Manage business apps with the Windows Phone 8 Company Portal

The Windows Phone 8 Company Portal App does exactly what it says on the tin. The app enables Windows Phone 8 hardware that are managed by Microsoft System Center 2012 and Windows Intune to view, download and install business applications. Administrators are in control of the installation and signing of the app, which can then be made available to the management infrastructure to enable device enrolment.

Only Windows Phone 8 is reported to be required for everything to tick over, as well as System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1 with Windows Intune. For more information and the download links, head on over to the Microsoft website.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab); via: MSDN (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Great to see business app love.
  • Ideally this could work for managing the "home" business? e.g. managing apps for kids, wife, etc.?
  • That's a great idea. For the kids but not so sure about the wife :)
  • You need to manage your wife's apps?
  • InTune should do that. Its the cloudy version of SCCM2012SP1. Businesses would use both to manage BYOD or WP8/iPhone (yulk!)/etc. Plus all their desktops and servers on premise. SCCM accesses the InTune data, i think, if you need it.
  • you kinda glaze over the details though, which when you read into them you realize how freaking cumbersome it is to set this up as opposed to MDM on Android and iOS.  Sure, the end result is cooler and more cohesive than other MDM solutions for other platforms, but Microsoft needs to create a real low level of friction here to get better corp acceptance.  The fact that you have to buy a cert immediately turns a lot of smaller orgs off from implementing this.  Microsoft needs to offer a program to comp the first year cost of the cert and Intune.
  • No. If you want MDM, thats easy. Use EAS on either Office 365 or your MS Exchange server. Or buy Airwatch, or Mobileiron. (As you would with Android or Apple) if you don't have Microsofts mail. The cumbersome part is needing a hidesouly complex SCCM install, and Intune to have the company portal. Up until recently you had to subscribe to intune to buy Windows 7 and the MDM part. Now you subscribe to just the MDM part, but Microsoft are still a shambles when its comes to App management.
    It's a good comprehensive solution for enterprise mobile apps.  However, for any enterprise to test it out the WIFI connection has to work and currently many couldn't even connect to the damn phone, let alone testing the feature.
  • Excellent!