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Microsoft announces Surface PRO pricing 64GB/$899, 128GB/$999

Although we’re still getting settled in with our Surface RT Tablet, Microsoft has finally dropped info on its pricier and more powerful big brother, the Surface Pro.

The 64GB version will go for $899 and you can double that with 128GB for a hundred more at $999. The Surface Pro for those unfamiliar runs the full version of Windows 8, meaning it can run Windows 7 desktop apps in addition to the new RT ones. It also has some more advanced hardware including the next-gen i5 processor, 10.6” 1920x1080 HD resolution, a USB 3.0 port and a mini-display port.

Those are some significant increases that should make the Pro a faster, more elegant solution for those who need more raw power in a tablet. In addition, you get the newfangled Surface pen for drawing/writing on that new high-resolution display (it includes “palm blocking technology” to make the experience even better).

Of course, that high pricing does not include either the Touch or Type covers, so you can add an extra $125 or so to that above price plus state tax, making the Surface PRO one expensive investment. On the other hand, you are getting a top quality device with what is sure to be high-priority support from Microsoft for years to come.

Release date for the Surface Pro is expected in January.

Update: Microsoft has added the Surface Pro to the Surface Website (opens in new tab).  The page confirms the pricing and the specifications for the Surface Pro.


Source: Microsoft Blog (opens in new tab)

Daniel Rubino
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  • same price as a 128Gb MacBook Air, but it is thinner, lighter, and has higher resolution/ppi  No brainer!
  • But the Air has a cool Apple logo on the back!
  • And the Surface has a COOL Windows logo on the front. 
  • And on the back, too!
  • And the Air has more battery life and keyboard+trackpad.
  • "Up to 5 hours wireless web" according to the Apple site, so maybe not!
  • Native tablet resolution is: 1920x1080 full HD but if you attach an external monitor you can get 2560X1440.... for graphic designers, this is literally a large Wacom tablet since it comes with an active digitizer.... Oh, and I can use this easier in places like the bathroom compared to the macbook air....
  • "Oh, and I can use this easier in places like the bathroom compared to the macbook air...."
    But that's where the macbook air belongs ;) (j/k don't start a flame war plz lol)
    On a side note, *love* the specs of the Pro! Nice job Microsoft :) ! Guess my Christmas gift requests are going to be strictly limited to Microsoft Store gift cards (in increments of $250)...
  • Put windows 8 on the Air, "convergence" solved
  • With an added $100 cost for the copy of Windows, and you still lack a touch screen, and have to deal with a lower res.
  • more like FAIL solved.
  • Display: 1920×1080 vs 1366 x 768.
    Pen Input: Supported and Included vs Not supported.
    Battery: 42 W-h vs 35 W-h.
    Cameras: Two 720p HD vs One 720p.
    Ports: microSDXC card slot vs Non / Non vs Thunderbolt.
    Sensors: Ambient light, Accelerometer, Gyroscope & Digital Compass vs Ambient light.
  • mini Display port vs Thunderbolt
  • I'm running Win 8 on my macbook air. Win 8 works fine, apple's trackpad drivers not so much. Well, they work, but it is a really poor emulation of a regular mouse with a scroll wheel. No gesture support or anything. And it is genereally quite awful. But one gets used to it, but it isn't as good a windows 8 experience as it should be. Everything is much better once I plug in a regualr mouse with a scroll wheel. Sure hope they (apple) will make proper drivers but I won't hold my breath.
    Asides from the trackpad though the hardware is great and it looks good. So if they release a good driver it will be a really good win 8 computer. But now with the surface pro I might sell this guy. That machine looks great. If the Surface pro ever comes to sweden that is...
  • I feel ya on that.  I loaded it on my MBP and the drivers don't work at all.  Really hope they come out with some bootcamp drivers soon.
  • I had the same problem. I now run it in VMWare Fusion and it runs great. It runs in a seperate desktop/space so feels like you have both OS's running nativley at tje same time.
    Well worth the $30 (or whatever it was)
  • You forgot touch and the fact that it is a reasonable tablet (although a little heavy to compete directly with pure tablets).
  • Does that factor in the cost for the keyboard?  I really think that MS should have bundled this since people buying the Pro are looking for a super portable laptop as opposed to just a tablet. 
  • Your comparing a tablet to a laptop and the tablet is still winning.
  • Can we please get this by Christmas!!!!!
  • Super high price?  You kidding me?  The specs are really solid, and coming in a LOT less then a MBA!!!  This thing is going to sell like crazy.
  • If you consider the fact that no keyboard is included then I think you can make an argument that its pretty pricey. The keyboard puts it above 1000 dollars for 64 gigs of space.
  • If you consider the fact that with an MBA, you STILL need to buy and install Windows to run 99% of all programs made, the Surface pro is looking a lot cheaper.
    64GB MBA 11" = 999.  No touch screen, lower resolution, still need to buy Windows.
    128GB Surface Pro = 999.  Higher res touch screen, pen input, thinner, more portable, runs windows software nativly, has external display port.
  • tahts a poor point
  • In your comparison you say that with a MBA you would have to consider that you still have to buy windows.......why would you NEED to buy a copy of windows? OS X runs just fine by itself.
  • I already have 2 surface keyboards ;)
  • Touch screen no need for keyboard
  • Also it is full windows so I can use a usb dock and use a full keyboard, mouse, and bigger screen that I allready have. Not to mention any bluttooth keybaord or mouse which I also have plenty. I am going to use my dinovo logiech keyboard

