Microsoft announces Windows 10, the next version of Windows

Microsoft has just announced the next version of Windows. They're not calling it Windows One, or Windows 9, instead Redmond has decided to call it Windows 10.

Microsoft isn't live streaming the event, but invitees are live tweeting the announcement. Microsoft's Terry Myserson is quoted as saying the new Windows has been built from the ground up for a mobile first, cloud first world. The new platform will come with one store for developers to reach consumers across phone, tablet and PC.

What do you think of the Windows 10 name?

More to come throughout the day.

Sam Sabri
  • It's called Windows 10 because 7 8 9
  • As sad as this joke is, I still laughed.
  • Lool
  • "lool"...huh, I've never heard that one before... I don't mean to get off on a rant here, but I guess maybe I'm getting old, or people are getting dumber. Maybe that's not a guess exactly either, I mean with all the surveys & statistics about the U.S.'s dumbness vs. the rest of the world. I can only hope Windows 9, or 10, or whatever it wants to call/market itself as will in someway assist John & Jane Q public in becoming smarter! Obviously all the $$ we spend on education doesn't, hasn't and most likely won't do us as a society anymore help that it clearly hasn't already, thus completing the circle of stupidity when some scream "lets spend more" on education, rather then thinking about how we should just re-think how we teach young people in the 1st place. I feel like a negative Nancy typing this right now, but I just come across this ALL THE TIME, like bad Asian drivers on the roads or young chicks texting while driving a 2 ton automobile down the highway @ 50mph oblivious to the rest of the world or what she should be actually concentrating on in that very moment, vs. the "important tweet" shes casually reading about how Ricky Lake lost 20 pounds of fat recently...
  • It is sad if you've ever seen reboot
  • Rip in peace 9 :(
  • We will remember a number......9
  • Cool and unexpected. Its 'One' more than '9'... Hope in functionality and services too;)
  • rip already has in peace in it
  • It's a joke...
  • sorry, wasn't familiar with that meme  
  • rest in peace in peace is supposed to be funny?  I don't know what kind of jokes folk around your area come up with, but they don't sound all that funny...
  • If you are familiar with 9gag-reddit-meme center,you would get it,it is used by stupid people,apparently,rip=rest in peace,but they write it"rip in peace" so its a trend in the community and yes we laugh about it
    Captain out.
  • If they said that I would have keeled over
  • I was thinking the same
  • Hahaha! You just won the internet, my friend!
  • check it. Its kind of live too
  • Should it say -windows-10-event.....catch up lol
  • Is it magical... :P
  • YOU should replace Microsoft's whole marketing team, because you have just owned them :D
  • The Windows marketing 'team' is an overweight poodle.
  • This was great
  • You win. GG
  • Upvote
  • Lol great one!
  • Thats a master piece lol
  • Win 10 implies a major departure from Win 8 which wasn't well received. Additionally, it creates a sense of urgency for the average consumer to upgrade if they're still on Windows 7. It gives the sense that they are way behind in versions. Brilliant marketing and sales strategy.
  • Plus it just sounds cooler than 9. And you can start saying Windows X.
  • Please, not another product numbered X. Apple already did that, as did numerous other software companies who made it up to version 10.
  • Yeah great point here. +1
  • I think they skipped 9 in case of failure, to prevent Windows 95/98 jokes.
  • I don't get it :(
  • 7 8 9 as in 7 "ate" 9
  • Oh, I see. Sort of like 0u812...
  • Zero you ate twelve? lol jk :P 
  • One more time. Oh, You Ate One Too?
  • Thank you =)
  • 80085
  • Lol
  • LOL
  • Can someone please explain the joke? Honest question...
  • 7 ate 9
  • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • The 7,8,9 is meant to be read as "seven ate nine", that's why 9 was skipped. It was eaten....
  • Hahahaha, good one then. Thanks!
  • ::EDIT:: I understood now... :)
  • It's an old kid pun joke. It goes, why was 6 afraid of 7. Because seven ate(eight) nine.
  • Despite being a super lame pun, that was very appropriately used. 1000 internet points to you.
  • Windows 8.1 was not a simple update. They are counting as 9 version. So, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 (9), Windows 10.
