia 520 is one would assume it runs Windows Phone 7.8 and uses a CTF display, but we’re talking about Windows Phone 8 hardware here.

That said, this is still a budget smartphone and you should not make the purchase with the same expectations of a Lumia 720 or Lumia 920. There are features missing and corners cut to save on cost, but note this: it’s a superb Windows Phone and we’d never grumble at the price.

Cheap, looks good, feels comfortable to hold and sports a super-sensitive touch display.

Lacks numerous features, including back-lit capacitive buttons, flash, front-facing camera and more.

Nokia has not only tackled the high-end and in-between markets, but the company is also reaching out to the demographic that enjoys choosing the cheapest models on the store shelf. The entry-level device certainly raises bars in terms of quality and is light years ahead of similar competitor products.


The Body

Launching alongside the Lumia 720, Nokia has made sure the Lumia 520 is both attractive and solid for every-day use. Following suit of the Lumia 620 and Lumia 820, there’s a shell that can be swapped for difference colours (note there’s no extra functionality here – wireless charging nor NFC) and popped off to reveal the battery, as well as the microSIM and microSD slots. Weighing in at just 124g, it’s significantly lighter than the Lumia 920 for comparison (185g).

The body is just thinner than the Lumia 920 (9.9mm versus 10.7mm). Nokia does manage to create an illusion that the rear of the Lumia 520 is thinner than reality with the curved back plate. It’s comfortable to hold, which is always an added benefit. The issue the Lumia 520 has is that it feels slightly cheap. While there’s comfort and ergonomics at play, the side buttons are a prime example of how Nokia has managed to keep the manufacturing cost down. They’re not awful, but not ceramic either.

Let’s not throw in the towel, simply because there are some cut backs. The Lumia 520 sports a 4-inch display and while it’s not nearly 5-inches, which is what appears to be the norm these days with high-end models, it’s still larger than the previous generation Lumia 800.

Returning to the back plate. There are a variety of colours available: yellow, cyan, red, white and black. This choice helps keep the Windows Phone looking fresh and we’ve not had any trouble popping the plate off for easy access to the insides. There’s not a great deal of choice though, compared to the Lumia 620. You’ll not see crazy lime green colours or hip orange, but again this is a budget device and we shouldn’t expect the world - Nokia does manage to include the main Lumia colour scheme.

Overall, while there are certain elements that make the Lumia 520 feel cheap in areas, it’s not going to affect the overall experience and the back plates feel comfortable to hold. We feel as though Nokia has balanced both sides of the scale rather well here. There's not a lot of compromise for the price, which is exactly what Windows Phone requires with its low-end selection of hardware.


The Display

As noted above, the Lumia 520 sports a 4-inch IPS display, which is at 800x480 resolution. There’s no ClearBlack technology included, but Nokia has decided to add Super-sensitive touch, enabling owners to use their Windows Phone while wearing gloves, etc. It’s impressive technology that was highlighted on the Lumia 920. That’s what we like about the Lumia 520; it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles but there are a few tricks up its sleeve.

There’s also no PureMotion (60Hz screen refresh rate sported by the Lumia 920) and no Corning Gorilla Glass (so be that little bit more careful when handling the device – it can’t quite withstand nuclear fallout), but for the price tag we’re not fussed. We didn’t experience any issues when using the Lumia 520, unless you’re outside. It can prove to be a struggle if you’re attempting to read text on-screen with the glare of the sun behind you.

What was interesting is because there’s Super-sensitive touch, it was a breeze to use the touch screen and there was not a single moment when we felt required to really put pressure on the glass for our gestures to register. That’s a real bonus for a low-end smartphone and was something the previous Lumia 710 suffered from (or so we found with our review unit).

So there’s no quick refresh rate, no ClearBlack technology and no Gorilla Glass, but what Nokia has achieved here with the most affordable Windows Phone, we applaud the company. The included Super-sensitive touch is a really welcomed addition and improves the experience ten-fold.

The Hardware

The Lumia 520 packs a rather nice punch, as does each and every other Windows Phone in the current generation of hardware. The absolute minimum is a dual-core Snapdragon S4 CPU at 1GHz, which is what we’ve got here and it’s certainly no slouch. There’s a noticeable difference when put next to a high-end Windows Phone with a 1.5GHz dual-core chip, but the user experience is never at risk of being sub-par.

