Meet Your Match Challenge website now live - will you switch?

We had previously reported on Ben Rudolph kicking off the newest campaign to convince non Windows Phone users there is another way

The new website brings the existing videos into one place and even uses live tiles to allow you to select each video. Ben takes on Android and even turns around a potential iPhone 5 customer, if anyone can, Ben can. They need one Ben Rudolph in every mobile phone store, who could say no?

Windows Phone still has some hurdles to overcome but the continued push from Microsoft with events and real world examples seems to be doing its bit. Being a little late to the game the platform has the uphill task of educating people as to exactly what it is and why it’s better. As we saw with the recent iPhone 5 launch some folks are simply on the upgrade bandwagon without really knowing why.

These challenges are set to go global and the site will ask to track your location and show you a map of upcoming events in your region. I live in London and there isn’t anything showing just yet but its early days, we’ll be sure to let you know when we start seeing events pop up.

Our Richard Edmonds live at an Into Event

Meet Your Match in many ways is similar to “Smoked By Windows Phone” in that its putting real world examples of how the platform is engineered to do many common tasks more efficiently. These challenges tell a story and that is something that has been sorely lacking from so much of the marketing of Windows Phone.

There still exists a real need to tell the story of Windows Phone to the general public. Apple did this with their initial TV advertising to show people how the phone would work. While it is great to see challenges against other platforms there remains a need to explain the actual mechanics of Windows Phone. The OS doesn’t use a static grid of icons and that quite honestly still confuses folks who are used to Android and iOS. Windows Phone 8 not only has live tiles but also a dizzying array of permutations on how big and small they can be, parts of apps pinned to the start screen.

We have attended the Windows Phone events with people demonstrating the devices and challenging folks to do things quicker, the reaction is very positive. The launch of Windows Phone 8 brings with it stunning hardware and the software is even more powerful. Metro is now on everything Microsoft produces and the need to bring around the public to the joys of the new user interface and tile tiles is paramount to the entire launch line up. We’re really looking forward to seeing how these events unfold globally so if you’re seeing things, please let us know.

We’d like to know what you guys think of the challenges and we’d like to know what you think of the marketing push for Windows Phone 8 so far.

