New Windows 10 Mail and Calendar update for Insiders can disable 'conversation view'

The recently released Windows 10 preview build 10532 for Windows Insider members now has a new version of the Mail and Calendar app to download. The app, with the version number 6131 (up from 6121), includes a new option to turn its conversation view on or off.

This new feature will likely please users of the Mail and Calendar app who don't care for the conversation view mode, which groups a user's emails into threads rather than by dates. Folks who prefer the old-fashioned way of viewing emails just by their dates will get a chance to change it to this viewpoint by pressing the settings button and then going to the Options menu.

Mail-Calendar menu in Windows 10

Again, this feature is just for Windows Insiders who have the Windows 10 preview build 10532 installed. There's no word yet on when this will be available for all Windows 10 users. The feature is likely relying on dependencies found only in the latest build of Windows 10 or, Microsoft is testing out the feature before mass deploying.

Source: ZDNet

John Callaham
  • Oh, wow.
    They really ride the feature train, don't they?!
  • They better. Let's hope more features come to Windows 10 Mobile.
  • I believe he was being sarcastic.
  • @JediTWang:
  • FINALLY!!! I hate conversations in email!!!
  • I hate it too.
  • Right? I'm tired of it mixing my conversations that dont have a subject. 
  • Who sends emails without a subject? The rare emails I get without subjects are spam, and they're usually from compromised accounts.
  • Yeah I rarely get emails without subject so its not really an issue for me
  • Most email filters marks emails without subjects as spam. I hate emails without subjects, unprofessional and just unorganized... Even more, I hate subject with the email body in it, lol. Conversations should be abs is a great method foe keeping relevant emails together, but to each their own. It ia best in an office or for business use... But we are talking about mail here... Most people who use their email for more than the very basics, use outlook
  • Thisalot ^^
  • I like it
  • I wish they would let you use Ctrl+A or Shift to select multiple messages. :| Such a simple thing to add with such a low priority.
  • Ctrl + Click, Shift + Ctrl + Arrow, etc etc too
  • This!
  • Need some love for mail apps in mobile. They should change hamburger menu which takes up the complete screen.
  • YES! I remember submitting this on their Feedback app. So glad it's coming.
  • It's already here for insiders....
  • Give me a freakin Unified Inbox and then we'll talk about using it. Oh and by the way, on my phone it won't even get new email. Currently says it hasn't been updated for 40 days (even using different interval settings doesn't seem to work)
  • The Windows 10 Mail app is junk compared to the Windows 8 app. It doesn't even clear acknowledged/read messages from the Notification Center.
  • The good thing is, on Windows 10 desktop, you get to have options, like Mozilla Thunderbird. On Windows mobile, not so much, and you're probably stuck with a crappy default mail app.
  • Can't upvote this enough.
  • The most annoying thing is that the new outlook for android has unified inboxes, but looks identical to windows 10 mobile mail in every other way. I hope that is fixed by RTM.
  • This!
  • This... Windows 10 is cool, but 8.1 is more refined in so many ways.
  • Yes! Windows 10 will be so awesome a year after RTM! Keep the updates rolling MS!
  • Downside of being an early adopter is less features, more bugs. But still, it makes it so worth it when you see the awesomeness work its way up. ;)
  • Yeah and when it really turns awesome ...... It would become a paid service :P
  • One basic feature at a time, eh?
  • Rome wasn't built in a day?
  • But, how many times did they rebuild it?
  • Exactly!
  • Pretty sure they built more than a brick, a day.
  • Yayy!
  • When groove goes 40 versions and gives a pointless feature that no one asked for, while mail jumps up ten versions and gives an important feature that's been a popular request, you know something is seriously wrong with the Groove team
  • This^
  • Wow - who knows it might even send and receive frigging emails unlike the current version on my 3 devices which have all been stuck in 'Your account settings are out of date' crap for ages and are a total waste of disk space. Just sort out the basics for God's sake.
  • Story of Windows 10, drip feed updates that restore previously available functionality and hailed as "progress"......
  • This is on phones too not just on PCs !
  • Oh universal apps.
  • Build 10532? Is it out yet? Oh okay, Win 10 PC.
  • FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times - we really need a "Select All" or "Empty Trash" button on this app! Having to click on 100 freakin emails a day to select them all and empty the trash is REDICULOUS to say the least! There is an "empty" link on the Outlook website, there is an "empty trash" button on the Outlook app for iOS and Android, so where the F&%$ is the "empty trash" button on the Windows 10 app!? They can take the time to manipulate the code enough to determine whether or not you have "conversation view", but they can't add a simple line or two of code to add a "Empty Trash" button! Is anyone else PO'd about this!? I mean WTF!?
  • Looks like with each app MSFT hires a new dev team and discards the whole knowhow gathered throughout development of last app version.
  • I remember the days when tiny bits like these were released in no time, not even news worthy, nowadays even an icon change is a big thing, companies take months to develop a new button, wtf happened with software devs
  • Yea I don't get it either. For example the option to repeat a single song in Groove. Even a baby can program it. But we may get it in 2017 as a revolutionary feature. I don't get it either... It's hilarious.
  • Next there will ba a single article talking about removing 1 pixel border and its going to be a headline! XD
  • Windows 10 mail app looks nice but it lacks basic features the Windows 8 app had. I like the Windows 8 apps much more.
  • where we can find the mail wallpaper ? It look great
  • They better start coming out with bigger feature updates soon, these small ones aren't cutting it at all.
  • Still not able to send mail from different aliases :/
  • I think the return of folders and rules are more high priority features for me than turning on/off conversation "mode". I'm not impressed and still frustrated with the outlook windows app experience.
  • My windows 10 mail app is not syncing for 2 weeks ! I have been screaming in community forum but no solution everyone is suggesting same bullshit which is not solving anything for anyone ! And Microsoft Do u really know anything about it??? Fix it first then update ur things
  • finally...and its available on my phone and SP3 :)
  • Yay! Minor thing, but I really hate threaded messages. Probably handy for some, but I'm always like "Yes... I know I have other daily e-mails from Outlook calendar about my schedule..." Or "Yes BestBuy, I know there's been a sale..."
  • Why anyone would want to disable conversation view is beyond me, but I'm glad to see they responded so quickly to both people asking for it.
  • I love conversation view, but surprised the ordinary receive date-only view wasn't baked in from the start.
  • Conversation grouping of emails is the best thing that GMail introduced.  I love having my emails grouped neatly together.
  • I dislike side reading panes. I have it on the bottom in Outlook, and until it is available that way, I'll stick with Outlook.
  • So, they still haven't added the option to disable the reading pane. Sure, the messages are on the left and only open when you click on one, but if you delete that one, it automatically opens the next one. Bunk. Between this and the OneDrive fiasco, Win 10 is kinda bombing for me, it's like some crazy drug-induced mashup of every OS they have released.
  • Now they have to bring Categories, Filters, Sweep, Folders and Shift multiple selection like from, which is shamely more featured than the actual app.
  • This and aliases.
  • And syncing without errors would probably be good too.....just sayin'. Oh yea and not telling me my accounts are out of date and requirimg me to hit fix and wait everyrime I tuen my lappy on would probably also be good. In fact anything would probably be good that isn't this poo software.
  • I actually noticed this myself when i was looking for something else in the settings. I hate conversation view.
  • Do yall just make things up if you don't know for certain? There is no dependency on build 532 for this, how do I know? Because build 532 refuses to install for me so I'm stuck on 525 yet I have this feature. Also, this is in the Mobile 512 build..... I'd actually be surprised if this is insiders only too.
  • Judging from the Outlook app on Android (which replaced the app) I'm afraid the Calendar part of Outlook on Win10Mobile is not going to get better before final release. It looks like the result of exercise 1 on day 1 of a computer programming training. 'Hello world' level. We'll get Word, Excel and PowerPoint with ridiculously much functionality for a mobile device (most of it useless), and core apps like those for mail and calendar will remain *extremely* basic. Unless they start shifting many many gears developing W10m.
  • I just assumed the R&D division let the the enterprise version of Cortana write thw code for them. It's seriously putrid.
  • Conversation view groups my mails in a weird way, so I can't always track them down. Then I have to resort to Office Outlook.
  • Mail should show ALL mail accounts and the number of unread messages for each of them right away on the main screen.
  • That's it..? ._.
    Such a huge update.