Microsoft addresses the 'Hamburger menu' and other design decisions in Windows 10 for phones

Following its monumental Build 2015 keynote earlier today, Microsoft has released a new blog post, penned by Operating Systems Group Design lead Albert Shum, going over some of the design decisions in Windows 10 for phones—even addressing the oh-so-controversial Hamburger menu.

Overall, the blog post touts Microsoft's adaptive approach to UI design in Windows 10. On the topic of that Hamburger menu, Shum points out that the menu works well as a "home" for an app but is less effective when it is used without an explicit purpose. However, this is where the adaptive design of Windows 10 comes in:

"With our universal apps and adaptive UX we have an approach to design that lets developers build one app, but still tailor the UX to each device when it makes sense. We can use a hamburger icon without pivots on a PC version of the app for better keyboard and mouse navigation and then customize the same app to have pivots with swipe control for better one-hand-use on mobile. We're making it possible for an app to have both hamburger and pivot controls—but to display the right control at the right time on the right device."

Shum also touches on another sore point with Insider users: the lack of commands at the bottom of the screen in Outlook Mail and Calendar for phones. The good news is they're not going away:

We're happy to let you know we're not moving away from that pattern—the builds you've seen have an incomplete implementation of the "command bar" from Office and in the coming weeks you'll see most of the commands back in a familiar-but-updated control at the bottom.

Similarly, Microsoft is listening to feedback about the placement of the address bar in the Edge browser (previously "Project Spartan"), and while they don't have anything to share yet, Shum says they are exploring different design options.

Here's a list of some of the other design decisions and upcoming changes Shum touches on in the post as well:

  • Photos: Menu icon in the PC app and pivots for phone
  • Calendar: Easier discovery for mini-month. Increased number of weeks shown in mini-month on larger devices. Week view in landscape.
  • Mail: Unified inbox and Multi-Select coming in future updates.

Overall, the full blog post is a fascinating read for anyone interested in the design decisions going into Windows 10, and we recommend checking it out in full.

Our own Daniel Rubino is heading into a Build sessions dedicated to this topic of Windows 10 design, so stay tuned for more on this hot top!

