Marketplace, Themes will be WinMo 6.5 only

In a bit of clarification from Phonescoop that we weren't exactly hoping for, Windows Marketplace for Mobile will only be available to phones running Windows Mobile 6.5, dashing the hopes and shopping dreams of anyone who has a device that won't be updated. Same goes for the themes. They'll be Windows Mobile 6.5 only — and even then only for touchscreen phones (Oh, Snap!). The Facebook app already is will be available to everyone.

Of course, we still don't officially know which or how many current phones will be updated from 6.1 to 6.5 (we do know that the HTC Touch Diamond 2 and Touch Pro 2 will get it, as will the Toshiba TG01). Microsoft recently opened the door for more upgrades than we expected, but things are still a little murky.

And further clouding the waters is the ROM cooking community. The folks at XDA Developers already have versions of Windows Mobile 6.5 running on a number of phones. So will they have access to the Marketplace? Or will there be some sort of gatekeeper to keep phones running unofficial ROMs from shopping?

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  • Although I agree that the upgrade would be much appreciated to Xperia users like myself, especially after the lengthy wait for the phone to finally be released, the decision to upgrade Xperia is Ultimately up to the folks over at SonyEricsson. The large thing to consider is whether a corporation that is going through a bit a of a dry-spell of sales is willing to take the time and money to upgrade a phone that will be over a year old by the time the upgrade would finally hit the Xperia. I suppose the debate would be to either satisfy the customers who purchased the Xperia (and I assume if you're like myself you were dissappointed with the original interface on the phone and either purchased SPB/ got the free panel, or decided to use the TF3D interface from XDA)or attempt to release something new and profitable to try and pursued said customers and potential new costumers into a new phone. Yes I'm sure some consumers are willing enough to not purchase products from a company just to spite the lack of upgrades and support for a lack luster interface product, but the majority of consumers will purchase the best product available at the time they want to purchase a new variant of that product. Personally, I'm not impressed with the X1 as a whole, but I believe SE will either create something worth my money by the time I want a new phone, or I'll just go with HTC.
  • good point - just gotta hope - they really should have pushed the xperia a bit more - saw one advert for it like 2 months before it was released and that was on a billboard which was only there for a week.
  • April fools. /Denial
  • if any of the HTC phones out there (raphael, kaiser, xperia, etc) are not biggie. i know the xda guys dont represent the majority of the population, but they are signifcant. and even not, i'm sure there are people out there that you know that dont know squat about xda, but know someone who does. i'm the perfect example, i was going to upgrade my friends old treo until he broke it. but as long as MS doesn't throw in the arbitrary gatekeeper (OEM roms only) i think all will be fine.