Majority of Windows Central readers want Windows 11 to have a Windows 10 Start menu option

Windows 11 Windows 10 Start Menu
Windows 11 Windows 10 Start Menu (Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

What you need to know

  • Windows 11's Start menu has been a controversial item.
  • Recently, there was a way to get Windows 10's Start menu on Windows 11.
  • Microsoft removed that method, so we ran a poll asking if people wanted the right to choose menus.

Over the weekend, we here at Windows Central ran a poll entitled "Should the Windows 10 Start menu be an option on Windows 11?" inside of a post asking readers whether they wanted Windows 10's Start menu back on Windows 11. In a not-so-surprising twist, people came out in droves to support the idea of giving consumers a choice rather than railroading them into the future.

The poll in question has four options. One is support for choice, another is exclusive support for Windows 10's Start menu, the third is exclusive support for Windows 11's Start menu, and the fourth is the "I don't care" option. If you would like to vote in the poll, you still can. It's live as ever.

We're here to log the weekend's results as they stand as of the time of this post. Right now, 51.59% of voters want the right to choose menus (925 votes), 34.19% want Windows 11 to keep the Windows 10 Start menu in the past (613 votes), 9.04% don't care either way because it's just a start menu (162 votes), and 5.18% demand a total reversion to the Windows 10 Start menu within Windows 11 (93 votes).

Many people in the comments of the original poll post said they wanted the option of a different Start menu because they detest Windows 11's. However, others argued that Windows 11 should leave the past in the past and not drag legacy items and code into the future. Progress demands sacrifice and all that.

What's your stance? Do you agree with the over 50% of Windows Central readers who want choice?

