Marketplace already live on some 6.5 phones

First it was AT&T unceremoniously launching the launching the HTC Pure with Windows Mobile 6.5 two days before Microsoft officially unleashes the new OS, and now it looks like someone's flipped the switch on the Windows Marketplace for Mobile a day early. Engadget Mobile has noted that the Marketplace is live for Pure users, though we're also getting word that it's not working so well for those using cooked ROMs, and that there are only several dozen apps available right now (or, roughly the same amount as in Palm's App Catalog - zing!), though we're certainly expecting that to change in just a few hours.

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  • Very interesting! Another reason to check the pure out. Strange name for a phone though!
  • Yea no go here, I have a cooked Fuze Rom and it definitely updated and downloaded something, and it checks to see if I have the latest version then I get an error, so I'm going to wait till the actual release before I jump to conclusions
  • I have a cooke 6.5 rom and i have access to all apps, paid and free :) I've installed a few, rated, and it all works pretty fine. Let's just hope that the huge prices come down, most of the paid apps have insane prices (compared with iphone similar apps).
  • I tried it in germany and it works, but I just can see a few german apps. Do you know how to change to other languages in marketplace ?
  • I am using a cooked ROM on my Touch Pro2 and have full access to the Marketplace. I tried downloading a couple of the free apps and it works flawlessly. Granted there is a definite lack of apps on the site, but at least it's still there and works.
  • Can anyone verify if marketplace is working on Zune HD, or is Zune HD going to be a different store?
  • The Zune Marketplace is an entirely different marketplace altogether. (Cue "Airplane!" recitation.)
  • I am using Cooked "Energy" 6.5 Rom on a fuze. I am getting the same error when it checks to see if I have the latest version of Marketplace. It did let me download and install the cab, but it cannot seem to finalize the installation, so there is no new program listed in the programs area. It says to try back in "some time".
  • works for me on a bgill55 rom (23060) :)
  • Has anybody seen the screenshots for the Windows Live they offer on the marketplace? Seems new... Also, does anybody else's facebook app downloaded from the Marketplace have "Button1" on the signin window instead of a Registration link?
  • Copy protection already cracked apparently ....
  • Works fine on rom i cooked up.