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Messaging Everywhere pulled from Anniversary Update, but will live on in new Skype Windows app

Alongside announcing a new build for Insiders, Microsoft today has announced that they are planning to pull support for SMS texting via the Messaging app from the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to focus on bringing a much better experience to the Skype app. This is sad news indeed, especially for Windows phone users, as it means we will no longer be able to sync text messages between PC and phone.

From Microsoft's official blog post:

We have been testing with Windows Insiders a preview of the "Messaging everywhere" feature that allows you to receive and send text messages from your Windows 10 phone directly to and from your Windows 10 PC. The experience was well-received by Insiders however we believe we can deliver an even better experience through the Skype app. Because of this, we decided not to release this feature as part of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update this summer. Starting with Build 14376 and going forward, Insiders will no longer have the ability to reply to text messages from their phone via the Messaging app on their PCs. The ability to reply to text messages on your PC using Cortana is unaffected. Going forward, we will be working with the Skype Team on delivering a great "messaging everywhere" experience on your Windows 10 devices through the Skype app. We will share more details about this experience in the months ahead.

As mentioned in the blog post, SMS from the desktop will still be possible with Cortana, however there will no longer be a dedicated Messaging client that will allow you to read and view other SMS conversations from your PC, synced via your phone. This is unfortunate, as this was a feature that allowed easy SMS texting without the need of picking up your phone.

Microsoft has originally tried to merge Skype into Messaging, but later pulled the feature in favor of a new Skype Windows Store app currently in development. That meant for the Anniversary Update SMS messages and Skype would require two different apps. Now, Microsoft is doing the reverse and evidently going to try to put SMS into Skype, which should be interesting.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is around a month away from official release, meaning there's just a few more weeks of development before Insiders get the final bits for testing. In that time, make sure you're downloading the latest Insider builds and providing feedback to Microsoft!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • Take everything good out of the builds and make us wait as much as you want that's Microsoft :)
  • Can't believe they are dropping my most used feature, gutted - What does this mean for Android users in the future too, will they be able to sync up SMS between Skype and their phone
  • I'm not on an insider build, but this was the one feature I was looking forward to. I was so excited to use it with my Surface.
  • I am not an insider either but I follow the builds. This is the only feature I was looking forward to. I frankly can't think of any other features for the anniversary update. Oh the ink anywhere thing that won't work because my Dell Venue Pro is terrible for pen support.
  • So if they're working on Skype app to deliver "a great messaging everywhere experience" then does that mean that SMS through Skype will be possible?
  • Skype BETTER be able to handle SMS or MS will really have made a giant blunder...
  • Skype might soon be able to handle SMS on iOS/Android as well, making "messaging everywhere" truly everywhere, not just Windows devices.
  • That is a very, very good point.
  • It would seem so.
  • We don't use sms in Italy anymore but it's really stupid from MS to remove this feature since it was working good.
  • Tha'ts probably a big part of their decision.   It really should be integrated into Skype to drive skype user base as well.
  • This is a huge blow to be sure, but on the positive side, the Venue pen support has been much improved since the release. The newly produced pens are actually not bad. Not as good as Surface and others, but I can take notes with mine for ours, and the Ink app works great. FYI.
  • I think RS1 is merely just changes in icons, more organised start menu (PC), bug fixes/more effiecient etc, but not really a lot in Mobile. Hopefully as RS2 is supposed to be Mobile focused, hopefully we might get a lot more features then :P and maybe a few more in PC too
  • I've been looking forward to this too, but wasn't sure when it would be reliable. So I wrote something on my own. Works with any Windows Phone and the Project My Screen App. Check it out at  Please send any feedback you may have. I am trying to generate interest in the app and polish it before submitting to the store. Thanks!!
  • The vision is clear: Skype will soon be able to handle SMS messages. If this feature makes its way to Skype on iOS/Android as well, then "messaging everywhere" might truly be everywhere, not just Windows devices.
