Is the Microsoft Band 2 waterproof?

No, the Microsoft Band 2 is not waterproof. The story doesn't end there, however. The Microsoft Band 2 actually meets the IPX7 standard in testing, but Microsoft insists the Band 2 is not intended to be immersed in water. If you try and it breaks, it won't be covered by the warranty.

IPX7 means protection against temporary immersion in water at a 1-meter depth for 30 minutes, but Microsoft does not recommend you trying that. The good news is that light rain and hand washing shouldn't harm your Microsoft Band.

Here are some important notes from Microsoft:

  • Your Band is not waterproof. Light rain and handwashing shouldn't harm it, but do not immerse your Band in liquids of any kind. Do not wear your Band while swimming or in the shower.
  • Your Band is dust- and water-resistant but not waterproof. Wet environments may damage it.
  • Your Band isn't intended for swimming. Remove it before swimming for recreation or fitness.
  • Your Band isn't intended to be worn in the shower or tub. Remove it before showering or bathing.
  • Your Band is intended for indoor/outdoor use in the presence of rain, snow, or brief splashes of water.
  • Microsoft doesn't guarantee that your Band will operate normally if you use it in water or other liquids. It may be damaged if water enters it.
  • If your Band has been immersed in water or the microphone is wet, the microphone may not function properly.

While you might be discouraged from getting your Microsoft Band 2 near water, it actually meets some standards for dust and water-resistance:

  • IP6X: No ingress of dust. Complete protection against entry of dust.
  • IPX7: Protection against temporary immersion in water (at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes).
  • IP67: Meets both the dust- and water-resistance standards above.

So there you have it. Even though the Microsoft Band 2 is not waterproof, it is dust- and water-resistant. It should be fine with sweat, light rain, and normal washing. If it does get wet, try to dry it promptly with a clean, soft cloth.

Are you happy with the Microsoft Band 2 being dust and water-resistant? Did you wish it was waterproof? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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  • Eventually it'll be water -proof if serious swimmers want to use it for tracking.
  • They are certainly working on it, but on a technical level there are challenges.
  • They should offer a different version for swimmers so that can keep the main one as ergonomic and thin as possible.
  • I reckon that will be the definitive version of the band, and Microsoft knows this. I would actually not be shocked if they buy out a company specializing in that category
  • It would be shocking if they bought a hardware company just to make wearables because you would expect a Band 3 to run on W10 IoT. What they need is software. Maybe get a third party software app maker to beef up Microsoft Health like what Accompli did for Outlook on iOS and Android.
  • I have to imagine the band 2 supports Windows 10 IoT. It was probably a timing issue. W10 IoT would be a good selling point for the band 2.
  • In one of the other articles Dan mentioned Windows 10 IoT may not make it to the band 2. But I would say for the band 3, it will have it along with being fully waterproof. Kind of strange that it meets the standard for 30mins in 1 meter of water and yet you can't take a quick shower with it. I wonder what being submerged does to the sensor readings maybe that's why they don't intend it to be used under water because you would get lots of random spikes in the data collected...
  • Hopefully there will be accessories to protect it from water better.
  • like what Daniel ?? I'm trying to like you man but the brown nosing is too strong with you.. You defend microsoft at every wrong step they make.. its too much Daniel..
  • How is his comment brown nosing lol did you even read it?
  • I can't see that the challenges are too challenging. My Garmin Edge 1000 meets IPX7 standards. It has a touch screen and external buttons. It will quite happily continue to work, without problem, for many hours in torrential (not light) rain. If the Band 2 meets IPX7 standards, it should be capable of going well beyond "sweat, light rain, and normal washing".
  • Just because it is capable, does not mean you want to test it every chance you get. It's not a divers watch. Perhaps someday someone will make a divers watch, but it doesn't exist yet. Full "water-proof" has to be certified to be able to be used constantly submersed underwater. Not splashing or torrential downpours. Yes, there are issues with doing that with electronics. That's why people buy water-tight boxes/bags for their smartphone when they canoe down a river or go white water rafting.  
