Microsoft adds 13 languages and more to Sway on Windows 10

Microsoft has updated its Sway multimedia app for Windows 10 on the PC. The new version adds 13 more languages to the app, along with some other new features.

Some of the new languages supported in Sway include Hindi, Tamil, Cambodian, Thai, Hebrew and French Canadian. Here's a look at what's new and improved in the Sway app for Windows 10:

  • New Languages — Sway now supports 13 additional languages, including right-to-left text direction support. For a full list of languages, see "Supported Languages" on the store listing.
  • Search - you can now search for keywords while editing your Sway so you can easily find and navigate to specific parts of your Sway.
  • Miscellaneous — We've fixed several bugs in this release.

Download Sway from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

John Callaham
  • Showing an ipad and telling about windows 10 app seems logical
  • I think so, the photo should be changed
  • Indeed. Why not show it on a Windows Phone? Oh, wait.... I forgot, they haven't been able to release an app for Windows Phone in the last 18 months since it was promised. Meanwhile iOS is richly served. This is supposed to be the latest addition to the Office suite. It's just shameful that there's no W10M app, let alone WP8.1. Heck, the Web site doesn't even work (for editing my Sways) in Edge on my Windows Phone.
  • It looks like it's going to tip over if you touch the top.
  • Apart from the photo, I'm happy that Thai language is added. Nice one!
  • Can you teach me Thai?  I hope they make bing translator speak Thai soon. In addition, the keyboard on Windows phone doesn't offer suggestions while typing.
  • So let me understand this. Now you can enjoy this so much popular app Sway in Cambodian and apart from French also in Canadian French, but the Polish speech recognition for mobile that was available in WP 8.1, and has been removed from Windows 10, is still unavailable, weeks before Redstone premiere? Seems fair. #corpo
  • Patiently waiting for Dutch Cortana.
  • Any plan for sway windows 10 mobile ?
  • They announced they were making an app 18 months ago. Then they fell silent and have refused to update us as to when we'll get an app. I expect they're working on the Android version first.