  • On android, doesn't it work through Cortana? So android should be the same as us insofar as Cortana will be required to reply to messages.
  • "Can't believe they are dropping my most used feature". Is this your first day as a Microsoft customer? Because dropping features and screwing over their customers is pretty much their unofficial slogan at this point.
  • I laugh at it because it's true. *sigh*
  • What are some of the best features dropped?... Hubs
    Family Room
    Messaging Everywhere
    Integrated Skype
    Square people icons (I still hate the circles...)
    Syncing Desktops between devices
    SmartGlass There are probably more I haven't thought about. All these features I use to use frequently, and made other people jealous of my phone. They were what made me choose Windows even though some of my other most need apps were not available.
  • Some others that I miss on a daily basis: Bing vision. FM Radio. Pivots (but we get hamburger menus...yay!) Wireless syncing (I suppose that might fall under "Zune"). Device search. OneDrive placeholders. App download history.   Ane there's more to go, like Kid's Corner.   Windows 10 sucks.  It really, really does.
  • Zune, FM Radio, Hubs, Bing vision, OneDrive placeholders, and Pivots..... ahhhhh the glory days :( ​Now I'm going to be depressed all day...
  • don't be depressed,  just buy a phone that actually works,  has apps and is polished.  Anything but microsoft will fit that bill.
  • Stuck until spring with my L950.  Worst phone I've ever owned. Then, it's off to somewhere else.  I suppose an iPhone.
  • you will be happy x i'm tc.  I was scared of going to the iphone but after owning it for a month or so now,  I LOVE IT.  I hate to say this becuase I shat on so many people for saying goes....It just works.   and works great.  Something I could never say about windows phone. 
  • No thanks, I'm doing just fine with my Lumia 950XL. I was just reminiscing about some of the things that were lost along the way. Not changing phones because of it. Carry on
  • You forgot the Photos Hub where you could view photos from Facebook, Twitter etc.(presumably Instagram support would be come as well) all in one place. Those were the good ole days. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • My most missed feature is the ability to sync your Start tile layout across devices.
  • Double tap to wake, Gestures for answering/hanging up a call. I also remember when they temporarily decided not to support visual voicemail too. Even older things from Windows 7/Sky Drive they dropped included the ability to sync themes between Office software on different computers (like Powerpoint themes) and the ability to sync documents between computers which used to be a little different than syncing from the was more like syncing through the cloud, and superior in my opinion.
  • The feature that I miss the most is being able to send/receive facebook messages directly in my messaging app. Of course, it went through Wi-Fi/Data & showed facebook messages a bit differently than regular SMS messages. Once I finally downloaded the facebook app, it wreaked havoc upon my contacts page & that was the worst of it. So, I removed the app & it took all my contact pictures that were from facebook away along with any info that had been synced only with facebook...
  • It's 29th june what a surprise by Microsoft exactly one month before the aniversary update..... Well played microsoft.
  • Where did Android pop out from nowhere........comeon those lagdroid devs don't even care to give an update.... A least Microsoft listens to us.....They are NOT PULLING IT OUT...JUST REMOVING IT FROM THIS BUILD..... If you were waiting for this feature as a reason to update your phone...kindly don't...and wait till they include..... Gosh!
  • Thank you!!! Someone who comments after understanding the article. SMS will hopefully be integrated into the skype app in the future, and this means that it might drive skype use further too, to increase the skype user base. All you guys have to do is wait a little longer for a bug free, non crippled experience.
  • No one cur about skype.
  • They ***king ***tin' me?! This is THE MAIN FEATURE I wanted out of the Anniversary Update. It was already annoying enough to hear that they'd finally learned to take a page out of iMessage's book and merge Skype with Messaging, then backed out of it... gonna take out Wallet 2.0 too? Just get rid of all the incentives to do this big-ass update. There's a small voice in my head telling me "You know... this feature that Microsoft is dangling in front of you is something that's already present between iPhone/iMac/MacOS... you already have an iPhone... put the SIM card in... put the SIM card in... do it."
