Lumia Cyan updates now available for all of India as Lumia 525, 720, 820 and 920 go wide

Over the last few days, Microsoft and its carrier partners have been busy pushing out the Lumia Cyan update for various Lumias. Today, we are updating our lists for the Lumia 525, Lumia 720, Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 as those phones have either completed their Cyan updates or have a few remaining carriers as holdouts.

Perhaps the biggest news is that all of India is now complete for the Lumia Cyan update. From the Lumia 520 all the way up to the Lumia 1520, all eleven of the country variant Lumias are now eligible for the 8.1 and new firmware updates. Considering how big a market India is for Windows Phone, this news demonstrates Microsoft's priorities in delivering updates to its users.

When it comes to the Lumia 720, 820 and 920 series, almost all regions and carrier updates are finished, with just a handful of carriers remaining (Tigo in Latin America seems unusually slow in approving).

Unfortunately for those in the United States, we are still looking at only four devices (out of 17) eligible for Lumia Cyan, all of which are on AT&T. Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, MetroPCS and Cricket are all under testing, although we may see some updates kick off today or later this week.

Lumia Cyan resuming for (some) Preview users

Finally, as we reported last night, Microsoft has resumed the Lumia Cyan updates for the AT&T Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520, along with the Lumia 920 in Germany. Those phones were previously blocked if on the Preview for Developers update from getting Cyan, but as of yesterday, they can be updated.

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore tweeted today that they thought the BitLocker issue is isolated to a small group of users: "we think the only cases of this, still, are folks who updated via a NON-PUBLIC mechanism that we used for small-group & internal testing." As a result, it appears that Microsoft is becoming more confident that the Cyan update for Preview does not cause any harm, hence the resumption of the updates.

Presumably, Microsoft is testing the waters with the update and the resumption of Cyan for Preview users goes wider in the coming days. For now, users can still use the Nokia software tool to flash manually Cyan to their phones if they wish to wait no longer.

Further reading and How To guides

Note: 'CV' = Country Variant

Lumia 525 (Completed)

  • Africa – Algeria CV; Egypt CV; Libya CV; Morocco CV; Tunisia CV
  • Asia Pacific – Bangladesh CV; Cambodia CV; China Unicom, CMCC (Lumia 526); Hong Kong CV; India CV; Malaysia CV; Nepal CV; Singapore CV; Sri Lanka CV; Vietnam CV
  • Europe – Russian Federation MTS, CV; Turkey Avea, CV; Ukraine CV
  • Latin America – not applicable
  • Middle East – Iraq CV; Jordan CV; Lebanon CV; Pakistan CV; Palestinian territories CV

Lumia 720

  • Africa – Algeria CV; Angola CV; Egypt CV; Ghana CV; Kenya CV; Libya CV; Morocco CV; Mozambique CV; Nigeria CV; South Africa CV, MTN, Vodacom; Tanzania CV; Tunisia CV; Uganda CV; Zambia CV
  • Asia Pacific – Australia Vodafone, CV; Bangladesh CV; China Unicom, CMCC (Lumia 720T); Hong Kong CV; India CV; Indonesia CV; Malaysia CV; Nepal CV; Philippines CV; Singapore CV, StarHub; Sri Lanka CV; Taiwan TWM; Thailand CV; Vietnam CV
  • Europe – Albania CV; Austria CV; Belgium; Bosnia and Herzegovina CV; Bulgaria CV; Croatia CV; Cyprus CV; Czech Republic Vodafone, CV; Denmark Telenor; Estonia CV; Finland CV; France CV; Germany Vodafone; Greece CV, Vodafone; Hungary Vodafone, CV; Italy CV, TIM, Vodafone; Kazakhstan CV; Latvia CV; Lithuania CV; Macedonia CV; Montenegro CV; Netherlands CV; Norway CV; Poland CV, Orange, Play; Portugal CV; Romania CV, Orange, Vodafone; Russian Federation CV; Serbia CV; Slovakia CV; Slovenia CV; Spain CV, Vodafone; Sweden CV; Switzerland CV, Swisscom; Turkey CV; Ukraine CV; UK CV, O2
  • Latin America – Argentina CV, Claro, Telecom; Brazil CV; Costa Rica CV; Dominican Republic Orange; Mexico CV, Telcel; Paraguay Claro
  • Middle East – Bahrain CV; Iraq CV; Jordan CV; Kuwait CV; Lebanon CV; Oman CV; Pakistan CV; Palestinian territories CV; Qatar CV; Saudi Arabia CV; United Arab Emirates CV; Yemen CV
  • North America – not applicable

