Microsoft's new Windows 10 'Video editor' is really just the Photos app in disguise

Users running Windows 10 woke up today with a brand new app in their recently added list on the Start menu called "Video editor" that has caught the attention of many Insiders. Where did this app come from? Why is it in my Start menu? Did Microsoft finally make a video editing app? Turns out, the news isn't all that exciting.

Over night, Microsoft pushed out a new update to the Photos app on Windows 10 that adds a shortcut to the video editing capabilities that are part of the Photos app already to the Start menu. This gives the illusion that there's a new video editing app preinstalled on your device, when in reality it's just a shortcut to an already existing feature apart of Photos.

So, nothing too exciting to see here, unless you're a fan of pinning tiles to your Start menu. You've now got a new Video editor tile to pin, with a nice logo and everything. Do you like this change, or would you prefer Microsoft not automatically add new app listings to your apps list and Start menu? Let us know in the comments!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • In this particular case I think there's value. For general consumers, I don't know if they know about these capabilities. This highlights them and makes them known.
  • Yes they also update the their photos images in store listing page 🙌 to reflect all the changes.
  • Been using it since under the hood app updates, have to say it takes cares of my basic needs.
  • Just found out you can edit videos in the photo app lmao
  • Then this update has done its job! :)
  • But it sounds like the video editing features haven't been separated from the Photos app... Or am I wrong?
  • You're funny Microsoft lol.☺
  • They should separate the video editor from the photos app and optimize both even more.
  • Agreed. Separating them would be good. It's like Outlook Mail, Calendar, and Contacts. Each an app of its own but able to be opened from one another.
  • I 100% agree with u. Photo app needs more speed and optimization, and video editor needs more basics function and stability! Spreding them would help with that.
  • No big deal them adding a tile for insiders. If they do this to the general population there would be riot inducing hysteria across twitter and tech forums for weeks.
  • I agree with you, but the riot would really be the same 50 or so cranks who complain about everything all day.
  • I use Nero. In fact, other than viewing pictures, I use none of the features in the Photos app. The Photos app simply is a convenient way to view pictures from our library, but we typically rely on OneDrive primarily. We already are meticulous in how we manage our picture library, so OneDrive presents it exactly as we have curated it. The Photos app does things we simply don't use nor care about, and it's video features are laughable compared to what we can do in Nero (and even THAT isn't what you would consider a high-end video crafting tool). So, I never noticed the link you're talking about, and it wouldn't matter anyway.
  • Nero is still around? As in Nero burning rom?
  • I'm surprised too I used to use Nero years ago
  • Yes, it is still around, I am not sure how,, I suppose because it offers more than just opticle disk burning. i have the 2016 version and to be honest I see no need to update as it does what I need.
  • This isn't Story Remix?
  • I'm on the regular ol' production release April 2018 Update and I noticed I have a newly installed app called "Video Maker" not "Video Editor." I assume these are the same things? The icon looks the same as the pic in the article.
  • Pretty annoying that MS thinks they needed to reinvent the "timeline" that is standard in most video editors. Way too dumbed down.
  • i suppose Ms did not want it to be a normal video editor, but I do understand where you are coming from.
    i presume MS decided that not enough people was using the software, so that is why they decided to push it with another tile.
  • I rather install Windows Live Essentials 2012 and use Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Mail than those crappy UWP apps.
  • That's what I do, Kadcidxa.
  • Zac, what is that wallpaper? Link pls ;)
  • What a snarky headline for no good reason. It's been discussed at length on numerous Windows-related podcast episodes that while it makes sense for photo and video functionality to be co-located, naming the app is tricky. This change allows folks who're unfamiliar with Windows to easily find video functionality. There's no disguise to it; it's just an ease of use thing.
  • Well, I'm on the latest insider edition (17686) and I don't have this. So is this another one of those things that regular users get, but insiders don't?
  • Good thing to do. I have always said MS needs a video editor, photo editor now, if they can just get a garageband competitor they will be in business for consumers more. I did not know that video editing was built into photos. Thank you MS.
  • If is put onto my machine it will have nothing to link to as I have uninstalled the photo app and use the old Photo viewer instead. I have a video editor an installed, so I do not need MS dumb down one.
  • To even call what the photos app does "video editing" is sad to me. It's a "clip" editor AT BEST - basically a slideshow creator. I still use 2010? 2012? version of Movie Maker and find it to be 1,000 times more useful. I wish they would open source it the way they did with Live Writer. I bet it would get more attention than Live Writer did, because it's still a useful tool that doesn't have a great alternative. Most CMS' improved their own back-ends from the time Live Writer originally came out, but there still aren't powerful yet simple video editors on the market, especially not free ones.