Micromax launches two new Windows Phones for the Indian market

Micromax is the second largest smartphone company in India, piggybacking on the success of feature phones and cheap and mid-range Android smartphones. Recently, the company became the 10th largest mobile phone player in the world.

At a press conference in New Delhi today, Micromax unveiled two Windows Phone devices for the Indian market. Micromax is the first Indian smartphone manufacturer to launch Windows Phone devices, although we know that Celkon, XOLO, and others are following soon.

The two devices Micromax launched today are the Canvas Win W121 and Canvas Win W092. Both phones will be in the market starting in July 2014. The Canvas Win W121 is priced at INR 9,500 ($160) while the Canvas Win W092 is priced at INR 6,500 ($110).

Micromax Canvas W121

The Canvas Win W121 (pictured above) is a 5-inch device with a HD IPS display, an 8 megapixel rear camera (with LED flash), a 2 megapixel front-facing camera, and 8GB of built in storage with up to 32GB of expandable memory. The Dual SIM device is powered by the 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 quad-core processor with 1GB of memory and packs in 2000mAh battery.

Micromax Canvas W092

The Canvas Win W092 is a 4-inch device with a IPS WVGA display, a 5 megapixel rear camera (with LED flash), a 0.3 megapixel front-facing camera, and 8GB of built in storage with up to 32GB of expandable memory just like the Canvas Win 121. The Canvas Win W092 is also powered by a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 quad-core processor and 1GB of memory and has the Dual SIM capability as well.  

The two devices are priced nicely, and should hit the chord with Indian consumers. The company also takes the honours of being the cheapest Windows Phone on the market right now, taking the crown from Nokia’s runaway success, the Lumia 520. Would you be interested in picking up a Windows Phone device from Micromax?