Games are rendered well, without stuttering (or “lag”) and apps open promptly. Along with the 1GHz dual-core, the Lumia 520 also sports 512MB RAM, which -- unlike the 256MB issues – runs all apps on the Windows Phone Store. We’ve not had the situation where we couldn’t get an app to run, but as games become more and more advanced on the platform, there could well be issues in the future - it’s worth noting that even the high-end hardware will become obsolete at some point as technology improves.

Unfortunately, as this is a low-end device there’s no NFC and no wireless charging. This bring us back to the interchangeable back plates. The optional coloured accessories are simply just shells and do not introduce any functionality. For battery we’re looking at 1430mAh, which is larger than the Lumia 620. As Nokia’s most affordable Windows Phone doesn’t sport all the bells and whistles under the sun, the small battery shouldn’t be a problem with daily use. We had no problem in our tests.

There is one area that appears to be limited - and that's internal storage. Nokia has only installed 8GB of storage for apps and games, as well as other settings and temporary files. Some power users may find this lack of space an issue. While a microSD slot is available for cards up to 64GB in capacity, the expansion can only cater for media files. Nokia did manage to pack in WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0, but no compass so don't get too excited as you'll not be able to use HERE City Lens.

The Audio

We can sum up the speaker on the Lumia 520 with a single word: loud. It’s actually rather impressive just how loud it is. We can crank the volume up to about 26 (out of 30) before the sound begins to distort, but for a low-end device this is perfect. The sound quality from the speaker is slightly tinny and is located on the bottom right-hand side of the back.

Unfortunately there’s no equaliser or other audio setting that’s sported by other Lumia Windows Phones. The entry is present on the main Settings menu, but the “audio” configuration screen is blank when loaded. Testing the sound through headphones (pair of Razer Blacksharks) with numerous tracks streamed from Xbox Music showed us the Lumia 520 can handle playback like any other smartphone. No problems here, but there’s a notable difference between this device and playback on high-end hardware.

Call quality is also good, which is always a bonus for a mobile phone. It’s easy to hear the recipient on the other end of the line, but it’s not the best experience we’ve had. Overall, if you've used a Windows Phone before and are yet to purchase a Windows Phone 8 device, you'll not be disappointed.

The Shooter

As the Lumia 520 is a low-end Windows Phone, there’s only an f/2.4 28mm 5MP rear shooter. What’s more, there’s no flash and no front-facing camera for Skype and other video conference apps. Also, it’s worth noting there’s no Carl Zeiss lens. With all that down on paper, you’d assume the results would be pretty poor, correct? Well, you’d be half-wrong.

The 5MP is nothing special, especially when you compare images captured with the Lumia 520 against the Samsung ATIV S or Lumia 920, but there’s enough sharpness and colour balance to really make a difference here. Camera technology has come a long way and even 5MP shooters can produce results that are good enough for Facebook and sharing with friends.

That is until the sun goes down. There’s no flash. We attempted to take a shot in the dark just to see how it handled no light at all. You can give it a go if you own a Windows Phone that doesn't sport OIS for low-light photography. Turn the flash off and attempt to take some shots.

Here are some sample shots taken with the Lumia 520:

And here's a video sample:

Video is the same story. Owners can enjoy recording footage, but without OIS (optical image stabilisation) there’s bound to be some jolting. Also, there are no HAAC microphones so don’t attempt to use the Lumia 520 to record a concert. As with other Windows Phone 8 devices, the Lumia 520 sports similar camera settings (save the flash configuration):

  • Scenes: Auto, Close-up, Night, Night Portrait, Sports, Backlight
  • ISO: Auto, 100-800
  • Exposure Value: -2 through + 2
  • White Balance: Auto, Cloudy, Daylight, Fluorescent, Incandescent
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9, 4:3

But what the Lumia 520 does have access to is Nokia’s Cinemagraph, Panorama and Smart Shoot Lenses to add more functionality.

The Phone

You’ve read through what’s inside the Lumia 520 and how its hardware rates as a low-end Windows Phone, but how is the smartphone to use each and every day as a mobile device? The story is exactly the same as any other Windows Phone: it’s an excellent experience. It’s not huge or heavy, is affordable and boasts some exciting features. What more could an owner ask for?

