Microsoft announces upcoming spring update for Windows 8.1

Joe Belfiore, responsible for Windows Phone and the user experience of Windows 8, took to the Windows blog today to talk about improvements being made to Microsoft's desktop platform. An upcoming spring update for Windows 8.1 was also covered, which will continue to refine the user experience.

"We bet on touch and on mobility in a big way, and included a fresh take on what a touch-based interface could be for customers. We believe deeply in this direction and the future will continue to build on Windows 8."

Belfiore lightly touched on the Windows 8.1 update, which was released within a year in response to both customer and partner feedback. It's no secret that Microsoft is indeed listening to the industry and actively making changes based on suggestions.

We've also been looking at upcoming updates for Windows, which will be released on a more rapid release cycle, according to Belfiore with yet more changes and new features implemented.

The Windows blog post teases some of the new things included in a spring update, titled 'Update 1'. Expect to see this released around the time of Build.

Windows 8.1 Update

To begin, Microsoft will be enabling OEM partners to build lower cost hardware with the same Windows experience at more competitive price points. Think of this as Redmond eyeing up cheap Android tablets.

A large part of the spring update, however will address the continued confusion and stream of complaints surrounding the user interface in Windows 8. Numerous UI improvements are to be included in the update that will make the OS more friendly to those with keyboards and mice, without hampering the solid touch experience.

Don't think of this as Microsoft giving up on touch, as Belfiore reiterates in the post itself. "We still love and believe touch… but you’ll like how much more smooth and convenient these changes make mouse and keyboard use!"

Finally, Belfiore states that Microsoft will be enhancing support for enterprise with 'a few tweaks' as well as features like improved Internet Explorer 8 compatibility in IE11. 

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Source: Windows Blog

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