MiBand Tracker Beta for Windows Phone now in English and open to all

A short time ago we brought word of a third-party companion app to Xiaomi's MiBand fitness tracker being developed. Today, we've had word from the developer of a couple of important updates. Namely it's now in English and open to anyone to sign up and try out.

Hit the WPBetaMe link at the bottom of this post if you're interested. Thanks to the interest received from the community, the developer decided to open it up this way and to translate it into English, which is also now the default language. With the Xiaomi MiBand being pretty cheap to buy, and officially coming to Europe and North America this year, it's fantastic news for us that we'll be able to join in. I reviewed the MiBand for Android Central last year and really liked it. It's much less involved than something like the Microsoft Band, but it's a great, basic fitness and sleep tracker.

We'll be trying this out ourselves in the near future, but if you want to have a look yourselves, click the link below and get to it!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • How much is this band costs?
  • I also wanted to know the cost .........it's from xiaomi so it must be cheap
  • Ok googled it and results are
    Launch date for India : April 2015 Price : 12,99₹ [according to Hugo Barra, Vice President of Xiaomi International, revealed in an interview given to GIZBOT ]
  • NO IDEA about this site, but it was fifteen bucks a few days ago. Was featured on 1saleaday (dot) com   Go to a website : Gearbest (dot) com and search: MiBand It's listed at sixteen bucks
  • $13 if you take the literal conversion of Chinese money to U.S. money. But it won't likely be $13 anywhere.
  • When would it be released in india?
  • April
  • In Malaysia the band costs 16 usd, but plus shipping it costs 20 usd total. Also in my place, If you buy two you don't have to pay shipping fees.
  • Like $15 USD
  • About 18-20$. I bought it from Singapore. It's 20 SGD.
  • That means about 8.21 cents in the US.  JK.  What do you think about the MiBand?  Batterylife accuracy, etc.
  • If you click the link above, you cand find it at 19$. Pretty cheap, but lacks of clock.
  • Dats what was concerning me as well, hope d next version has it......
  • Wish it was available here in India too
  • Bt guys a new version is coming too of this band......
  • Got a link to an article on this? Be interested to see what further features it might add
  • WoW... $13 for a band ?? Would so like to try it out... Anyone know purchase methods in India(or how & when in India) ??
  • According to some sources its will cost around ₹800 in indian market
  • Decisions decisions, have waited ages for Band availability in Europe, but now with it on the horizon I'm wondering if better to grab one of these for now and wait for Band V2. Any thoughts?
  • Do you want a complete health and phone notification system (with GPS tracker/heart rate monitor)
    Or do you just want a step tracker?
    Also, if your phone already has step tracker functionality (Sensorcore), then you may not need a MiBand at all..
    I am personally waiting for the Band v.2 as it looks like a genuinely useful way of extending my phones capabilities. I'm not sure I really care for a step tracker though. It just feels too limited (I.e., useless for tracking exercises like cycling)
  • Any chance for 'smart alarm' in sleep tracking or notifications (incoming mails, sms or calls)? If yes, instabuy for me :-)
  • Do people really use these bands?? What for?? I'm surprised.. I never had seen a man or woman wearing these fitness bands...
  • about half of my team at work has them, mostly they use them to compare who has walked the most each day.  I think maybe it's linked on Wechat or something and they keep track of it there.
  • Misfit Flash is on $24.99 and is really cool with those led information!
  • I've had it for a few months.  Very basic and simple.  I use it with android and it is able to receive notifications with a tweaked app.  The last charge it was sitting at 54% after 23 days. Probably as accurate as most of the other fitness trackers.  Definitely worth the money.  banggood . com has a US version of the website where you can get the miband for about $20. with 2-6 business days for shipping.
  • This is great news
  • i have MiBand for 3-4 months now and i can say it's awesome. and considering the price ($20 shipped worldwide) it's even better.  the only thing that upset me was i have to use my girlfriend's android phone to sync once in a while.  and having an app on WP makes me happy!
  • Can You Please make an Review video from the windows phone app with the miband ... That would be great