Abhishek Baxi
  • Wow
  • The features are soo mouth watering but the thingy is quality ... Brand value dat ain't dere wish nokia had these things at these price :P
  • Same thoughts here... Brilliant hardware specs at this price!
  • the thing is until our indian oems learn to give proper after sales and better quality of components none of them will be woth buying two of my friends bought the canvas turbo,both had the same issues with the speaker and couldnt make calls etc,micromax still hasnt helped them
  • Micromax doesn't really make their own phones, they buy them wholesale from China and market them as their own. Also, the bezel on that second phone is hideous.
  • the thing is if they do that they wont be able to maintain the 'low price'  
  • Well, that's right and that's what we get for paying cheap. We can't expect everything to go well at a low price just like Rajat said above, can we? Otherwise Micromax had already conquered the smartphone world...! BTW, One thing I don't get why the hell they keep writing OS as Windows 8.1 instead of Windows Phone 8.1 everywhere?????? It's started getting on my nerves! Even flipkart? (scroll down to OS: in this link to see, same with all other WPs there)  I mailed them several times to fix it but they neer listened! And here's another image taken by NDTV that shows the same! (Look at OS: in this pic)
  • Haha yeah you are right, but i just found something not cool https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FsMtWZfDqA#t=178 (Micromax Canvas Win W121) with 5 options in the action center ! while Lumia 930 doesn't have it, they both have 5' so why not for L930 too ?
  • This is like a moto E but with LED flash or a lumia 520 but with 1 gb of ram, so it bests both, for a similar price and comes with our beloved Windows Phone OS :)
  • Wow
  • So cheap, i want to see a review stat!
  • If they are cheap what the hell do you need a review stat,they are CHEAP ! dick head.
  • If you're an outsider - You don't know about us Indians..
  • They are the Lumia 630 single and dual sim,but with a different suite,it's so obvious !
  • shut up!
  • They are cheap,dick head !!,like your brain....
  • hahhahah... good reply to that idiot....
  • You need to edit your comment!!.. Don't talk to people like that.. Especially for no good reason at all.. Apologize to that dude right now❗❗❗❗❗
    What's wrong with you❔
  • Just apologise to that dude or get the fuck out of this place right now you piece of shit!
  • I have a 925, so wont be buying, I'll indulge in the review instead.
  • I like their adding the word "Win"... Guess, following HTC's principle...
    And to my surprise, canvas win w092 became the cheapest WP in India right now, good for budget minded...
    I trust Nokia but these features are too much luring!!!
  • Dont buy micromax.. I said it before and I will say it again..   It's hardware is so poor in quality. I know because i used to own one and my friend now owns one... Get a 520 instead.. It has more value 
  • Perhaps, but you forget that these phones come with front facing cameras. If you use Skype, that is a deal breaker.
  • FFC, flash, a GB of RAM, quad core, better chipset, bigger screen, higher PPIs but alas its a micromax..
  • not better chipset, Just because it's quad-core doesnt mean that it is better. snapdragon 200 is worse than S4 plus dual core.  Also, Just 32 gb expandable memory, Also just HSPA. and No HD recording, No 1080p playback,  And alas it's a micromax because their customer service is the worst ever..    But if you're looking for Battery life, Look no further.. I guarantee that
  • there's one more thing, My friends Micromax Canvas is now in the shelf because it rang while it was on Flight mode  and stopped ringing after a few days.. When we went to the care centre , they said warranty does not cover Flight modes and that they need 6000 rs to repair it
  • Show us a proof or don't troll here.
  • do me a favour, Go to micromax's website and read the spec sheet...                             Now go to nokia's site and read their spec sheet for any phone..     Micromax is just highlighting their pros in the specsheet. No cons can ever be seen
  • unlike Nokia they offer 1GB at this price
  • Nokia(Microsoft mobile) will never sell it so cheap & even if.They would sacrifice some thing.Micro sd,Front camera,flash or Ram
  • Can we install Here Maps and Here Drive in other wp devices??
  • Micromax is any day better than Nokia. Nokia always cheat innocent people by taking 1st level money for 3rd level products. At least Micromax is asking correct money for right specs.
  • this guy needs to be kicked out of here
  • you'll see it worth paying after once you compare the screen and camera.
  • WTF!
  • Good to hear of new releases. Is July 2014 the end of July ir the beginning of July. The sooner the better.
  • Early July as per press release.
  • Cool. Thanks.
  • waiting for the wpcetral mobile review ..
  • I know they'll do one. Maybe Abhi...........
  • Game will change.. Quad core,1gb ram,front facing cam,led flash at this cheap price
  • I will wait for xolo phones... Micromax and their build quality is crap... Their service centres are always full... Xolo on the other hand is so under rated... I used xolo q700 before L1320... And it was really nice...
