Mango with Marketplace on HD2

Let's face it, the HTC HD2 is pretty amazing.  And the minds over at XDA are equally amazing.  Together this dynamic combination has turned a Windows phone into a dual-booting Win/Android wonder and a Mango-toting machine.  However, early iterrations of latter inovation had one big problem: Windows Live services did not work when Mango was ported over to the HD2.

Well, fear not.  The members over at XDA have done it again, working out the bugs to provide the masses with a Mango ROM for the HD2, complete with a working Marketplace.  If you are feeling adventurous, click the link below to get it.  Remember, we just bring you the news, we are not responsible for fried devices or Steve Ballmer showing up at your house with gym sock full of quarters.

Update: In an interview with All Things D, Microsoft's Bill Cox says the following about hacking the HD2: “We say tinker away with Mango and enjoy the juice...But beware the fine print — unlocking phones may void your warranty.” Nice to see Microsoft taking a more laid-back approach to the XDA devs.

Source: XDA; Via: PocketNow

Seth Brodeur