Source: Microsoft

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • Interesting read although not sure what to say. Wait and see approach.
  • I can say. It looks like excuses.
  • Then you haven't read it.  Go and play in a corner or something. 
  • Bad guy said your pink doll is ugly? ;) Don'tcry, it's just truth
  • Wait and see it is. Heading over there to the blog to see if it in fact is a reasonable decision or an excuse.
  • Was an interesting read. They've got a lot of ground to cover, so are making the best compromise for a ux that is nearly consistent across a milieu of devices. Very interesting - can't wait for more polished builds!!!
  • Can anybody help me please while I was updating to windows 10 the download is stuck at 5% please help anybody....
  • This is looking beautiful. I have a lot of friends in various design fields, and they've tended to see themselves as Apple people after they turned fully professional. However, the recent iOS/OSX styles have been quite off-putting to most of them. For the first time, I can easily imagine them looking at Windows and switching back.
  • Yeah, I agree that recent OS X updates have ruined the design. Windows 10, however, looks amazing.  
  • Are you serious? Windows 10 looks like shit. They borrowed a handful of metro, paired it with the fugliest icon design I've seen since Windows 3.1, slapped it all on the desktop, removed the best parts of Windows 8.1 and called it good. I'm sorry, but the Windows 10 UI is disaster.
  • Taking your opinion and trying to present it as a 'god given fact' just makes you look like a douche.  We get it:  you don't like windows 10 design.  Perhaps you could have conveyed that opinion more cordially rather than so vehemently? I think the Windows 10 ui needs work but this is to be expected; it's early days yet, but diaster is far too strong a word.  Do you even understand the gravity of what 'disaster' means?  It would apply to something MUCH worse.
  • Much worse like his (jasongw) mindset
  • "Early days"   Are you drunk? This is basically the release version.   By the way, it is a disaster on tablet. It destroys the "I don't give a fuck" aspect that made Windows 8 work flawlessly no matter which tools a user would use. Now you have to toggle between modes to get shit done, because tablet mode does not work as well with mouse and keyboard as Windows 8 used to.
  • Well said. I'm assuming they're going to address that. Fast. Tablets are a vital use space for msft to break into - tablets and hybrid devices. Hard to marry the two ux philosophies but if msft gets that auto change right, well it'll be "magical"!
  • Bye! I hope whatever platform you choose other than Windows tailors to your subjective pipe dreams of what looks good should be. Or better yet, let windows 10 empower you to design your own os. Yea! Im sure tons of people would enjoy your os!
  • Pretty much, yeah.
  • I like it how you and me are stayin' true to our hating of Windows 10, while everyone else falls back due to peer pressure. We do not change our mind so easily. We have our standards and requirements, and we aim to fulfill them.
  • Peer pressure? Yes that must be it. If that's the best argument you can make to feel good about yourself, fine. I liked Windows 8 right from the start when everyone else was complaining about start screens. I like Windows 10 and is continually getting better every build. I like it for my own reasons and nobody else's & you'll find almost everyone else who does like W10 are the same & like it for their own reasons. You don't like it? Fine. It's not my job to pat you on the back and change your mind. You or anybody else liking it or not doesn't matter to me. It does what I need and performs just as well as 8.1 has for me.
    If people want to ignore all of the new features and improvements in W10 because of the way some icons look..... Diddims.
  • I actually don't hate W10. I think some of the features are pretty cool. It's just that everything else is so visually unappealing (toggles, icons) and the dumb obsession with circle pictures and hamburger menus is beyond idiotic. There's just nothing stylish or well thought out about it. Hey, I just got a big check from MS. Windows 10 is awesome!
  • Hi. I respectfully disagree with nearly all of your jabs.  WP has ever been evolving and a work in progress.  They have been introducing changes and improvements since inception and much of that was based on feedback or obviously left out in-order-to-ship.  The layout, look, and flow all make sense particularly if you're looking at the big picture.  And I particularly disagree with Windows 8.1 "best parts."  I accepted and touted advantages of 8.1 UI and I'll miss the charms menu, but this UI is the farthest thing from a disaster that I've seen in years.  Of course, maybe you'll prove me wrong when it's all said and done.  I've been running W10TP personal and enterprise and use both every single day since both were available for download.  W10TP personal on my laptop (Alienware 18) which I used to connect to W10TP enterprise laptop for work (Lenovo W540).  There are definitely some things that require tweaking, but they've been tweaking them and we see those tweaks as builds are pushed out on fast ring. 
  • Does anyone know when we will get a new build for phones? Could it be tomorrow, perhaps?
  • You must be outof your mind..
  • Wtf
  • Not to mention the most recent update with MacOS is really kinda buggy. It doesn't have that "magical" "just works" feeling anymore. Open finder windows just disappear, graphical glitches galore. Ugh.
  • Knew they're listening...
  • Knew they're using iOs and android devices and now cannot imagine something unique and deny all wp7/8 language advantages. I think when they will copy something crappy like hamburger menu next time, they will find million reasons again. This all smells bad.
