Microsoft acquires Suplari to boost business insight capabilities

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What you need to know

  • Suplari is a company in the business of producing insights.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 can benefit from what Suplari offers.
  • As a result, Microsoft has acquired Suplari.

In another acquisition from Microsoft, which has been grabbing businesses by the handful as of late, the Redmond-based tech company now has Suplari nestled under its ever-widening umbrella. This comes hot off the acquisitions of RiskIQ, ReFirm, CloudKnox, Zenimax, Nuance, and so many others that saw their names be bought by the Windows 11 maker in recent memory.

As for what Suplari specifically will bring to the table that all those other companies cannot, the answer lies in insights and the ability to boost Microsoft Dynamics 365. Here's a snippet of what Microsoft (opens in new tab) has to say about it:

Suplari currently helps mid-size and large enterprises continuously manage costs and cash flow using unified, cleansed data, automated insights, and predictive actions. Together with Dynamics 365, the Suplari Spend Intelligence Cloud will help customers maximize financial visibility by using AI to automate the analysis of current data and historical patterns from multiple data sources. It will also help customers enhance financial decision-making by predicting the best spend management actions moving forward.

This mission differs from those assigned to the companies that have previously been acquired. RiskIQ, ReFirm, and CloudKnox were all bought for various security offerings, Zenimax brought Bethesda to Microsoft's gaming division, and Nuance was for speech tech, among other things.

In any event, this acquisition further illustrates a continued spending trend by Microsoft, wherein it's focused on enhancing many branches of its operations so that no particular muscle grows weak in the corporate body. Check back in a few weeks for our coverage of the next Microsoft acquisition.

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