Tag team: Metrogram and Instagraph are pairing up to bring one Instagram client to rule them all

There are a few criticisms levied against Instagraph, the third party “work around” for Instagram on Windows Phones, including price, upload limits and feature set. That last one is a bit interesting because as of right now, users can only upload photos to Instagram but they would need another app to view their friends’ feed, comment, share photos, etc.

That’s coming to an end though as Metrogram and Instagraph are air-high-fiving to bring a single use system. We’ve actually been privy to the info for awhile (shocked?) but it wasn’t our place to announce the news. But now the developer behind Metrogram, a highly stylized Instagram viewer that we recently covered, has posted a pic teasing the pseudo-merger (see above).

Metrogram: Instagraph viewer for Windows Phone

Indeed, the developers behind Instagraph even teased the union in our dedicated forum for the app, noting that the first step will be “…a smart, bi-directional integration (Metrogram will open Instagraph and vice-versa). Next steps... Stay tuned.”.

While that means you’ll still need two apps, the apps will talk to and piggyback off of each other, resulting in a more unified experience. The reason why they’re doing it that way at first is because it’s easy and fast—they can bang out updates to enable this presumably in just a few short weeks. Later, they can work on a more integrated app, should they choose to do so.

Such a move won’t make all the skeptics happy, of course, but it’s fun to see developers working together for the betterment of the Windows Phone community.

You can find Instagraph here in the Store for $2.49 (no free trial) and Metrogram here (free). Metrogram will be receiving an update soon to re-enable commenting.

Thanks, Jonathan D., Dennis A., and Ruben S., for the tips!

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