Microsoft is bringing its famed Word Flow keyboard to the iPhone

Microsoft is evidently not yet finished porting over key components like Cortana and Outlook to the iPhone. The software company is now setting its eyes on the famous Word Flow keyboard from Windows Phones too as the next port to Apple's dominate smartphone.

In an email sent to a select few Windows Insiders the company is soliciting feedback on the feature and whether people will want to participate in the beta program.

Insider Kyle Reddoch received the email about the program recently asking if he owns "an iPhone (5s or newer)? Do you think your native iOS keyboard could use improvement?" The email then boasts about Word Flow breaking a Guinness World record for fastest texting and how Microsoft is "working on extending the keyboard to other platforms, starting with iOS".

That last part sounds as if Google's Android would be next in line.

While this is great news for those on iOS (and likely Android), we are sure some Windows Phone users are none too pleased. Nonetheless, Microsoft has made no secret of their intentions of being the best software company around, and the Word Flow keyboard is a shining example of Microsoft's work.

Thanks, Kyle R./@WinPhanKyle, for the email!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • F YEAH! I really miss that feature since moving to a 6s.
  • Yea my brother in law says the same thing. Nice of Microsoft haha. Of course it's all part of Microsoft on all devices since traditional PCs sales are still declining.
  • Will this ever be brought to the Surface Pro? Window 10 desktop virtual keyboard blows.
  • Windows Feedback App is our friend :)
  • Funny, I used it a while but normal typing with word prediction (NO auto correction) works way better. First thing I liked much better after switching from iPhone to Windows phone. Always hated autocorrection on my iPhone. And the caps lock that show no caps letters. So for those on iPhone it could be an improvement.
  • With iOS 9 the default keyboard actually displays the change from upper to lower case:  
  • Now that it is evident. Windows phone keyboard is the best! Some don't always accept the fact.
  • Personally, I've found the Windows Phone keyboard to be increasingly inaccurate from 7.8 forward. I used to think the WP7.8 keyboard was psychic. Despite larger screen devices, the accuracy of assumed letters pressed gets worse - and it's so frustrating that the word prediction shifts around so I end up picking the wrong word from the list as it slides away just as I hit the screen, grrr.
  • Hahaha I used to think the same thing. I would create entire sentences just by following the suggested words that it predicted based on the prior word. I was convinced that it was reading the entire sentence and predicting the next word based off of that. Since 8.1 it seems less psychic, but it's still good. Using the Galaxy S6 keyboard on my work phone hasn't been nearly as good.
  • Can't wait for it on my Note 5.  The change from a 928 to an Icon and the slight difference in size threw me off for a bit.  But Word Flow is so much better than Swype or the Samsung keyboard.  I genuinely miss it.  So glad it's being released for other platforms.
  • the samsung keyboard is horrrribbllee. i've been using the google keyboard on my note 5. the only thing i miss from the samsung keyboard was it's auto-detection of the pen being out and then letting you write text with that.
  • Andrew, you are so right... The keyboard and predictive took a nose dive. I stopped using it because it became a major frustration
  • andrewb65: This. I had an HD7 which was a absolute mind reader. With my Titan, it wasn't so great but it got worse with my Lumia 920. This 950XL i have more is appalling; the Word Flow keyboard works accurately about 40% of the time. I can never get an "a" as it always tries to place an "s" and many other mistakes.
  • Yes wordflow was great on my 920 and 930, I have lots of errors on my 950Xl and I'm not saying it's just the getting used to bigger screen anymore, it really doesn't perform as well
  • Especially in the Edge browser. Quite frankly, it's unusable in Edge. Too many errors.
  • Wordflow doesn't work in edge at all.
  • You know it learns from you, right? In other words, the more you use it, the more it is accurate.
  • With word flow I spend as long going back over my sentence, pressing and correcting, then typing in the first place. The guy who broke that record was typing a pretty unique sentence where each word was the first predicted offering.
  • Yes completely agree. They went from perfect to meh, though it is still leap ans bounce ahead of iPhone.
  • I always felt the same. Windows phone 7 was AMAZING and then it just felt worse and worse. I know it learns from you, but out of the box, it was always way better. I really can't wait until they port it to Android. I've tried out a ton of keyboards, but none of them match up. Currently using the Google keyboard. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Agree 100%, so disappointing. I was amazed at how well predictive text worked especially when swipe keyboard was added. On WP8 it went from amazing to down right frustrating. It got much better once I upgraded to W10 except performance was slow. However over time it seems to be getting dumber just like it did in WP8. I always have to go back and correct so many incorrect words, kicker is that the suggested replacement word is always the correct one.