  • Yes. Xolo is definitely better than Micromax and Karbonn. Accordingly XOLO will price higher than Micromax. Its good for WP platform to have more choices of brands at different price points. I think Karbonn will also release two phones with similar specs and prices. MMX will release FULL HD phone for around Rs 14-15K.
  • You can say that again! By the way, do any of the Indian OEMs produce LTE phones? I hope one of the models from any of the Indian OEMs will be LTE and exported to the rest of Asia.
  • Not that I know of. There is no need... In India 3g is not well implemented let alone 4g... Only big cities and 2nd tier cities have 3g... And as of now only one operator( Airtel) has the 4g rights in India so no use of LTE compatible phones here...
  • But they should produce LTE phones and export to several Asian countries where LTE has already been rolled out. I'm looking to replace my 925 with the 930 but my other phone is the 625, and I'll not think twice to replace that with the Micromax 5" phone if it were LTE!
  • Dude, the 8 Mp camera Micromax says will be actually 3 mp, 2mp ffc will be poorer camera found in old generation mp4 players, worst than present vga quality. I bet it wont be close to any of the good companies like Nokia, Htc, Samsung, etc. And talking about radiation the phone causes is like burning your brains.
  • XOLO is sub brand of LAVA. No one believed on LAVA but this XOLO brand name is getting some heat here in India.
  • How good is the build of xolo phones btw? They asked 8k to replace a cracked glass, they're wierd.
  • the second phone has android style buttons. looks like they are using common hardware there
  • Ya how can a WP have such keys below the screen? I am sure this isn't a correct image.
  • yeah i thought that was odd combination
  • its just an old rendering...MS won't allow such things anyways 
  • The cam quality won't be as good quality as that of LUMIA 520 cam. Wat do u say guys.
  • True.
  • Think so.
  • I hope these Indian phones will be sold in Indonesia sooner or later, they might replace my L520. Though it isn't going to happen anytime soon.....
  • I'll put some on ebay..
  • Hahaha
  • Lol
  • Very good prices for those in India, that's the way to baptize new customers to Windows Phones
  • Great news. This will help WP to grow faster than before.
  • Sad to see those android buttons on low end model (W092). Other than that these are good specs for the price. HD display (5 inch) , 1GB RAM, 8GB memory for Rs 9,500($160) is good. FYI, Nokia priced Lumia 630 at Rs 11,500 ($190) and it does have WVGA display, 512 MB RAM, no flash, no front cam. Only problem is reliability and competition from Moto G and Moto E.
  • its probably an old rendering and not the actual device image. MS wont allow this. there are some rules to be followed by the oems
  • I don't see any android's buttons!
  • Time for me to upgrade from my 520. Getting the 5 inch version soon. :D
  • Really? These features are fabulously freaking awesome at this price!!! But the brand! ~.^
  • brand is good .
  • My dad has Canvas Magnus and I must say its pretty awesome..Only flaw of micromax is their service. They took a hell of a time whereas Nokia is fast as a wink..
  • I like how even the low end device includes a lo-res front camera and led flash. No reason these parts (which probably cost under 50 cents) should be left off low end phones. It's an artificial differentiator.
  • Micrommax's build quality is nowhere near Nokia.
  • That's true...
  • Only one color,I miss those flashy colors of WP's.
  • Can I buy the 5-inch one? I want an upgrade to 520. I'm just concerned about micromax phones' build quality. No doubt the specs are wonderful...
  • im only one who noticed buttons and wondering how will the work, for instance option button as bing search? back button is reversed.
  • The first can be believed to be a Windows phone, second one is fake, as it shows Android capacitive buttons.
  • I have used one of Micromax Canvas 2 phablet for around 1.5 years , It's build quality was amazing but camera was not that amazing.. I am hoping for both of these phone , just need the check the SAR value of these phone specially from this vendor..
  • Killer pricing. Will definitely sell like hot cakes. But Nokia still rules!
  • Agree!
  • I think for us and MS at that matters is that there are going to be a TONES of WPs for customers. Doesn't matter what quality it is it just sells
  • That's good for the ecosystem but then, the hardware shouldn't be an utter piece of trash or else it'll give a negative impact to the OS itself (normally people will blame WP first, hardware second as they don't have much idea about the reality)
  • Actually with those specs, WP8.1 will run exceptionally well! The only question is the build quality of the hardware...
  • Agree. The build quality should be good if not nearer to that of Nokia ;)
  • F*#king look phone
  • Nice, the more the merrier. Bing it on. WP assault from the bottom. ;)
  • Sweet!
  • Well it appears the second image is what they have:-  http://blogs.windows.com/windows_phone/b/windowsphone/archive/2014/06/16... I would love to have the BING button gone; its a constant irritant and usesless.   IF they have proper radio frquencies for down under, I may upgrade from my L625 to the 5" incher!
  • Yeah, down under... I wonder.. Would love to try it in store
  • Have to disagree with you on the Bing button. I just wish it wasn't so close to the edge on my l920, but having that button immediately available has been working well for me. I always miss it whenever I switch to my GS4.
