Mass Effect Andromeda will feature full nudity, in deep space

Mass Effect is no stranger to raunchy scenes, given its RPG romance elements. In every Mass Effect game so far, the player has been presented with opportunities to pursue romantic interests on the side, while, you know, saving humanity from a galactic omnicide. Mass Effect Andromeda will be no different.

In conversations on Twitter (cheers VG247), BioWare writer Aaryn Flynn described Mass Effect Andromeda as "softcore space porn." Oh my.

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BioWare's aims to make Mass Effect Andromeda's romance systems a little more fluid compared to other games in the series, which previously require the player to make a few flirtatious comments and then wait for the "point of no return" towards the end of the game, triggering an extraterrestrial tryst. The scenes were often a little wooden, though, which is also something BioWare hopes to eliminate.

Mass Effect Andromeda lost its "partial nudity" tentative rating from the ESRB during development, and has now been bumped up to "full nudity." The full ESRB rating isn't here yet, but Australia has given it an MA 15+ for "strong sex scenes and violence." Of course, the ESRB seems to have forgotten that all Mass Effect games have featured full nudity, at least, if you include the aliens.

Will Mass Effect Andromeda steal the raunch crown from The Witcher 3? We'll find out on March 21st when it launches for Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC.

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  • It was extremely difficult to deny all the lesbians coming on to me on my second play through as a fem shep who cares about noone in particular. ( first play through my dude nailed everything that moved ofc :P ) Now I think it will be impossible. I'll settle for caring about nothing more than sexual partners. What can you do.
  • Was getting a little tired of all the gay advances toward manshep in ME2.  I get that I was the perfect human speciman and all but I felt like I needed to wear a "I'm NOT gay!" sign around my neck after a while. Quit crying about your dead husband and get back to work!
  • That was in ME 3
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  • Pure grit.
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  • I like how you added "in deep space" to the title of this article. Haha
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  • "in deep"
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  • It's nice to see games treating adults as adults . Witcher 3 is the closest to achieve that . I hope ME:A is on the same level 
  • To beat witcher there need to be a unicorn 😂
  • space unicorn...!!
  • The closest thing to space unicorn a Hanar O_O
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  • Gotta up that shock factor to stay relevant.
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  • If this is true, I'm surprised it still maintains its M rating rather than getting bumped up to AO. In fact, what is the criteria to jump from M to AO?
  • sexual violence / gore probably, like The Witcher 3
  • Except Witcher 3 didn't get an AO rating from the ESRB.
  • well shut my mouth... no idea then. mebbe just pure porn games? lol
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