Microsoft Band 2 emoji

Microsoft released a firmware update for its Microsoft Band 2 fitness wearable earlier this week that added features like Auto Pause and support for some Asian character-based languages. However, the update also slipped in an unannounced new feature: support for True Type font rendering, along with the ability to show many common emoji.

As you can see in the photo above, this addition means that people who send common "smiley" emojis can now be shown on the Microsoft Band 2 after the firmware update. However. some of the more uncommon and quirky emoji symbols still can't be rendered yet. Hopefully we will get more updates for the Band 2 that will include additional emoji support, along with the ability to actually send messages with emojis from the device itself.

The Microsoft Band 2 is currently on sale for a limited time for $174.99, which is $75 off its normal price.

See the Band 2 at the Microsoft Store

Via: WinSuperSite

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