  • I actually thought 8/8.1 was pretty good. W10M is not nearly as good as 8.1. Not sure how they go backwards, but they have. I've actually stopped using it because it's so inaccurate on W10M.
  • Cause it isn't a fact. It's an opinion. Learn the difference Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • I totally accept it. Used all major three OS, I always miss the keyboard when I tried other OS
  • I guess the iPhone will get word flow before I get word flow on Edge in Windows 10 Mobile. I'm guessing it's a bug, which has been going on for far too long.
  • Good point. I get they have different teams working on this stuff but they really should commit to getting this OS up to snuff and THEN consider porting. If I had a better OS right now I wouldn't be that bothered.
  • Word flow work in edge on my 1520 build 10586
  • He means in address bar. And it is horrible in edge. Missing words I see it finding the word but doesn't insert.
  • If you put a space after each word then do wordflow for the next word it works. It's like it doesn't auto insert a space properly
  • For some reason, word flow doesn't insert spaces in edge. You have to put a space after each word manually. Extremely irritating...
  • Because it's the address bar? How many spaces do you inset into web addresses?
  • It's increasingly rare that I actually type an address in the address bar these days now that most browsers also have it function as a search bar.
  • Always since MS incorporated search.
  • Also works in store now!
  • MS decided to give people one less reason to stay on windows phone. Just develop your OS faster if you have time to give the competition your goodies. I agree that iPad owners will have to get Office 365 subscriptions to use it there, but why give them word flow as well? Apple will care less to reciprocate, even they hog most of the profits in the smartphone and tablet market
  • Agree with Mihai, but this is this new terrible ceo "mobile first" politic...
  • Well I see it as a Company that is willing to share its products with other OSes also, unlike other OSes who arre selfish and does not provide their own features on other OS, neither let third party developers to provide the features.
  • I don't think there's an app or service from Apple that I care to have. Not saying they're not worth it, it's just that I never owned an Apple product and all of their first-party apps and services are mostly exclusive to their hardware.
  • switched to iPhone back in December and that is the first thing I missed!!! I have everything else I need from Microsoft..... onedrive, outlook, xbox, and office. I miss my windows phone but I'm on Verizon and wanted a new phone.
  • I'm starting to feel like a Sega Dreamcast owner at this point. I guess the 950 will be my last MS phone. MS wants us all to #switch they even format this ms store newsletters to iOS it seems. The idea of using my boring iPhone is a daunting one.
  • I know what you mean.  I'm really trying to like my 950 XL, but I've been so tempted to jump ship lately.  The only question is where do I go?  PS2, Gamecube, or that crazy new Xbox thing?
  • Gamecube definitely. PS2 and Xbox will fail for sure.
  • Brilliant!
  • The Xbox it is modable and makes a great media center ^^
  • It's sad. I was so impressed by my friend's Nexus 6P and Android that I'm fairly certain I'm getting a Nexus towards the end of next year. I can't say my 950 has been bad, but I've been let down on so many levels that 3+ years into Windows Phone I'm losing my patience.
  • In addition to the cash you've already spent, you should not have to pay for a product with patience. 3+ years is beyond patient. Move on to something that is useful to you.
  • Don't get so excited yet... It has only gotten worse on windows 10 mobile when compared to windows phone 8.1. It's nowhere close to being as good or as fast as it performed in the Guinness world records. The word flow keyboard on my Moto G2 has much more efficient word prediction and works much faster...
  • Totes agree. It's so inaccurate on W10M I've stopped using it. But I loved it on 8.1. Things like suggesting every variant of a word, except for the base, is maddening. For example, if I want "interest" and I type "inter" I get interesting, interested, interview, internet, and then interest (5th on the list). Typing "intere" gets me interesting, interested, interest (third on the list). I've typed 6 of 8 letters at that point, so not sure how that helps me. And why wouldn't interest come first with its variants to follow? This is just one example, but this happens for a lot of words. Never had this problem on 8.1.
  • They might bring Continuum to iOS too.
