Majority of Windows Central readers want Windows 11 to have a Windows 10 Start menu option

Windows 11 Windows 10 Start Menu
Windows 11 Windows 10 Start Menu (Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

What you need to know

  • Windows 11's Start menu has been a controversial item.
  • Recently, there was a way to get Windows 10's Start menu on Windows 11.
  • Microsoft removed that method, so we ran a poll asking if people wanted the right to choose menus.

Over the weekend, we here at Windows Central ran a poll entitled "Should the Windows 10 Start menu be an option on Windows 11?" inside of a post asking readers whether they wanted Windows 10's Start menu back on Windows 11. In a not-so-surprising twist, people came out in droves to support the idea of giving consumers a choice rather than railroading them into the future.

The poll in question has four options. One is support for choice, another is exclusive support for Windows 10's Start menu, the third is exclusive support for Windows 11's Start menu, and the fourth is the "I don't care" option. If you would like to vote in the poll, you still can. It's live as ever.

We're here to log the weekend's results as they stand as of the time of this post. Right now, 51.59% of voters want the right to choose menus (925 votes), 34.19% want Windows 11 to keep the Windows 10 Start menu in the past (613 votes), 9.04% don't care either way because it's just a start menu (162 votes), and 5.18% demand a total reversion to the Windows 10 Start menu within Windows 11 (93 votes).

Many people in the comments of the original poll post said they wanted the option of a different Start menu because they detest Windows 11's. However, others argued that Windows 11 should leave the past in the past and not drag legacy items and code into the future. Progress demands sacrifice and all that.

What's your stance? Do you agree with the over 50% of Windows Central readers who want choice?

Robert Carnevale

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