Tag team: Metrogram and Instagraph are pairing up to bring one Instagram client to rule them all

There are a few criticisms levied against Instagraph, the third party “work around” for Instagram on Windows Phones, including price, upload limits and feature set. That last one is a bit interesting because as of right now, users can only upload photos to Instagram but they would need another app to view their friends’ feed, comment, share photos, etc.

That’s coming to an end though as Metrogram and Instagraph are air-high-fiving to bring a single use system. We’ve actually been privy to the info for awhile (shocked?) but it wasn’t our place to announce the news. But now the developer behind Metrogram, a highly stylized Instagram viewer that we recently covered, has posted a pic teasing the pseudo-merger (see above).

Metrogram: Instagraph viewer for Windows Phone

Indeed, the developers behind Instagraph even teased the union in our dedicated forum for the app, noting that the first step will be “…a smart, bi-directional integration (Metrogram will open Instagraph and vice-versa). Next steps... Stay tuned.”.

While that means you’ll still need two apps, the apps will talk to and piggyback off of each other, resulting in a more unified experience. The reason why they’re doing it that way at first is because it’s easy and fast—they can bang out updates to enable this presumably in just a few short weeks. Later, they can work on a more integrated app, should they choose to do so.

Such a move won’t make all the skeptics happy, of course, but it’s fun to see developers working together for the betterment of the Windows Phone community.

You can find Instagraph here in the Store for $2.49 (no free trial) and Metrogram here (free). Metrogram will be receiving an update soon to re-enable commenting.