  • MS didn't included the keyboard just to be cheaper for us. If they sell the 128GB Surface on 1124$ with the keyboard included, the black one and you wanted a different color you are just wasting 125$ for another keyboard.
  • Umm..that's bullshit. They could allow us to build our own packages. And considering how much this thing costs they could've thrown the keyboard in for free (it costs what, $10-15 to produce?). I want to get one of these to replace my laptop but I'm going to need better value before I do.
  • Agreed!
  • not really coming in a lot less, coming in at the same price for the same specs.
  • Did you look at the specs?  
    At the same price (999) you get with the Surface Pro a higher res TOUCH SCREEN, pen digitizer, 1080P camera, TWICE THE STORAGE, mini display port, and native copy of windows that would cost you an extra 99$ on the MBA.  So you were saying about the same specs?
  • And the kickstand exclusively on the surface
  • Couple more differences: - USB 3.0 instead of 2.0 (almost 10x faster) - 10 finger touch support instead of 5 - Core i5   If it's all about price there are other devices like the Yoga 13 or W510 for cheapest full W8 device.
  • BTW, as for me saying "LOT less then an MBA"
    128GB MBA $1099 + $99 for Windows 8 = $1198
    128GB Surface Pro = $999
    Thats $200 LESS then the MBA, and you get MORE.  Anyone want to dispute that?
  • "Anyone want to dispute that?"
    Yes, You didn't add the cost of the keyboard for the Surface Pro--so that's an extra $129 if going for the Type Cover. So now it's like $80 less... Mind you I'm not saying the Surface Pro pricing is bad it's just not super cheap either.
  • First, you dont need the keyboard. Its an optional accessory. Second, its got a USB port, so ANY usb keyboard will work.
  • If you want to do the same types of things as a MacBook Air (content creation) then YES you absolutely have to include the keyboard in the price. The huge upside of the Surface is that it is a really nice tablet when it wants to be, you'd need to strap an iPad on to the outside of a Macbook Air to get the same functionality.  In fact, MS needs to make a commercial of that.
  • Brilliant!  They should hire you for the marketing dept.!
  • are you kidding? If you include Windows in the MBA calc, you have to include the keyboard in the surface pro calc... seriously...
  • Ok, now add to the MBA the price of a touchscreen, 1080P display, pen digitizer, and SD port.  It's no contest. Surface Pro is an insta-buy no matter how you calculate.
  • <double>
  • I think the real point is whether it will do well at this price point. One of those polls may clear that up. IMO, I already forked out similar cash for the Samsung series 7 with win7. Not sure I want to do it again.
  • you can upgrade that series 7 though with 8 and get a similiar experience.
  • That's really my problem. I upgraded the S7 knowing the Surface would just be similar with some newer internals. Not yet seeing a compelling reason to go for the Surface. The price with a touch cover doesn't help too much.
