MachineGames devs say being part of Microsoft will allow the team to make greater games

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What you need to know

  • MachineGames is a Swedish studio owned by ZeniMax Media, which is being acquired by Microsoft.
  • When asked about was most exciting about the next generation of consoles, MachineGames developers explained that it's the speed of the SSD.
  • These developers also explained that being part of Microsoft will allow the team to make bigger games.

Back in September, Microsoft shocked the gaming industry with the announcement that it is planning to acquire ZeniMax Media, meaning that Bethesda Softworks is joining Xbox. Now, as part of a larger series of interviews, Swedish developer MachineGames, a subsidiary of ZeniMax Media best known for developing the recent Wolfenstein games, has talked more about what is exciting for the team about the next-generation of hardware and being part of Microsoft.

John Jennings and Jim Kjellin, Production Director and Chief Technology Officer at MachineGames respectively, explained that the introduction of fast SSDs to new consoles allows the studio to design bigger worlds with less load times and to change the way the team thinks about game design.

When asked about what was next for the studio, Gameplay Director Fredrik Ljungdahl said that it's "Games, games, and more games! I also think being part of Microsoft will help us make even greater games in the future. They have a huge number of knowledgeable people, great developers, tech solutions and hardware."

MachineGames is one of eight studios that is joining Xbox as part of this acquisition. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer recently stated that Microsoft doesn't need to put Bethesda games on other platforms for this deal to make sense. The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are set to be released on November 10.

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  • These games were pretty great already... if they get any better I might have overload. 😉
  • The advantage they speak of most likely will be schedule.
    As MS just proved with Halo Infinite (and CRACKDOWN 3 before) they won't force a game out just to meet a schedule. They don't have to. Heads might roll but a game only gets one chance to make a first impression so it had better be a good one. Something like FALLOUT 76 or MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA is a lot less lijely in a consortium of 20-30 teams backed by deep pockets than as a standalone studio worrying about cashflow to pay the bills.
    That is pretty much what the Obsidian chief said when MS bought them.
    MS expect quality output and as long they get it they keep a light touch. They've learned that from their various experiences with Bungie, Lionheart, and Rare.
  • That does not make sense because Xbox one had games that were heavily delayed and of poor quality at launch (crackdown 3, recore, state of decay 2, sea of thieves, bleeding edge). Xbox first party lacks what Bethesda also lacks and that's quality control.