Metal Gear Rising is now available on Xbox One via backwards compatibility

MGR (Image credit: Konami)

When I interviewed Hideki Kamiya of Platinum Games on the ill-fated Scalebound a while back, I slipped in a cheeky question, asking if their take on the Metal Gear franchise could hit Xbox One via backwards compatibility.

Metal Gear Rising ditches the methodical stealth action for wanton gore and reactive melee combat, following the exploits of Raiden, a cyborg ninja originally introduced in Metal Gear Solid 2

Kamiya-san told me that, with regards to backwards compatibility for Rising, even though he'd like to have seen it happen, the ball was firmly in Konami's court. It looks as though Konami is ready to play!

Metal Gear Rising is now available on Xbox One via backwards compatibility, and for fans of Platinum Games, it might be the closest we get to Nier Automata on Xbox One for the foreseeable future.

In Metal Gear Rising, your aim is to slice and dice your way through hordes of enemy cyborgs and biomechanical machines on your way to unravelling a global conspiracy, in typical Metal Gear fashion. Metal Gear Rising is a love letter to every high-octane samurai anime out there, interspliced with the uniquely "Metal Gear" moments, owing to the series' creator - Hideo Kojima - who consulted on the project.

Metal Gear Rising is an incredible action game, and a personal favorite on Xbox 360. Metal Gear Rising is $19.99 on the Xbox Store right now, and is quite honestly a total steal at that price point. Do yourself a favor, go buy it!

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