  • Great!
  • I've said it a few times, but they had to compromise on the UI to court devs for app porting. When they have the market share to start dictating standards, as apple currently dictates terms to the mobile carriers, then maybe some real innovation in UI efficiency will come down the pipe. Till then, we should be glad that they're putting the platform in a position to succeed after years in the wilderness.
  • Precisely. This is a compromise they need to make.
  • All I read it was: "at the bottom".
  • What I don't understand why the "hamburger" functionality can't be there the way they want but place the button on the bottom right instead of the top left, you know, exactly where the ellipsis button is currently. Keep it an ellipsis because it doesn't take hardly any screen space but once pushed they open from the left as hamburgers do. Win win. The top left made sense with small screened phones back in the day, but not as much today with more and more large screened phones. Same with the browser, keep it at the bottom, easy to reach.
  • Did you read the whole blog post?
  • I guess because nobody would normally look for the menu stack icon in the bottom gutter of a page. I don't quite get the complaints about reaching the whole screen in any case. I have a 920, and for one-handed use I hold the phone with my hand in such a way that my thumb's tip can easily reach the top left of the screen, and therefore everywhere else too. The bottom edge of the phone rests on the inside of my little finger, and although the 920 is a bit of a paperweight, it's quite comfortable.
  • Yeah everyone talks about "one handed" use, I swear they just make this shit up. I hold my phone with one hand, and its actually easier to hit a hamburger at the top left with my thumb, than it is to hit the ellipses way at the far bottom right. The hamburger is closer to my thumb. I swear these whiny little pricks dont even know what they are arguing for.
  • Didn't know preferring to reach the bottom of the screen on a larger phone, like my icon, rather than the farthest point on the top left constitutes being a whiny little prick. Interesting.
  • Use your left hand. Profit?? XD
  • LOL. I just tried holding my Icon the way iyae suggested and it definitely isn't easy. I have very large hands as well.
  • Go away... don't look back.  Just go away!  You're like a gnat attracted to a hamburger. 
  • @iyae, you do know you can tap the left bottom corner as well to bring up the app bar? :p.
  • THANK YOU. I feel stupid, I always hit the three little dots no matter what. This is good to know, even though I can reach anywhere on the screen. I personally dont care if it is "hamburger" or not.
  • next time i suggest you read posts before commenting.  That way, you don't look like an idiot, you know?
  • I feel somewhat like a stalker because ive been seeing your post all day and you beat me to every response I have for some people. lol
  • I read the post I get it. But nowhere in the article does it state anything about what I was talking about. Yes, the controls will change depending on the device that you're on, but that doesn't mean the ellipsis will remain now does it? I'm all for what their doing, I guess my desire is that their implementation is efficient in how it they place the buttons on the screen.
  • Dude, the ... Is not for navigation but for actions. The hamburger menu is for navigation. That's one reason. The second is because everywhere else, including windows PC apps, have navigation on the top.
  • This has been addressed today in a later post on Win Central. All the old design UI will be available for developers to access if they wish to do so. The new design UI just makes it easier for developers to port their Android or iOS apps.
  • all they need to do is making bigger menus, not the current tiny ones. And if the menu contains less than 3 items, just show them all in the bottom of the app. I'm tired of moving my thumb all the way up to the top to reach the menu
  • Tired of moving your thumb all the way to the top? Do you ever use the notification (action) center? Do you realize that at least one app must be pinned to the absolute top of the windows phone start screen? You move your thumb all the way to the top everyday, so stop making excuses for resisting changw
  • The notification centre is a perfect example of Microsoft losing their way. They just copied a feature from Android instead of innovating along the Metro design principles. At the the least they could have considered a long press on the Windows key for one-handed users. People aren't resisting change, they're resisting blind stupidity. I am looking forward to the features of W10 but desperately hoping the UI is radically different to the previews.
  • How about being able to pin folders and have my inboxes individually pinned but *separate* as I can in WP 8.1?
  • So much this - pinning separate inboxes!
  • The button is fine as long as I don't need it to use the app most of the time. Right now I need controls on the top all the time so it's terrible, but if they can get what needs to be used a lot to the bottom then that'll be ok.
  • I just be happy with new WP preview
  • Hot top!
    Thats what I want from all the girls
  • Mmmmmmm.....Hamburgers!
  • In other words, they don't care if you really, really, liked the UX of Windows 8.1 (on phone OR PC), screw you, we're going full-speed ahead with the backward desktop.  Yep, thanks, Microsoft.  You can't rescue my opinion of you.
  • Then leave. Please.
  • I cordially invite you to do the same, then.
  • But we won't, so bye. Your argument is as invalid as a rock. 
