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Good news to our New York readers as you’ll be gaining access to two new Microsoft Stores at the end of September. We’ve known about these locations for awhile but now Microsoft has made it official...

  • Huntington Station (Walt Whitman Mall), NY
  • White Plans, NY

Both stores will be throwing their doors open on Friday, September 28th. The good news for those of you who can’t be there is we’ll be at the Huntington Station location for coverage of the event. As it so happens, yours truly lives not too far from the new location (Walt Whitman Mall is getting  major makeover as we speak), so we’re personally quite excited about that location coming around. Microsoft recently opened a Store in Boston, Massachusetts store with great success, so it is fitting to see New York get its due.

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Now all that remains is a flagship store in New York City but at least they will have a “holiday store” coming later this fall.

Source: Twitter; Image credit: Microsoft (Facaebook) Thanks, Corepc, for the heads up