Lumia 820

  • Africa – Egypt CV; Ghana CV; Libya CV; Nigeria CV; South Africa CV, Cellcom, MTN, Vodacom
  • Asia Pacific – Australia CV, Optus, Vodafone; Bangladesh CV; China CV; Hong Kong CV; India CV; Indonesia CV; Malaysia CV; Nepal CV; New Zealand CV; Philippines CV, Globe; Singapore CV, SingTel, StarHub; Sri Lanka CV; Thailand CV; Vietnam CV
  • Europe – Albania CV; Austria CV; Belgium CV, Proximus; Bosnia and Herzegovina CV; Bulgaria CV; Croatia CV, T-Mobile; Cyprus CV; Czech Republic CV, Vodafone; Denmark CV, Telenor; Estonia CV; Finland CV, Elisa; France CV, Bouygues; Germany T-Mobile, Vodafone; Greece CV, Cosmote, Vodafone; Hungary CV, Telenor, T-Mobile, Vodafone; Ireland CV, Meteor, O2, Vodafone; Italy CV, TIM, Vodafone, Wind; Kazakhstan CV; Latvia CV; Lithuania CV; Netherlands CV, KPN, T-Mobile, Vodafone; Norway CV, Telenor; Poland Orange, Play, Polomtel, T-Mobile; Portugal CV, Vodafone; Romania CV; Russian Federation CV; Slovakia CV, Orange; Slovenia CV; Spain CV; Sweden CV; Switzerland CV, Orange, Swisscom; Turkey CV; United Kingdom CV, O2
  • Latin America – Brazil CV, Claro; Costa Rica CV, Claro; Dominican Republic Orange; El Salvador Claro; Guatemala Claro; Honduras Claro; Mexico CV, Telcel; Nicaragua Claro; Paraguay CV; Puerto Rico CV, Claro; Uruguay CV
  • Middle East – Bahrain CV; Israel CV; Jordan CV; Kuwait CV; Lebanon CV; Oman CV; Pakistan CV; Palestinian territories CV; Qatar CV; Saudi Arabia CV; United Arab Emirates CV; Yemen CV