  • Hell, I wanted this from Win10 at launch. They've been teasing it for so long and now they're ripping it away. I usually avoid using Skype cause it's kinda terrible. Now I'm just gonna uninstall it outright.
  • I may do the same. Killing the need to have a separate Skype app took away the feeling that having it on my phone was another process and another burden. It actually felt like something that was supposed to be there and made me use Skype more than ever. Being able to take that same experience to my Surface Book and have them all play nice was so appealing that I thought daily about potentially crippling my stability so I could play with that feature. Did they get too close to de-complicating things and get scared that they may actually be able to kill two birds with one stone? Goddamn...
  • You are not the only one. My iPhone is calling to me too. Skype is a joke. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's a exit month brexit, messi exit, England exit, spain exit and now messaging everywhere exit.....
  • I saw something that read, First Brexit, then Italeave, Finnish, Departugal, Latervia, Checzout, Byegium etc, except Remainia.
  • Well that confimred my move to android, I use Yappy love it 
  • do it bud. I did. At the end of the day a phone is a tool to help make your life easier and better
  • Done Msoft are to much lol..I need stability 
  • If stability is what you need, then insider program may not be right for you.
  • Looking beyond my initial shouting, cussing ragepost... this upsetting decision does make me think about what the hell MS is thinking. And the more I think about it... the more it seems they may be trying to pull a Google... in a potentially good way. Though I did like the Messaging+Skype suite and would have just been satisfied if they went the whole way instead of backing out suddenly, I'd be fooling myself if I said I didn't hear the complaints from our users who just want a "pure" messenger. On my Nexus 5, Google's given me both a pure messenger and - if I want it - I can use Hangouts and let that also take over my messaging without Hangouts necessarily being a forced obligation. If their new Skype app is going to be able to replace messaging entirely while giving users control of how much Skype they want in their life... that actually might not be a horrible decision. That way people like me can have our Skype+SMS, and people who want a lightweight messaging app without Skype are satisfied too. I have nothing but faith that Microsoft will find some way to piss everyone off again, but there is potential they can take advantage of. Whatever it may be, I'm ready for Microsoft to spend less time figuring out themselves and more time polishing an experience.
  • The problem is they keep giving these god damned features and then taking them away again, sometimes in a matter of months. It's RIDICULOUS. This is why people think Microsoft is clueless: THEY ARE.
  • Contrast that with Apple.  They leave their customers wanting for major features for ages. But when they finally deliver them, they typically work really, really well, and if there are issues (like Maps), they don't pull the plug but work diligently until the product is excellent (like Maps).  MS needs to do two things: 1) Announce where they are going.  2) Go there.  If they want to get feedback from users, in a very un-Apple like way, they should feel free to 1) Lay out their roadmap.  2) Get feedback.  3) Announce where they are going.  4) Go there. But once they are at the "Announce where they are going" stage, going there should always follow up by going there.  I honestly can't think of any other major company to do so many about faces.  MS are liars.  They are also well and truly clueless.  W10 has suffered horribly as a result.
  • As much as we've disagreed in the past, I support this notion the whole way. Microsoft definitely need to get in the habit of seeing things through instead of pouring their man hours into work that gets discarded. I can only imagine how much money it's costing them to be indecisive.
  • Skype is the first thing I un-install when I get a new machine. If this feature is in Skype, I won't be using it...
  • I have a windows phone and use Mac / iPhone instead because of features like this. I use windows purely for gaming and absolutely nothing else now. I cry a little each time I look at my window phone. doing Nothing but collect dust. MS seems to love to bleed customers to other platforms.
  •     ScrewI definitely won't go back to Apples old fashioned laptops or to ****** OSX, but I see why you would for this feature. I've waited for Windows phone to have this feature for years. Up until last weekend, when i switched to iPhone, I've been using this text everywhere feature every single day since it was introduced, yet now they take it away. Screw you, Nadella.  