  • What's with the Android buttons on the second phone :-o
  • image change now
  • I hope MyPhone will bring these to the Philippines. :)
  • And Cherry Mobile too.  
  • Design is so ugly.
  • Yes, it is :'D ,that's why its gi cheap and trust me it will have a plastic back cover n shit
  • It does have that. Really feels cheap. But many ppl want cheap so they can afford this.
  • Yes, specially those who want good specs at cheap price, considering the standard.
  • Ugly as it may be, people buy them for the specs. And it's one nice killer specs
  • They are so cheap :O
  • Is that the leather back?
  • Looks like nexus, but its ok!
  • Wow. Really nice price for a mid-low range phone. And nice to see more manfacturer enter the game :D
  • Despite the amazing value for money, specs and features, the fact stands that Micromax's after sales service network is poor in India. I wonder if the puny service network can handle the bulk if these devices click in the market (I'm sure they will).
  • Now that you mentioned that, i'm hoping these phones will not end up in Micromax's service network then!
  • Chances are less. Lesser than those Android Micromax phones ;)
  • You never know :P WP is less resource intensive than lagdroid.
  • windows phone 8.1 is it? or only win ph 8 .....?
  • I don't think WP8 has dual SIM capability but WP8.1 does so those two phones are WP8.1.
  • I looked at the screenshot and it looks like they have a tile called "Music," which is an 8.1 application. This comment was for user "abhishake620."
  • wp8.1  
  • I'm not entirely sure how I should react to this - Happy to see more WPs storm the market or Weep in agony at the quality they offer.
    Sure with the features MM claims, many would be tempted to buy it...even if just to get a feel of WP... but am sure the experience they get will be far inferior to a Lumia such as build quality & imaging. & lol the Canvas Win 092 looks like it was designed for android but at the final stage, they chose to insert WP instead
    Another doubt I have is whether they come with WP 8 or 8.1, though by the looks of it...guessing WP8 only. 
  • Canvas Win 092 has got a wrong screenshot. Look into the link someone posted few comments above...
  • now they removed the screenshot lol
  • Yup. Right after someone commented there.
  • I'm not from India so I have no idea how the build quality of Micromax phones are. But I am 100% certain that WP8.1 will perform perfectly well in those specs... now the only question is the build quality.
  • Also the after sales services are quite bad....so before u get yourself a MM, locate the nearest service center & befriend someone there :P  
  • they are specially known for their ' build quality'
  • Still far from good to replace my 920
  • Funny how these phones are already being condemned before anyone even tests them yet the advantage of having 1GB of RAM, FFC and a camera flash is overlooked. Seem to be much better value than the 630 which looks overpriced.
  • Lumia 525 is better still.
  • Really? How?
  • Yes, you're right. I just hope the build quality is good because I'm perfectly certain WP8.1 will perform very well with the specs in those Micromax phones.
  • First one looks like a nexus 5
  • Why that W092 have android buttons? O.o
  • Yeah, very appropriate! Lol. It's just a unfortunate mock...very unfortunate.
  • Wrongly placed screenshot.
  • Now my son is pestering me to buy him the 121 and sell his 520. What say guys, and how much can I expect for the thing (bought in December 2013) P.S. Don't kill me for posting this
  • Tell your son that 121 is damn bad quality cause it really is.
  • Micromax phones aren't that bad to be quite honest. I know a friend who has been using the canvas 2 and she hasn't had a problem yet. Don't go by the brand name. My 920 was seriously fucked when I got it. Had to replace the whole device. Every manufacturer has some defective pieces. Don't let that define them. :)
  • Chinese phones always are, aren't they, lets see
  • Why do you guys comment before using them?
  • It's upto him I guess. While the phone (Win 121) features amazing specs, I'm not sure about the build/hardware quality. I'll recommend you to wait few more days so the online reviews (be in flipkart) can tell you better than us ;)
    P.S: Writing this using a 520 (WP8.1) bought in March last year, no complains yet.
  • Thanks, I always read Flipkart reviews before buying a gadget and probably purchase it from there if the price is good (Bought the 520 from there). I might buy it, considering that I might get 7500 from the 520 that I paid 8000 for ;D, I'll only have to invest 2k and his birthday is in july. Lets wait and see
  • 7500! that's ridiculous
  • Would go for Nokia any day. Better hardware(can dodge a bullet), better camera, no shitty logo, no confusing/weird tag line. I could go on, but I won't. But I could.
  • LOL you're one such Nokia lover like me!
  • Even me. Even though these micromax phones sell like hot cakes, they feel like cheap plastic toys in hand. Much like samsung..
  • why the second one has android on screen keyborad?? I hate those botton!
  • The second has the Android capacitive keys
  • Nahh, my lumia 525 is still better.
  • Atleast my L520 can stop bullets.
  • lol +620