  • Suuuuure
  • I like it how Microsoft is infecting other mobile operating systems by introducing their good software to other platforms.  This is essentially a "trojan horse" Look it maybe Apple or Android but the software you use is Microsoft so its really a Microsoft phone :P NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ^ this
  • iSheep worldwide will pick their phones up only to discover they've actually been using Windows Mobile for the past year lol
  • Ms is really playing smart with these guys. Every MS product on the apple or droid platforms means money in the bank. lets hope WP doesn't get pushed back even more.
  • Except that their own mobile platform is playing second fiddle and many of the great innovations that can be found on iOS and Android are nowhere to be found on W10M. That and W10M is a big step backwards in many ways compared to 8.1. They released a beta OS for a flagship phone. I think W10 has great potential, but Microsoft is going a **** way about rolling it out.
  • I am really missing that feature in my 6s. Quick Microsoft quick.
  • I just got a 6s last week. For work I need vpn on my phone to actually work and Windows wasn't doing it for me. There are a lot of things I miss about wp but the 6s has some nice things about it. The fingerprint reader is a nice way to unlock the phone and other secure apps.
  • Why the hell would anyone move too a 6S!?! LUMIA FOR THE WIN
  • I feel like MS is preparing to let w10m die Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Same! Really miss the WP keyboard since moving over to iOS! Would love to see it on there 
  • same. I'm using swiftkey but I find it very inaccurate in terms of understanding what words I want to type compared to experience on WP8.1.  Really happy about this as it's my biggest complaint about my 6s plus.
  • Ohh great... :(
  • Yup, it's nice to see how iPhones and Androids are getting better day by day cuz of Microsoft :)
  • Yeah, but can your iPhone do THIS? *continuums*
  • Umm who's iPhone? I was being sarcastic, I'm a loyal WP user.
  • Well,eventually Microsoft will bring that to iPhone
  • Apple will copy that feature and call it new and revolutionary...
  • I think that this is why Microsoft is porting all their windows features so that Apple doesn't get a chance to take credit for features that Microsoft already had long before Apple even thought of them, how many features have appeared on iOS that we all know were done on Windows first?
  • If it were about making sure they get credit for their work first, it would be easier (and wiser) for MS to Market it really well, to help boost sales of their hardware, which in turn would be more benefitial to them. ------------------- I believe what they are doing, is an extension of Cortana, where they gain user input.  Stats from keyoard input, helps them with Bing as well as other things.  Google does this on Android and they use a lot of the stats that come out from keyboard input, MS wants Bing to gain more marketshare and by releasing cortana as an app on other platforms, it has proven to be a successful strategy, so the Keyboard is naturally the next step, since it has proven really usefull to Google on Android.  
  • Ipad Pro is the best example of Apple copying Microsoft. I was surprised that a hardware company (apple) could copy hardware from a software company (Microsoft). Wow! Thats the irony.
  • What? Swype existed long before Wordflow.
  • Wordflow was on win mobile 6. I think that was before Swype
  • I dont know if im going crazy, but I thought I had Swype on an old Symbian phone.
  • Well Swype started on WinMo 6.1, officially launched on the Samsung Omnia 2. So another first that belongs to WinMo.
  • Like the 3D touch?
  • @someone2639 Yeah, tell em! :D
  • I know... :) G.
  • With W10M being so buggy and lacking apps, it's not a bad thing to have MS's services on other platforms. I've got an Android tablet at work, and apps from MS like Word, Excel and OneNote are updated frequently. So if you're ever planning on switching platforms (I've got my eyes on the Galaxy S7) now is a great time to do it. You can have more apps and still use MS's services. Windows Phone or Windows Mobile looks to be a sinking ship as time goes by.
  • The downside being having to use android.
  • I would switch platforms BUT sliding home screens left,right,left,right is a primitive feature that I don't ever want to face again
  • What....scrolling up and down is a better thing? Nokia and then MS should have adopted the N9 pattern as well as Sailfish(Jolla phone) to have given us today the ultimate UI experience.
  • At least you scroll once and see enough info, you will not be looking at icons that bare no information. Alternatively the back button will send you back. Not even the N9 and that sailfish can give me this, this is the future
  • Yeah, but the back stack on W10M is a heaping pile of dung at the moment. It was great on 8.1.
  • Watch out iOS users! Microsoft is bringing Windows Phone to iOS.
  • This is great because I'm back on the iPhone for now, but terrible because it's ONE MORE THING that makes WM less unique. Yes, there's already stuff like this out there, but still. Cortana on iOS is less functional though, so I guess there's that...
