Lumia 930 video shows it getting charged by lots of apples and potatoes

Microsoft has released a new promo video that shows their latest marketing effort for the Lumia 930, where the phone is being charged by a collection of 800 apples and potatoes outside of a shopping center in London.

The exhibit is based on the well known principle that hooking up a potato to an electronic product could power that device. This happens thanks to a chemical reaction that occurs inside the potato when a nail is inserted and then a copper wire connects the nail to the device. The Lumia 930 exhibit is the creation of artist Caleb Charland, who has built similar set ups in the past and was asked by Microsoft to make this happen for the Windows Phone 8.1 device.

The effort, which was also sponsored by Carphone Warehouse, was placed outside the Westfield Shopping Center in London on Thursday, and the video shows the surprised reactions of the people who saw a phone being charged by a bank of apples and potatoes.

Besides being a very clever marketing scheme for the Lumia 930, it also shows that smartphones and other electronic gadgets can be powered by unconventional means. Most of us don't have lots of fruit available to charge their cell phones, but this kind of experiment is an example of how such products could be powered by different sources in the future.

What do you think of the video and do you believe it was a clever idea to help promote the Lumia 930 in the UK?

Thanks to KustomAU for the tip!

Source: Nokia on YouTube, Nokia Conversations

John Callaham