  • Man, flawless victory.
  • Perfect!
  • It took me song long to get that but I laughed Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Me too. It's more of a verbal joke methinks.
  • It would have been better to say that Windows 8 9...
  • Vote down
  • Ok, I voted you down like you told us to do.
  • Lol I had to laugh for that joke
  • I don't care who you are or how old that joke is, that's funny.  I think it's actually more funny because of how old the joke is.
  • word
  • Wut?!
  • Well... it's the only explaination that actually makes sense on why they'd skip 9... LOL
  • I laughed.
  • Hahahaha
  • Skip 9?
  • Well, 8.1 was a pretty big update. Maybe they're counting that as "9"? *shrug*
  • Because there was 8.1 as the 9th version of windows.....
  • because 8 + 1 = 9.
  • And 1+1=window(s)! you draw it all in 1 box, and you'll see I'm right :P
  • I have a problem with that because windows 7 is actually 6.1. 8 is 6.2, and 8.1 is actually 6.3. I suspect this is 6.4. Maybe 6.4 = 6+4=10?
  • Well, go get a hug
  • Yes you are correct lol but that is the Windows NT kernel number upgrade path. Since Windows 200 MS has been giving the consumer OS a different name/number Windows 10, depending on how much work the kernel got could actually jump from NT 6.4 to 7.0 depending on them really
  • It wasn't that big az all. It was Windows 8 SP1
  • Yeah Windows Phone 8.1 def should have been Windows Phone 9, but then Windows 8.1 was more what Windows 8 should have been.... still it's a massive update, one OS everywhere, taking the best of WP, RT and Windows 7 & 8 plus a raft of new features. I'd say that allows for skipping 9. Plus 9 is an unlucky number in Japan (no 9th floor in high rise buildings) so it makes sense in a weird way to skip version 9. I am happier with 10 than One, TH or any other made up name, it follows on and is logical (ish).
  • Yeaaaaah!
  • Weird, didn't see that coming...
  • Seriously I think this will confuse the regular consumer
  • Nah windows one would have windows 10 not. But what a suprise.
  • Agree
  • No.. The average consumer doesn't known what the current version is... Not an issue.
  • Windows just went into hyper drive and we're in the future! Bill Gates billionaire whiz boy does it again!
  • Yep.. They finally did it.. They merged everything into one OS... I'd like to see Android compete with a WP10 device that's pretty much literally a pocket PC now.
  • The ultimate OS showdown has started
  • It's already been started.. And Android is winning... Lol!...
    More like the ultimate OS showdown has gotten more interesting...
  • More like Android is not a desktop operating system.
  • NIST I think were past the point of arguing about which is a desktop OS, or not, or if that matters.... And, that's really irrelevant now considering the fact that Windows is now modeled the same way as iOS, and Android...
    $$$$$ is what matters. And, Android is the OS, wait... How does that work now that WP merges with Windows?.... I'm confused about technically how the market share situation works now..
  • Lol do we really want to resurrect the Pocket PC moniker? Android is already competing handily, and winning in mobile, due to its wide 3rd party developer support. Does this mean Facebook can be bothered to build an app for Windows now?
  • They have one. They need a universal one though.
  • Facebbok has already built an app for Windows. Your ignorance just proves the fact that most if the people who hate Windows 8, knows nothing about it.
  • Yep, these people just want to hate and spread false info.
  • When they combine all os together its a win win see by bring them together there going to be sharing on store and also market share since windows 8.1 is already double digits in market share and if windows can win back windows 7 fans with windows 10 then it will bring the market share up for the entire os since there combined now and since more market share more developers and since there is one store that helps people out on phone tablets and pcs brilliant move
  • Exactly!!
  • Lol!.. Yeah.. But, WP should be considered the ultimate pocket PC, and with it now running 100% PC code it really is... Now, we just need to see the features...
    As far as WP is concerned... It's all new from the core up, but the WP8.1 features, and interface will be ported over to the new OS, which is still the same as the old OS, so I can run WP8 apps all the same... The average consumer that gets upgraded to WP10 won't even know the difference, besides the obvious differences..