  • If its proven 1m 30 min under water.... For me its the same as waterproof
  • Probably device is gently placed into water and it is in rest there, but if you'll actively move it, it will probably fail.
  • Wish the next version would be really waterproof. That said, I'm eagerly waiting and will still be getting Band 2.
  • I dont see how it could be waterproof and still have microphone functionality.
  • The Sony xperia is waterproof, so it shouldn't be impossible to make the next band waterproof ;-)
  • There are a lot of sensors on the band that requires exposed contact. The xperia is also not permanently water proof either.
  • They have the same rating, and are not water proof either. But ofcourse if you never bathe more than 30 minutes and never lower than the stated, you could effectively call it water proof, but just for you ;-) I don't know why it seems that MS is less confident than sony with the same rating, but there you are...
  • Because MS sells more than Sony...    /s
  • Same for me. It makes no sense to make Band without Cortana support, but microphone and charging contacts might be the problem on the tottaly waterproof device. Or it will have short warranty period.
  • If they add Qi wireless charging like the moto360. Should be able to get rid of the charging connectors.
  • Well there are plenty of devices that use microphones and speakers underwater..
  • My 5 years old Olympus camera sports a mic and is totally waterproof, and many other devices are...
  • May want to check this one out : Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Look up the Atlas band from Atlas Wearables, it's waterproof, and has a USB port, so it's not that big of a technical challenge.
  • It's probably more to do with the sensors.
  • Only for open water swimming, not necessary in a pool.
  • It definitely requires the soft cloth for drying. Otherwise it's not covered by warranty. ;)
  • It is a great device, just not for swimmers.
    OT: Anyone know if the watch brightness can be turned up? I flip my wrist it goes on but in sunlight I can't really see it, but when I click the button, the screen is brighter. Auto brightness is off.
  • U can set the brightness to High in the settings
  • Only one brightness setting. It's on high, but clock brightness is different than regular operation brightness.
  • Does this versions screen scratch like the first model?
  • No. Its Corning Gorilla Glass.
  • Thanks
  • That's why I didn't bother spending 250 bucks, jumped on original band deal for 80 bucks
  • Paid 55 for mine
  • I just did exactly the same, £79.99 from Curry's should arrive tomorrow! If I was more seriously into the fitness aspect I'd have spent the extra on the Band 2 but for me Band 1 is perfect (just doesn't look quite as sexy, still pretty slick though) and at that price is awesome.
  • Do they have any small ones left? Microsoft has ran out in their online store.
  • I bought it from Curry's/PC World, they didn't have any in an of my local stores or available on their website but they had some size small in stores too far away for me (200+ miles) and I think they had 4 available on their eBay listing (which is where I got it from in the end) although now it says 6 (sorry about the hideous link)
  • You can look up stock and current price from the app on iOS or android
  • Understood: swim with it, take a shower with it, run under rain with it awesome! j/k
  • 1 meter for 30 mins is waterproof for me.... Good call by MS though. If it broke through immersion, they won't need to replace
  • Even though the Band tested for submersion in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes does not mean it's waterproof. Those tests were conducted in a lab with no motion whatsoever. That's why swimming is a no-go. Dropping it accidentally into water might be okay but Microsoft can't guarantee that the Band will be okay if it's moving in water.
  • 3.28 Feet of water immersion for 30 minutes is good enough for me as that covers accidental drops in the sink, tub and toilet lol.
  • Exactly...
  • I will wait until they include swimming before jumping on the wearable
  • I don't suggest jumping on your Band 2. Probably even worse than dropping it in water. Haha.
  • Is there a like button, cause I really want to hit it on your reply.
  • unfortunately, just an upvote lol
  • What? It isn't waterproof? Time to start generating some false anger about this while defending the Apple Watch and other devices for not being waterproof themselves. And while creating the false anger, we need to make some link to OneDrive. Oh, i know, even though WinCentral is reporting it, we need to make some claims that WinCentral is trying to bury the story that it is not waterproof much like WinCentral has reported on OneDrive a number of times, but it is still trying to bury the story since it is in a big conspiracy with Microsoft.