  • The only thing unique that the average person cares about on WP anymore is the a unique lack of apps ;) A feature like this isn't a make or break thing for the platform, so why not port it? I'm stoked personally.
  • The collective feature giveaway, doesn't help. Microsoft is in love with the competition, while trying to convince everyone to be in live with Windows. Fir the love of all the fake MBA types in these forums, don't justify by quoting the phantom benefits of market share or userbase. This is another non-revenue generating offering that isn't influencing people to buy a new Surface, or to yse Bing, Azure or anything...well, it might secure people a little deeper into staying iPhone - where one finds the best that Microsoft has to offer.
  • It doesn't make sense to give all Windows Phone features to other mobile platforms and update those apps more than their platform lol. Seems like most MS employees are not using Windows phone.
  • Microsoft services on iOS and Android might make wp and win10mobile less unique, but much more useful. Living in a world were friends and family members have different phones the Microsoft services is the obvious choice for sharing photos and files. Also, even though I am a die hard Lumia enthusiast, I am also an iPad owner. I am a teacher, and when I prepare for work, I often start on the phone, continue on the iPad (in the bus), and complete it on my pc. Microsoft is not ignoring wp and win10mobile, but is making software for people in the real world
  • I understand what you mean and the Office suite was ported to get money from iPad owners. But I have yet to see Apple or Google being nearly a fraction as caring of the connectivity with the WP platform.
  • There are many flow keyboard apps in android. There nothing unique about that.
  • MS is that kind of company that supports MORE the competition rather than itself.
  • True, i guess corruption of ms managers is extremely high nowadays Try to guess how much money they get from competitors to bash ms platforms
  • No it supports itself by putting it's software on all platforms.
  • I keep my own opinion
  • Yes. Giving away features for free is "supporting" the company. /s
  • I guess I can vaguely understand how Microsoft wants to be a great software company, but I dont get the play here. Giving away tons of apps for free. Why would anyone want to switch to windows phone? There is absolutely no incentive. Now I personally dont really care how many people switch except that the more that do, the more quality and new apps for the windows (for me).
  • I just guess ms manager being payed a lot by competitors...
    Money make the world go round
  • Wasn't satya nadella an ex google guy?
  • I get what you're saying but it's about more than phone's they want to be everywhere.
  • With Swype style keyboards? They are going to end up nowhere with this strategy.
  • The keyboard isn't a service though unlike Office or OneDrive for example. Unless Microsoft wants to be known on making software keyboards which is actually a tough competition right now. Even Google keyboard isn't a big as established 3rd-party keyboards out there.
  • They aren't making money with a keyboard app lol. Microsoft is wasting their developers' time. They need to put more resources on Windows 10 apps.
  • Why take your money when they can just simply collect your precious, invaluable data?
  • I guess the play is it hasnt mattered what Microsoft kept exclusive it wasnt enough to sell WP. What WP major advatage is is the UI and, now continum. The UI, imo, is the best out there by a long shot. The vertical scrolling works more naturally with thumbs and the access to all your apps with a quick swipe is idea. The look and feel is beautiful. And now with continum having apps open up on a bigger screen and fit that screen is also nice. It hasnt matured a lot yet but it will. Those are the advantages W10M has over everything else. Apps are not one of them and wont be one of them for a long time. But if the store picks up a few more apps it will be good =). The advantage of having all their services and apps on all platforms is it makes those better for all of the people that use it. WP should get telemetry data from the iOS keyboard now as well making it even better. So I think this is a great play for Microsoft. If you get them mainly using your apps and you pick up a few key ones like banks and stuff, there is more reason for someone to switch because of the UI and the continium features. I think anyways...
  • I hate the WP UI, it is clunky and ugly compared to iOS and Android, though I like the iOS UI more than I like the Android UI though. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • There is incentive for someone like me. I prefer to have as few apps as necessary on my device. I setup my work Galaxy S6 with all the Microsoft apps for one of my home screens. I have all of Google on another home screen, and then Samsung's apps on another home screen. It is a pain in the ass to have to wade through a sea of apps. Lots of people went from Blackberry or iPhone to Android simply because they wanted to have a device that defaulted to the services they are already using through Google. By allowing it's users to stay on their platform of choice, and use the services of their choice, they buy time to create an OS that has all that stuff natively. Or will at least. It's taking them far too long for those of us using the platform currently, but most people just don't know it exists as an option. It's iPhone or android for the typical consumer. At least capture the audience and when the OS is ready, give them a choice.