Lumia 920

  • Africa – Algeria CV; Angola CV; Egypt CV; Ghana CV; Kenya CV; Libya CV; Morocco CV; Mozambique CV; Nigeria CV; South Africa CV, Cellcom, MTN, Vodacom; Tanzania CV; Tunisia CV; Uganda CV; Zambia CV
  • Asia Pacific – Australia CV; Bangladesh CV; Cambodia CV; China Unicom, CMCC (Lumia 920T); Hong Kong CV; India CV; Indonesia CV; Malaysia CV; Nepal CV; New Zealand Telecom; Papua New Guinea Digicel; Philippines CV, Smart; Singapore CV, SingTel, StarHub; Sri Lanka CV; Taiwan CV; Thailand CV; Vietnam CV
  • Europe – Albania CV; Austria T-Mobile; Belgium Proximus; Bosnia and Herzegovina CV; Bulgaria CV; Croatia CV, T-Mobile, Vipnet; Czech Republic CV; Denmark CV, Telenor; Estonia CV; Finland CV, Elisa; France CV, SFR; Germany T-Mobile, Vodafone; Greece CV, Cosmote, Vodafone; Hungary CV, Telenor, T-Mobile; Iceland CV; Ireland CV, O2, Vodafone; Italy CV, TIM, Vodafone; Kazakhstan CV; Latvia CV; Lithuania CV; Macedonia CV; Netherlands CV, KPN, T-Mobile, Vodafone; Norway CV, Telenor; Poland CV, Orange, Play, Polkomtel, T-Mobile; Portugal CV, TMN, Vodafone; Romania CV, Vodafone; Russian Federation CV, MTS; Serbia CV; Slovakia CV, Orange; Slovenia CV; Spain CV, Vodafone; Sweden CV; Swizterland CV, Orange, Swisscom; Turkey CV, Turkcell; Ukraine CV; United Kingdom CV, 3 UK, O2, Vodafone
  • Latin America – Argentina CV, Telecom; Brazil CV, Claro; Costa Rica CV, Claro; Dominican Republic Claro, Orange; El Salvador Claro; Guatemala Claro; Honduras Claro; Mexico CV, Telcel; Nicaragua Claro; Paraguay CV; Puerto Rico CV; Uruguay CV
  • Middle East – Bahrain CV; Iraq CV; Israel CV; Kuwait CV; Oman CV; Pakistan CV; Qatar CV; Saudi Arabia CV, Mobily; United Arab Emirates CV; Yemen CV
  • North America – Canada Rogers
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  • Son of a B!  Soooo close!
  • This Lumia update is a joke, right? It's been rolling for months and months. And is still going!!! It's total embarrassment.
    Glad that there is no more Nokia. They failed to release a SINGLE phone that most of us have been screaming: 5" (ish) screen HD+, 801 processor, SD card support, 20Mg camera with dedicated button, light with zero bezel, metal (ish) case. Is it too difficult?
    Two more things:
    Hope that Microsoft Mobile will pick up the pieces and sort Nokia's mess. Surface 3 style phone will get my money. Common MS, do us proud and deliver.
  • Don't forget iPhone 6 is nearing its launch day. I won't be surprised if they release the actual device worldwide sooner than Microsoft release cyan worldwide.
  • I think you are kind of mistaken. NOKIA Phones are anything but cheap plastic and they are the most resistant phones i have ever had. Nokia has made Quality Phones for many Years for example The E75 Steel made E7 full aluminum FULL not parts of it. i am still rocking my L 920 after dropping it to the floor many times throwing it in rants and surviving wild nights at the club thanks to that bulkiness and brick body and with a design that make it stand out in the sea of generic android and iphone extra thin rounded devices.
  • Yeah.,man... My lumia 520 has already completed one and the half year then also people say that the phone is only few months old though I use my phone harshly like throwing it in the bed, playing games all the time....etc.all the hard stuff like that... Lol
  • You are absolutely right about that... but he is unfortunately right about updates - they seem to be a bit chaotic. Problem that impacts me and my Lumia 920 - Cyan for NZ Telecom is released, but Cyan for NZ CV isn't even being mentioned on tracker list. I fear that Denim will be out before I receive Cyan. If they ever release it. Eventually, OK... my phone is 2 years old model. It is not like it will work any worst than it already does, and frankly, it works great as it is. I actually wouldn't mind if they announced that 920 support will end with Black. But to have Cyan released locally for one provider, and not any info for everyone else... I guess that "so close, yet so far" vibe really hurts. Back in the days, I had iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4 for a few years. I like my Lumia much more in every possible way, but I must give it to Apple - firmware updates were really bloody fast released for those iPhones.
  • The same thing happens with android updates. Carriers take forever releasing those as well unless you have an unlocked phone or a nexus device. Only Apple has been able to break free from this carrier bs. However, unlike Iphones, I have yet to see an update for WP slow down a phone to the point that it is unusable. I've seen several iphones that became so slow you couldn't use them anymore. Apple lets everyone update even if the hardware can't handle it because they want the user to buy a new iphone.
  • True story
  • IPhone 4 +iOS 7.X
    Can confirm.
  • Metal and WC don't mix. Or NFC.
  • Damn, Verizon, what the hell is taking so long?
  • Google.
  • The version of windowsphone is differ each country and each operator ... they have to test it... 
  • I got the Lumia Cyan Update on my Lumia 820 last night!! Installed it and enjoying the updated WP. 
  • I have no f**** idea +928
  • In spite of being released here months earlier for testing, ALL OF INDIA has spanked Verizon's lazy, indifferent butt. Way to live up to the,"Fat,Lazy American" stereotype Verizon. Glad to see the pride in your work.
  • And then there's AT&T although I'm impressed so far of them pushing out faster than expected for the other devices. With the change in management maybe we can see this as the norm across the board. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • HAHAHA AH you are funny.