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Robert Brand
  • I have just about daily debates with my buddies who are clear-as-day android fanboys. They are super biased against Microsoft. But I try to use logic and come from a neutral perspective. They find everything in the book to throw at me. Their sg3 is a great phone but it's sad they think it.fits all users
  • Yeah i understand, my friends find every excuse to diss my Lumia. The 920 has better features than iPhone and debatably the S3. People are just afraid of learning curves. Yeah we have less apps, but it's a new platform. I dislike those who put down our OS just cause its not ios or android. People are so ignorant. 75% of them have not even used
  • I know right? They may have more apps, but how many of those apps are actually worth a shit?? I don't cling to apps and thats one of the main reasons I went with the Lumia 920.
  • Yeah same case here...infact me and my fandroid friend got into such a heated argument that we didnt talk for a whole month...:P
  • I had this same problem with my iPhone toting friends. They don't hear logic. Lol. It's a lost cause trying to convince the diehard fans. OTOH, my wife is just about convinced to ditch Android for WP on her next phone. She has so many problems with Android, that it's easy to sell Windows Phone when I have virtually none. Of course, she isn't a "fad" type of person. Has never used instagram, and probably never will. So the app issue doesn't bother her.
  • You got to understand 1 thing, they won't accept/admit they themselves made such a idiot mistake by picking up the litter green robot. So, have play "dismisses". Their heart is actually bleeding.... crying..... regretting..... lol
  • Ask ur buddy y does Samsung amoled screens have a blue color where is the white and image burn is bad on amoleds plus his build quality sux
  • Ok the problem is that they arent just "fandroids" its because they like what android offers probably like widgets, amazing multi-tasking and robust app selection. i own both platforms and honestly can say windows phone 7 didnt work well enough for some people to wanna check out windows 8. i have zero friends who own a windows phone besides me and i have tried convincing my mom and step-dad it would be great for them but the tiles turned my mom off and the lack of downloading free music easily onto his phone turned my stepdad off to the idea. People have their reasons and its not always because the person is illogical. I convinced people to switch to android when the droid and htc hero dropped in the U.S. and it was an uphill battle for android but hey they landed on their feet and the same will happen for windows phone 8 when the time is right.
  • I don't like the SG3, but if you go by that logic there are lots of more android phones to choose from. Right now there are only about 3 WP8 devices which doesn't fit all users. On top of that Windows Phones notfications is horrible and androids is so much more useful. Our country is full of people who don't care about the OS and just want to use apps. WP8 is a solid platform, but it lacks (enough) apps and more useful features that people want. I was hyped for WP8, but when it launched I was dissapointed. 
  • Some Android and Apple fanboys are funny. Make comments like "MS doesn't make any products you want to buy." But ask them what game console they own.Then its, "Xbox all the way baby."LOL!!
  • +1
  • Its a bit hypocritical on some level. At the end if the day, people like the products they like. If they come around to trying something new, then great. I don't know why anyone cares if someone likes or approves of ones chosen device.
  • I can only speak for myself, but I could care less if people like WP. I enjoy being in the minority.  It bothers me when people hate it for no reason. Or just because it's not an iPhone. 
  • What a hipster thing to say...
  • It has felt good to be one of the few with the newest OS. With the sales doing well I wonder if I'll be missing that soon.
  • I'm not married to any OS. I enjoy technology that's the excitement in it all.
  • +1.  Although I have not owned an iPhone and don't plan to own one anyway. Currently I'm with android but wanted something new.  Waiting for AT&T to deliver my 3 920s for me and my family.  Hopefully by the end of the week. 
  • WP devices come with a few things Android folks have to download. Android is cool, but can be a cluster**** sometimes. Lately it has been good. WP has a different flavor of info consumption though.
  • Exactly, Jelly Bean is great on my Nexus 7, but for a phone, at least the way I use it, WP can't be beat.
  • My Android friends told me, WP no good, because WP don't have Task Killer.... I'm silent......
  • Most absurd thing is that task killers have done more harm than good on all but the earliest android devices. But they find blog posts from 2009 extolling them, so they blindly install them.
  • Maybe more Android apps lock up and have to be killed. Trend forward is to let the OS manage memory, part of which is resuming something done recently.
  • I'm due for an upgrade on Dec 22 and I really want to switch from my iPhone.  There are certain apps that keeps me thinking not to switch.  Really need those Disney apps to come over for the Kids Corner.  
  • Would you be able to use the apps on the iPhone without your sim?  If so, you could use the WP device as your daily driver, and (assuming you want the Disney apps for your kids) use the iPhone for the kids to play with.
  • The app goes out over the web and pulls down the videos.  I was thinking about that while I was in line at Target with a crying 2 1/2 year old who missed their nap and needed to see Mickey Mouse...
    Sorry spun off into Daddy hell for a second...
  • Lol :)
  • When will they actually show how the phone functions on television? We all love our windows phones for many reasons, its time to share those reasons with the world. Having a celebrity hold one up is so whack! We will never get developers if they keep this up.
  • +1. They need to hire the apple ad agency (whichever it is). They take a feature and hammer it down in their ads. WP needs to do the same
  • They are showing it, some people are never satisfied
  • I think the most difficult thing for non-winphoners to understand is unbelivable amount of everyday things you can do without extra apps. A perfect example of this is the Facebook app. I have it, and I use it maybe once a day. That said, I post about 5-10 times a day and comment on people's pictures... without using the app. You can do most things without using actual apps, and this integration into the OS makes using the phone as seamless as possible.
  • would be nice if they would let you share the individual videos on Facebook.
  • A friend at work bought a Note 2. I asked if I could check it out while she was at a meeting. I had it for about 2 hours. Long meeting. Screen size is great, not sure if that is gorilla glass or not. The OS on the other hand was a complete mess. Multiple desktops, hidden menus all over the place. Constantly asking myself now where would they put that? And just a ton of extra steps to get the phone to do something. When I gave it back and picked up my DVP, I was so thankful for using the Windows Phone OS. The team that put this together should really be commended. It just works beautifully and works very well. Would just love that larger screen for as much media ad I use on my phone. My only remaining decision is get a Lumia 920 come January or wait for the rumored Surface Phone.
  • Reason most don't switch? Apps, apps, my experience
  • 1 of the "most important" app that my friends didn't left Android is the app called "Task Killer"
    Me........ Speechless.....
  • the insane thing is that people dont even need that app...but the damn people at best buy seem to think so -.- 
  • Apps are, is, am a problem. Im just so tired with missing app and developers. "-We gonna get there", sure, but do I want to use a phone and wait, or use a phone today?
  • Why doesn't Microsoft make an extension of the site where iphone/android users can try these tests themselves.. Display a count down and GO! With a video of the task being done in real time. They will not have the ability to say who won or not of course (because many will lie) but by asking them whether they are testing using and android or iPhone and tracking the metrics, they can gain better insite as to 'potential switchers' just by the shear number of people who actually try it
  • People get free phones in the bids. Free phones will get a lot of people to give WP a try.
  • I think Windows Phone 8 is a better phone OS for a lot of people. However... at the bottom in tiny white text at the end of every video, they reveal that these "vs" challenges are accomplished with Microsoft employees. In a word—deceptive.
  • No, Google is more deceptive. It also more truthful than the 3am infomercials -stupid comment.
  • Stupid comment? Let's not go Round And Round with this—they are MS employees, and it is deceptive. Saying "no", it's NOT deceptive, simply because another company may be more deceptive is actually a stupid comment.
    Here' s the link for the screenshot—it didn't come through last time.
  • I agree wp8 phones should start at $99 price point wp8x even though a nice phone will be hard to sell especially lumia 920 is best selling... you all have to stop arguing with your friends about wp8,they see it on tv,they see metro on their w8 PC,they see it on Xbox 360,they know it's out there,I suggest you just have to continue using your phone in their faces and late that shiny,yellow,red ,lumia struck their people will always be loyal,android fans are bunch of confused people that didn't know what's god out there,and besides msft was late in the game,its their fault..imagine if WP was release before the crappy g1?? I don't think u all have to convince ur friends from switching!!
  • I have been a windows phone 7 user since it launched initially. The Lumia 900 is my second WP7 device. My wife has been an iPhone user for several years now, but I was able to convince her to take a look at the Lumia 920 reviews etc. Long story short, she upgraded from the iPhone 4 to the Lumia 920 on Black Friday. She absolutely loves it so far.
  • They need to devise a system fro printable vouchers. I think if people see online that they can get $25 off any wp8 device at an MS store it will get them through the door.
  • Worst bunch of infomercials I have ever seen. But saying that, WP rocks.
  • What to do with my windows 7.5 (HTC surround) :(