Meteor Ireland has the Lumia 930 available for €429.99

The Nokia Lumia 930 by Microsoft (the naming for these Windows Phones will become simpler, we promise) is now available in Ireland through Meteor. The carrier has the new Windows Phone flagship listed for €429.99 on prepay or for free on contracted plans (depending on how much you wish to save on monthly costs).

Meteor is also providing a free wireless speaker and charging plate for those who pre-ordered. Who's excited to pick up the Lumia 930 in Ireland?

Source: Ireland's Tech Blog

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Wat do you mean by..."you promise".....?...seriously not hoping for more bad news....
  • He means that MS are in a weird cross-naming phase after the takeover, meaning devices are called, fully, things like "Nokia Lumia 930 by Microsoft". In the coming months (or whatever timeframe), the name will be shortened, probably to "Microsoft Lumia" and drop the Nokia moniker.
  • That Will be a sad news!
  • Man, if I could I would buy it for that price! Very tempting.
  • Yeah me too... Well I'm going back the other article to vent about the cancellation of this what I thought would be a beautiful 3D touch device... Lol!!!
  • I want that lock screen background. Give it to me.
  • +1000
  • Found the wallpaper and downloaded it.
  • Oh thank you !
  • I'm very tempted but I only have the 1020 just less than a year so I'll hold out until the flagship threshold device comes out next spring :)
  • Same here... :(
  • Picked it up yesterday - followed instructions to enable Cortana, having great fun with her
  • 429€ is correct. €429 is incorrect
  • We put the Euro symbol before the number in Ireland, so €429 is correct.
  • does lumia 930 have a mechanical shutter like lumia 1020 does?
  • Vodafone are also selling the 930 for full listings check
  • Yeah but they are selling it for €499.99 on pre-pay for some reason !.
  • but they are selling it that the main thing
  • Just after ordering it on meteor, free as an upgrade