  • Prove me wrong. Or have you not owned an Android phone by at&t? Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Great job fix that bit locker issue.i will wait on dp 8.1.1.
  • Some are already getting cyan now for DP so I am sure it won't be long
  • Joe Belfiore tweeted that it's fixed.
  • Not fixed. M not getting cyan, it's showing phone is up to date but I have Lumia black in my Lumia 525
  • It's fixed❗❗❗ What are you waiting for❓
  • Maybe it is fixed but it is not a complete roll out. I haven't got it on my 1020 uk cv
  • 1020 uk cv is available, hell I would rollback and get it Lol!  
  • What about for DP?
  • I wrote a whole section about it.
  • Oh! You beat me to it, Daniel
  • This OP should just be deleted. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • At least answer my question please
  • Can you just write the article in the title?
  • not a bad idea. Let's re-format WPC so that it's more like twitter. No filler, just 140 characters.
  • If I do get and install cyan, will I lose update 1?
  • There are 3 paragraphs on it, FYI
  • Running out of oxygen waiting lol
  • Lollllll :)))))))))
  • We are getting bored with the constant off topic posts. There is already a post on it that people with DP have started getting cyan so just wait patiently and it won't be long
  • Constant off-topic, trolling posting, etc... yes, I'm getting bored...
  • come on AT&T... my 920 needs some cyan love  
  • Yes, please
  • I'm beginning to wonder if AT&T does this purposely to drive more sales and contract renewals. People who bought a new 920 when it launched are up for a renewal.
  • I'm waiting for the Threshold devices.  I've been using my 920 since launch and people still regularly ask me about my handset.
  • I've had my 920 since launch.  I opted in for this last developer preview.  It's a VERY nice update.  Still, I don't know if I can't wait for the Threshold devices.  It just seems so far away.
  • I actually have my whole family on AT&T Next and we all have 920's.  I will not give AT&T any money until the give us another flagship w/ Qi.
  • Yup. I'm totally sold on Qi wireless charging, and have withheld getting anything new from AT&T until they stop the nonsense and release Nokia phones with Qi still enabled. 
  • I'm not up for renewal yet and even when I am I plan to keep it a while longer since my data plan will go up by $25 if I renew a contract
  • The 920 launched on November 11th, 2012 so we still have to wait a few months for our 2-year contracts to expire...Just as well since there is nothing on AT&T worth upgrading to just yet IMO.
  • How 'bout a Smurf?
  • They won't update the 920 til there's another available update. It's not the first time they've done that. I've given up on a 920 update. I'll just wait til December to see what new Window Phone will come out.
  • Hope msft releases that cyan update for dvlprs preview sooon.....worldwide n for all devices.. :)
  • Don't hold your breathe.
  • wont... dont wanna die so soon ;)
  • Ditto my last post
  • I'm not completely understanding this regarding AT&T. Is Cyan for Lumia 920 available for AT&T yet?
  • no
  • " Unfortunately for those in the United States, we are still looking at only four devices (out of 17) eligible for Lumia Cyan, all of which are on AT&T. Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, MetroPCS and Cricket are all under testing, although we may see some updates kick off today or later this week."... Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Not yet -- it's under testing, and probably will be for some time. AT&T would rather you upgrade than deliver to this device, it seems.
  • Problem is I don't want any of the devices that are out currently. So ill hold onto my 920 longer and keep bickering. Because it only makes sense. Lol.
  • Exactly. Why would I get rid of a 32GB, built in wireless charging durable brick of a phone for an inferior product? Exactly.
  • I get what he means, I want the newest phone, not a phone that's been out for 6months +.
  • What's sad is the newest phones on AT&T are not that attractive. The 1520 is a cool phone, but I don't want a huge phone that doesn't fit into my pocket. The 925 doesn't have the same memory and doesn't have wireless charging without an accessory (which I love about the 920). So yes, I'll stay with my 20 month old phone that still rocks and continue to wait on AT&T to give Cyan the green light... 
  • The 1520 fits in my pockets even when I'm wearing skinny jeans and I'm a pretty small person.
  • My 1520 fits perfectly in my pocket too but I do miss one handed operation. Although the 6" screen is a good read off.
  • ^^^This
  • I've looked at the AT&T options as well. The 1520, nice, but too big. I like that it supports a MicroSD and has a 20MP camera, but the 925 has only 16GB of memory with wireless charging as optional. Nah... the 920 with 32GB of memory and it still fits in my pocket -- and the camera still outshines many of the other phones out there. Maybe the HTC One when it becomes available on AT&T... but my guess is the L920 Cyan update will make it out before that happens.
  • I feel that the reason why att usually leaves the 920 update for last may be due to the hardware? Idk, it always seems that they always have to do an extensive testing on the phone vs newer phones don't need to go through much testing because of how the OS is accepted on the hardware. I'm no engineer, so I can't really pin point what the issue is.
  • According to the availability list, the 920 is among the last to get cyan worldwide, so AT&T is not the only bottleneck. What the issue is, I don't know either. Possibly because of the built-in Qi charging???