  • Exactly, regular consumer knows nothing. At best they'll go "oh Windows 10, i'm only on 7, I better upgrade".
  • No they do know that they are using Windows 8 which came after Windows 7. Man, why do people always assume average users are stupid?
  • Not stupid just unaware
  • If One can come after 360... 10 sure as hell belongs after 8 :)
  • Just like National park came after cat lol
  • I imagine they'll think "I heard windows 8 was bad, windows 10 must be two times better! So much better!"
  • True.
  • But the even numbers are bad, I thought...
  • Agree, odd number works for ms all the time
  • Then they are too easily confused.
  • I mean, it follows no logical sequence; but its not bad, per se.
  • 10 breaks the single digit threshold?
  • Lets look at the progression, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 95, 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1..... It's not like they are really following one sequence anyways.
  • Lol, that's true.
  • You got that wrong Classic: 1, 2, 3, 3.1, 95, 98, ME => DEAD because Widows ME was the last version of windows classic. NT: NT3.1, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, ...
  • Meh, you still prove my point. Thanks!
  • Hehe...
  • Windows 1, 2, NT 3, NT 4, 2000 (5), XP (5.x), Vista (6), 7 (6.1), 8 (6.2), 8.1 (6.3), and now 10 (6.4? 7?).  After NT4.x  the name of windows is merely a sellable collection of features or UI changes, not a revision number.  While 'Windows 10' is kind of annoying from a technical standpoint, it is probably a good move on the sales front as I think the win10 name will be with us for a very long time (longer than XP I suspect). Windows 95, 98, and ME were not Windows proper, but were a windows shell masked over Dos. While consumers used it, they are not really part of the windows family by anything other than name.
  • You forgot windows 95, 98 & ME
  • This was my thought process too. IDC what the build number is, what's the version number of the new kernel?...
  • And the threshold codename confirms in retcon
  • I like that!
  • Maybe it's a way of saying were done cathcing up.. and are far ahead now..
  • I think they are aligning the name with the build numbers.
  • 10 devices for windows, that's why it's W10
  • Crazy.... WP10? Ok, well, whatever. I guess❓
    So, every third versions of WP/ WPC is going to be all new from the ground up?... Well, I guess as long as the apps still work... But, now I'm not too sure if my Lumia 1520 will run "WP10"... Oh well, still better than the amount of support Android devices get... Nevertheless, with no new flagship devices this fall MS had better make it's few current ones compatible with WP10. Seriously, I don't see why they wouldn't be from a hardware standpoint.
  • Trust me they'll be compatible. Try not releasing a flagship amidst the mass of competing devices AND tell consumers their devices won't be compatible...Microsoft ain't that crazy.
  • It would, But people who dont know anything, like first smartphone buyers wouldn't buy or rather hesitate to buy WP8 running devices due to "This came with WP8, not sure if it would run WP10, anyways.. Let me just buy an android.." I may be a bit too far off.. But seeing the people around me... I feel that'd be a chance
  • Not that crazy anymore.
  • They didn't say that your device won't be compatible?
    But why do you think that? I think if Windows RT 8.1 can run smoothly on a quad core S800, so I don't see a reason why the next version of WP won't run on flagship phones...
  • I never said that it definitely wouldn't be compatible.. Actually, I said that it most likely would be compatible.
  • By the time the next Windows comes out, your 1520 will be 2 years old :)
  • Exactly
  • Nobody expected that...!
  • I don't think it will confuse anyone really, new is new and windows X will be the new one.
  • I think its because of the final windows no. release cuz there was a rumor that this might be the last Windows with numbering and this will be updated every month or two in adding new features....
    Just my two cents
  • Windows 7 was the last release of windows. Then Windows 8 was the last release of windows. Do you really believe that windows 10 is the last release? NO I think not!
  • I've never heard of people saying 7 or 8 were the last release. The fast update thing happened last year. So, he might be right. If windows get updated constantly and will be receiving new features, not just bug fixes, than they can't keep updating the name.
  • No one ever said Windows 7 or 8 would be the last version/release of Windows. Windows 10 will however be the last BIG release. Everything after will be small incremental changes just like Apple's OSX. It's the right way to do it. And avoid the "shock" factor to consumers that previous versioning did. It also elliminates their ongoing struggle to get people off age old versions like XP.
