Lumia 620 shipping with updated firmware also has new Storage management options

It appears that a very few Lumia 620’s have already come off of the line with the latest firmware on board. That’s perhaps to be expected, but it also looks like it’s this firmware that will bring advanced Storage management, including the ability to clear temporary cache files in “other” storage.

Currently, most Lumia 620’s are on the 1250 firmware. A few days ago, 1304 began to populate Navifirm and sure enough within the last day or so, 1307 has appeared for one device/region. It is that 1307 firmware that brings this new ability (we know only because we’re on 1304 ourselves). The OS though is the same Portico 10211 as found on current Windows Phones.

New Lumia 620 1307 firmware found on Navifirm

Last week, we mentioned how the new Lumia 920 firmware 1308 also brings new Storage options similar to the ones found on the Lumia 620. That tells us that this appears to be either an OS-level enabled feature that is activated via firmware or it is a Nokia specific feature that is installed during the firmware update. At this point, it’s still too early to tell between those although it’s starting to look like a Nokia-fix to the problem.

Currently, users on Windows Phone are facing an “other storage” problem whereby it fills up with some bad information or files that failed to uninstall. As a result, users can lose gigabytes of potential storage space to this filled area with no direct way to clean it. Microsoft has acknowledged the problem recently and mentioned fixes on the way, of which this seems to be at least one.

A look at the new Storage Check options found with the updated firmware

With this new Lumia 620 firmware enabling this feature we can only imagine that Nokia is preparing a new firmware update rollout for numerous devices across their portfolio. Judging by what is found on Navifirm though, we still have a few more weeks to go before that begins, as many devices have not had new firmware packages uploaded meaning they are still being tested.  It’s also unclear if a new OS update will come with this rollout i.e. GDR2.

Source: Reddit; Thanks, Chiranjeeb J., for the link!

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