  • 1gb ram. That should persuade customers to buy that over a 630 I reckon.. The 121 sounds like a good deal to be quite honest, for people on a budget.
  • Micromax has just given a death sentence to Lumia 630 in India atleast with these two devices
  • Why they can't put 20mpx camera in 4" device? There is No high spec device with 4" display. Why?
  • On the second image, was that a wrong rendered image? It shows the familiar Android keys (not the WP)
  • Yeah, I have noticed that too. I believe this is some fake image.
  • Just have a look at the W092 pic. It has Android buttons. How come a Windows Phone has Android buttons. Is the pic real or fake..?
  • Again,
  • Oh man!! So cheap! But wtf! W092 has got Android kind of capacitive touch options.. Where are search, windows home button and back button??
  • Once again,
  • Android kind of capacitive buttons where? Has it been removed?I guess I m late..i would like to see a screenshot of that.. That would be fun!! Even windows blog posted that screenshot..oh boy!!
  • Simply amazing. Nice specs with attractive price.
  • In the past, Microsoft would assign some people to work with the OEMs in producing their WP devices. Now that the OS is free, I wonder if Microsoft still assigns people to work with the OEMs to produce their devices. This practice actually insured some kind of quality control on the WP devices being produced.
  • There's still a fee attached to be a WP OEM ($99/yr) so it is possible they still will.
  • Impressive specs....time to replace my 520 for a 5" display
  • Still, you wont get to enjoy amazing exclusive Nokia apps. So.. no idea about switching right now.
  • Since WP8 is fluid, it will run smooth on both these devices.  But, after sales service???? That's where Micromax sks.
  • Ignore this news.
  • I saw the clarity of pictures on my friend's canvas phone which has 8MP. The picture quality was really worse than that of 5MP on my 620. They say 5,8,13MP but they won't be a 3MP. This is the biggest difference and the screen yak so bad quality and build quality looks like a Chinese phone. Now yet to go for it guys
  • For ₹6,500 What do you want more.. A snapdragon 200 processor & 1 GB RAM these 2 specs can make anyone buy this phone.. But yeah I'll never buy the other one of ₹10000 I'll go with Lumia 630 definitely no excuses.. Nokia is Nokia and it matters most at least here in India.
  • About your last sentence, I think it is no more valid. People have started moving on
  • The best thing about Lumia 520 is the NOKIA logo on it ¡ So never gonna give chance to others :)
  • Yeah That's what make me feel tension free.. "NOKIA" logo on my Lumia. This is the symbol of faith and stunning build quality.
  • I usually hate Micromax for its lame ads, cheap quality phones. But, I'm glad that some Indians are going to buy this. This will help in increase in WP market share, which means, more official apps.. Wow wow.. Come on
  • Now that the OEMs have started to trickle (for good or for worse), MS should up their game and update all their lacklustre software so that people don't have to compromise. There are two types of people who would buy these phones - those who are yet to have a smartphone experience and those willing to try WP from Android or iOS. You have to lure in the first category and you better dare not offend the second by offering apps and services that are lower in features on WP compared to their ex-OSs. If MS can take care of this, more OEMs or not, WP can thrive in an M.F.C.F. world :)
  • Can not be absolutely sure about the build quality but Micromax has seriously worked hard to provide decent phones in the market. Other than that, I would surely like to test the leather back to the first model of how it feels in hand. The leather back looks too appealing to me! :)
  • Micromax W121(₹9,500) V/S Nokia Lumia 525(₹8,699)------------------
    The processor ain't strong even being quad-core(equals to Nokia's 525)+Cheap plastic used(525 has much better build)+Droid style buttons and design(yuck)+Giving a front camera and a flash in this cheap a smart-phone means that their flagship WP is not going more than 20-20K..Which is equal to nokia's 7xx and 8xx WP(if Nokia gives a flash,,secondary-camera,,1 GB RAM..In the 5xx and 6xx series then who's gonna buy the 7xx and 8xx series..With only the sales of those it can't capture the mobile market)+I think that Snapdragon S4/400 is better than Snapdragon 200(I may be wrong on this one)+Not a realiable after sales service..Btw a review in Indian timings after a long time!!
  • its ppl like u i feel sorry for
  • For that device at that price... if only... I need CDMA and GSM radios for whatever more it would cost. Still an awesome set of devices.
  • Welcome micromax!
  • Two devices which will kill lumia630/635 market
  • Micromax is brand of masses...
  • These are the specs and price points Nokia should hit initially to gain market share. How can you offer phones without front facing cameras these days is beyond me specially Skype is your own company MS
  • 1 positive aspect, its a good step forward for expanding the windows phone market in India. Many buyers shall opt for canvas win w092 over cheap android devices.
  • The smaller one looks sooo freakin bad and ugly and cheap(along although it is cheap) Go here Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYzqQK2832A
  • hurrah for windows phone! seems like a huge hit in India. love it! fck android.