  • "Q: Now it's Windows 10, will we see future versions named after big cat?
    A: Probably not" Source: Theverge, live blog
  • I think they wanted to name it 9, but people figured it out and instead they called it 10. Sneaky sneaky
  • Ha ha you guessed it.
  • They probably got Shyamalan to direct the event
  • Where is windows 9???
    I think bcoz some people were debating between windows 9 and threshold they came up with windows
  • Yeah! Nothing wrong with bold moves..
  • Lol wait until fanboys start claiming they are imitating apple for following osx
  • It is kinda funny there's osx, BlackBerry 10 and now Windows 10 lol Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • I would like te see the features in this version
  • Nice, don't mind the 10 :)
  • Why?
  • That threw everyone off lol
  • Should have called it Windows 11, for when you need that little extra push over the top... :)
  • Windows One One
  • Laughed harder than I should with this!!!
  • Yeah, "Windows one" wld have been cool.. Didn't see that coming.. Not bad though.
  • Well they say every other version since we skipped 9, does that mean this one will blow major donkey balls?
  • Well actually it's 7 8 8.1 9 10 so they skipped the one that "Blows major donkey balls" and brought 10 that would be "freaking amazeballs"
  • Fudge
  • Where's the live blog guys?  
  • I am on this one. I meant from WPCentral, where is the WPCentral live blog?
  • Guess, they weren't invited to the party
  • Yeah probably.
    Not much of party though :P
  • Version numbers have been skipped before... Usually 13 though! I think maybe this is good, I'm glad there will be massive unification :)
  • Windows 7 8 8.1=9 and now 10
  • Haha, very clever Microsoft. They essentially already told us this as X is 10.
  • I guess that's all right, but I kind of liked the sound and look to Windows 9.
  • Microsoft has made yet another blunder in naming their products.
  • Leap forward in technology for windows...i love it
  • There goes Microsoft confusing folks again.
  • Are they counting windows 8.1 as 9?
  • Knowing Microsoft's tradition of confusing their customers, we should have known better than to expect 9, TH, or anything logical like that :)
  • So when do we get windows 10 and denim for Lumia phones ?
  • I know right... When are we?
  • Same time we get Lumia 1040. Im assuming we're skipping L1030.
  • With 120 megapixel camera.
  • So... We are going to see a lot of people complaing about the '10'.
  • Wtf?
  • Yes! I love it!
  • Windows 10....... it's cool but...9 is better..... When it gets to ten... Then they should find a code name for it
  • This seems so random
  • Odd choice. I wonder its BC they consider 8.1 as another release (hence being the "9th" itineration?). I would have considered 8.1 as more of a "Service Pack 1" and Update 1 as a "SP2" rather than a "9th" full released version. Well I hope either way they will deliver the goods.
  • I forgot to add that I had no issues updating to Windows 8.1 via Windows Store. I think its brilliant because the Store is where the next Windows Version should be purchased (whether it be free in this instance or not). I only see Windows Updates as only a means for added features and security fixes to a currently installed version a user is running. Windows Store should only have the next complete version of Windows showcased there.
  • Maybe it's binary, and the name is really Windows 2! :)
  • There are 10 kinds of people who will understand your post. Those who do and those who don't.
  • We are in the '10s of the 21st century, so yes, it's logic :)
  • So no updates till 2020? :O :P
  • Considering they actually had Xbox and then Xbox 360 and then Xbox one, this isn't a surprise.
  • Oh god please enlighten them whoever names products at microsoft. Half of Microsoft's rectification problem will be solved. Save us from all these numerical naming. 1020,530, 8,8.1,6+_+=. Just want a sweet name instead, leave numbers for internal coding
  • *sigh* This.
  • Well they tried with Vista. c:
  • Well name had no role in poor reception of Vista imo
  • Maybe cause it's so good it's like two versions in one?
  • Great twist at the end... No one ever thought of this naming windows 10...
  • Woohoo, I'm excited!