  • We must never give them a thought that it could be Qi charger. I hate pma because it requires additional cases aka money spent to work. But either way it couldn't be Qi as its just hardware attached to battery that sends a current I would assume.
  • Nokia cyan for Lumia 520 in Iraq when
  • Well..that's just your opinion man..Lot of us 920 users actually disagree with you.
  • 920 would be fine if I didn't have to recharge ever 6 hours.
  • ^^Agreed
  • Agree with you on that one..920's battery life is less than satisfactory..I hardly get 5 hours on heavy usage...
  • I have been lucky as I get 50% battery left after 14 hours and that's using it to call, check the news and play games... Maybe do a reset? E.g. Hold down the power and the volume down as that always improves the battery for me!
  • Everyday my friend, everyday. 
  • Any news about HTC 8X?
  • Sell it and buy a Lumia
  • Lumia 810 might do you good...
  • Thank you T-Mobile for creating the runt of the litter who will always bear the brunt of our jokes. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Nexus 7
  • Last I heard is they are still working on it.
  • Oh that dark blue accent color... Really miss it!
  • Yeah I liked that colour too. Was a bit gutted when I updated and saw it was gone. Maybe they changed it to be more like cyan. Maybe on the next release we will get a debian red colour or dandelion
  • You are talking about cobalt, right? Missing that colour. Hate this new purplish blue colour(sometimes cant even tell weather it is blue or purple). Thank God, i thought i am the only one facing this...
  • Ugh AT&T you're killin me here!
  • Yes, yes they are.
  • I upgraded to cyan. But now the SIM is detected but not the network. It says "No service". I am beating myself for updating. Any one else facing the same issue? Mine is Lumia 920 (India)
  • I had this in uk. I took out sim, rebooted (lost 10% charge on battery), then put in sim and rebooted and did manually search. Once found did an auto search.
  • I wish this worked for me. But this is happening with ANY sim i try with. I want to go back to WP 8.0. How can I do that?
  • If you use WPcentral app on WP then swipe left in this article and tap view links you can find it!
  • Not Yet :(
  • And cyan isn't available to all of the phones listed. If you have DP sadly
  • Aaaaaaah. Stop the press. Breaking news!
  • Come on att! I've got a 820&920 that need some Cyan love ❤
  • Surprised by the cortana working its working great ...thanks Ms...i think they should rollout worldwide cortana....
  • Finally some news about DP users!
    This may be the last firmware update before I upgrade to the 730. ;)
  • MS tagline continues to prove "Better late than never".Hope they will roll out Lumia Cyan for all on DP WP8.1 update 1...soon before update 2 ;) i m holding on with DP!
  • Ms tagline should be "we not happy til your not happy" sadly that my company motto lol
  • If blackberry devices runs on android software it will be "GameOver" for Windowsphone
  • Uhhh they already run Android apps fine...
  • Yeah. That's surely what's holding WP back, all those Blackberrys.
  • Lol Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Nexus 7
  • Considering the fact that blackberry already utilizes android to an extent, it is highly doubtful to be game over for windows phone lol
  • Oh Wow! Didn't know that BB devices utilities android platform for its OS. Thanks Folks! WindowsPhone 9 will rise soon. Hopefully a Respawn in Smartphone industry :)
  • Does anyone know why AT&T seems to publish these updates only on Thursday? Is this a burden on their network and they want to keep the load/traffic to the end of week/weekend?
  • No love for 620?
  • Where is the update for Lumia 620?
  • See -->
  • All said. My L620 has still not got any updates.. It still says "Your phone is up to date. Last checked 2 seconds ago"
    Checked via Nokia Lumia 620 with Nokia Black from Indian region.
  • My 928 #leftout
  • Me too :/ Are we, the L928 users, a rare breed? Why is Verizon so slow? If you consider that they still haven't released cyan for Icon, then that means it'll take ages for them to update the 928.
  • No love for Peru ;( +920
  • I have cyan and its freaking neat!!! I can use my fitbit it in real time and my phone is much faster!
  • Useless, I'm using Preview for developers . I don't want to downgrade :((
  • So just wait. You're hardly missing out on anything of importance!!
  • LOL
  • :))))
  • +920
  • Aw, Daniel. Let's cut Lokesh some slack here. Noobs don't know about the vast WPC wiki. You guys provide the most informative website for all things WP, but not everyone realizes that a simple search - whether in-site or via search engine - will yield answers to every question ever asked since WP time began. @Lokesh Pande1 -- Your question is one that has been asked often and about which so much has been written. Occasionally, those of us who are here every day get a bit frustrated seeing it again. Moreover, there is never cause to shout here. Unlike many websites, you can be sure that your comments are actually read. I've never seen a more responsive editorial staff or community. Welcome to the tile side.
  • Well, have differences is Lumia Cyan insted Lumia Black. And the battery using longer. Right?
  • How's your battery? Enough said.
  • I'm still using Preview and it enough for me. :))
  • Live folders are not available in the cyan update.It should come with update 1 dor windows 8.1.Most of the things are same.Cyan is just a offical update pushed out by nokia unlike preview for developer's.
  • Still no love for the 822
  • Lol or the 810.
  • all Lumia phones in India received Lumia cyan update Hope 8.1 update 1 come soon
