Ben Rudolph kicks off 'Meet Your Match' Windows Phone campaign

Ben Rudolph has returned with his marketing power to push Windows Phone 8 out the door and down to the elderly couple at the end of the road. It was only back in January that Rudolph kicked off the "Smoked by Windows Phone" challenges, which saw many participants attempt to best Windows Phone with competitor handsets.

According to a post published on the Windows Phone Blog, the team has run over 250,000 challenges in 54 countries - quite a campaign indeed. Recorded montages have been viewed more than 70 million times in total. But he's back with a new challenge - Meet Your Match. So what's new?

It's a different take on the Smoked challenges, focusing not just on how Windows Phone is faster than competitor platforms, but also why it's easier, more powerful, useful and fun. While the challenges will still be present, the team will focus more on educating contestants why Windows Phone would suit their lifestyles, no matter what that person may be into.

To show how the new campaign differs from Smoked, the team has released a number of videos on its YouTube channel - we've embedded them to this article for your convenience. It's going beyond the screen though as they'll be taking Meet Your Match on the road to malls and Microsoft Stores across the US, as well as locations in the UK, France and Germany.

We like the sounds of a new campaign as previous feedback showed positive reception from consumers once they knew how Windows Phone performed common smartphone tasks more efficiently than competitor hardware. We look forward to Microsoft unleashing the challenges across supported countries listed above.

Microsoft also ran the campaign "Bing It On" while Nokia had its own batch of challenges under the "Lumia Challenge" brand. Whether or not the Finnish manufacturer chooses to set up its own follow-up is yet to be seen. Be sure to check out more videos below.

Source: Windows Phone Blog

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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