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    That's proof right there
  • Have you noticed that the word lol looks like a person drowning with two hands in the air? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • \ô/
  • Only 5 GB! *grumble grumble*
  • I'm pretty happy with my 1.2TB, of which I am only using 1GB - anyone want to rent some cloud space? :-)
  • All we're saying is that WinCenSoft started Ebola intentionally.... No conspiracy theory here, whatsoever..
  • They actually did by there lack of coverage of the Ebola pandemic infesting the United States Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's not true, but for sure they started World War 2.
  • Ah funny because it's true.
  • Well at least this story stayed online for longer than a few minutes...
  • Ya, that "W10 is ready" thing was kinda weird.
  • I saw it, and it was gone. Strange days.
  • I looked really seriously at getting the Ms band1 at the knockdown price but the band 2 just looks too nice.
  • I share your pain brother
  • Same here...
  • Hulk that you???
  • This should help clarify that it would be best taken off before doing the washing up lol, could use that time to recharge the band I suppose. Hopefully they figure out a way to get Gen 3 swim proof as understandably heart rate monitor would be quite difficult when using an optical sensor under water. Still one can hope, would love to use this when swimming. Edit: man, I really need that coffee... never thought i'd become a heavy coffee drinker lol.
  • "Your Band isn't intended for swimming. Remove it before swimming for recreation or fitness."
    "IPX7: Protection against temporary immersion in water (at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes)."
      The latter looks like swimming to me...
  • If you swim in 3.28 Feet of water for up to 30 minutes, then yes....and then your warranty claim will be denied as soon as a hint of "swimming with the Band 2" is dectected on their Truth O-Meter.
  • Exactly. So contradictory.
  • While test it probably wasn't tested on swimmers. It was in rest during test, and if it will be on the move it might be damaged earlier
  • Submerged doesn't really mean the same thing as rushing through water at possibly deeper than 1m along with the Chlorine in the water.
  • Nope. Because swimming involves moving your arm in the water which puts additional pressure on the Band. That's the equivalent in water pressure of a greater depth.
  • So it's okay to wear while cycling or running in the rain?
  • Yes, should be fine and if not you'll be covered by the warranted.
  • Only reason I'm not buying it and its battery life. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I hear you, the two day battery life and not being waterproof is a deal breaker. You use an Android phone, I suggest you get a Samsung Galaxy Gear watch. it isnt waterproof either, and the battery only lasts a day, so it makes it much better than the band.
  • The problem is it not just a smart watch or just a fitness tracker so folks don't know how to judge it It charges to 80 in 30 mins though
  • Which is an example of the biased media. When the iPad was released there was no well-defined market for the device. But sites like Engadget (the people there at the time now work for TheVerge) were all eager to define the use cases for an iPad. Microsoft released the Surface Pro, and they all sat around scratching their head, trying to figure out if it is a laptop, is it a tablet, it is both and we cant just understand what that means - so they called it a "jack of all trades, master of none." But then the iPad "Pro" is announced, has a pen like the Surface Pro (which they said if you have a pen you are a failure), a keyboard like the Surface Pro (which they said proves that Microsoft doesn't know what they are doing), not having any Pro features other than a bigger screen, and the media is prepared to define what the iPad "Pro" is and who it is for. Same with the Band, is it a watch, is it a exercise Band? We don't know so therefore be afraid, very afraid! Stay away, get the Apple Watch or the Samsung Galaxy Gear! It is all about trying to scare away people from Microsoft to Apple, Google, Samsung, etc.
  • It's crazy how the media all follow each other like that. These are all in one devices so far superior to the iPad and iwatch.
  • Sad but true.
  • I accidentally wore mine into the shower, took it off right away, and it is just fine.
  • Haha, love reading these comments... Ordered mine, would be better if water proof but water resistant is good for now ;)
  • I easily get a full day out of it, and well into the second day before I have to charge it. I just had knee replacement surgery, so not using it for workouts much yet.
  • Hope your knee heals up soon. Was the injury brought about by karate? I have the original Band and get right at 2 days of use but then again.....I don't exercise at all beyond my 5-15k steps walked at work each day.
  • Original injury predated karate, but 10 years of it made it much worse. I'm only 47, and can't wait to get back to class.
  • Will it blend?
