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Magenta Nokia Lumia 900 pictured for AT&T

We posted a little while ago that there may be a Magenta Lumia 900 for AT&T in the works, specifically a tie-in with Mother's Day which falls on Sunday, May 13th. Sunday's are also AT&T release days.

In a Microsoft store, one of our readers Clyde V. noticed this Lumia 900 emblazoned with the AT&T logo displayed on one of the demo screens advertising the new Nokia phone. Now at first we were cautious as tossing on one of Nokia's skin tight Magenta cases can also cause any 900 to look like that bold red color. But upon closer inspection this really does not seem to sporting a case (we'll let you decide though).

We know the Lumia 800 came in white and a glossy white 900 followed soon thereafter (coming to AT&T on April 22nd). And we know the Lumia 800 comes in Magenta, so a red-pink Lumia 900 seems hardly a stretch for them. Anyone waiting to see what happens?

Thanks, Anon, for the image!

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Looks coolio!
  • Yes yes yes, but when are they going to be releasing the Lime colored version they've been tooting since Lumia 800 advertisements!?
  • I wouldn't buy it, but for a girl I think it would be a beautiful phone.
  • That looks exactly like the pink gel case my wife got for her Lumia 900 from att online store.  It does fit that tight.  Really the only way to tell would be on the other side, if the buttons are covered. (The case does cover the buttons, and provides "bumps" over the buttons for feeling them.  It does slightly interfere with button presses.)
  • While I agree about the buttons and the case fitting tightly, you'd at least see the "lip" on the screen edge. We have a photo coming up in a post or two with a Magenta case and it looks quite different...
  • A real man could rock this pink as well.
  • Really, wow!
  • I'm sure buying my wife one if it's true. That looks GREAT!
  • I want yellow!
  • i think that nokias phones are so vibrant its amazing my lumia 900 cyan attracks onlookers all the time :D magenta is just another example of that i personally wouldnt get the magenta one maybe for a girlfriend but its deffinately a beautiful phone none the less.
  • Cool the sooner the better I got a cyan I'm gonna get my girl the magenta one :P
  • That should have went to T-mobile.
    /Coming from a At&t customer
  • nokia!!! you lost a sale on a lumia with me because I'm with tmobile.
    However, I got an n9 (cyan) and after seeing how beautiful and versatile Meego is, I decided to buy....anothe one (magenta) for my girlfriend. 
    Now, we have vibrant phones, that are pentaband, have gorgeous 3.9 inch ClreaBlack screen.
    I still keep my DVP, though...but it's so uncomfortable to use (hardware wise) after handling n9.
    Here's what I believe is EXTREMELY better and useful over 710, 800 and 900 lumia:
    #1. CLOCK + NOTIFICATIONS (always on screen, super useful and efficient: glance and go).
    I believe n9 has THE best notification system on the market (better than BB as well)
    #2. Tap to unlock. No messing around with picking up a phone to  press a button.
    3. SWIPING. Ever since i've been using n9, I'm trying to close apps and navigate them by swiping on my Dell Venue Pro. 
    Those 3 major, in my view, advantages don't really make me wanna swap for DVP that often anymore.
  • actually T-mo lost a sale because they suck at LTE.
  • What u mean they suck at LTE? They're going to have it rolled out before sprint does
  • An advertisement for Harmattan-Meego on a WP site?
  • i actually jumped ship from tmobile because they absolutely force android down your throat its just frustrating plus on my lumia 900 i got my 16 gbs back cuz seriously fuck 8 gb even more so when it isnt even a full 8 your getting....
  • I think Nokia should go full-blast with the whole CMYK theme. Sooo different from Apple. Love it.
  • What the hell is up with the jerky scrolling in this app.
  • I got the cyan 900 and a guy asked me where I got that sleek iphone case from. I instantly went into salesperson mode, they said they'd be checking out the phone today.
  • I hope this is all true, so my wife can finally jump to a Windows Phone, I have the Titan but I will change to a Lumia 900 soon ....
  • I would love a magenta one, but will the color scheme of the tiles look okay with magenta?  IDK.  Anyway, why would Nokia/Microsoft make an advertising showing a phone with a cover on?  Its got to be a magenta phone!  I returned my cyan Lumia and decided to wait to see if the magenta comes out for mother's day (and also see what the white one looks like in person).  Then I'll choose my color and go back to the Lumia.  Meanwhile, I'm back to rocking my 4S with its tiny screen...:(
  • Did I mention I miss my live tiles?  I miss my live tiles.
  • I'm getting this phone...for my self, im 6 4 black man..