There are downsides, however. Since it is a budget smartphone, there are drawbacks to what’s on offer. The lack of flash hurts low-light photography and really limits what’s possible with the camera. Nokia cuts back on numerous features, including backlit capacitive keys, no front-facing camera, slower processor and less available RAM. The 8GB internal storage will hurt many too, especially with the large games.

Audio quality is pretty decent, as mentioned already in this review. If you actually use a smartphone to call friends and family, you’ll have no issues with the Lumia 520. There are no advanced call settings, including call blocking and more, but as a standard experience it’s good enough. The Lumia 520 sports some rather interesting features that even mid-range Windows Phones lack. These include:

  • Multiple lens apps, including Cinemagraph, Panorama and Smart Shoot
  • Full HERE Drive license (able to use in all supported markets and regions)
  • Super-sensitive display

For a really cheap smartphone, one can agree that it’s not a bad deal at all. In fact, the Lumia 520 is that good, it’s easy to see why it’s slowly becoming one of the more popular Windows Phones. Also, because of the price, it’s easier to purchase the phone from a retailer and be done with mobile operator availability, relying on them for the SIM and contract alone.

So where can you pick one up? Check with your local retailers and online stores if your mobile operator doesn't currently carry the Windows Phone.

Final thoughts: if you want an affordable Windows Phone that doesn't suffer from performance issues and sports some unique features, the Lumia 520 is a superb option that should be taken seriously. Nokia has done well to shake up the market and offer such an experience for literally next to nothing.

