Microsoft's new Windows 10 'Video editor' is really just the Photos app in disguise

Users running Windows 10 woke up today with a brand new app in their recently added list on the Start menu called "Video editor" that has caught the attention of many Insiders. Where did this app come from? Why is it in my Start menu? Did Microsoft finally make a video editing app? Turns out, the news isn't all that exciting.

Over night, Microsoft pushed out a new update to the Photos app on Windows 10 that adds a shortcut to the video editing capabilities that are part of the Photos app already to the Start menu. This gives the illusion that there's a new video editing app preinstalled on your device, when in reality it's just a shortcut to an already existing feature apart of Photos.

So, nothing too exciting to see here, unless you're a fan of pinning tiles to your Start menu. You've now got a new Video editor tile to pin, with a nice logo and everything. Do you like this change, or would you prefer Microsoft not automatically add new app listings to your apps list and Start menu? Let us know in the comments!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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