  • Man.. I need to reread what Cyan does for my 920. It's been so long since I read about it I forgot. I know it's always camera improvements, but I don't remember what else.
  • Well at least this hopefully shuts up those people who always bitch that the US gets things first.
  • Live folders are missing in the Cyan Update.
  • Cyan is firmware for Windows Phone 8.1; Live Folders are part of Windows Phone 8.1 Update, which is part of the Preview program. Those are two different things.
  • So by that,You mean live folders would be available for Windows Phone 8.1 in future updates (Like the GDR updates ?!)
  • Correct!
  • P.S - Live folders are only available on Preview for Developers program i.e Windows Phone 8.1 update 1 and Lumia Cyan only include Windows Phone 8.1 wait for GRD1(update 1) which will roll out in September maybe from Nokia.
  • I thought so.
  • Haha, with that pace I would say rather in January 2015, not September 2014. Be more realistic..
  • Almost there. Just need it to be released in the US! +920
  • This!
  • Almost there. Just needs to be released to the country with the largest number of WP users.
  • That'd be INDIA :D i guess :P
  • Last time I saw numbers it was the US. Do you have any stats to show that there are more WP in use in India than in the US now?
  • +920 -- absolutely -- AT&T has NO excuse any longer other than making me wonder, is this a ploy just to get me to upgrade and renew my contract?
  • if that's their "ploy" it's not working. Verizon seems to be the only game in town for cool new Windows Phones like the Icon and HTC One. Starting to shop for a plan on big Red and debating leaving the death star.
  • Meanwhile, Verizon hasn't sent out Cyan + 8.1, but AT&T has for some phones. Can't win either way I guess.
  • Yup, that is true. So maybe we should look at T-Mobile? Didn't they just recently state that their phones would get Cyan BY THE END OF THE YEAR? DOH!
  • I don't think it matters what carrier you switch to. Carriers will never be fast enough for their customers needs/wants/desires. Part of the problem is the timing of the announcement and the carriers releasing the update(s). That builds the anticipation.
  • Lumia 620 is always left behind
  • Still waiting on the ICON....sigh
  • I've 525 CV Pakistan on Lumia Black. No OTA update prompt on my phone. Will I've to wait or should I use NSRT?
  • Will wait for the fix
  • HTC 8x please
  • Got Lumia Cyan but cant see the manual brightness slider and USB settings. Lumia 820.
  • I'm pretty sure that setting is for the latest snap dragon powered phones only...
  • Does this mean we are now saved from all the endless "When is Cyan coming to India" threads in the forums? Please?!
  • :))))))
  • Yes you are By the way I have created a forum asking when will Debian Red coming to India..Join people join
  • Yaay! With the 525 Bangladesh has cyan for all the lumias available here. Just updating my 525 :D
  • Just checked the phone update on my Lumia 525.... Its showing my phone up to date
  • Checked atleast 5 times..still its showing my phone is up to date...where is the cyan update....
  • I have lumia 720
  • Use Nokia software recovery tool to update.. If you didn't get OTA updates
  • Daniel, do you think they will "re-release" the Cyan update for Preview users if they fix the Bitlocker issue for all phones, for carriers and CVs that have already received it? Or is that not how it works?
  • MikeSo I received it today, what carrier are you on?
  • Proud to be an indian
  • What about at$t?
  • I have a 920 in Norway and the update is available, but I haven't got the update yet. The update has been available for a couple of weeks. And they who have Telenor got the update in the first, but I have CV and I haven't got the update. Someone who know what it is???
  • If you are on DP, you will not get cyan yet. If you're not on DP you should have got cyan by now (according the cyan tracker list.....??)
  • I'm not on DP, and Nokia Norway just answer me that the update is rolling out gradually to the 920 series. I have contacted some few in Norway and they don't have the update either. It's only the phones who had bought from elkjop (norwegian shop) and CV. I have CV variant and they who have operator (Telenor) got the update. It's like two groups. Sorry for my english
  • Strange. I am on DP so no reason for me to downgrade yet get cyan I mean.
  • Nokia Norway is a peace of shit!!! They can less than my self.
  • Got Lumia Cyan but cant see the manual brightness slider and USB settings. Lumia 820.
  • It's like slow slow slow, BOOOM you get Cyan, and you get Cyan, everybody gets Cyan :D
  • Still have delay when using Live Lock Screen Beta on Lumia Cyan?
  • When Lumia 525 DP phones will have it???
  • When MS fix done BitLocker issue.
  • "Unfortunately for those in the United States..." DOH! Didn't we all see that coming?
  • Wtffffff att 920 very lame
  • What about Lumia 1320 in India?
  • Recently I updated to WP 8.1 update 1. But I want regular update..
  • Your phone needs more fiber and it will become more regular...
  • Waiting for Cyan to roll out to DP users on 920. Don't wanna downgrade.
  • Me too
  • hi, can anyone tell me why I am not able to get Cyan update in India. I was using Preview for Developers and I tried to use Nokia Software Recovery Tool to downgrade the OS, but still it not showing any update. it say your device is up to date and it is just Windows 8.1 Black. Device: Nokia Lumia 820   Thanks
  • hey daniel, can you suggest when it will available for germany CV :)
  • also waiting for this
  • When the WP 8.1 was announced? Half a year ago? Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Not quite. It'll be 5 months next week.