  • Ok, from what I saw today with Windows 10, I think that I'm over my hamburger menu hate. However, the round profile pictures must be fixed. I'd like to see a system toggle to switch between round and square profile pictures. It would have to be easy to implement. Simply disable the round matte/mask being applied to your contacts in the people hub.
  • And the toggle itself shouldn't be round.
  • Fuck! This is gonna be awesome! Bring on the next flagship with Windows 10 already!!!
  • "Microsoft is listening to feedback" If they were actually listening, we would already have the core of Zune back and they could just rebrand it Xbox Media. But they refuse to listen unless it agrees with what they think. So sick of 90% of the people screaming for the same god damn thing over and over and they just pretend we dont know what we want.
  • Stfu
  • Blow me, ass wipe.
  • I think you might be overrating the popularity of Zune somewhat. I know a lot of people liked it, but Microsoft likes money even more than you liked Zune. The Music app on 8.1 was pretty terrible and I'm sure they're working on something better, but whatever it is needs to fit with the rest of the OS. No great design is ever achieved through slow tweaks of a patchwork of things from the past that people really loved at the time. That's been Windows's big problem until now.
  • Jesus. Zune again. Get over yourself please.
  • Besides, I'm pretty sure if 90% of us had really been screaming for Zune, Zune would still exist :)
  • Totally agree.  I've been using MS software since MS has been around and MS listens to no one but themselves, and they don't even do that very well.  That said, I'm still looking forward to Win10...
  • Perhaps some psychiatric treatment would be useful.
  • Calm down son. What's the matter?
  • Finally some good news. I would always prefer pivots and or swipe-ing to a page rather than tapping on some misplaced icon to jump to that page, when on phone. Command bars at bottom would also be a welcome addition.
  • I think the point with pivots is that it needs to be obvious where the side-swiping will lead you. It's good for the Photos app because you know every rectangle you can see, even if you can only see the edge of it, is another image or gallery. It's not so good for multi-page apps where each side-swipe is meant to lead you to a different page, and you don't necessarily know what those pages are or what the layout is. It's also not good if info ends up being only a couple of lines of text on most pages because a "one category per page" rule is being followed for arbitrary reasons. The fewer moves of input required of me for the most visual information received, the better.  The pivot system was a great solution to the problem of a low-res phone with a small screen, but it needs to be used more sparingly on today's phones.
  • It WAS obvious to anyone with a slight degree of intelligence.  Microsoft has tossed all of that in favor of going backwards, mixed with a bunch of Android looks.
  • I finally managed to install the preview on my L1520. It's still just a few ideas thrown together than a working OS, so it's going away over the weekend. I would keep it longer, but a few crucial apps for me are not working. As for the hamburgers, my feelings are mixed. It will need some time to get used to then I may change my mind. But ATM I am in the favour of W8.1 way of doing things. Even the settings in 8.1 GDR 2 were better :D I do not like the Outlook, I preferred being able to merge several accounts together and pin them separately. Probably that's coming, too. Text messages, not liking that, calendar either. I will play with the final version in the shop before I decide if I want it, because right now I don't.
  • It's funny that they say they're listening to feedback on the top address bar in Spartan/Edge. The old MS (the ones who built WP7/8) wouldn't have ever put it on the top to begin with.   Hamburger menus is still a dumb idea, universal apps or not. WP has the ellipsis which look better, take up less space and are right there on the bottom of the screen. Reading the rest of the blog it's pretty clear the design team is not playing with a full deck of cards anymore.
  • The hamburger menus are replacing panoramas, not ellipses menus. The command bar is meant for commands. The hamburger menu is for navigation. ​They are very different UI elements. ​Like they said in the article, the current insider builds include UIs that aren't fully adapted to the phone yet. That's why you see commands at the top of the app and such.
  • The hamburger and panorama (hub) are both still in the design language. I prefer the hub.
  • The devs don't like hubs - and the bigger the brand, the more they hate hubs as hubs devalues their brand, and finally dev > you.  So MS has to cater to devs first. Sad fact of reality.  
  • Yeah that is a really important part of it. It's why we don't have unified messaging and all the integration features of WP7. Brands won't cooperate.
  • Did they addresses why the mixed circles with the squares and rectangles in WP? Do they plan on the UI being cohesive our this mix match?
  • It's not completely done yet, you get a mix of old and new. New will get everywhere in the final version. What we got now is still pretty rough.
  • Bit off topic, but no word on our office apps for TP for phones? I swore earlier in the month they said by month end...
  • More good news Microsoft!
  • I'd stick with the Hub design, which is still in the design files. I like the hub design with hamburger menu idea they use in the fb app.
  • Then what can do if am doing an app in app studio with the classic design? And MSFT is not updating the app studio for the new hamburger menu although my app with hamburger would look ugly
  • I'd like them to address why the Lumia brand hasn't caught up with consumers. And please no excuses. Nokia is a huge name. Why consumers didn't welcome WP despite?