  • then there is no reason to, other than you won't get a cover that has an integrated keyboard.
  • It will definitely sell well. Hell the surface pro has pratically no flaws and it is supperior to pretty much anything out there. Even it´s weakest point (storage) can be easily improved with a micro sd card. I Can´t wait to get mine, It will be awesome for photoshop work and probably quite decent for gaming.
  • Holy shit calm yourself. Spec-wise its great but lets get the thing in our hands before we start lauding it.
  • $39.99 for Windows 8 Pro...Why would you pay full price when you can do a clean install of 8 with the $39.99 upgrade.
  • Since MBA's dont come with Windows, it does not legally qualify for the upgrade.  Yes, im sure you can hack the upgrade onto the MBA, but 99.9% of consumers (Apple customers) wont know how.  
  • Honestly, it's not cheap at all. I was really hoping MS would already get it.
    Yes, yes i know exactly its specs, but when you look something like W700 that's starting price is 799 it makes you think what MS is thinking. I mean they don't need ot pay the licensing costs so i would have expected a bit less from the price,
  • you are comparing an Acer to the Surface...all credibility just went out the window.
  • agree, and the 799 W700 has an i3 not i5 like Surface Pro
  • i expected way more. This thing is going to replace my $1500 laptop. Love it.
  • I think it should come with a keyboard but im sure they will go on sale somewhere for really cheap sometime
  • Yeah I expected the price, but For a 1000.00 I expected the touch cover along with it
  • Considering it's pretty much an ultrabook - it's a great price!
  • This is a good price.  I don't think people realize what a premium product the Surface line is.  The first time I touched one I said "Wow!"  These are better built than anything I have ever used.  Good grief, just look at all the people who have tortured them.  It takes a lot to kill one.
  • This is going to be KILLER! I was just saying to my co-worker that it would be around $1000 since that's the averate price of an Ultrabook. This doesn't look to disappoint. 
  • IMO $899 for the Pro is a fair price given that it is basically a SSD-only touchscreen ultrabook (specs wise), but adds further value thanks to the digital inking (with stylus included no less). I'd definitely line up on Day 1 for this.
  • Saving up now for it.
  • I just want to know battery life. If this is all day ie 10 to 12 hours then its a no brainer. but if it is like 4 hours.....then the Surface RT is the way to go. 
  • Agree!!
  • i think it will be around half winRT. thats what PCs with Win8 are performing atm.
  • The battery is 42 Wh instead of 31.5 Wh for RT so that should help to compensate little bit.
    The Yoga 13 is 54 Wh which is rated up to 7 to 8 hours but then again screen is bigger so maybe around 6-7 hrs.
    The Yoga 13 is $999 is about same price if you add type cover keyboard, but I love portabilty of Surface and you can detach keyboard fully. If this works for you just depends on your needs.
  • According to Microsoft Twitter it's about 4.5 hours (but I'll wait for official test):