  • Usability-wise, OS X is amazing and ahead of Windows 10.  It's certainly the more coherent, cohesive, and consistent OS out of the two.  Why?  Because Apple had a plan and they just move along with it.  Microsoft felt the need to have a big change.  Apple just goes wiht hte status quo and their users thank them for it.  It's why Mac sales are rising, despite the obsurd prices. I do use an iMac + iPhone + Windows Notebook + Windows Tablet (8").  The Windows devices are pretty much cannon fodder because the integration of iOS and OS X through Continuity/Handoff and back-end services has made it too painful to use Microsoft's OSes in conjunction with virtually any mobile devices.  Even their own aren't that impressive when used with thier Desktop Operating System. I will almost asuredly replace my laptop with a Macbook for this very reason. When I'm sitting at my iMac, it basically replaces my phone.  It's a liberating experience.  One you cannot get in the Windows ecosystem.  The solutions that do exist, are extremely clunky by comparison, and can easily flip the script on you (e.g. PushBullet).
  •   Sorry, but as someone who was all in with Apple for three years, you're full of ****. The only real advantage right now is the messaging integration. That was working fine in Windows 10 until Microsoft stupidly removed it a few days ago, but even then, it'll be back, in Skype, cross platform, later in the year.   
  • Sorry but as someone who was all microsoft for a long time up until about a month ago,  (ME),  I can tell you he is 100% correct.  MS is garbage compared to how awesome apple devices work.  MS destroyed windows with all their bullshit they pulled.  They had an awesome system in the works,  but cut and stripped everything good, and never made it polished.  IT is CRAP!  I cannot wait for my new macbooks, ipads and imacs to show up.  maybe longer due to mail strikes now however. 
  • Nope, you're full of ****. I own a brand new iPhone 6S+ and an iPad Mini 3 128GB, and iOS is missing MANY features Windows 10 mobile has. And as I said, I was a Mac/iPad/iPhone owner for 3 straight years. The notion that Apple's devices just automatically work so much better is pure, unadulterated WISHFUL THINKING. Case in point, last night, July 4th: we were out with our daughter to watch fireworks, her first Independence Day. We wanted to capture video of her reactions on one phone, and the fireworks on the other. So my wife pointed her Lumia 950XL at the fireworks, and I pointed my iPhone 6S+ at my daughter. Only, I couldn't actually see my daughter, because the image was too dark. Switched phones with my wife, and voila, there's my girl, visible and smiling.  On my Macbook, OSX looked pretty, it really did. But apps still crashed, the OS still froze periodically, and had kernel panics that brought the whole thing crashing down.  No OS is perfect, but it's ridiculous and dishonest to claim that Apple is somehow magically wonderful. OSX can't do HALF of what Windows 10 can. It's a cheap joke, for suckers. I happily traded my POS macbook pro for a Surface Pro, and I'm still running a Pro 3, problem free.  Sorry, troll, but you're wrong.
  • Wow angry MUCH?   Sorry...but I can do ANYTHING with apple that I can do with my surface....PLUS it works,  not errors,  lock ups,  all the apps are there,  etc.   so,  sorry again...YOU'RE WRONG. 
  • I realize that Apple shills like you are dumb as hell, but do you have to make this so easy? :). ​1. Fill out PDF forms and sign them digitally. Can you do this on a Macbook? Nope. Can you do it on ANY Mac? Nope. You can do it on an iPad Pro, provided you've spent the extra $100 for the stylus. Can't do it anywhere else in Apple land.
    ​2. Draw natively in full Photoshop, illustrator, etc, with a pressure sensitive stylus. Surface can do it, no Mac you can buy from Apple can. Not one. In fact, no Apple device PERIOD can do it.