  • maybe swimming with a sealed baggie over your wrist/hand might work? lol ;p
  • Some swimmers smack the surface of the water pretty hard when they stroke.  How shock resistant is the Band 2? Quick, someone go make some Youtube videos about drop tests of the Band 2. 
  • All that matters to me is that, unlike the first gen Band, sweat doesn't start seeping into the electronics.
  • Yep. New charging contact placement makes it much better for me. I had skin irritation​ in hot days because of sweat on electrodes, and now it shouldn't be a problem anymore.
  • The original Band shares the same water resistant specs as the Band 2. We picked up 2 of the original Bands. At $80, it's a lot cheaper than Fitbit.
  • I wouldn't take a watch etc swimming unless it's rated at least 10m water resistant, the water pressures involved with swimming and showering while not actually submerged very far will provide higher water flow speed and hydraulic pressures, more than the band will have been made to deal with.
  • I wish it was fully waterproof. I got a little excited when it was mentioned marketed for outdoor enthusiasts. (hikers). But water resistance is not gonna cut it for the hiking/backcountry camping people. Well at least not for me.
  • If it can be immersed for 30 minutes then how can it not be safe in the shower?
  • What twats.
  • Red socks or blue socks for tomorrow?
  • What if I was stuck on Mars and had to "science the shit out of it"?
  • So showering with is not, but rain showers are covered?
  • Well unless you have a shower outside in the rain... In the shower your essentially in one spot, outside if your not running away to get out of the rain then there is seriously something wrong there :P.
  • I would love it to be waterproof
  • Well the alternative at the same price with all the notifications the band v2 v1 is the Fitbit surge watch
  • even average phones are kind of water proof if you remove the battery, Microsoft is being very cautious here, in contrast to sony which makes it a selling point and has tons of people complaining their xperia died in the pool, ratings are a scale, not even submarines are infinitely waterproof, everything has its limits, this band 2 is likely to survive any day to day water splashes and baths a normal person would do, but it might fail due to very unfair luck just by a tiny mist particle forming inside in the perfect spot to make a short long enough to kill the band, by following microsoft's recommendations you steer clear of most of the bad possibilities, that's all
  • You mean Sony who changed there stance over there so called waterproofed wonder from Xperia Z3 onwards, many people got caught out by the new Sony terms & conditions. In one way it makes it easier for Sony to throw out warranty claims for water damage.
  • I was thinking of getting a MS Band 2, but im not sure about wearing it on the inside. Seems a bit of a silly concept for something that I wear on my wrist all day. The outside buckle doesn't have the best aesthetics. How do you like yours?
  • With the screen's orientation, screen on the inner wrist makes a lot of sense. It seemed weird until I tried it, now the other way seems weird!
  • Pfft they should do this with the surface phones :)
  • Watch some YouTube videos of immersion tests, even de original band is amazing. No, a shower, or running or cycling in the rain won't damage it
  • It's hard to make it totally waterproof unless they can figure out to waterproof the Microphone and Barometer
  • Forget about the electronics side, my worry would be the plastic strap.  Bit of water will ruin that thing. Peeling off before you know it!
  • Microsoft could easily sell an attachment that encloses the band while on the wrist.
  • When the standard says for IP7X: 7
    Immersion up to 1 m
    Ingress of water in harmful quantity shall not be possible when the enclosure is immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure and time (up to 1 m of submersion).
    Test duration: 30 minutes
    Tested with the lowest point of the enclosure 1000 mm below the surface of the water, or the highest point 150 mm below the surface, whichever is deeper.  It doesn't make sense to me that Microsoft tells you not to do it. If it's going to fail after being immersed in water at a depth within 1 meter, then it fails to meet the standard.    
  • They are being safe and cautious. Better be safe than sorry.
  • It makes perfect sense, you don't set your warranty cover at the very edges of a device's tolerances. That would fail even a cursory risk assessment.