  • Someone at Microsoft tweeted that battery life was 1/2 Surface RT, so realistically 4-5 hours.
  • +1
  • I'm not going to buy it, too expensive for my blood, but i dont think it's a bad price
    seems on par with the competition, I just dont have a need for it to justify $900
  • The price isn't that bad.
  • For you. Other people don't see the value.
  • I'm surprised it's this low however I doubt it will translate to quite the same low price once it hits the UK.
  • The RT translates pretty much 1:1 (plus VAT) at 699 vs £559 so I'd guess the Pro 128 will come in around the £ 750 mark
  • Rt without touch cover is $499 - £399 that's 80%
    So I guess pro 128 will be $999 - £799.
  • I think its a fair price, it costs the same as the 11.6" 64gb i5 MacBook air. Has a better screen then air, though lacks keyboard.
  • I don't know who monitors this, I have a question to be investigated.  Will the Surface RT keyboards work with the Pro devices? 
    I got an RT at the Build Conference last month, so I wouldn't need a keyboard to finish it out.  There really wouldn't be any point in carrying both the Pro and the RT around.
  • Likewise, as you stated there is no need to carry both, sell the RT to subsidize the cost of the Pro, and keep the keyboard if it's compatible. Easy upgrade at a lower cost that's well worth it.
  • We keep hearing that the PRO will run "Win 7" apps - but I'm a little confused.  Will it run all the legacy apps that I currently use on my XP laptop as well.  The reason I ask is that some of my favorite programs are older and I would be lost without them.
  • that is suppose to be the case, ALL legacy apps are suppose to work, unless its just simply too old, most likely all of xp apps will work.  just call microsoft and tell them the software you need compatibility for, or just make it run in "compatibility mode" either way it'll work
  • Yes ALL x86 apps.
  • yes it will
  • Surface Pro runs an Intel i5 processor (x86).  It'll run everything dated back to Windows 3.1
  • Yes, it should. 
    The Surface Pro is a full blown PC. It's just in the tablet for factor.
  • EDIT: huh, they do have x86 (32 bit windows 8) that's dumb, just move to x64 already.
    Check your software compatibility lists before investing. Alot of old "x86" legacy apps on XP won't run on windows 7 x64 because they rely on x16 or x32 bit DOS or just flip out when they are installing the %program files (x86)% location.
    Trust me. I support a ton of desktops accross a couple hundred clients. stuff doesn't "just work". though "most" things will.
    Edit 2: I didn't spend time on it, but i5 procs are x64 natively, not sure if the pro is running 32bit or 64 bit. That will something to check and will change what programs will and won't run.
  • Any Intel CPU from Pentium4 is X64 natively so that should not matter much. It seems to me that if you are still using 16 or 32bit apps that donot work on moders CPUs you should talk to the dev or take a har look at yourself for using this outdated stuff.
  • The problem isn't if the processor is x64. The problem is if you are running the 64-bit version of Windows. At my company there are a few programs written in dos that won't run on 64-bit versions of Windows. So if it's a really old program it most likely won't work. The 32-bit version of Windows 8 will pretty much run everything but will be limited to less than 4GB's of memory.
  • W8 Pro comes with Hyper-V, so I have it running several Virtual Machines with Windows 3.11 (and Excel 3.0), I also have a W95, W98, W2000, XP and Vista, even Ubuntu 7.0; all running x86 apps way back from W3.11.
  • 64-bit versions of Windows dropped support for 16-bit apps, that's why your dos stuff won't run.
  • You also have HyperV on the pro so you can run an XP VM for really old legacy software.
  • I can't wait to see it in action. I want to use it for photography, but it needs to be fast enough to work on huge raw files in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. They showed Lightroom running on it in the first demo, but I want to see it live and try it!!!
  • I'm running Lightroom and Photoshop on my Series 7 Slate with Win 8 on it. It's a Gen 2 instead of Gen 3 i5, and it's very usable. It could be faster, but I say that about everything :)
  • Thanks for the feedback Captain Jack, nice to ear!
  • I only have one question: Will i be able to run the Windows Phone 8 SDK in a Surface Pro? if so, then this thing is a must-buy for me.
  • Yes you can
  • It will have to have virtualization mode of the i5 and safeboot enables and run 64bit OS to do so.
  • I'm really need to confirm this, if it doesn't run the SDK that will be a dealbreaker for me.
  • I am waiting for this!! The RT version is nice but I want one that does everything like the Surface Pro. Hopefully they will release more details soon(battery life, accesssories like docking station).
    Maybe they will have  preorder special like a free touch keyboard
  • Who's start sceen is that?  Looks crowded.
  • Name in the corner says Robert.... Not too crowded either in my my humble, but always right opinion.
  • My names Robert!
  • Damn wish I had the money to buy one
  • No thanks
  • Then why make such a worthless comment?
  • Is it Wi-Fi only like the RT?
  • its a good possibility since its just a pc in tablet form, but u could always u could tether or get some dongle
  • Why limit to Wifi only? Dongles are quite inconvenient to use
  • Hmmmmm far pricing but i dont need pro so keep the pro prices and lower the rt prices by $100