    ​3. Sort email into specific folders using rules and then pin those folders to the Start screen so you can easily see, at a glance, which monitored folders have new email and which don't. Can't do that on any Apple device of any kind.
    ​4. Using Pandora, IHeartRadio, Last.FM or other music apps, create a mix of artists, songs, genres or almost any other organizational method you care for, pin those artists/songs/albums/whatever in folders for single click access to launch exactly what you want to hear. Can't do that on ANY Apple device.
    ​5. Using OneNote, Evernote or other similar apps, pin specific notes to your start screen, on phone or PC, for easy, one-tap access to the specific note page you want. Can't do that on ANY Apple device.
    ​6. Use core, first party services across any other device ecosystem. Can't do that with Apple, period, outside of iTunes, which sucks. Facetime on any other platform? Nope. Skype on iOS? Android? Mac? Yep. ​Sorry, troll, but once again you're wrong, and you make it easy because you're DUMB.
  • They are taking out the "so called Pure windows experience". Almost every native app is available to android and IOS from cortana to onedrive to sway to onenote to outlook calendar and mail and now they are taking out some native features too. What's the strategy microsoft?
  • And, after now using my iPhone for a few days after the switch, I can safely say that most of Microsoft's apps are BETTER on iPhone than Windows Phone. The only one I wouldn't say is better is OneDrive, because on iPhone you can only use a single OneDrive account and the photo sync is MISERABLE in how slow it is. It took three DAYS to sync a lousy 1GB video. That would've been done in minutes on my Lumia. The rest? All better on iPhone.
  • DONA ruining what was built by Gabe. She was supposed to take that legacy forward but yeah he was slow to provide builds but I guess under his leadership all these features was included now she has no idea how these features work. So she is taking them out. Girls too bad for tech companies.
  • Well neither Dona or Gabe actually controls the whole Windows development, they're only managing things related to Insider program as far as I know, so their control is still limited. This is more of the work of individual teams and the upper management that actually have controls over this, whoever that is. Microsoft as a whole is sadly very reactionary and lack of firm vision. They tend to alienate both sides except for those "who go with the flow". They tend to change their minds half-way without even polishing what's current and abandoning them. Older implemented stuff that is underused even by design just gets ditched out without even improving them on the first place in any means. They love teasing stuff then just killed it afterwards whether you love or hate it. No wonder some people already fed up and just go somewhere else. I'm still questioning if they actually even use their own products they've developed since they seems don't understand what people wants, or they just have a completely different taste that I don't even get it.
  • I disagree (well half...). They *do* have vision, but then they get scared and abandon the vision for something mediocre
  • Actually you are also right (actually better), they *do have vision, as you said they get scared and problably that Microsoft is still a victim of too much bereaucracy where great ideas just leads to the void or mostly overly filtered out. The sad part is that if they ever did push that vision, there are times that mediocre and just left at it is, then later on scratching their heads why it didn't get any traction then kill it. Which is sadly considered classic by now.
  • Wow. Just wow...
  • To be fair to them, all this used to occur.  Just behind closed doors.  As in features were added and removed until a release point occurred.  Now you just get to see more of it.  There are likely reliablilty issues and rather than delay the anniversary release they are removing the feature and looking at a better way to do it.  Old days you'd have never known about anything until it was in your hands.  Now you can see and get excited about things and they can hear and adjust the direction which is better overall even if there are sometimes delays or changes in direction.
  • aXross,  The obviously do not use their own stuff.  Pretty well everyone on MS leadership team has an iphone.  That speaks volumes about this leadership group.  They should all be releaved from their positions.   If I was nutella,  I would be seen with the 950xl,  or some windows phone 24/7.  promote 24/7.  screw going over to apples release events.  They are the enemy if you are MS. 
  • what is it with people being anti-girls? It has ​absolutely nothing to do with gender! Get over yourself and provide feedback to improve it. Sure it sucks that the feature was removed, but it has nothing to do with gender. Dona is doing a fantastic job putting up with people like you.