  • A bit disappointed that it isn't completely waterproof, but I never expected it to be. Just need it to withstand the rigors of what it is designed for i.e. working out. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The Band 2 is a marvel of engineering. I've taken it off a couple of times just to stare up close at it. Real close. It's an amazing device. Even at retail, it's worth every penny, in my opinion. I'm amazed how diificult it is becoming to impress folks. :) So the official stance by Microsoft is "take it off to shower". That happens to be the only time mine comes off anyways. But for a different reason. That's when it gets a shot of charge. Then right back on for the other 23 hours and 30 or so minutes per day.   
  • I just want to know if Band 2's new band material can withstand sunscreen.
  • If wet environment can damage it, then wearing it while doing exercise also may damage the device because of the body sweat.
  • I really like my Band 2 and if it were water proof would be icing on the cake. One thing I guess is that I don't want it to smell from all the sweat from working out so hopefully a breif moment under the sink and maybe a wipe down and blow dry will keep clean and running great.
  • So who's willing to put it too the test and post it on youtube
  • The main reason why I didn't get one. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Good article. Make it great by actually testing it! VIDEO It's my biggest grype about the Band. MAKE IT WATERPROOF!
  • Could the band standup to liquipel coating?
  • Am pretty sure if any customer complaints that band is not functioning after I went out in rain Microsoft will not agree lol... It's just for the news that Microsoft is saying band 2 can be used is rain... How can the service center will conclude that it hot damaged by rain or swimming.....
  • Your band is not a metal band, its a pop band. Its Backstreet Boys not Judas Priest ;P
  • Am pretty sure if any customer complaints that band is not functioning after they went out in rain Microsoft will not agree lol... It's just for the news that Microsoft is saying band 2 can be used is rain... How can the service center will conclude that it not damaged by rain or swimming.....
  • The part of the world I belong to it's either sun or rain - lots of sun and lots of rain nothing in between. And also more ocean than land. So yes I wish it were waterproof.
  • Daniel, I second the call for Windows Central water testing videos.
  • Maybe the next Band will be IP69k.
  • I think its high time some or the other company thinks seriously about waterproofing them smartwatches for us divers. I would love to have a smartwatch as backup for my dive computer rather than a normal watch. Plus the added tracking, compass etc helps if and when the computer fails.
  • For me, failing to address the waterproofing issue is a major deal breaker. I will not be buying a Band 2. I have the original Band and I'm delighted with it, but I would love to be able to wear it whilst swimming - Many users complained about this and it in my opinion it should've been priority one when the Band 2 was being designed. Really quite surprised it wasn't addressed. Ho hum.
  • A waterproof Lumia doesn't sound too bad
  • I ran with band#1 in steady rain. The only problem was that I could not press the stop button on the wet touch screen. The push buttons could only pause. I don't know if they enhanced the push button use in band#2. No worry though about getting it wet.
  • And, although people didn't actually read the Microsoft FAQ on water resistance on the first Band, it also had: IP6X: No ingress of dust. Complete protection against entry of dust. IPX7: Protection against temporary immersion in water (at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes). IP67: Meets both the dust- and water-resistance standards above. So Band 2 is exactly the same level of "water resistant" as Band 1.  
  • I actually submitted the "water-proof" suggestion to Microsoft as a current Microsoft Band 1 owner/user. People would love to use the device in swimming. After all, it is supposed to be a fitness device and what better fitness activity than swimming. Band 3 should be water-proof and include a "swimming" function.
  • This all sounds like lawyereze to me.    If the band meets that standard, you should be able to swim with it in shallow water.   It sounds to me like they don't want the warranty claims of a 'waterproof' device. 
  • So IPX7 meaning I can submerge it in water up to a few feet for 30 minutes, doesnt mean I can take a 10 minute shower and have water splashing on it? Ok
  • Why create a wearable that is not waterproof? Or smartphones that are not water proof? Water happens. It rains we still want to use a phone in the shower or bath. These smart watches are too fragile for real world use.
  • MS must start making devices waterproof. Band, Phone..
  • Very much needed for the Triathlon. 
  • Disappointed that the band 2 is not waterproof and also that it must be removed every day or so to charge. MS these are critical features I want to an active person looking for a real tech replacement to my standard watch... What good is tech if it can't disrupt even a $10 digital watch?
  • I want today buy. But then my most important thing its WATHERPROOF. So i decided to wait.