Mega launches new video and chat service to take on Skype

Mega owner Kim Dotcom isn't halting on his plan to launch new services with a focus on security, competing against what's already available on the market. Today, the company announced the release of MegaChat, a new web-based communications platform that's billed as a Skype competitor. Currently, MegaChat offers video call functionality with more to come in the future.

User Controlled Encryption (UCE) is provided to users, enabling them to share decryption keys with others to allow access to hosted files - perfect if you're wanting to share a file or two in a conversation. The major selling point of MegaChat is there's no software required to get the service working, though Firefox and Chrome extensions are available to "boost performance and security".

As with anything Mega releases, the focus is on security, something Dotcom attacked Microsoft for surrounding Skype and the NSA. Interested to learn more? Head over to the Mega website to login and try out the new service.

Source: Mega (Twitter), via: TechCrunch

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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