  • I think they should use the "swipe to delete/flag" thing in other apps like "Phone Calls", "Music", "Messeging" and others too. It makes the UX better as it helps the UI too. 
  • I don't mind the hamburger. Its the placement that pisses me off and how its used. I APPLAUDED the use of pivot as it was easy and intuitive to maneuver. But anything for the survival of WP right? And WC/WP fan boys will accept anything MS shoves up their virgin ahole.
  • It's true that hamburger menu is much more practical for adaptive universal apps.
  • Most importnat part about the Love/hate of the Hamburger menu - choice "Hamburgers. The most dreaded word in UI/UX design today is everywhere, as Shum attests. But they’re listening. “We can use a hamburger icon without pivots on a PC version of the app for better keyboard and mouse navigation and then customize the same app to have pivots with swipe control for better one-hand-use on mobile. We’re making it possible for an app to have both hamburger and pivot controls—but to display the right control at the right time on the right device. This is one of the benefits of the new adaptive UX design.”"  
  • I don't much mind the design, what I care about is that it's implemented consistently and elegantly from the first line of code to the last.
  • He also tried to rationalize the round people icons and failed.
  • He didn't have to rationalize. It failed the first time we saw It. But WC boys love it!
  • It looks clean and modern. I saw many comments that oh this is like this or that but this is not copying or following anyone else but this is more like improving "Metro" or "Modern" design langugaes they started back in 2010 with Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8. In all of their "Microsoft Future Visions" videos since then you can see this kind of design language and I was always wondering why they have such a cool clean and modern design in those videos but they don't implement it in their real product. This is Microsoft making those videos a reality (Specially with HoloLens). It is still work in progress and has room for more improvements for sure but so far looks like they are in right direction and it looks good.
  • This is in NO way an "improvement" of Metro.  They have completely TOSSED Metro in favor of Android+Windows 7.  That's what this garbage is, plain and simple.
  • Just mentally, the hamburger is bigger and thus mentally easier and less frustrating when attempting to touch.
  • Hamburgers seem to bog down the flow of an app. You have to reach for the menu, wait for the animation to finish, re-orient yourself, search for what you're looking for, wait for the animation to finish, and finally you're where you want to be. Want to go to another screen? Instead of a simple tap or swipe, you have to repeat the process all over again. Blah! Plus, what if you wanted to add a back button? Where would it go? After the hamburger menu? Before the hamburger menu? Just doesn't work. Plus we all know that drawers accumulate junk. Can't decide the best way to integrate a feature into your app? Ahh... throw it into the hamburger menu junk drawer!
  • Too bad the WC fan boys love It with a passion.
  • I was actually just referring to the visual style of the button... : /
  • Hope windows 10 cum out in June
  • Haha he said cum LMFAO
  • LMAO
  • Hope it cums all over your face and in your mouth but you didn't like it.
  • YESSSS.... That new outlook app with the comands on the bottom is SEXAYYY
  • Hamburger is fine, I just need to be able to access it by swiping from the left edge. The Tapatalk app is a good example of this working well.
  • With the revelation of tools making it easier for dev to port iOS and Android apps...this is crystal clear.  No problems with this.
  • sounds good, if they keep hamburgers and top buttons as completely redundant functions in relation to swypes and bottom menus then I'm ok with this
  • The hamburger menu still doesn't fix the problem that it makes all desktop applications look downright plebian. Microsoft has moved into this world where the power user does not exist. This of course gets them more sales for now, but apple already has the fisher-price developer market cornered. Google has the love of the more serious developers. Considering that the fisher-price developer will never in a million year leave Apple, Microsoft's only option was to compete with google for the more serious developers who like to see a beautiful crap-ton of buttons and dropdown options and little to no blank space in an endless sea of data. Since they're not doing that, they only have the endless stream of retarded developers like me who can barely code a fart button. This shunning, and downright hostile environment for power users will kill windows. Apple's osx continues to grow alarmingly fast and it will only kill windows faster as Apple continues to offer people a powerful complement to their iphone that microsoft does not offer for their phones and androids. Just look at the new photos app and the live photos program from many years ago. That program was very lacking in options back then, when compared to other, free options for photo management out there. But compared to the new photos app? It's so robust that it makes my eyes water. What about music management? Even iTunes, though slow, bloated and tacky, has more management options coming out of it's ass compared to xbox music. Microsoft likes to tout how it's platforms are for "creation," but it's UI is extremely unsuited for creation unless you're finger painting. The windows UI is purely a consumption UI with hidden menus everywhere and big, kindergarten buttons. Look at Spartan's right click menu: TWO option!! IE as it stands has over a dozen options. ios, android and chrome of are much like Windows 10 - consumption UIs. But they complement that with extremely powerful OSes in the form of linux and osx. Windows 10 will make my half-retarded mother happy. But Microsoft needs to attract the developer that knows how to use a computer. The developer that will be offended when you offer them a toy and tell them that it's not a toy. They need to attract the power user more than the average user. Even the average user can tell when a platform is useless and dead because no one makes programs for it. Especially nowadays when linux and apple are so easy to use.
