Ah, Maxim Magazine. We’ll leave judgment on the side for this bro magazine (can we say, ‘brozine?) but they do cater to their audience and here we’re talking about gadgets. And if it's one other thing that Maxim Magazine features, besides the female gender, it's the latest in gadgets.

In a new video that just went up on YouTube, host April Rose heads to a Microsoft-Maxim party in New York and features the results in their ‘Cool is in Session’ segment. We guess our invitation was lost in the mail, hmmph.  Anyway, the segment heavily features Windows Phone, including a brief tour of the OS, hot features and what Rose thought of it. In addition, Xbox and Windows 8 desktop were featured as well, tying in the whole Microsoft-ecosystem that we all love so much into an informative segment.

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Sure, it’s obvious paid-advertising and Microsoft-Maxim synergy PR, but it’s also a solid promotion especially for those 20-something males who read Maxim.

Source: YouTube; Thanks, Alex W., for the tip!