  • Put blame where it belongs: Shitya Nutella. Windows phone grew every single year until that idiot took over. Now it's in the gutter.
  • What the hell guys? I need to express the frustration too. You've had Skype for years now, but still seem to gave no clear strategy in relation to the OS. To me, it sounds like when this was introduced in Win10, someone from the Skype team went to Nadella and cried. He gave in and said, take it out of the OS, and let the Skype babies need to deliver this feature. Unfortunately, the Skype team is light years behind the OS guys. So, we're now stuck waiting. I just went from neutral on Skype to negative. Great. :/
  • Satya Nadella uses his iPhone Pro so all this doesn't concern him, since he's got iMessage.
  • He uses a Mac computer too.
  • Wouldn't surprise me, but...SOURCE? On another note: I want Ballmer back. Satya is a moron.
  • Agree with everything. Except Light years is a measure of distance not time
  • Lol!
  • They are doing this on purpose. They want people to become frustrated and leave WP slowly so they won't have to outright kill WP and cause an uproar.
  • I will never ever send text messages using skype app.
  • Lol, that's what google hangouts users first said...
  • I wouldn't have used hangouts for this either had I been an android user.
  • Nobody was forced to use hangouts, regular sms was still an option because of how open Android is.
  • Regular SMS is still an option in Redstone 1 as well, what's your "open" comment about?
  • Yes ofcourse but only on phone. Now my dream of texting from my PC has been shattered into million pieces.
  • As did I, someone who still won't use Google Hangouts...
  • What is google hangouts? Never heard of it.
  • MS is building skype app to unify all messaging clients. API will allow clients like facebook messenger, whatsapp, or whatever to hook into skype and you can have all your messaging in one area.
  • dunno if facebook will allow their messenger to be integrated there tho,
  • totally agree - it's not going to happen .. it's like the hubs thing all over again .. 
  • On other camp, I heard that Apple implemented a 3rd-party integration stuff to their Messaging app. While we're still here dumbing down already Messaging app since 8.1. They better make Skype a messaging platform, but it seems they're more interested on bots only.
  • Skype is terrible for messaging and still doesn't even support Emoji.  Last time I tried to send one, it didn't display properly on the other end.  You have to use their own proprietary, horrible, limited emoticon set. UGH.  Why couldn't they just revamp Windows Live Messenger and leave Skype to rot?
  • Last time I checked, you could use desktop Skype to chat with Facebook friends already.
  • Facebook could allow you to receive messages to Skype but if you want to reply, you need the Messenger app
  • What good is that
  • I'm not sure if Facebook would want thier messages in the skype. I would think that they want us to use fb messenger. So why would they use the API?
  • That's the dream but it makes more sense to do that in the actual messaging app, other messaging services won't want you to use Skype as a client for their service would be like subliminal messaging, but for a native messaging app for SMS to be integrated with multiple services with it specific Skype branding is the best of both worlds.
  • Does all include sms? If not, that will do little for me.
  • This won't happen. it's what killed the 'hub' feature on windows phone - FB/Twitter/whatsapp/etc want to gurantee a revenue stream from thier own app/services  
  • LOL!!! Messenger hook into Skype?! No. Share whatever you're smoking dude.
  • While I am not happy about this, since I found useing the Messaging app on my PC to be great, and I don't use Skype at all, I think this move is all about conversations as a platform. They are building a bot framework, and they wanted to build it once (for Skype). They will likely update the messaging app on the Windows phone to use Skype on the back end so nothing will be visually different on the phone, but we will have access to the Bots that are built.At least that is what I am hoping this all means.
  • I'm not even surprised anymore. "here's a feature everyone wants" - "just kidding, we're not giving it to you".
  • I mean, they are...they're just unifying it back into Skype. Lots of people were upset that they couldn't do Skype and SMS in the same app.
