Magnify News Reader is today's myAppFree deal – download it for free!

Popular news reader app for Windows Phone, Magnify has just had its price knocked out the park for 24 hours. The myAppFree deals are popular offers where developers cut the price of their apps to allow more consumers to download their content for absolutely nothing at all. It's a superb promotion to really engage with their audience and attract some more downloads.

Here are some highlighted features of Mangify:

  • Beautifully animated and unique interface
  • Feedly sync support
  • Add custom feeds or search using keywords
  • Read full article text without clutter
  • Offline reading support
  • Dark reading theme
  • OneNote, Pocket and Instapaper support
  • Save articles for later

Just like other news apps available on the mobile platform, Magnify lets you remain up-to-date with numerous publications and internet sources. Grab the app from the Windows Phone Store for free today. Also, let us know what your favorite news reader apps are in the comments.

QR: Magnify News Reader

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Yay!
  • Yippee
  • Pretty decent and it's not chained to Feedly which is a plus.
  • Looks nice but I'm happy with Nextgen Reader's universal app. I'll give it a try though.
  • +820 for this. Magnify looks more appealing but I missed extensive cutomizability of nextgen too much.
  • Here is another +820 for you!
  • Another one, yey <3
  • It's good but lags.
  • I've tried this app many times, but I just keep getting back to Nexgen Reader. It's just better. It's a very good app, though. Many people prefer this over Nextgen Reader. 
  • Pretty impressive feature set and love how it not only mimics but improves on the Windows Phone start screen and live tile concept. Be sure to watch the tutorial video.
  • Did u guys see IOS 8? Apple copied WP!!! Microsoft cannot go so far down to apple's level!!! We gotta get something extraordinary from WP9!!!
  • a bit Offtopic
  • Not the end of the world....
  • Sweet on 1520
  • Using since it was in Beta.
  • I like the UI,,,
  • I have this app and use it. Great app it's free today so grab it you wont be disappointed.
  • Weave News Reader is quite better.. is available for 8.1 desktop also can sync both platforms together.
  • Yeah! cusomization and speak article are the deal maker for me.
  • not good as nextgen reader....
  • I try this once, but was very unstable...I came back to Fuse
  • Awesome app, even if you pay for it. Get it.
  • I'm a blogger and I love this app I use it alot this is great!
  • Really great app. I love how it congregates all my favorite websites!
  • I somewhat want a similar UI from Wpcentral app. Not saying its not good, but Converge, magnify and all these are aesthetically pleasing.
    Just maybe something we could get in future update..
  • Got it!  
  • Its not a bad app. Save for later doesnt appear to work & wpc's rss feed doesnt seem to work anymore in it not that thats needed since I got the ad free upgrade the last time wpc's app went free. & I cant seem to get it to update in the background
  • I'm using Nextgen now but I'll give this a try. The UI is quite different, takes some getting used to. Also some WPC articles fail to load and getting them open in IE is not as easy as in Nextgen.
  • Didn't I get it for free sometime in the past? Anyways, problem I current have with this app is that it crashes everytime I tap on the settings AND it takes a whole lot of time to load up articles. I hope the developer takes note of this.
  • I don't get crushes but whenever i open let's say WP Central in TECH and click on article, i constantly get something like "Could not Fetch The Whole Article" thing. I tried in other categories and it's just the same. Anyone get the same problem? P.S. If this matters, I am on Samsung ATIV S i8750, WP8 GDR3
  • Yeah. I do get that from time to time.
  • This is what i am talking about, this is what i get always. I reinstall it, restart the phone, etc. and i always get this. Is this what you get too Bagzton?  
  • Yeah anyone who I believe downloaded the public beta got updated to the full version for free
  • Error upon trying to fetch all WPCentral articles while using magnify
  • Nice app with great ui.
  • Great app, just puzzled by one thing: Why is it easy to do offline reading with a phone app but NOT with a windows 8 app?  (Nextgen I'm looking at you!)
  • What a pity - no Inoreader support. Can someone please recommend a newsreader that supports Inoreader? Thanks!
  • I haven't seen any either.  The mobile site works pretty well in IE, though, even lets you retrieve the full text through just like the desktop site.
  • I'll try out, to get points on my account, but nothing beats weave news reader for me.
  • Tried it and I gotta say, the UI is an excess for me. I prefer Phonly, although Magnifier is a great choice.
  • Wpcentral articles are not loading..