  • Reporting update for Colombia-Movistar for 720. Thanks WPC team for keeping the news =)
  • YES Indonesia 720 now updating! how did you know so quickly?
  • AT&T Lumia 1520 w/Developer Preview Lumia Cyan enabled!!! Finally :)
  • Hi, Daniel, Can you please help me? why I am not getting Cyan update in India. I Downgrade from Preview for Developers and while using Nokia Software Recovery Tool it shows it will update to 3051.40000.1347.1001 I did Manual update also and there also it shows  3051.40000.1347.1001  and it says your Device is up to Date Thanks, Country: India
  • It might be easier to use the forums for these kinds of questions...
  • Why hasn't WP 8.1 bring an update, so that when you pause a video in explorer you can watch it from where you pause it instead of having to starting the entire video over?!?!?
  • What's going on?.... No cyan update for preview 8.1 dev program in India... What's the final date...??? Anyway u rock Ms...
  • Finally lumia 720 getting cyan in pakistan
  • They spent that much time and hadn't solve it? And stating that its not big issue just limited to little group of users....i don't like this way.
  • Where is Cortana
  • India gets it with WP 8.1 Update 1, not Cyan/8.1.
  • Dear palmujukka, Thanks for your reply, but on Website it is clearly mentioned that Cyan is available for Lumia 820, please find below, India
    Product Description Latest version Lumia Amber Lumia Black Lumia Cyan
    Lumia 820 Country variant 3051.50009.1424.0002 Available Available Available
  • India gets NO love.
  • I'm just curious about my At&t branded 920 running a Euro rom. I guess I'll just wait and see.
  • Is the update available for 620 OTA in India? As I am using Dev Preview, I wanted to confirm.
    Thanks in advance. :)
  • Not for mine. Yet. :(
  • Thanks Aayush. 620 is always delayed for the updates, don't know why :(
  • At last! Time to downgrade.
  • And still nothing for 920 on AT&T.
  • Ditto's here... :/
  • Voice your discontent on their facebook or twitter pages!
  • Dont hold your breath on AT&T for aupdate any time soon...
  • Well nothing has been updated in Jamaica as yet :/ sad
  • Woah! Only thing missing for South Africa is the Vodacom branded 1020. Don't know why they're taking so long. So we'll soon be joining India in the all devices complete list.
  • Still waiting for L920 France CV with Dev Preview
  • Same for the German L920 CV.
  • Told you so. Only a handful of installed were at fault. So the rest of us had to wait. When I tried the downgrade a week ago the Nokia Care tool reported there was no software available. Still hanging in here.
  • No one to care about Lumia 620 ... :( No updates are available -_-
  • Hope MSFT fixes the bitlocker issue soon and let us download Cyan.
  • Bagaimana dengan Nokia lumia 620 update wp.8.1 di Indonesia??
  • Its utterly pathetic that AT&T is taking so long with Cyan for the 920. Microsoft really needs to bypass this carrier crap.
  • 620 cv love ❤
  • Dear Mr. Rubino can you call someone from MS or Nokia? I am sure that if you know personally or professional wise one person from the abovementioned companies... you already know more ppl than I do. Call them and ask if they plan to update those using NL 620 anytime soon. We were last to get black update, I am sure by now we are last to get cyan update. Damn this phone
  • Windows Phone 8.1 Update on Air now In India to   Lumia 525 India :)  
  • Is the cyan available on NOKIA SOFTWARE RECOVERY TOOL for Lumia 820. Can I flash it with PREVIEW FOR DEVELOPERS.
  • Ghana is complete.
  • What about nokia Lumia 620?
  • All of India has the update and Verizon has nothing. If that doesn't tell the whole story of American wireless indifference, I don't know what does! We had months to test before the release and this was the best America could do?
  • Actually the lesson to learn here is Yes, ATT & Verizon should outsource their IT to India. Yup. Clearly they've done a better job.
  • Lumia 920 NO CV FROM TUNISIA ?????? 
  • Anyone knows if Cyan can be downloaded and applied manually? I'm using Lumia 920 on Vodafone NZ and this carrier is still not listed. What worries me is that Vodafone NZ never officially sold Lumia 920 - I have purchased it elsewhere, contract free - so eventually they might decide not to bother with this update at all. I don't think it will happen - previous updates were pushed - but it's good to know if there is alternative.
  • 920 is my 1st phone really and i adore it. Just wondering, this Cyan roll out has taken awhile. I know this is a major update but how does it compare with an Android or iPhone update? Does it take this long?
  • Update not available for 525 now! Is out something to deal with Preview for Developers?
  • Finally, got the Cyan on Lumia 820 :)
  • It surprises me to know that all Lumia phones in India are eligible for the update and poor people with 920 on AT&T are still stuck!
  • Hello guys i follow this forum everyday... and i must say , this is one hell of a one out there. I have a question. Iam using Lumia 720, and was running develepors preview on it earlier. then i downgraded to 8.0 and installed the official 8.1 cyan. so curently running on the official lumia cyan update.(os + firmware). current details: OS Version : 8.10.12393.890 Firmvare Revision number: 3058.50000.1425.0002. ok so just now i installed the Preview for Developers app on my phone(again!!), and it shows that an update is available. Should i download this update? i mean is it an update on cyan or will it take me back to the time when my phone was running on developers preview. Another question is that, if i install this update, developers preview only updates the os right? no firmware ugrade with it. but i already hav the cyan firmware installed, so i will get the perks of the develepor preview  + i will have the cyan firmware also.  am i right? @Daniel pls shed some light on this. Thank You.    