Rich Edmonds is a word conjurer at Windows Central, covering everything related to Windows, gaming, and hardware. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a device chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Got it for my mom.
  • This or the 521 on T-Mobile (review due probably tomorrow) are great "mom phones" in my opinion...low cost, with nothing wasted. Really good values.
  • Its a good father in-law phone as well.  He was set on getting an iPhone until I told him the 521 was $150 as compared to $600.  Thank you T-Mobile for getting rid of contracts.  People are finally realizing how much they are actually spending on these devices.
  • Agreed, got a 521 for my mom (and myself!) on mothers day, and she absolutely loves it! I know a lot of people say this but, she is near "technology illterate" but she managed to get used to this phone within two days.
    That's not to say that the iPhone or android phones are not easy to use, just that she would never get any of those due to their price. Great phone!
  • Indeed it is. Got this (well, 521 - after price matching and Bing It On, it ended up being 113usd which is simply incredible) for my mom's birthday as well... I think she'll love it coming from iPhone 3G... :D
  • What is the difference between L520 and L521 in terms of hardware? I've heard that 521 has a 1,4Ghz dual core processir, is that true? :o
  • 520 and 521 have the same Dual Core 1.0ghz, they are the same expect for the fact that 521 is a little bigger and supports T-Mobile Bands. Else the phone are the same.
    WPCentral should compare the 521/520 and to 620, Huwaii Ascend W1, HTC 8s,
  • Definitely.  My mom wanted a stand alone GPS unit.  I got her this instead.  She loves it.
  • Got one for my mom too, and she loves it. Easier than the features phone she used before. Good sign for WP
  • Same here. I finally got my mom to dump Sprint. I added her as a second line to my T-Mobile account. She's loving the 521. (I think she's a closet gadget nerd..which is awesome)
  • Not bad! Pretty decent
  • She is hooked to it practically the whole day! Nokia has completely upturned the meaning of cheap= horrible.
  • Nokia has done that several years ago with their s40 and symbian phones.
  • I prefer the word "inexpensive".
  • +350z
  • Bought one as backup phone for my self. Will be using mainly as a music player as it supports micro sd cards unlike my 8x lack of space is an issue on this phone with only 16gb.
  • Rich, 512MB is the problematic RAM amount for WP8, not 256MB. This device will not run Temple Run and such.
  • will run Halo and Ashphalt 7 ... not entirely bad.
  • haha True that , it all depends on developers and Temple Run developers should learn from these two game developers how to optimize and develop games for 512 MB RAM Devices :D :D
  • Was thinking the same.. The article says it so misleadingly, that I nearly believed that it could run any game from WP store. Which it can't.
  • 512 MB RAM is problematic for more than just Temple Run. I bought a Lumia 720 and am just about fed up with the poor performance of WP8 on it. The animations are smooth and all, but it's tiring to see the "Resuming" screen all the time, even when switching between core OS apps like messaging. I even see it (rarely) when I hit the Home button! But the main dealbreaker for me was when IE10 wouldn't keep the tabs open. I mean, it's already restricted to 6 tabs, it won't keep even one of them open! WP8 simply doesn't have a functional Facebook app (the beta app has a lot of issues) and IE10 will not maintain your position in the newsfeed because it just reloads the tab every time I switch back throwing me back up to the top of the newsfeed.
    WP8 for me is a regression from my WP7 Samsung Focus. Stability issues, lots of bugs, lack of quality apps (we still don't even have proper FB and WhatsApp!) and the worst part - no real change on the user side of things, it's still the same old WP7 feature-set (don't talk to me about kids corner!) - I am one disappointed WP fanboy :(
  • Temple run workin now dude cheers :DD.....currently playing it on lumia 520 no lags or crashes works as charm and the graphics are also good.....waiting for subway surfers...........
  • Get a 920, I have none of those problems.
  • What is the step up from the 520/521 which mainly adds front facing camera and flash. I want a device that will be used on wifi only for internet, skype, photos/videos taking and sharing. I like the 521 a lot but not having flash and ffc are holding that up. Plus not sure how good picture quality is on these.
  • 620?
  • You are lookig at Nokia Lumia 620. In US the 620 is only with AT&T via AIO wireless prepaid for $179
  • Yah I looked at the 620, it doesn't have flash and it will be about $80 more than the 521. The 521's price point is killer. FFC for $80 is not justified. This is going to be used as a media device for my dad. He uses an ipad but wants the convience of snapping pics on the go and ease of sharing them via email. Currently he uses a point and shoot camera and having to hook it up to the pc to transfer the images to share is too much of a hassle. 
  • The 620 definitely does have flash
  • Thanks for some reason I thought it didn't, I will look into it more.
  • Here City Lense Wont Work!!
  • No compass on 520/521 phones that is required for city lense
  • looks like you don't know anything about 620. It has much more functionalities than 520. It has equalizer, has compass so has here city lense and live sight function in here maps, it has NFC,has Flash, has front facing camera,it's size is perfect and so good to hold. Just 2 drawbacks in my opinion, 1. No FM radio, 2. Small battery.