  • I think they have done the right thing. Because most of the people wanted windows one, but instead they used one and a zero...and that is the
  • Should have been 101 close to lol coz Microsoftians might be laughing at us for coming with one, X, 9 TH etc
  • Hahaha, yeah!!!
  • I hope by the time Windows 10 ships they do a complete overhaule of all the desktop Icons. We want Metro Icons on the desktop God damn it!
  • Because 9 would be too mainstream
  • maybe we just need to read this not in decimal to make sense. Binary, Hex?
  • There are 10 kinds of people. Those who understand binary, and those who don't.
  • ...and I loled at that.
  • Am I drunk or what. .
  • what.
  • Lmao well I can truly say I never saw that coming.
    I don't care about the name so long as it's good but wtf 10!
  • Because 10 is better than 9
  • The way I see it, Microsoft wants to make Windows 7 look old so hopefully they switch to modern Windows...   Also, can we expect download links to preview version today?
  • Yes, at the end of event.
  • I guess 8.1 was considered to be Windows 9
  • Not that confusing. Is 10 a higher number than 8? Yup! Therefore to the average consumer 10 is automatically a newer version of Windows. It's surprising but not a big deal and certainly less confusing than throwing .1 after 8.
  • Most important: One STORE!
  • What happen to my metro?
  • I agree,
  • That is good
  • Literally LOLd
  • Excited much!
  • MS put ver. 9 to Threshold and got ver 10!
  • Does that mean the next WP version will be WP 10 ?
  • I would expect the next version of WP to not be called WP, just Windows 10.     Bob
  • No, just Windows 10. They're dropping "phone" which makes sense with the unification that is Windows 10.
  • There will be no Windows phone...
  • It's just like when they went from xbox to 360
  • Here's the live blog.
  • I'm shocked, but then who would have expected this? Consumers will be confused, thinking they missed a version. Though I hope they'll understand Windows 10 is a BIG update.
  • You don't care if you missed a version, you just want the latest one.
  • 10 ??
  • Full under stable. Windows 7, 8, 8.1 (9) and now 10. 8.1, because although it had something new for everyone (PC, RT and Phone) it wasn't much different to be called 9. 10 is perfect.!
  • It was to stop another German City from defecting to Linux and open source. "Windows? Nein!"
  • Hahaha...
  • Hahaha trolled!
  • We all got trolled by MS!
  • Nein nein nein windows nein..... Windows tens nein?
  • Nevermind the name, just wanna know when it will be available for general consumer.
  • Sometime in the spring or early summer of next year.     Bob
  • Your username is stated, Bob.
  • I didn't expect that they would name it that way, even if you can think of 8.1 as another Windows version it still is 8.1 and not 9. I really was shocked for a moment, since I really hadn't expect a naming like that. But well, it's not the name that matters, it's the OS itself. ^^ Go Win10, Go Win10^^
  • I thought it was something like Th?? Not very impressed.
  • It would be interesting to see if windows phone's next version will be WP10
  • I guess th was abbreviated from 10th???? Lol didn't see that coming..
  • Confirming once and for all that MS can't count and is terrible at naming stuff.
  • Windows 10 to match Apple's OS X I guess. Because you know...Apple invents everything and everyone has to copy them. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • And what about Windows Phone's next version. Will they call it 10?
  • 20
  • Loving it....Microsoft seems to be getting there head straight
  • Microsoft took us all by surprise, this was the least anyone expected :D
  • NEW ABREVIATION! WINX! Oh crap, doesn't work...
  • It will be called as Windows X,'X' in roman letter means TEN
  • Wtf happen to 9
  • I think people have forgot about the XP, Vista, 2000...
  • I was hoping the ads would feature "Revolution No. 9"...
  • No one expected that
  • i would just prefer Windows , well it's Windows 10, let's hope later updates would make it just Windows
  • Not sure what to think. I can't see the event.
  • Just call it 'Windows X'. (Roman numeral for 10)
  • No please not that's osX like... Don't go fruity
  • They said updates would be coming faster. We've already reached Windows 10.
  • Haha :D:D
  • Giggle
  • Haha awesome marketing! Nice, Microsoft! Nice.
    Win10 makes totally sense. Looking forward to seeing more :)
  • I was expecting such naming for next version of Windows.
