While compilations like the Mega Man Legacy Collection offer a great trip down memory lane, they aren't modern experiences. Today, during the Mega Man Anniversary event, Capcom announced that Mega Man 11 will be coming to Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 in late 2018.

Looking at the trailer, it's clear that Mega Man 11 features gorgeous visuals and tight platforming. This is definitely the look we wanted in 2017. The aesthetics are similar to Mighty No. 9 which launched last year. Hopefully, Mega Man 11 won't be plagued with performance issues and other problems like Mighty No. 9. However, only time will tell because the developer needs to make sure the controls are precise more than anything else.

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Aside from Mega Man 11, all eight Mega Man X games are coming to Xbox One and other platforms too. It's unclear when they'll hit the console but it should be before Mega Man 11 releases.

Today's reveals are great news for gamers who love the Mega Man franchise because not only will they get to experience some of the best platforming titles of yesteryear in 2018, but they'll also get a brand new adventure. Here's hoping that just like other such projects, the team understands the franchise and makes sure they show it the right reverence when bringing it to the latest generation of devices.

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