Medieval Apocalypse, Knights and Zombies battling it out on Windows Phone 8

Medieval Apocalypse is a fast paced, action packed Windows Phone 8 game that has you playing the role of a Medieval Knight who has to battle Zombie hordes. The goal is to complete the various quests within the game and leave no Zombie standing.

Graphics are nice (a little on the dark side though), game play challenging and in the short time we’ve played Medieval Apocalypse it comes across as an appealing addition to the Windows Phone 8 gaming library.

Game Menu

You main menu experience with Medieval Apocalypse has options to jump into the game, visit the game’s armory, and visit your Knight’s abilities page. In the lower left corner you will find access to game’s settings and the developer’s About Screen. Additionally you also have links to Google+, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages for the developer.

When liked or followed, you will earn free coins that can be used in the game’s armory. Game settings cover graphics quality, turning on/off the gaming joystick, and adjusting the sound and music levels.

Medieval Apocalypse Armory

Medieval Apocalypse’s armory is where you can upgrade your weapons and shields with the coins you earn during game play. There are over forty-five weapons and shields to purchase. The Knight’s ability page allows you spend the coins to upgrade the knight’s attack, reflect, leap and whirlwind abilities.

Medieval Apocalypse In-App Purchase Options

If you want to get a jump on things, diamonds are available for in-app purchase that can be converted to coins. Just tap the treasure chest on the main menu to pull up the in-app purchase options.

Game Play

Medieval Apocalypse’s game play is scattered across two scenarios, a cemetery and catacombs. When you first launch into a game, your quests are displayed briefly in the upper left side of the gaming screen. The quests usually include collecting a set number of coins, minerals, and wiping out a set number of Zombies.

Medieval Apocalypse Game Screen

Along the top of the gaming screen is your health, experience, coin count and diamond count. Just below and to the left of these stats your quest progress will be displayed (number of Zombies to kill, number of minerals to collect, etc.). There is also a timer that appears from time to time and it is unknown if this is a countdown timer until the next wave of Zombies, time you need to complete the quest or some other measurement.  There isn't a help section so my guess is the timer is counting down until the next wave of walking dead attackers.

Gaming controls line the bottom of the screen with a virtual joystick to control movement in the left corner and four action buttons in the right. Action buttons include attack, defend, whirlwind attack and leap.

The attack button is a straightforward hack and slash move. The defend blocks attacks in between slashes. The whirlwind attack is a power attack where your knight spins around like a whirlwind. The leap sends your knight into the sky and when he lands, damage is inflicted on the Zombies in the immediate area. The leap is a great escape tool when you are cornered. The leap, whirlwind and defend buttons do have delays in between uses so you will need to pace their use.

Medieval Apocalypse Combat

The Zombie hordes can be rather aggressive and it is best not to try to go toe-to-toe with these creatures. Moving about collecting the minerals (colored crystals scattered about) and whacking a few Zombies on the run may be the best strategy. As you wipe out the Zombies and destroy the glowing gems that are scattered about, coins will appear that you can collect. Coins that can eventually be used in the Medieval Apocalypse's armory or to upgrade your character.

Overall Impressions

I liked the graphics with Medieval Apocalypse but at times, it was hard to pick out my knight from the gang of Zombie attackers due to the dark nature of the graphics. The dark mood fits the game but I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more ambient light shed on things. I also wouldn't mind seeing a help section added to the game. Medieval Apocalypse is not a difficult game to pick up but there's enough features to warrant a help section to explain the finer points (e.g. what the timer is for, how you can get health packs, etc.).

Another minor nit is that the only way I can see to replenish your health is through health packs that are few and far between. You cannot run around and avoid the Zombies while your health rejuvenates or stand under a healing ray to get healthy. It would be nice if there were another way to heal your character without having to find the health packs.

While there is room for improvement, Medieval Apocalypse comes across as an entertaining Windows Phone 8 game. The pace is quick, the graphics good and the RPG features help the game from growing stale too quickly. I don’t know how well Medieval Apocalypse can hold up to marathon gaming sessions but for shorter bits of time, it is a fun game to play.

Medieval Apocalypse is a free, ad-supported game for Windows Phone 8. You can find your copy of Medieval Apocalypse here in the Windows Phone Store.

And if you prefer gaming on a larger screen, Medieval Apocalypse is also available for Windows 8 and is a nice gaming option for tablets as well as laptop/desktop PCs. Medieval Apocalypse for Windows 8 is also a free game and you can find your copy here in the Windows Store.

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