Microsoft begins testing new log-in experience in public preview

Image credit: Mary Jo Foley / ZDNet

Microsoft has started testing a new log-in experience for Azure AD and Microsoft accounts. Microsoft explains on its TechNet blog that the new design is now in public testing, allowing users to check out a redesigned sign-in UI meant to be consistent between both systems (via ZDNet).

Here's a look at what's changing, according to Microsoft:

  • Redesign of Azure AD & Microsoft account sign-in experiences: Azure AD & Microsoft account sign-in pages will both change to have a consistent look and feel, so you won't experience anymore jarring transitions when you move between the two.
  • Pagination of the Azure AD sign-in page: The new design prompts you to enter your username on the first screen followed by a credential (typically a password) on a second screen. We've done a lot of testing of this design and our telemetry shows that people are able to sign in with a notably higher success rate using this approach. It also sets us up to be able to easily introduce new forms of authentication like phone sign-in and certificate-based authentication.

Some users have reported the new design has started popping up for Microsoft accounts recently as part of an A/B test, and Microsoft confirms it has been rolling out over "the past few weeks." Today's post coincides with the changes arriving for the Azure AD sign-in page.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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