Make it Rain update lets you pile up money faster with new virtual deaths

Make it Rain, the popular title from Game Troopers has received a nice update bringing a few new features. The update is available for Windows Phone as well as Windows 8 and Windows 10 users, so everyone can take advantage of the new features. The list of changes in the update include:

  • New feature. Now you can... die! Left an inheritance of silver spoons
  • Pile up money faster with your (virtual) death, and reboot the game without starting from the scratch
  • Lots and lots of hours of replayability
  • Let your descendants unlock new power-ups with your silver spoons
  • New menu notifications system. Don't miss the next available investment
  • Lots of new effects
  • New store screenshots
  • Stability improvements to swipe faster

It's great to see improvements continuing to show up, as well as new features and functionality. Have you played Make it Rain already? Let us know what you think of the changes in the comments below.

Download Make it Rain: The Love of Money from the Windows Phone Store (Free)

Download Make it Rain: The Love of Money from the Windows Store (opens in new tab) (Free)

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Jared DiPane

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  • When people are so good at your game that you have to add a death feature.
  • I blame this game for the non-virtual death of my 920. I installed it the day it came out and had some fun with it. Phone got super hot then froze. It never turned on again
  • This is impossible on windows.
  • Are you kidding?
  • No. My 920 ran beautifully until the day I installed and played this game. It like overheated during gameplay and never came back on. The display was completely shot (i.e. doing any kind of reset would do nothing) -- i could get it to vibrate during those but it just never came back to life. Could be just a coincidence, sure. But I blame the game ;)
  • I uninstalled this a day back without saving it... I was in MB's
    #POORLUCK ;-;
  • U logged in with Facebook? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Any new achivements added? Because this game can be destroyed with some handy macros on pc and using project my screen from windows phone :p
  • Wonder if they will fix this game for PC, it constantly crashes making u loose all ur cash.