Lumia 735 now available at Carphone Warehouse, more exclusive colors on the way

The Carphone Warehouse has today announced that the Lumia 735 is now available for purchase in-store and online. The retailer has also detailed some exclusive colors planned for the Lumia 735 and some other new Windows Phones from Microsoft.

The Lumia 735 is available through Carphone Warehouse in green, orange, black and exclusive blue (the latter is arriving later this month). This particular handset can be purchased on plans from £17 a month, or £199.95 if you prefer not to be tied down.

The Lumia 530, 630 and 635 are already available through the UK retailer, but the company has confirmed that exclusive yellow will arrive some time later this month for all three Windows Phones. Prices will set purchasers back by £8.50 a month (£89.95 SIM-free), £10 a month (£109.95 SIM-free) and £13 a month (£149.95 SIM-free) respectively.

What would be your choice of color?

Exclusive Nokia Lumia colours coming to Carphone Warehouse

London, 1st October 2014: The new Nokia Lumia 735 is now available in Carphone Warehouse stores and at

In true Nokia style, the latest range is ideal for those wanting to stand out from the crowd, available in a range of vivid colours.

Nokia Lumia 735

The Nokia Lumia 735 comes in three striking colour variations including green, orange, and a Carphone Warehouse exclusive brilliant blue, as well as black. The Nokia Lumia 735 can be purchased with no upfront cost from £17 per month or £199.95 SIM free with the blue available later this month.

Nokia Lumia 530, 630 and 635

Also coming later this month, the Nokia Lumia 530, 630 and 635 will all be available in yellow exclusively from Carphone Warehouse, alongside the current green, orange and black models. The Nokia Lumia 530 is available from £8.50 a month or £89.95 SIM free, the Lumia 630 free from £10 a month or £109.95 SIM free, and the Lumia 635 is available from £12 a month or £149.95 SIM free.

All of the Nokia Lumia range is equipped with excellent cameras which take brilliant images in a stunning amount of detail. Functionality is just as impressive thanks to the brand new Windows 8.1 software which comes with Cortana, the brand new voice controlled personal assistant.

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