  • Yeah I get that but the issue I think is the fact that people loved that it was the messaging app. If they are going to integrate it into skype app, not messaging, that is not a great system experience. It means one more app you have to install and use instead of it just being messaging. I could be wrong and they could do a good job at this.
  • This, exactly. The messaging app on desktop was perfect for the messaging anywhere experience.
  • I dunno, to me the Skype UWP app feels very similar to the Messaging app. I like it a lot especially on mobile.
  • While I do agree with you Daniel, I just wish MS would make up their damn minds and stick with the plan. They have flipped-flopped on SMS and Skype for so long. Just stick with a decision and roll it out. I for one liked the Messaging Everywhere feature, but it was disjoined from Skype, and I use both heavily.
  • Yes and no.
  • Hate it for the past 2 years
  • I was plenty entertained until they axed Windows Journal. I understand they wanted to implement the new inking capabilities but not at the expense of a tried and true feature.
  • Microsofts minds are made up now.
    Since they willingly built a back door into Skype for the NSA to eavesdrop, they figured it would be best to route everyone's messages through that service.
  • You must be kidding. SMS is much easier to eavesdrop on. SMS is clear text. In fact, most of the communication you generate is in clear text. Better put on that tin foil hat and go off grid now.
  • I agree on the flip flopping
  • I agree on the flip flopping
  • This! The problem is they just cant make up their minds, stick with it and improve. They seems just way too reactionary on things that they left ideas to be half-baked or killing it. Skype on Messaging is indeed may confuse users because it's new idea for Skype, that shouldn't be surprising. What they should've done at least was to improve that app like showing who's online (which is a common request that can be implemented) and improve the app from there. At the end, it was simple since user will only have to worry a single app for the same task, Messenger is for all messaging needs, Phone app for calling, and dedicated Skype Video for video call. Yes not a unified app, but its more cohesive and seamless experience for the Windows 10 user experience as a whole. But oh well, now they decided to go back with dedicated Skype app again. They better be make it a fast alternative of Messaging app for SMS. This the overall performance must be more of native-like. And lastly, seriously they need to improve Skype and market it for text messaging. Most people still think Skype is only good for video calling but they still stick to their favorite messaging apps which is sadly eating them away from Skype especially that many of them now have video call capabilities. They never convinced people to use Skype for everyday messaging needs.
  • To be fair - testing these things out in the fast/slow ring is the perfect place for Microsoft to vet future Windows features.  FWIW, I am certainly going to miss texting from my Surface, but such is life in the fastring...  
  • I want to have a full SMS experience from my PC. My friends and family like texting, but I hate the input on the phone. Cortana isn't good enough for that, no reading incoming, no attachments or emoji, etc.
  • But it will be bloated with added messaging. Messaging + Skype was for chats and performed well (not counting missing old group conversations and search), and not so stable Video.
    But current mobile Skype doesn't have full functionality from old client and even lacks few features from Messaging, so another wrong bet from MS.
    When they will decide on single strategy and stop wasting time and resources for apps that will be buried in less than a year?
  • I'm curious as to the change. Is it security? Device compatibility? Software compatibility? Or is this a change simply because Insiders are demanding it?
  • Judging by the comments, Insiders want the Messaging app back.
  • Once you change your password, skype will not let you text until you enter the password. Messaging app does not care about any password. It will just work.
  • Are we going to send sms from the Skype app and see them at the computer and also reply from there?
  • Except we like the simplicity of messaging so liked having Skype from there. SMS from Skype is too much. Unless the new Skype app is super lightweight and fast like texting? If so, judgement will be reserved.... but if history tells me anything, it will be slow to load and people will not want to use it for texting thus losing the luster of integrated messaging.
  • I wouldn't use skype for texting even if it is "super lightweight and fast like texting".
  • Have you tried the Skype UWP app on mobile or PC? It's really good so far.
  • I have... I use Skype all of the time and I cannot imagine it being even close to