Meet Your Match Challenge website now live - will you switch?

We had previously reported on Ben Rudolph kicking off the newest campaign to convince non Windows Phone users there is another way

The new website brings the existing videos into one place and even uses live tiles to allow you to select each video. Ben takes on Android and even turns around a potential iPhone 5 customer, if anyone can, Ben can. They need one Ben Rudolph in every mobile phone store, who could say no?

Windows Phone still has some hurdles to overcome but the continued push from Microsoft with events and real world examples seems to be doing its bit. Being a little late to the game the platform has the uphill task of educating people as to exactly what it is and why it’s better. As we saw with the recent iPhone 5 launch some folks are simply on the upgrade bandwagon without really knowing why.

These challenges are set to go global and the site will ask to track your location and show you a map of upcoming events in your region. I live in London and there isn’t anything showing just yet but its early days, we’ll be sure to let you know when we start seeing events pop up.

Our Richard Edmonds live at an Into Event

Meet Your Match in many ways is similar to “Smoked By Windows Phone” in that its putting real world examples of how the platform is engineered to do many common tasks more efficiently. These challenges tell a story and that is something that has been sorely lacking from so much of the marketing of Windows Phone.

There still exists a real need to tell the story of Windows Phone to the general public. Apple did this with their initial TV advertising to show people how the phone would work. While it is great to see challenges against other platforms there remains a need to explain the actual mechanics of Windows Phone. The OS doesn’t use a static grid of icons and that quite honestly still confuses folks who are used to Android and iOS. Windows Phone 8 not only has live tiles but also a dizzying array of permutations on how big and small they can be, parts of apps pinned to the start screen.

We have attended the Windows Phone events with people demonstrating the devices and challenging folks to do things quicker, the reaction is very positive. The launch of Windows Phone 8 brings with it stunning hardware and the software is even more powerful. Metro is now on everything Microsoft produces and the need to bring around the public to the joys of the new user interface and tile tiles is paramount to the entire launch line up. We’re really looking forward to seeing how these events unfold globally so if you’re seeing things, please let us know.

We’d like to know what you guys think of the challenges and we’d like to know what you think of the marketing push for Windows Phone 8 so far.

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Robert Brand