  • Sweeeet!
    The 620 is total awesome-sauce.
    Despite sporting a cyan 920 on AT&T since last November, I STILL drool over the 620.  It is a perfect price-point and looks dead sexy/cute.  The dual-shot color shells are especially slick.
    The 620 has a front-facing camera, a flash on the back camera, and all around great specs for the price.  Reviewers who got  to play with this phone commented on just how smooth WP is on this little gem.  The screen is slightly smaller, but that's a plus for some people since it makes for a smaller phone.
    I've seen a couple articles knock the design because the microSD slot is a bit burried and hard to get to.  BIG WHUP!  How often do you need to get to it?  This one flaw is easily overshadowed by the excellent physical design and swappable back covers.
  • +620
    I've 'upgraded' to a 620 from an SGS3, and yes it definately feels like an upgrade. I could take this phone well into 2014.
  • Over here the L520 costs 210€. The L620 costs 270€.
    So no one in their right mind would buy a 520 over a 620, would they? No, they wouldn't :P
  • In Brazil the diference is bigger... and Lumia 720 kills 620 Lumia 520 R$ 549,00 Lumia 620 R$ 815,00 Lumia 720 R$ 969,00
  • As it should be. The point of the 520 is providing a cheaper option.
    The differences between the 720 and 620 aren't as substantial as between the 520 and the 620. So its just plain stupid to sell the L520 for 60€ less then the L620 which is so much better.
    Because whomever can afford the L520 can afford the L620 (and those who can't afford giving over 200€ for a phone have other options going as low as 40€ over here so they won't even look at them) (As for the L620 v. L720...I would still pick the L620 =P)
  • having more price points is never a bad thing. The 520 rock-bottom price could lure you in, even though you leave with a 620 or 720. The Lumia line is rocking the house now. Of course the 920 and 92x variants rock the house at the high end. The only model I think needs a little love is the 820.
  • I agree for a true midrange option like the 8xx series Lumias it would've been nice of Microsoft to build in support for QHD resolution. Perfect lower cost option to help differentiate between midrange and low-end.
  • Hi guys,
    what's the weather app shown above nissan image? Anyone knows?
  • Weather Flow
  • Thanks. Greate app.
  • That app is actually amazing weather hd and it is the best weather app I've used on any phone.
  • Seeing lower end phones of good quality is great and fantastic for the WP ecosystem. It will help with a lot of those fence sitters.
    I'm still not entirely clear why Nokia didn't bother making all handsets 1Gig RAM however. I know it's about cost but really how much is 256MB of RAM? Especially across 1000s of handsets. Would have made for a great point of difference.
    Still, good handset.
  • I think the majority of people who are after these budget phones aren't going to care much about how much RAM is in their phone. Most people don't even know what it does. I'd be doing the same if I were Nokia too.
  • Easy enough to say until they try and install an app that requires 1Gig and the complaints start showing up in the forums here and at Nokia.
    Look through the history on WPCentral of any app that requires 1Gig and you'll see comments by disappointed people.
    It's easy enough to say, 'Most people don't even know what it does'. They don't until it effects them.
  • But Nokia still get the sale.
  • The beginning of this article really took the time to manage expectations. In fact the whole article seemed to pit it against the 920. Good phone to upgrade my parents HD7 to though.
  • Yeah, found the review a bit awkward because it was compared to high end devices like the 920 a lot when it isn't even close in terms of price. It is a bit understated how good this phone really is for the price when compared with the competition at the same price point. You can't get a better phone for the price right now.
  • Agreed. The review would have been better if it put this up against the awful phones in Android land at the same price point.
  • Yeah.. Review it against Samsung Galaxy Mini 2. They cost both here in finland 150€ or so..
  • This is why I like GSMArena's review on this and the 620, they take into account the price and compare it to the competition. Even they're blown away at how much better these low end WPs are than the competition and they're generally Android fanboys.
  • Been using one for 2 weeks now, loving it so far. I got this 520 to try WP8, because I've been obsessed with it lately. And this phone gave everything I imagine when I read all WP8 phone reviews.
  • Got the 521 as a gap filler between my WP7 HTC Radar and the real next-gen WP8 phones coming this fall. It fits the bill perfectly.
  • which weather app is it in the Lumia 920 in the first image by 520, right above Nissan's picture?
  • Waether flow
  • Guys is there any message locker I mean SMS inbox locker in the app store ?
    I know there are some for vidoes and Images but I need one for Message box.
  • This is not a direct locker. Plus its not free & no trial either:/ but if it suits you.....
    Check out "SMS Banker" for Windows Phone
  • Amazing Weather HD.
  • Anybody that is looking for an every day fully featured phone shouldn't get this phone. 
    512 mb so some games will not be compatible and for most of the non-compatible games, im guessing the developers will not optimize it. 
    No flash and FFC as stated.  No Here drive + (at least not yet anyway).  So all you travelers looking for a cheap nice phone, go with the 620