  • I sense competition with a fruit company that runs something called Yosemite-- now we have Window 10.... odd move Microsoft. Should we call this Windows 10 - Mount Rainier?
  • Windows 10 - Yellowstone
  • Windows 10- Darude- Sandstorm
    Seems faster
  • Skip 9 and straight to 10
  • No one's right!! Its 10! Hhaa! Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I think Microsoft is using the Common Core method of counting.
  • What the hell happened to 9?
  • Windows 10
    ... It's not for women
  • Keeping the charms!!! Yes
  • Lmfao
  • I'm sure they just didn't want a bunch of Hitler style nine nine nine memes
  • Wow. Windows 9 must have sucked so bad, not even Microsoft liked it. lol.
  • Shit
  • Good, I like even numbers. :)
  • Just call it Windows X
  • Sadly, this will do nothing but confuse the public.
  • Cloud 9 - George Harrison so therefore Windows 10 :-)
  • Sound good but what about Windows phone? Windows phone 10 or Windows 10 for phone?
  • Just "Windows 10", on any device
  • That sounds awful for Windows phone version.
  • Oh..o .. They forget to add 1 to windows 8.. Lols
  • If you are confused, please reply with your real name under this one, I'm collecting signatures! Thank you!
  • It's just a name, seriously
  • One store to rule them all.... Awesome
  • I give it a 10!
  • Windows 1 ->Good Windows 2.0 -> Shit Windows 2.1 ->Good Windows 3.0 -> Shit Windows 3.1 ->Good Windows 95 -> Shit Windows 98 ->Good Windows Me -> Shit Windows Xp ->Good Windows Vista -> Shit Windows 7 ->Good Windows 8 -> Shit Windows 8.1 -> Good Windows 9 -> Skip the shit Windows 10 -> Good Thats the logic! Got it?    
  • Awesome comment!
  • That means no more bull-shit
  • Holy s***! This is it!
  • Lets hope so! I for one am sick of hype. Just make a simple and stable OS please with no hoops!
  • you missed 2000
  • Haha :D
  • The way I see it
    -> Something new
    -> Improve
    Windows 9 -> Not even number for enabling upgrades without upheaval
    Windows 10 -> Improve
    Windows 10.1 > Smaller improvements
  • Windows X ...cause yolo
  • color me not impressed with windows 10 so far
  • Go get a life!
  • Wut the fu...
  • Great decision! I hate 9 as a number anyways... 10 Ftw!
  • Awesome!
  • Its built up from ground for mobile and cloud first.....that seems real interesting. This is going to be awesome I hope.
  • This is the 13th major version of windows so they called it 10 cos of bad luck?
  • It looks to me like they wanted every rumour to be false, so they named it win 10.
    On a serious note what will the next version of WP be?WP 9 or WP 10?
  • MS is terrible with names. From MSN to Bing, back to MSN. This is really stupid.
  • Didn't see that coming.
  • That was unexpected... No one thought of it for sure... 
  • Must be a big leap!
  • Not into chronological...
  • I like the decision. W10 is logical. Nein?
  • The last square number sucked! They've finally learnt their lesson!  
  • Microsoft trolled us.
    They trolled us GOOOOD!!!! hahhahaha windows 10 it is then
  • Every one here are addressing the naming... What about the fact that they will aggregate the stores for PC, tablet and phone?
  • I've seen some of the leaks and I agree that this is perhaps what W8 should have been. But the thing is it wasn't. I actually love W8 and dint want it to change. How is W10 going to look on my Surface Pro 3? I think bulky and a step backwards to Windows Mobile days. I dunno about all this!
  • I guess I can't blame them for not providing a live feed for the event
  • Lets hope they don't botch this one too
  • XP and 7 nearly stable versions... Rest of this totally different compilations. That's system turn around in the one place.
  • Why
  • Not Win X?
  • Windows 10 is the next version of the phone OS as well read it from the verge live event stream
  • Why not 11? Wtf?
  • I literally laughed out loud, left my desk and went to the Director of Technology Support Services in comical disbelief! We both stood there laughing!!!!! It is as if Microsoft "stuck it to the man" as in, all of the Windows 8 haters in the media that told users to skip Windows 8 and wait for Windows 9 and also proclaimed Windows 9 to be the best thing ever. Microsoft said "We will show you!" Wow, I feel much better after a literal LOL.