  • That does make sense.
  •   They're not giving it "away for free". YES the app is free but everytime someone uses the keyboard to type - they are providing Microsoft with data - 1. at a simple level to improve the keyboard (trust me on this it'll eventually make it's way to Win 10 laptops and tablets - they need data before they can release it on a OS with 200M users - THEIR OS. Anything goes wrong they'll piss ppl) 2. What you type is a data mining goldmine. I can see uses for ads, improving Bing via integration into Siri which is powered by Bing, tying people into the Microsoft ecosystem.   Yeah Windows phone is not unique. THanks MS for giving away our cool features. Google does not do it for WIndoews Phone. BLAH BLAH blah blah (google actually has all well almost all it's android apps on Apple as well) . HERE's the deal people need to get - MS wants people to use it's services and ideally the OS as well. not it's devices. The devices are an added bonus - NOT THE CORE. They could care 2 hoots about the devices as long as the service is theirs and it's powered in the back end by their cloud.   Before you guys jump on me - attempting to buy the XL tomorrow at the store.  
  • Actually that makes sense, seeing as how they are focusing so hard on their cloud services including Azure. 
  • Acceptance Phase
  • Nobody was switching when all the great features about WP/W10m were completely exclusive. Trust me; I was there.
  • Bad marketing and exclusive devices don't help.
  • I agree with you here. Sort of. I always thought of windows devices, besides the Xbox brand, as a blueprint for other manufacturers to develop similar products using the windows OS. I count the band and surface as successful anomalies.
  •  As Microsoft fan I'm happy about the news, as Windows (Phone) fan I'm also happy - if you've got something good share it (with the exceptions of my wife, my car & my computing devices). :)
  • Lol
  • LOL
  • Say that to developers who lack knowledge of the Windows Phone
  • Just makes my transition that much easier if they don't come out with a flagship for 2016 worth my money.
  • I was thinking the same.
  • Hate the to say that but dah well. Lol
  • I think that is actually the point of this and the other apps they are releasing for other platforms. You may leave the platforms but can still use the ecosystem.
  • The ecosystem of free stuff that generates no revenue nor is any kind of a gateway to paid services?
  • Agree with dalydose, it's clear that some manager in ms is getting money from apple or google to destroy ms
    They are completely destroying the brand
    Porting stuff to other platforms is sign of severe weakness of ms brand in the market When ibm done this in 90 years they were sinking in the pc world and closed the PSP division Now apple and google are very powerful and maybe are corrupting politicians and managers to avoid antitrust laws
  • They know their phones wont survive, but the services will. Every unique feat of WP will be ported as an app. So when they do decide to axe windows phone, they'll still have mobile apps. Remember, they did say Cloud first, Mobile first. That doesn't exactly mean WPs... So just be prepared to jump ship. I give it a year or 2.
  • I'm guessing they'd disagree with what you think they "know" or even predict. They are wasting a lot of resources with such crystal ball knowledge.
  • I'm sure they would! Hell, I hope I'm wrong. Makes sense to me though. If they continue to make phones it'll be on the low end. They'll cut out the high end. Leaving most of us power users left out anyway.
  • The only thing that is clear is that you're delusional
  • I literally have no reason to stay with Windows Phone anymore. Sad but true.
  • I stay because I like the look and feel. It's just that they made it extremely easy to switch and extremely hard for someone to buy a windows phone. Lol
  • I'm the opposite. I have zero reasons to switch =)
  • Neither did I after 5 years starting on day 1 of WP7. Moved over to iOS a year ago and haven't looked back.
  • Maybe it's just me but the wordflow keyboard doesn't feel as fluid on my 950 as it did on my HTC One. Often the suggested word to the left appears but never goes bold indicating it's going to use it, and it doesn't. Not sure how much of that is OS/firmwareor possibly hardware but I've noticed a difference. 
  • Happens on my 930 too
  • I've noticed that the suggestions are less helpful on W10M than they were on WP8.1.
  • I have found the same on my 1020 with WM10. Almost like the system is lagging just a little and missing swipe inputs or something. I hardly use it anymore as a result.
