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Make your Surface Pro fashionable with these iconic patterns from Marimekko

Microsoft recently announced a collaboration with Finnish-based Marimekko for the Surface Pro. The accessories range from simple decorative skins to protective sleeves, and even a couple of Type Covers.

Founded in 1951, Marimekko is one well-known to the fashionistas of the world. Marimekko reportedly become popular when Jackie Kennedy starting wearing the dresses in the 1960's and even the show Sex and the City (1998) featured the famous patterns. Indeed, Unikko (poppy) is one of the most well-known designs to this day.

All of this sets the stage for these new Surface accessories made with Marimekko. While some prefer neutral colors, or dull "business black" at least Marimekko can appeal to those who want a chicer Surface appearance.

I managed to get my hands on the different stylings, and I must admit they do draw attention. (I'm using Siirtolapuutarha (walled garden) on my Surface Pro and Kaivo (well) for the Type Cover.)

While the Marimekko accessories are not cheap for those who want to make a fashion statement with some iconic patterns, Microsoft and Marimekko are making that happen.

Read more about the project direct from Microsoft or see the accessories yourself at the Microsoft Store.

See at Microsoft (opens in new tab)

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  • I'm so waiting for our dude-heavy audience to weigh in on fashion today and tell me these are ugly. I should also remind people that Microsoft sold NFL-theme Type Covers, which I'm sure many wives thought were just awful :P Anyway, I like some of these. Great to see partnerships with famous brands like this happening.
  • Got the Unikko Sleeve for my gf, she loves it! Fits her SL and SP4. I tried to squeeze my SB in it, but the flap won't stay flushed. Either they make SB2 thinner or make a new sleeve.
  • I'm pretty sure siirtolapuutarha is more like a community garden btw. Not really a walled one
  • Although Marimekko isn't my cup of tea, I'm still proud, as a Finn, of this fashion brand making it all the way to the Surface!
  • Though I generally like their designs, I absolutely abhor Unikko.
  • I want one! But MS store in Sweden is so slow on picking up accessories. Hey, Helsinki! Can you get the design office to send me one?
  • very nice
  • As we say in the south, "That possum's on the stump!"
  • It's a nice options indeed. Would this interfere with the thermal dissipation?
  • They shouldn't. Things that make air gap (like covers for phones) create thermal issues, but stick-ons should be fine. Heat will transfer into vinyl and dissipate. Plus the air flow slot is right next to it, pushing heat out.
  • I'm not a big fan of those particular designs but I'm all for options.
  • I wish the skin didn't cover the shiny Windows logo on the back. I take pride in showing off the Windows logo on my devices, especially Surface. Notice how most skins for Apple products don't cover the Apple logo? Windows needs to do the same for their accessories. Never let them cover your proud symbol.
  • That's the Microsoft logo.
  • Same difference 😁
  • Yeah, I kinda feel that too; would have been nice to have the cutout for the logo
  • I know some family members who would love these, personally prefer abstract patterns over floral designs. I hope we see more accessory partnerships, it's the only way to create a vibrant and self perpetuating accessory ecosystem. Which would be a massive boost to sales.
  • I'm considering the black and yellow dot skin. I use my Surface Pro 4 every day at work and home and after a year the back has several scratches.
  • That version in the first photo with the new aqua colored accessories would be an awesome looking setup for the wife for sure!