  • LOL
  • They just said Windows 10 is the next version of Windows "Phone" it just wont have a desktop.
  • I'm thinking why didn't they call you ppl from WPCentral
  • Microsoft wtf?
  • Weird
  • Wow, windows phone will be windows 10. Exciting!
  • That's my concern, I don't think current WP devices will be updated
  • And I think they will, but neither of us know for sure. But based on the fact that MSFT said what happened from WP7 to WP8 won't happen again leads me to believe I'm right.
  • "It's our intent is to make this update for the vast majority of devices." - MSFT in response to 10 updating on current devices.
  • So I guess we can just hope for the best now
  • Sweet
  • Sad that they brought back the Start Menu...
  • I thought the name will suit. Caz.. 8.1 is 9 itself
  • At last!!! One damn store for all OS!
  • It's like naming movies in India. Koi Mil Gaya, Krrish, Krrish 3, makes u wonder where the eff did Krrish 2 go... Now the same with Windows, where the eff did 9 go?
  • What next..? Windows10central...??
  • I hope we get a free OS upgrade in our phones and surface tables.
  • Not a fan of this. They say its rebuilt from the ground (which I doubt it). From the amount of changes (not many) expected it should be 9... or even 8.2
    Unless they surprise me.
  • Absolutely love it. It's been a while since Windows marketing team wowed me. They just did. Excellent marketing technique. Basically signally that it's two steps ahead from the previous W8.1. I hope it really is a leap ahead in terms of functionality and stability. Thumbs up MS!!
  • I'm just so sickened over what I saw.  There is no way in hell I'm going to use Windows 10.  It is a disgusting, chaotic mess that has completely puked all over where I had HOPED Windows was going.  I'll be sticking with Windows 8 as long as I can.
  • Windows 8.1 is the War Doctor (Whovians will get this)
  • Nice!
  • Except Windows 10 is like the new Doctor....HORRIBLE.  I gave it three episodes and I can't stand to watch it anymore.  Similarly, I'm not lowering myself to Windows 10.
  • Only proof that Microsoft cannot count. Xbox/Xbox 360/Xbox One?
  • So was RT Windows 9 then?
  • turns out this silly april fool's joke wasn't so silly after all! Either that, or Microsoft is so silly that even they themselves felt for it :P
  • If every second windows are good, than it doesn't mean anything good
  • so it was pretty entertaining seeing the screen announcing "Windows 10", and below that you see and embedded device, a phone, a phablet, a mini tablet, a normal tablet, a convertable, a laptop, a desktop, and an Xbox... 9 devices!  Why not toss in a HTPC, or all-in-one, or something to make 10 devices for Windows 10...
  • Ayayay, good luck!
  • What does Windows 10 mean for windows phone?
  • The same ugly, chaotic garbage that it means for PCs, laptops and tablets.  It's sickening.
  • Looks like Microsoft's CEO can't count...
  • Only if it serves both corporate and consumer fame builds itself....
  • windows 10 is a major upgrade...huh. whete have i heard that before? (hint mac os X)
  • Windows
  • Windows 10? For how long was U sleeping?
  • These go to 11.
  • Um. Isn't Apple going to be like we hit 10, ten years ago.?
  • Wow. That's just really, really dumb.
  • I dont really like it called 10.. Maybe they should of called it cortana windows haha
  • 10 is 2 in binary. Welcome to windows' second avatar.
  • I think they should have stick to number "9". It would have be sequential and easier. That "0' in 10 will make a lot of confusion and possibly errors later on! They should have picked "9" or "11". I guess MS wanted to catch up to double digit versioning similar to other product versions. 
  • It's really quite simple.  Gordie Howe was #9 and was the greatest hockey player ever.  Out of respect for Gordie, MS decided to skip right to 10.  At least that's what I think...I suppose I could be wrong.
  • Given how badly Microsoft has been at naming things lately, I'll take Windows 10 in a heartbeat.  It implies that it is so big an advance over 8 that they couldn't call it 9.  Microsoft wants enterprise to adopt this version, and I think the name only helps.