    I had a chance to look at this phone a little bit in person and it seems this phone is as large as a samsung focus S.  The amount of wasted bezel space is appaling to me.  Nokia devices have a lot of bezel and this is no different, although 4 inch screen, it is the same size probably with the focus S because of the wasted bezel or close to it. 
    If you are looking for flip phone type phone that does the basics, can't beat the price. 
    If you are in the smartphone market looking for a phone with a good set of features, dont get it. 
  • Here + was definitely the main reason I went with the 620 over the 720 as well.
    (For people who don't know Here + is global maps, Here is only your country)
  • @KNevik, you can always upgrade to Here Drive + once the Drive app exits beta, it should be soon.
  • You talking about games ? dude even 720 and 620 has 512 RAM only.
    So nothing wrong in that.
  • There is somethign wrong with all of that. 
  • And what's that ?
  • Go buy a cheap android phone. It can't install any game from Android store. Like a Mini 2 can't.. Though it can install Temple run which L520 can't, but it lags so much that I deleted it right away. Terrible, just terrible..
  • Yes, but didn't microsoft talk sh1t about google and fragmentation? yes they did.
  • Pretty sure fragmentation has more to do with software than hardware such as some new android handsets running ancient incarnations of the OS. Bringing the cost of a handset down due to putting in less powerful components yet making it compatible with all but the most power intensive apps while delivering a smooth experience is a separate matter.
  • My battery is getting drained out very quicky when I'm using 3G and wifi.
    Background processes are blocked still.Other than that no issues whatsover.I'm in love with my phone.
    Nokia lumia 520 is the hottest selling phone in the market at this price right now.
  • I got a 521 5 days ago, and have yet to have the battery reach 50% in the course of  a day. At home, which is where I spend most of my time, it is using Wifi for data and calling. Outside the house, is uses T-Mobile's 4G for data. I have a number of live tiles, and apps that push notifications to the screen, so these should be battery killers, but as I said, at the end of the day, I usually have between 60 and 70% remaining.
  • "As its a low end device there is no NFC or wireless charging" Well... It could be an iPhone ^.^
  • +1 to you, sir/madam! Very astute observation!
  • Seems like Nokia had to purposely hobble the 520 with 512mb and no flash.  A flash and 1GB memory likely would not have pushed the 520 over $200, but would have caused trouble justifying prices on 620, 720 and 820.  However, impressive that Nokia is offering a good budget WP8.
  • Yes but it's a budget phone
  • Sean - Trying to say that the cuts they made -- flash, memory -- seem to be more directed at preventing competition with higher models rather than cutting costs.  How much would a LED flash cost?  $3?
  • They have to offer an incentive to buy the 620...
  • a LED + a capacitor + case and frame design + added shipping fees. It still wouldn't be much, but Nokia is likely not making anything from 520 sales as is.
  • I found the camera to be decent on this device. Also the glass is hardened glass not gorilla but is still pretty tough. The build is good except the case can creak a little bit. But if you put a small bit of paper under battery door it stops the creaking. The camera button also got stuck twice too. Battery and speed is good as well
  • i want small, wish I could get a debranded 620.  I have a feeling the aiowireless one still has ATTs fingers in it.
  • Expansys sells unlocked 620s.
  • any chance this would work on verizon?
    I do not care about LTE connectivity.
  • C'mon man Rich Edmonds, I like your British accent and all... but I call your video review lazy and to an extent dumb too.
    No offense, only constructive criticism. If you are gonna do a video review, please take the time to showcase the good/bad part of the phone "visually" instead of putting the phone on bland wooden table and keep on blabbering about specs and price. People can get the specs better if you "write" about it, not talk about. If you were only gonna talk about it for eight minutes, you could have just put out a audio clip that you recorded with 520 to show its audio capabilities. That's 8 minutes of my life that I'll never get back, trying to see something useful in the video.
    Another point, if you are lazy enough to not even fill the home screen with enough useful apps on top(I'm talking about blank tile spaces), why bother with a review? I would have loved to see some popular apps relevant for this price point in action in the video. I'm seriously considering this phone for my dad and I wanted some useful video review that shows this phone's performance (with apps such as Nokia maps or metrotube or city lens) against L 920 that I already own.
  • No offence taken :-) I view the footage as a compliment to the review itself, but I understand there are areas of improvement (particularly in the areas you raised). The Start Screen layout was put together by another soul who hadbeen using the handset for a day to see how it fared against a cheaper Samsung Android. I don't really see how the layout of said screen affects the review, but that's your opinion.  I'm not too sure what you mean by relavent apps for this price point. The phone will run majority of apps on the store that don't require 1GB (you'll struggle with advanced games). And there's nothing wrong with my wood :-(
  • Rich,
    Thanks for the followup and you came across as a civilized gentleman and I look like a jerk for my highly critical comment :-) But, it looks like you took it in stride.