  • Seems like it's the Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1. Check this out:
  • Yes. You will have Cyan & the most recent DP features.
  • Thank you for replying. Btw i already upgraded. and i verify that, all the latest dp features are availablle(eg : the folder tile etc.) and lumia cyan firmware was available also.  Wpcentral rocks.   :P Bye guys.
  • Wireless projection or Miracast not enabled on Lumia 820 in Cyan update
  • Hey but still I did not get cyan update for my Lumia 620 in India!
  • F u Verizon
  • Verizon gets the fu**** worst carrier award for being so dam slow with a freaking update. Really wtf is taking so dam long ⁉⁉⁉
  • Good job. The update is faster than before.
  • My lumia 820 isnt able to find Cyan update, i downgraded it to 3051.40000.1347.1001 and when i manually checked for the update it says your phone is already up to date. from India, please help :(
  • What about Lumia 620 ....................?
  • Still can't update on Lumia 720 Dev Prev.
  • What about 620?
  • Still,not getting the updates for 620 in India for the normal version :(
  • Since majority of Americans dont give a hoot about WP, WP also dont give a hoot about USA...and ironically it is made here... disappointed that we are always the last.
  • in the list forgot add in Claro Chile the Nokia Lumia 820 they even are offering now by cost zero in new plans  but  do not appear in the official list of Nokia, also Claro Chile is very slow in update devices my update of  black  i got it in May while   my mom phone a Lumia 520 from Entel Pcs got earlier the update in April, as always  we are the forgotten place for    phone manufacturers and  services from Microsoft
  • Still blocked
  • and now the "x" button is useless since it's more convenient to swipe down to close an app.
  • I have problem with Wi-Fi
    My app store does not work with Wi fi
  • Not getting yet update of Lumia 620 plz fix it ASAP....
  • According to Joe.Belifore the bitlocker issue has been fixed, or did I misunderstand he last tweets.
  • There is no ready update available ready to be downloaded in Pakistan CV Nokia Lumia 525
  • I'm wondering what will be the size of the cyan update...
  • I have a Lumia 920. In India. I am running preview for developer version. I am receiving an update for my phone. I am not sure its Lumia cyan or preview update 1. Should I update it or not?? Coz of the problems in Lumia cyan update.
  • Nokia LUmia 620, India. BSNL.   When???
  • Not getting the updates yet for 620
  • Lumia 925 is like the ugly swam... isolated, rejected... not even mentioned.... is Cyan ever coming to 925?!
  • Still waiting in vain...... -,-
  • 620 Cyan update still not available in India via OTA 
  • Updated my Luma 720 yesterday to Lumia Cyan. The upgrade went smoothly. My Lumia 720 with WP 8.1 is running super smoothly :)... 
  • Good news.I already updated my Lumia 520. It is dam awesome. No laga at. all.
  • I am a Lumia 720 user from Nigeria and I can confirm that the update is indeed live here. It is istalling on my device as we speak. Im trying to keep my excitement under wraps as I have been waiting a long time for this update. I have forgotten a lot of the inherent changes the update is supposed to bring and I hoped to be wowed in the coming days as i take it for the proverbial spin.  
  • Very good!
  • Nokia Software Recovery tool Couldn't read information from my phone.   I have installed the latest version of nokia software recovery tool 1.4.3. I want to downgrade my lumia 820 developer preview to win 8 to update lumia cyan. When i plugin to my lap, and started the nokia recovery tool it says couldn't read information from phone. FYI phone is working properly with laptop, i can copy files to the phone.
    i am using windows 8.1 in my laptop. Any help how to downgrade Below is the process i have done as of now-- i uninstall the NSR 1.4.3 and then i restart the system, after that i install the NSR 1.4. again (Phone is not connected to laptop at this time), after successful installation i opened the program NSR 1.4.3, it asks for plugin the phone, so i connected. Again it displays "Could not read data from selected phone).
    I have attached the image. Please check. Also My laptop has 3 usb ports, i tried with all of them. Please advice,i tried in lot of forums but no chance.
  • For the those who still didn't get the update for the 920 and want answers: Still a good idea even if you have different phone.
  • What happens when we use Nokia Recovery Software tool does it upgrade directly.
    Instead of downgrading it directly upgraded to Cyan.
  • What is the size of update for lumia 525??
  • i have Lumia 820.2. manufacture name =RM-824_nam_att_101 and mobile operator is ATT-US. Can i update to windows phone 8.1 in Ghana?
  • WooHoo, Vietnam now available!!!
  • What about Lumia 620 update??
  • Ok. Test time folks. My phone was originally an unlocked AT&T Cyan 920. To get Amber, I flashed it with a French ROM. Under Extras  + Info I see: Manufacturer Name RM-821_eu_france_267 Mobile Operator 000-FR   How messed up am I for getting this update. I see French CV has sailed. Does that count for nothing?  
  • Where is my lumia 920 upadate At&t Usa ???????????  this is a Joke !
  • I have a lumia 920 on At&T Usa , where is my w.8-1 upadte ??? come on is already Setember 2014,   
  • Hey Alex, I just received 8.1 update for L920 (AT&T)!!  Check it out now.
  • Got Lumia cyan OTA update yesterday , after a long wait..............