Luna Display brings Apple Sidecar benefits to Windows 11 and Windows 10

Luna Display Windows
Luna Display Windows (Image credit: Astropad)

What you need to know

  • Astropad's Luna Display now lets you wirelessly connect an iPad to a Windows PC as a second display.
  • Luna Display already allowed people to connect iPads to Macs.
  • You can purchase Luna Display for $130 from Astropad.

Luna Display is a popular way to connect an iPad to a device running macOS. It allows you to wirelessly connect your tablet to your computer. Now, Luna Display supports Windows, allowing you to use your iPad as a wireless display for your PC. Windows support comes with Luna Display 5.0, which is available now for $130. There's a 20% discount available for anyone who buys Luna Display by October 15, 2021.

In addition to needing Luna Display 5.0 to connect your iPad and your PC, your computer needs to be running Windows 10 64-bit, Build 1809 or later, and your iPad to be on at least iPadOS 12.1. Images on Astropad's website also show Luna Display working with Windows 11.

To use Luna Display, you need a connector. There are USB-C and HDMI connectors available. The USB-C connector works with macOS and Windows, while the HDMI option only works with PCs. Luna Display also sells a Mini DisplayPort option that works with Macs.

If you already have a USB-C connector from Luna Display, you're able to update it to support Windows PCs.

Luna Display predates Apple's Sidecar feature, but it got "Sherlocked" by Apple in 2019. One year after Apple copied Luna Display's functionality, Astropad called the move a "blessing in disguise." The company explains that it had to alter its strategy and work to support more platforms, including Windows.

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