Melon is a new service designed to make live podcasting much easier

Melon Podcast App Image
Melon Podcast App Image (Image credit: Melon)

What you need to know

  • International Podcast Day is almost here, and will encourage new and veteran podcasters alike to celebrate the growing medium.
  • Melon is a new web-based service that aims to make podcasting as accessible as possible, with easy-to-use tools to draw in new podcasters.
  • Melon lets you start podcasting quickly, makes it easy to host guests on your podcast, and lets you stream to multiple platforms at the same time.
  • Melon is free to try, and is a great way to get into podcasting if you've been thinking about it, or have already started.

Internation Podcast Day is tomorrow, September 30, 2020, and aims to encourage people all around the world to not only participate and create their own amazing podcasts, but also to support and listen to existing podcasts from all kinds of users. Tomorrow is the perfect time to talk about your favorite podcasters with friends and over social media, start your own podcast, or receive help in making your existing podcast grow to new heights.

A new web-based service to help make podcasting as easy and accessible as possible is Melon, which combines studio and streaming platform into one simple suite of tools. Melon is still relatively new, but is already growing with new features, and can be a great platform if you're interested in getting started with podcasting. All you need is one of the best microphones available, and you're set.

Some of Melon's features include:

  • Go live in just four clicks.
  • Guests can quickly join, without an account.
  • Stream to Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook simultaneously.
  • Beautiful and minimal interface.
  • Cloud-based means great performance without taxing your computer.
  • Personalize your streams with custom tools.

Whether you're interested in trying Melon to start or grow your own podcast, or if you're interested in supporting your favorite existing podcasts for International Podcast Day, don't forget to tune-in to the Windows Central Podcast, where we go over everything happening in the expansive Microsoft world, like discussing the Surface Duo and Xbox Series X in our last episode. Tune in on your platform of choice, or use one of the best podcast apps for Windows 10.

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