Lumia 635 now available on TELUS

The Lumia 635 is now available to Canadians at TELUS for $0 on a two-year plan, or $200 outright. The Rogers version was made available not too long ago, for those looking for alternatives. Sorry, but only the black version appears to be available at TELUS.

For those unfamiliar, the Lumia 635 has a 4.5-inch 854 x 480 IPS LCD display, 1.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor, 5 MP rear camera with no LED flash, and 512 MB of RAM.

Currently, the Lumia 635 is the only Nokia device in the TELUS stable, though they've had plenty of others in the past. Canadians can snag the Lumia 635 from their online store here, but they'll probably want to check out our hands-on impressions of the Lumia 635 before making the leap. Any takers?

Thanks cyber_k9!

Source: @nokiacanada

Simon Sage
  • Someone please explain what do we have to do if we buy a contract phone? Like a 2-year contract with $0 like this one? Just curious :p
    EDIT: Okay got it, thanks guys :)
  • You just have to pay your bill (monthly in most cases) until the contract ends.
  • Well, basically a contract is like a car loan. You pay less for your phone up front, but end up repaying that cost during your two year commitment to a carrier. You don't necessity repay that cost with money per say, but sometimes just the guaranteed loyalty to the carrier.
  • A contract phone is when your stuck with the phone for 2 years on the same plan but if you want to cancel the contract to say move to another carrier you have to out right pay for the phone
  • If you don't go on contract, I believe you get a 10% discount on the bill, and you can change carriers whenever
  • It's also available on koodo and they made a blunder on their page. They said it is powered by android.
  • Good catch! It's also $150 on koodo it seems  
  • Not much Lumia love for Canada.
  • I know... This needs to change. I know many who would pick up a 1520 or the 820. Carriers seem stuck to marketing blackberry and iPhone heavily. Drives me nuts. :)
  • Oh yeah. It sucks. And don't forget the Android phones. They have a great line up of Android phones too.
  • This used to concern me, but no longer does. It's cheaper to buy devices outright, and get them when you want them, than to go on their crappy new plans and get a subsidised phone when they let you.
  • I bought a Lumia 1520 on a local online classified ad site here in Canada. Before that I did the same for the Lumia 1020. Before that I did the same for the 920. Before that, I did the same for the Samsung Focus. Between the Focus and the 920, I bought a Dell Venue 8 Pro factory direct off eBay (through an intermediary since they didn't ship to Canada). Screw waiting for my contract to come up to get a new phone, that sucks. You're either waiting when you don't want to wait, or you're replacing one before you want/need to. The timing almost never works out perfectly. And for the last 6-8 months or so, the monthly plans suck hard if you go with a subsidised device.
  • I've heard that Bell is about to release a windows phone.  Don't know which one but if I'm not mistaken it will be Bell's first windows phone.  That's progress.
  • Microsoft should just sell unlocked phones in their stores. The whole portfolio.
  • After using a Lumia 520 for the past while (Lumia 800 before that), I want a higher end device for my next. Hopefully Telus carries something better than this later in the year.
  • TELUS should and has offered higher end Lumia's in the past (the 1020). If there reason for cutting the phone from its offering is poor sales its falks directly on the people selling the phone. I have personally sold 2 people on the 1020 because they were unaware of the camera capabilities of the 1020. I have stopped in at several Telus stores over the past 6 months and "played dumb" as to my knowledge of mobile platforms. Even when I say I want the best camera capabilities and say "I've heard Lumia phones are good" every sales person has tried to talk me into an Android phone. Is this an issue with how sales people are compensated? Are most sales people biased android superfans? I don't know but until Microsoft marketing figures it out they will continue to struggle in North America. Pay me to sell these devices if the damn carriers won't participate.
  • I've done the same. Rogers and Telus are the same here...the only way they would sell Lumia phones is if the customer specifically asked for it. I bought two 1020s from Telus and two 920s before that from Rogers (unlocked and activated on Telus)... They seem to want to market the iPhone, Galaxy, and GET THIS, the blackberry before they will even mention Windows Phones.
  • I have a friend who is a sales rep for Bell and the ignorant things that came out of her mouth concerning Windows Phone was astonishing. She even suggests to promote who get an Android phone that first thing they do I'd install an anti-virus program...gah. She also confirmed that they get bonuses for selling certain phones.
  • My suspicions seem to be confirmed regarding compensation for selling Android devices.  In a previous thread Daniel Rubino suggested poor windows phone sales had little to do with the carriers.  While Microsoft shouldn't be "off the hook" for poor sales in North America, its a bloody sham how these carrier sales people sell on their biases, and often in ignorance, of what the platforms can and cannot do. TELUS is only selling one Lumia (635) and BELL doesn't sell any (only offering the Samsung ATIV for Windows Phone).  How can Windows Phone ever get ahead in Canada?  Well, MIcrosoft could at least sell their high end phones through their store unlocked.  It won't suddenly turn the market in their favour but at least it would serve the market who love these devices.  I buy a new phone every year to keep up with the latest (yes, I'm an environmental monster).  I buy service contracts and I buy apps.  Cater more to high end and business customers, figure out how to appeal to the consumer market, and comp the sales force within carriers with something better than Samsung is offering and the market should look a little brighter for Microsoft mobile.
  • As long as you pass on your old devices to other people to save them buying new ones, you aren't THAT bad. :-) At a minimum, Microsoft should offer the Canadian carriers Lumias and sell the ones they pass on through Microsoft's consumer distribution channels.
  • For those of you wondering, it's $150 outright on the Telus Team Web store, which is a much more palatable price. At $200, it seems more like a cut-down 620 rather than an upgraded 520.
  • I just bought one of these on Amazon for 99.00 as a go phone.  I'm going use my on-contract sim.  I dropped my 1520 so I'm waitng to the end of the year to see if a new flag ship phone better than the 1520 is released.
  • I have bought two of these phones - one for my son and another for my mother. They are solid phones no complaints. I am stuck in Saskatchewan and have the same problem - carriers have little to offer for Windows phones. Sasktel carries none. I just purchased a 1020 from Rogers and love it ! We need more variety and promotion of Windows phones in Canada.
  • My 820 is even faster than the 635. Why would I even dream about it.
  • If you didn't have an 820, or wanted a bigger screen, or wanted a phone that supports LTE band 7 (AKA "BRS", AKA "2600MHz, AKA "LTE Max"), then the 635 is better than the 820. And is the 820 really faster? I'm not even sure of that.
  • I should add that I don't think the 635 is intended as the replacement for the 820. They're different series.
  • Yep you have a point.
  • 820 is faster than the 635. Is twice the RAM of the 635. Is only screen
    Size that beats it.
  • $ is too much to pay for this device 200.
  • That is very true.
  • If it's only in black it's not exactly going to be very eye catching in the back corner of the store.  Too bad they're not selling at least a white variant, or some other colour.