  • Fisher price developers lmao I like this post
  • Very good points. Travelling with a Surface RT I was extremely frustrated by the poor state of Windows 8 for media creation. Windows Live Photo Gallery on Windows 7 was halfway decent, it had non-destructive editing and even face detection. The Photos app is less powerful than the Lumia photo editor on my phone. MS were supposed to be catching up to iLife, instead they threw it away. They have a serious problem that you've identified: who is supposed to use their software? Macs are now a better choice for average Jane at home, and serious content creators now have Autodesk and Adobe working well on OS X. So which audience can MS target? Office workers and people using netbooks to browse facebook. Chromebooks threaten the latter and at uni, students are wooed to Macs and are reluctant to use PCs at work. Microsoft can't rely on Office forever. They have to start releasing feature complete Windows. No more it's coming in the next version!
  • Fine so, regardless of feedback, hamburgers are here to stay... Then at the very least would be nice if they could be accessed through a swipe (half swipe from left to right) rather than having to tap on the menu.
  • The mailbox UI looks elegant..much better that what we have now at 8.1..wooow..
  • M happy with hamburger menu, just want swiping gestures back.
  • Cool
  • Still stupid that Microsofts Hamburgers for Android are swipeable und those for Windows aren't!
  • They are listening, but:
    - The People app's final layout still needs work - too much stuff going on at the top seems like wasted space and the full screen color will surely blind my eyes in the dark.
    - Circles render poorly on anything but high-res screens and given MS' recent ventures in the low end area...
    - I really love the Calendar portrait week view that already exists. They should definitely include it too.
  • Owk release,another build already for phones and fix more bugs
  • ..and I'm definitely going to wolf a few hamburgers at the nearest mcd's today
  • We're making it possible for an app to have both hamburger and pivot controls—but to display the right control at the right time on the right device.
    You f*cking better!
  • They really good at developing OS but really bad at designing OS :/
  • Does Windows 10 allows users to have two rows on 5 inch devices or are we stuck with three like in Windows 8.1. Someone help me.
  • I had never realized how nice having things like actions and address bars and such at the bottom of the screen was until Windows Phone. They were able to do great things on trying to bridge that app-gap yesterday, so it gives me more hope that W10fp won't be as awful as the preview has appeared.
  • Geez Louise all the negativity in these comments! I see this as a best of both worlds! Keep what's good, add what the other guys are doing well that you're not. What's the problem? I'm EXCEEDINGLY happy and pleased and excited by what Windows 10 is shaping up to be, what it will mean for the Microsoft ecosystem, and what it'll mean for the computing and mobile world at large (and on a personal note, I will very likely be leaving Android and MacOS for it in the next year or so). ...I mean, unless you WANT to stay at only 3% market share with more app developers leaving than coming. If that's what you want, then yeah, all these changes are a horrible idea! Long live Windows 8! Fact of the matter, the hamburger menu that everyone is going bonkers over is neither going to be the salvation or the damnation of the platform and everyone who's saying... or even implying either of these LAUGHABLE HYPERBOLES....frankly....needs to shut up! But the hamburger menu, for all the blowing out of proportion it's received (...or if you will..."the Super-sizing of the hamburger"...yes, yes, I came up with that all by myself) is just one piece in a panorama of significant changes that I think are overwhelmingly positive, are going to net result in growth and improvement for the platform, and as such, I embrace them. And besides, even with as much as 10 is changing things, I can tell you as one who comes from an Android and iOS background (who's typing this on Android as we speak, in fact)...MUCH LESS is changing than is staying relatively, or even exactly the same. It's not Windroid, it's not WinOS, it's Windows! If you don't like it then just don't upgrade. Then you'll be part of an even more "elite" group than 3%! As for me and my house, I say bring it! :-D Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • its an interesting read but i am more into the phone they have used to show it , i guess it is in an initail phase but it looks like the new flagship may use design clues from 640 and 640XL. on screen buttons are prominent. less bezels are always welcome. Also there is a dedicated camera button key if on the right side of the phone.
  • There are many good features in windows 10 but it doesn't look fresh due to bad icon design and lack of principles of design. Hope Microsoft will soon bring us a fresh look to the OS.
  • Massaging and settings app were gone
  • Microsoft should add transparent navigation bar, make action centre opaque and download manager on the next build
  • Hey when the final os release for phone. And Plz guys need more apps for windows phone.. Like android users.. Thanks.