Do you want the Windows 10 Start menu back on Windows 11?

W11 Classicstart Screenshot
W11 Classicstart Screenshot (Image credit: Windows Central)

Love it or hate it, there's no arguing that the Windows 11 Start menu has been a white-hot topic since Microsoft's new OS made its (leaked, then official) debut. The Windows 11 Start menu is a relatively minor adjustment in the grand scheme of Windows' evolution, but that hasn't stopped some people from absolutely detesting it or just missing their beloved Windows 10 Start menu, which, in their defense, is a pretty great Start menu.

For a time, it was possible for these affected parties to have their cake and eat it, too. Via a little registry tweaking, users could get the Windows 10 Start menu into Windows 11, enabling them to enjoy the modernity of the latest Windows while respecting tradition where it counted most: The Start Menu. However, in its latest Windows 11 preview build, Microsoft put an end to that, ensuring that Windows 11 users will have to live with the Windows 11 Start menu.

Are you fine with that change? Do you bemoan it and want the Windows 10 Start menu back?

Let us know what your stance is on the epic Start menu debacle, which is set to define 2021's list of high-priority issues. After all, if one cannot start things the way they want, how can they hope to end them? Is Windows 11 doomed for some users right from the outset as a result of this sweeping change on Microsoft's part?

If your voice cannot be confined to a pre-defined, nicely bubbled option in a poll, drop a comment to share your in-depth analysis of what makes a Start menu great and why Windows 11's or 10's does the job better. Your comments are always the best part of these polls.

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