MGL 34 — Join us for some live Microsoft banter, Destiny, and more! (Ended)

"Microsoft, Gaming and Libations" is a live show hosted on Microsoft's streaming network,, featuring Jez Corden, Zac Bowden, and Daniel Rubino from Windows Central.

During this week's Destiny live stream, we'll give away a copy of the Destiny Collection for Xbox One to help you prepare for Destiny 2!

See Destiny Collection at Xbox Store

Our MGL live streams take place every week on Thursdays, at 4 PM ET (1 PM PT, 9 PM GMT). You can find the start time based on your location and time zone in our event announcer.

Microsoft, Gaming and Libations

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Tonight, we'll be giving away a physical Xbox One copy of the Destiny Collection to a lucky follower of our Beam channel LIVE during the stream.

  • We'll use a raffle system to make sure we're giving keys to people who aren't AFK.
  • You must be following the channel to be eligible. The raffle will ignore users who aren't following!
  • We may give out additional Xbox One game(s) during the show.
  • We'll give out Destiny towards the end for followers only!

The Destiny Collection comprises the base game and all of Destiny's DLC and expansions into a single package. Destiny is an online first-person shooter that takes place in the distant future. While humanity enjoyed a brief golden age thanks to the discovery of alien technology, it attracted various hostile alien factions into the solar system, reducing our worlds to war-torn rubble. As a Guardian, it's your duty to take the fight back to the alien threat, and protect humanity from extinction.

See Destiny Collection at Xbox Store

For now, all you need to do is head to our Mixer channel at and follow! When the stream begins, jump in on the live chat.

We'll give away a physical copy of Destiny Collection (Xbox One) towards the end of the show.

We'll also field some questions from the audience, so, even if you already own the game, sign up for Beam and come listen to us talk about Surface Pro, E3 2017, and beyond!

For those curious, we're aiming for a 90-minute air time, but honestly, we have no idea how long it will go. So grab a drink and join in on the fun to find out!

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

Jez Corden is a Managing Editor at Windows Central, focusing primarily on all things Xbox and gaming. Jez is known for breaking exclusive news and analysis as relates to the Microsoft ecosystem while being powered by tea. Follow on Twitter @JezCorden and listen to his XB2 Podcast, all about, you guessed it, Xbox!