Thanks, Jonathan D., Dennis A., and Ruben S., for the tips!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Figured this when you *winked* us in your last article. 
  • ;)
  • Ahh, if only it were WPGram teaming with instagraph! But I don't want to sound like the ungrateful guy, lol. This is still great news!
    One question, has metrogram fixed the commenting error? That's one of the best things about WPGram, being able to comment. I've never had that option work for me in metrogram. Ok, guess I should have read the whole article before commenting, lol!
  • Commenting works for me, but Metrogram is a bit slow to me.
  • its never worked for me either; its a legit problem with metrogram
  • https://www.change.org/petitions/instagram-make-instagram-available-on-w...
  • Nice!
  • my comment made the picture...comments coming back ... yes!
     i commented via the website BTW
  • Now I might buy it.
  • Now that's what I call a smart move! --> Non instagram user but I recognize smart business moves when I see it! ;)
  • Nice
  • Well this is awesome :)
  • Nice!!!!
  • Now its getting good.
  • Wow not a big fan of Instagram but this is cool of the developers working side by side. I already bought the Instagraph just to show my support.
  • +1
  • Thank you very much. Your support is the only way we have to go ahead on Instagraph development... Nobody else is helping us...
  • You got my money ;)
    I'd buy the app twice if I could lol.
  • You can ;) just open another Account ;)
  • Woot! What a great occurrence!
  • but wpgram is better imo....
    nvm i'm just b'tching
  • ...but you're right
  • Never apologize for speaking what's on your mind especially if it's the truth!!! U my friend are every bit of correct. MetroGram sucks...simply put...I used it for 6months and each time it was updated...the ability to post comments was never fixed...Enter WPGram a more smoother and elegant experience...oh wait...IT ALLOWS YOU TO POST COMMENTS AS WELL...Now I'm not downing anyone's work in fact it's more than appreciated. Let's face it though, WPGram and Instagraph would make a AWESOME pair!!!!
  • Exactly!
  • +1 I'd prefer wpgram too.
  • haha thx, yeah & i know. but at the end of the end tho, i'm just glad some1's actually making a sorta full feature app.
    u feel me?
  • +1 It's too slow for me. I prefer WPGram more than that one.
  • I actually find metrogram loads photos faster than wpgram. I also prefer the design of metrogram. Its just a shame it wont post freaking comments. ha.
  • It takes a brave man to speak his mind on the internet.
  • Nice to see Devs working together.
  • Yay i got my name in an article
  • The moment I read the title I thought about the app-to-app communication possible in Windows Phone. It is really good seeing developers banding together to provide a solution to the Windows Phone community. I'd love to play a part in promoting the app once they enable the updates. It would make a great promo video candidate.
  • Metrograph ? ;)
  • Only after I posted do I see someone with both the same idea AND the same NAME as ME =P
  • The union of the two towers!
  • That's great, just wish it woulda been WPGram + Instagraph. Maybe Instagraph could reach out to them too and allow them access to the upload feature?
  • I am using wpgram and instacam for instagram viewing and commenting. I find them cleaner and simple in terms of design. Metrogram is too loud for me. I just wish they can follow the design of wpcentral app which perfectly fits the Metro theme. Minimalist & simple
  • Both wpgram and instagraph should take some inputs from jay bennet and his team at least about the design.. :D
  • Jay is the team! :)
  • They should call it Metrograph, since the alternative is already taken...lol =P
  • I hope they add livetile support as well (like wpgram) or I'll still be using two apps.
  • Dope! I use WPGram only cuz I couldn't comment using Metrogram, but I think I'll be jumping on this bandwagon
  • Oh no. Could they have chosen an uglier app? Metrogram is hideous. We just need a simple, Modern UI based client.
  • Do they know when it is expected to hit the market?
  • WPGram and Instacam are way better than metrogram.
  • Fix commenting on metrogram when you guys do this, please
  • this makes me happy
  • What about if I have metro for free, but dont want to buy Instagraph? Have i somehow found the best and most obviously blatant loophole!? :P
  • no, you haven't. How are the two apps going to communicate if you only have one installed?
  • Why when I post a picture from Instagraph does it now show on my facebook or twitter?
  • +1 They need to get this working.
  • Really cool idea
  • I prefer Metrogram over WPgram anyway. I hope with this update the bugs get fixed. If instagram comes and is just a crappy iOS port I'll stick to a Metrogram.
  • Too bad i can only install Metrogram on my Lumia 920 because Instagraph is not available for my device... Frustrating.
  • I'm thinking...Dragon Ball Z reference? :D
  • I actually prefer WPgram. The photos in the show up in the metrogram feed are over saturated and not full res. Once you view a photo, the image is still over saturated.
  • WPGram is the best Instagram viewer, I've tried them all. It's a shame WPC only has eyes for Metrogram.
  • As I said in the recent post about some cats in Sweden talking instagram official coming in May, as long as the devs if instagraph bring "flava" to their app, I'm good. If it remains as it is ill not be pleased....putting it mildly
  • Instagraph not available for the HTC titan II 7.5 any update in the future? For at&t?
  • Wish they partnered with WPGram instead. Like their UI more.
  • +1
  • Nice going.  Way to stick it to Instagram who seem to have their thumb stuck up their well you know.
  • I think Nokia should turn #instawithlove into an instagram competitor.
    I personally don't care for instagram.
  • Yes, there's already Fotoroom. I think Fotoroom is way better and it has a nice exclusive community of WP users.
  • Bravo!
  • Will this update be before we actually receive the actual Instagram app?
  • I have them both. I hope they combine to form Voltron or Captain Planet soon.
  • Megatron + Morpheous = Mega-Morph, or Morphtron? Scratching head...
  • I hope metrogram not only fixes comments but its ugly UI. If it stays the same I'll stick with wpgram.
  • Ouch...ugly? Reminds me of Primetube, or 1800pocketpc App...
  • Very glad to see this happening, is there any updated info on when instagraph will be available to 7.x users? I recall reading it was being worked on and I have all praise for ventasoft not leaving us out! I hope its nearly ready to be submitted to the store or pending approval!
  • why not wpgram cause wp gram is better than metrogram IMO
  • We choose Nazer because he was very kind with us, contracting me first. He is a very clever and creative developer too and a huge WP and Instagram fan, like us :)
    No worry about current small issues, a brand new rework is on its final steps :)
  • You made a good decision :)
  • So any chance of you working with WPGram?
  • Hopefully that rework involves a redesign cause Metrogram just doesn't look that great. Should have gone with WPGram instead. A real shame.
  • WPGram is really cooler t