MateBook X ProThe new MateBook X Pro looks great with this theme pack.

Microsoft has been curating and adding theme packs to the Microsoft Store since April 2017 with the release of the Creators Update. Being able to download wallpaper theme packs is a fun way to spruce up your desktop, and we've seen a steady flow of official Microsoft packs as well as those from third-parties.

In the last few weeks, Nebulas in 4K became available and published by Microsoft. What makes this theme pack interesting is two-fold: It's the first theme pack that evidently supports images in 4K resolution, and it's the first one Microsoft is charging for (a modest 99 cents).

Likely due to licensing Microsoft is charging 99 cents for this theme pack.

For those with desktop or laptop PCs with 2K or 4K resolutions (or the odd Surface 3000 x 2000) wallpapers in 4K look amazing. Nebulas in 4K brings ten such high-quality images that can be auto-rotated using the theme function in Windows 10.

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Some of the nebulas include Iris, North America, Pelican, Bubble, Soul, Flaming Star, and Lagoon.

As to why Microsoft is charging 99 cents for the pack it is likely to do with licensing. Last I checked, Microsoft is not operating a deep-space telescope, and such images in 4K are rarely free.

How to use themes on the Windows 10 Creators Update

Of course, if you want free themes, you have plenty of those including the no-cost Bing in Space from Microsoft, which while not 4K are still stunning and highly recommended. They also have a Bing watermark on them, which some will frown upon (Nebulas in 4K does not). Microsoft also has the fun Ninja cat theme packs too.

Some samples from 'Nebulas in 4K' theme pack.

Finally, the Nebulas in 4K can't be used for the lockscreen, but you can always grab my favorite app City Art Search (CAS) Preview to add some sophisticated flair to your PC.

What's your favorite theme pack in the Microsoft Store? Let us know in comments!

See Nebulas in 4K at the Microsoft Store

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