  • Looks like I'll be selling my RT 32gb.  Hopefully I get $400 for it.=/
  • Werd!!! I jumped on the Rt as well!!!! Give me 400 and anyone can have it (no keyboard though need it to go pro!!)
  • If it can use the same touch and type covers that I've got for my RT, then I'm set.
  • Price needs to come down at least $100.  Even though it's a full computer, people will still compare it to the iPad and various Android tablets and their lower prices.  
  • People who compare the pro to an iPad have no business even considering the pro.
  • Agreed!!
    Price is awesome as long as this thing has 5+ hours of life im in.  Glad I held out on the RT.
  • Seem like the 128 GB version is the obvious choice.
    And the price? Did we really thing the OEMs would let it be lower than that? Of course not. Might pick this up on discount when Surcace 2 drops.
  • Too bad it's probably gonna be available in only very few regions like the RT
  • This is the one I have been waiting for.Getting a SURFACE PRO for myself, and a SURFACE RT for my partner. There's a SURFACE for each type of user. I am a POWER USER and need to be able to edit graphic docs, layout, and produce final partner is a CASUAL USER and needs to surf the web, play silly games, and read email....thanks hooked this household.
  • With native support for legacy apps, once accessories become available, if you hook this up to a docking station with a USB 3.0 hub and a BD burner for archival storage, an external drive for backups, bluetooth keyboard and mouse with a nice monitor, this *could* be part of a primary workstation that is also portable when you need it to be. And one other thing it has that a certain other tablet doesn't: microSD card slot for expandable storage on-the-fly! Nice touch MS (no pun intended). In this regard, it probably offers everything a person would need for under $1500. Probably not for the avid gamer but for the other 85%, this could be a *huge* option.
  • Where do I sign?   THIS is worth buying ! Problem with Appl is you need an iPad AND and a MBA... you get all that right here.. :)
    I'm in.
  • With native support for legacy apps, once accessories become available, if you hook this up to a docking station with a USB 3.0 hub and a BD burner for archival storage, an external drive for backups, bluetooth keyboard and mouse with a nice monitor, this *could* be part of a primary workstation that is also portable when you need it to be. And one other thing it has that a certain other tablet doesn't: microSD card slot for expandable storage on-the-fly! Nice touch MS (no pun intended). In this regard, it probably offers everything a person would need for under $1500. Probably not for the avid gamer but for the other 85%, this could be a *huge* option.
  • I'm really wondering how PC gaming will do on these things. I don't expect to be playing Battlefield 3 full-blast, but what about general gaming? TF2? Portal? It'll be interesting to see the reviews.
  • I really want a CloverTrail Surface edition.  I think that would be the perfect blend of hardware and portablitiy.
  • Will the PRO version be avaible worldwide? (i'm from italy and I really would like to have it)
  • I take it you can also run flash and whatever else you want for the browser?  Liking the price, I figured $999 base...
  • Yes, you can in the desktop browser.
  • Keep in mind it is confirmed to have full digitizer/ink support, so just like traditional Tablet PC's, it will support smooth ink in OneNote. This is a beautiful, beautiful thing for those of you that have never seen it. :) It's my one favorite feature of the platform, and I've been using it since 2004. This is a big freaking deal for productivity.
  • +1, I have been using OneNote on TabletPCs since 2005. OneNote is killer app and great way to keep notes, especially great to be able to sync with my WP.
  • Im also guessing that their touch type cover will add an additional battery for longer life and quick recharges
  • wrong.
  • Doesn't come with office or word...I'm still buying it but wasn't happy about this. I assumed it would be included since the rt version of office was included with the surface rt. My fault for assuming.
  • I would love to get it but again the battery life may be an issue.
  • Note that battery is 33% larger than Surface RT. RT battery life will be better but this will compensate. My guess is around 6-7 hours but greatly depends on what you do (web browsing should last bit longer).
  • Someone at Microsoft tweeted that battery life was half that of Surface RT, so more like 4 to 5 hours.
  • Man if this is running the 64-bit version of Window 8 Pro I will be getting one of these.
  • Nice prices, I'll definitely go for the 128GB model.
  • Or you could get 64GB micro SDXC card for about $60. Not as convenient though but you save a little.
  • Yes!  This I can afford.
  • I have the Surface RT because I'm waiting for the Haswell chip to be in the Surface Pro. 
  • Yeah, this is bought.  The pricing was around what I expected.   If it is just as strudy as the RT version I am in. 
  • The price is right for me to upgrade from my 32gb Surface RT to the 64gb Pro. I just need it to take notes with and write code. I've tried the stylus's designed for writing. But without a palm rest for OneNote, I keep inadvertently touching the screen with my hand.
  • I wonder if they are going to drop the price of the surface?
  • I just wish the capacity options were larger.  I would want 256GB of storage.