  • Forget the name! I have 2 questions : 1.  (Not that important question) Will the next mobile version be also called Windows (Phone) 10? 2.  (Maybe the most important question for me right now) Will Windows 8 users get it for free?
  • MS with confusing naming convention. Imagine that....
  • F*ck 9, who needed it anyway?
  • Good choice.
  • Uh oh. It's even numbered. Tech pundits are already predicting doom and gloom.
  • Customer: I didn't have Windows 9 is Windows 10 hard to use?
    Salesperson: Don't worry nobody had Windows 9
    Customers: Oh really it was that bad?!
    Salesperson: No I mean no one literally ever had Windows 9
    Customers: much was that mac again
  • Why not 12? LOL What's the reason to skip 9? I hope someone at MS got nice bonus for suggesting 10 instead of 9. )))
  • They'll keep 9 out because every second Windows is good. Windows 7 was very good and then 8 was good but to be honest it's have some very stupid aspects, and now... oh wait... 
  • Don't like the name
  • Since no one has said it yet, allow me to troll for once. "Feels Faster" :D
  • Wonder if dev preview for phones will get 10 ahead of schedule
  • Windows 9 + windows one = Windows 10 Amazing..... I'm so Glad... TY Microsoft
  • Can some one please seriously tell me the reason why Microsoft skip no 9..
  • The name is blah but sample screen shots look great! Since W10 will power the phones, I'm very curious what the phone interface will end up looking like. I'd love to be able to snap apps side by side! On smaller phones, it wouldn't be as useful of course, but there's plenty of larger screen Windows phones that could show two apps fine.
  • At this rate, Windows 11 will bring us back to XP and the stupidity will be complete.
  • 1. Windows NT 3.1
    2. Windows NT 3.5
    3. Windows NT 4.0
    4. Windows 2000
    5. Windows XP
    6. Windows Vista
    7. Windows 7
    8. Windows 8
    9. Windows 8.1
    10. Windows 10
  • Eh, who really cares? Microsoft (and others) have toyed with version numbers so much that they have now become meaningless. They could call it "Windows Potato" and it wouldn't matter.
  • Good.
  • Microsoft iso bad with numbers. First xbox 360 to xbox 1 and now windows 8 to 10
  • Well, Windows 10 is unexpected. I think MS overrided the name, Windows 9 beacuse of Windows 8.1. 
  • Windows 10= Windows X. I smell a lawsuit
  • Cool and unexpected. Its 'One' more than '9'... Hope in functionality and services too;)
  • So people will be complaining about the name now instead of the start menu? The internet is funny!
  • Windows 10 ... cause TEN Types of devices ;) from small to XXXL: 1. Windows for Things
    2. Windows for Phones
    3. Windows for Phablets
    4. Windows for Tablets
    5. Windows for Convertibles/Hybrids
    6. Windows for Laptops
    7. Windows for Desktops
    8. Windows for TV & Xbox
    9. Windows for Whiteboards
    10. Windows for Servers / Azure  
  • Is all current Lumia phones will support windows 10, specifically the low end Lumia 520 etc. I wondered if yes
  • It will be delighted to use mobile as pocket pc then
  • Well, ms offers the upgrade to w9... How much for w10 ;)
  • So instead of getting 8.2 or 9.0 in 2014 we'll have 10 in 2015 ? Tricky Microsoft, I understand that they're trying to jump ahead because they have trouble releasing a major update every year and it's another reason for users using Win 7/8 to upgrade if you make them feel like they have an 'old system' (even though this 10 doesn't look that different). I was genuinely excited like never before when 8.0 debuted (it was a huge change, touch is the future and I loved the idea that it's not the bad Windows of the past), now I haven't seen many improvements for my tablet here but it's too early to judge. It would make sense if for example one year 9.0 was a major update that introduces mobile features and the next year 9.1 update was desktop focused, folowed again with 10 being targeted at touch device users and 10.1 being desktop PC improvements etc. So at least every second year people would have a reason to get excited and still have the time to breathe easily and enjoy the purchased hardware.
  •     The name SUCKS!  No originality.