    The main reason I was critical is because I see some of these Verge or Engadget or any other iOS/Android fanboy video reviews of Nokia/WP and they never go past the start screen and into any of the beautiful apps unique to WP and showcase its strength (I'm ok if you highlight its weakness too) and they finally end the review by slamming the device like its too heavy/unimpressive and move on. Had I listened to any of those reviewers and not buy the 920, I wouldn't have known what I missed. I always thought its not about the specs, overall user experience is what matters. And software that comes bundled/free is what creates that user experience/first impressions for an avg user.
    So, what I was expecting in the video review was some use case scenarios for device at this price point.... such as how's the skype call/video performance or Nokia maps or city lens or metro tube or news app work in this device, etc. For this price point, I wouldn't be too concerned about video capture or picture quality or even high end gaming per se, although it might matter to some people. I hope you can take away those points for your next review where you can think about Device typical use cases for that price point and objectively comment if it meets or falls below expectations.
    Appreciate your review overall and thanks for all your quick early morning updates from GMT :-)
  • Not at all a problem, and you didn't come across as a jerk at all ;-) I'll definitely take your comments into consideration and will look at ways to improve (or rather expand) on what's covered in the video footage that's coupled with device reviews. Thanks for your feedback though, it's appreciated :-)
  • Now, aside from the tmob, what band 4 variants are there or does it come with support for it out of the box? Would consider one for the wife, but not sure how much hunting I'll need to do as a Canadian...she's not the sort to want to go all out for a 920, otherwise i'd have to talk to Rogers again...(or maybe a MS store). I've had some trouble tracking down if it will or not, especially the version Telus is getting...
  • For something so cheap, I'd almost be tempted to get one as a backup phone. Definitely my go-to 'I want a cheap smartphone' recommendation.
  • Hey guys! Please help me out here. I have a Lumia 520 and the right edges seem to creak when some pressure is applied. Daniel, Rich? Do you guys know of any such issues?! My phone is barely 2 months old :/
  • Nokia Lumia 520 has very cost, i think it suits with people having low budget for buying it. Guys I collected information regarding Nokia Lumia 520 from , do you know how to unlock it? Well I think it’s a best set, as i am personally a lover of it.
  • how is the battery back up
    and why such cryptic language used when describing the battery backup
    bad review
  • After a few months of using Lumia 520, I have finally found out another option that they cut and neglected to tell anyone--making the phone act as an access point. It's a mild inconvenience, but quite jarring for those of us who have a wifi-only tablet for surfing or reading stuff. Suddenly, updating anything becomes impossible.
    Oh well, so much for believing in Windows. Yes, I blame Windows, not Nokia for this cutback. I have faith in Nokia--I do not have any loyalty to Microsoft.
  • The exit is that way - don't let the door hit you on your way out! Bye!
  • I'm pretty great at exiting, especially when there is better stuff outside.
    The problem is I'm still waiting for my ride. Was hoping to jump ship to Blackberry (actually, I got my 520 because BB Q10 was not released in my country until..well, I don't think it is yet). But now that plan is on hiatus until at least they got a buyer. Now THAT'S a great phone with awesome OS to boot! It's a shame RIM's marketing is so shoddy.
    I do like Nokia, and I think the HTC (they have one right?) looks like they will have pretty solid hardware.  Windows8 (and even Xbone) seems to be getting a lot of attention from MS and are improving daily. Yet WP8 is just left to die. It won't last long--I'm jumping ship while it is viable. Good luck escaping once the ship has already sunk. (And hopefully that won't happen to me on my BB once I get it)
  • Loving the 520 it is pretty awesome for a budget phone switched to it after having the HTC Cha-cha and maaaan was that a good much needed switch. OS definitely the best (in my opinion) and the updates from Nokia keeps on coming which I love :D overall awesome experience
  • Got my Nokia Lumia 520 for exchange offer in superb mobile....gr8 multitasking and switching between too good with features of panorama,cinemagraph,smart shoot........was also stunned by navigation apps like Here maps,Here drive through offline directions are accurate and smart.......also the processor makes the whole system operate very fast......wating for the FM and other updates for my phone through Amber update.....still not available in India yet...dono wats the delay......hopes its good.....but so far the fb,watsapp many apps are working fine.....
    cant fast forward/ skip the music... (the scroll feature not availabe!!!!)
    battery drains in 90mis gaming(temple run).....or even lesser....(but stand by time is 49hrs,musics are playing for more time.....but the internet and gamming drains the battery....maybe in all smart phones i dont no......this is my first smart phone :)) was using a 5233 nokia earlier...
  • After the Amber and the Black Update + Nokia Camera, this phone will be quite the best-in-class shooter around. Add to that ease of use, fast, optimised photo editing apps and you just hit gold.