Robert Carnevale

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  • Can't really remember when i used that menu as a menu. From the start of Win7 i have just tapped the win-key and then start typing.
    Was this me remembering that i haven't used it since release of win7? :D
  • I do that most of the time, but with rarely used utilities, knowing their name/location isn't always guaranteed (this mostly applies to things like RSAT, where the tools are in a "folder" on the Start Menu). On my desktop, I pretty much always do it as you do. On my laptop, which has a touchscreen, I sometimes tap the Home icon and scroll on the menu. Somewhat ironically, they're supposedly moving the menu's location to better support touch devices, but I think centering it makes the navigation experience on my laptop WORSE. It might be better on a tablet or something, but I otherwise don't get that explanation (sounds more like making up an excuse to steal the Mac aesthetic).
  • Someone will make an app to implement a W10 clone start menu, for those who cant handle change.
  • In tech, I'm pro-choice. There's no reason why people should be forced into designs that simply don't work for them.
    This applies to the start menu as well as the horrible Grey Theme Microsoft is shipping in Windows 11 in place of a REAL Dark Theme that uses black as its main colour and dark grey as accents. Unfortunately, Microsoft isn't about giving people freedom to chose. They're following in Android's footsteps and Apple-fying their approach to software, making it more dictatorial and less free. Much like the communist China Big Tech loves so much. As for the argument of "it's progress"... Well, allow me to quote Harry Potter's Professor Umbridge in one of her actually sensible passages: "Progress for the sake of progress must be discouraged".
  • Hmm so you must be Android and windows user ... As both of them provides most of customisation compared to apple ECOSYSTEM
  • Considering that Microsoft products are offered on a slew of different devices of different design and price range, I'd argue they're just about as pro choice as any company can be. Your complaining over the lack of a dark theme (which you know will either ship with or come shortly after) is childish.
  • They're not really that pro-choice these days though. You're usually just picking which OEM's bloatware you want, and MAYBE a couple of differences in the keyboard layout. There's much less variance in a Windows laptop between companies than among Android devices, especially Android phones from 2010-2015, where the UI was often quite different between the device manufacturers.
  • You know you can just reinstall the OS then, right? It's up to the lazy consumer if they want to do as little work as possible and live a life of frustration versus learning something as basic as reinstalling an OEM-provided laptop's OS and removing any frustration that comes with that. The reason Microsoft doesn't bundle a bunch of UI modification apps is precisely because most versions of the OS give the user a web browser to download the tools they prefer, rather than bloating the OS with a bunch of options most people don't care to use.
  • I'm sure it'll be fine. UI changes are an inevitability as software evolves.
  • True that changes are inevitable, but they're also often unnecessary. Many are just changing things to prove something is new, not necessarily better. It'd be nice if changes were improvements more often than needless alterations to no one's benefit.
  • Actually it is over 55%.
  • The %s have been fluctuating rapidly since this article was posted.
  • As Windows 11 looks very much like a computer version of Microsoft Launcher, I would be happy if they introduce a folder option to group most used apps together.
  • Most of Average Windows users and XBOX games are half arsed idiots. Since Windows 8 Micorsoft is trying to reinvent itself and trying to provide most futuristic designs possible but users are dumb anough to keep going back to Win 95 based designes. They just do not want to evolve. At the same time they will accept any crap from Apple but when MSFT invents they pull them back. Same thing with XBOX gamers who got rid of Kinnect which had immense possibilities. And now you if you play on XBOX all you are left with RPGs and car chase. People are just dumb arses
  • I miss Kinect. I do not miss car chase. Alas.
  • Sir, I recommend you do a better job of typing before insulting the intelligence of others. You've probably made at least a dozen errors in your post, and I'm just talking about the typing, not the logic behind it.
  • I can handle change... But not at the expense of being slower. I personalized my tiles to be fast and more productive. The new start takes that away. They can give it a win 11 look and give us a choice as to which we would rather use.
  • Agree. This is one of the biggest advantages of the Live Tile concept. The touch/click targets can be sized and arranged as you please, making them relatively easier or harder to reach.
  • I can live without Live Tiles, but I hate that Microsoft is seemingly taking away my ability to resize tiles and make groups and folders out of them. Been a Windows Insider almost since the beginning and have a Surface Pro 6 that could've had Windows 11 already, but I didn't bother because that meant losing all the Start Menu customization I enjoyed so much.
  • My most used applications get pinned to the task bar and I have 3 or 4 virtual desktops on my work machine. On my home machine I use the start menu more. I do miss the live tiles for news & weather.
  • Ditch the live tiles, in fact ditch tiles altogether. Instead provide flexibility with the new Windows 11 Start Menu. Allow resizing the menu and grouping of the icons. At the very least, allow creation of a new page without requiring the previous page to be full. This would allow you to group icons by page. Ditch the Recommended section altogether to allow more room for apps, folders, and files. Microsoft already gave up on "Timeline" because it wasn't being used, but they still think we want this feature. I personally move my files around too much which breaks the links to recommended. I have also posted these suggestions to the Feedback Hub.
  • Windows 7 Start menu debacle again. People don't want change, but then they want something new. Come on people. It's just a start menu. I'm fine with whatever works best.
  • I believe those who want Windows 10 start menu just don't like Windows 11 start menu rather than like live tiles. I just see no point in keeping the live tiles interface in the start menu but not too fond of the new start menu either.
  • The Live Tiles were at least sort of addressed with new Widgets, though far from perfect and definitely needs more work, but better than no replacement either. But yeah, many were pointing out the feature regression on new Windows 11 Start menu like lack of folders, groups, ability to resize the menu and Jumplist. Windows 11 Start menu is tad too basic.
  • Live Tiles are useful because:
    #1. They give at-a-glance information, and
    #2. They're touch or click targets for launching the relevant apps that are customizable in terms of size and position. Widgets solve #1, but unless they are also customizable launch buttons too, we'll have lost #2. Which is a shame for an OS regardless of whether it's touch-first or not. As I am constantly reminded on my phone, a grid of uniform app icons is not very helpful.
  • I don't mind if start menu is centered or not, but it bother me that icons in the task bar are not at the same place depending on the number of opened apps.
  • So I did not think I would like the Windows 11 menu when I first got started. HOWEVER to really get the best of it you need to change how you think about it. It's less about the apps and more about what you want to do. As soon as you get into the habit of using that recommended section, which is basically just a history section it makes way more sense. That said I do miss my app groups
  • Just let it go, man. It's like, you're begging a Windows XP start menu for Windows 7. Every version of OS has it's own style, it's own fashion. If you like Windows 10 Start Menu then stay with Win10. Don't come to Win11. Goshh!