  • Word Flow on my 1520 is just god awful on Windows 10M. Barely any words get picked as what I meant to say. No matter how precisely I swipe across the keyboard, it always ends up as the wrong word. This used to work extremely well with WP 8.1. I don't use it anymore because it simply isn't very good on my phone.
  • I am finding the same true with my 1020 as well. Much room for improvement. More annoying is the lagging throughout the whole system. Apps take too long to start (resuming). I can only hopethis is due to the firmware not being optimal for WM10. As a 1020 user, I am actually toying with the idea of moving to a LG V10 for the camera ... possibly, when it comes time to getting a new phone.  
  • Wordflow definitely got worse from 8.1 to W10M.
  • On my 1020 on Winmo10 wordflow is terrible. Best was 7.5 and 8. After that it just got laggy and bad.
  • I'm not on 10 on my 1520 but I have found that word flow is still not that great on 8.1 it picks the wrong words often and I have to select them and change them or, even more annoying, the word I want doesn't (perfect example, word flow put this down as didn't instead of doesn't) even show up in the list so I need to type it manually even though it is in the dictionary. It's great when it works well, but really frustrating when it doesn't.
  • To me happens the same in a 820-640XL the worst it's that isn't optimized for Pamphlets WordFlow
  • I agree. Every so often the phone will pause on longer words as it tries to interpret what I've swiped. My 920 never did that. Worse still, the keyboard frequently fails to interpet the context of the sentence. One example is how it constantly mixes "in" and "on", but it does it with so many other words too. And every so often stubbornly keeps defaulting to a particular word I don't want. Without question, the keyboard in WP8 did similar things, but I feel like overall it got words right more often. And I had a smaller display to work with. But then I think some of that has to do with the lack of polish in Windows 10, the way touch contril still feels sloppy at times.
  • Can't wait to download it and test it out! Will let everyone know how it works on iOS. 
  • Just promote it well, so that iPhone users know it's a Microsoft product not Apple's.
  • I guess that's the game here. If MS doesn't beat Apple to the punch then they're just going to copy it anyway.
  • Copy the copy of other copies? Didn't this all start with Swype, years ago on Android?
  • Nope. It all started on WinMo.
  • Nope, most iPhone users don't know who makes the app.
  • Most iphone users don't use any ms app or services
    Ms is just wasting resources doing this
    When ms will realize this will be too late
    They are doing the same errors of ibm in 90 years...
    After some years ibm being defeated closed the PSP division
  • Most iPhone users don't use Windows. Most iPhone users don't use Office. Most iPhone users don't use Xbox. #youcantpossiblybeserious
  • Exactly, ms just wasting time and money
  • You are ******* annoying. Take your tin hat off because all you're spewing is conspiracy ****. Heaps of apple users use Microsoft' services. Hence why there are 200million installs of office on iphones, ipads and android devices. Plenty of people use Outlook rather than the stock offerings from google and apple.
  • I would agree office but outlook???? I mean c'mon man you can not be serious with this. People won't use this Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • People do. Go to the Verge, Android Central and even iMore and look at their articles about "What is the best email client for your phone" and Outlook is consistently number 1 or in the top 3. Even in the comments section, people recommend it.
  • What a daft comment. MOST of us iOS users use MS products and happen to love them. It's MS's mobile solution which has been an attrocity.
  • I agree it's ridiculous to say that I-Phone users don't use Microsoft products.  Considering that in just 3 months there were more Windows 10 devices than all of OsX users.  Clearly, MAC users are a small minority of the entire PC/Laptop population. 
  • The thing is how they reach that, android is one thing but isn't iOS aren't able to do so?
  • They allow third party keyboards now.
  • iOS can support third party keyboards introduced in iOS 8 back in 2014. Seems Windows is the only one lacking in that detail Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • Microsoft ch Kay challay ??
  • Maiti nai re
  • Ki mate nai?
  • Wow.... Bring it to my Windows tablet first
  • No kidding. Just flat out stupidity to bring features to competing platforms before your own.
  • Agree, love to have it on my HP Stream 7.
  • Agreed, this is a highly requested feature that would be very useful.
  • Yes, needed in tablet mode since last year.
  • Yeah, it's fine to bring their Wordflow Keyboard to other platforms by seriously they have to bring that first to their own Windows platform for tablets. Their cross-platform strategies are perfectly fine but don't forget their own platform, as if they don't even care about their own customers at all and leave behind.
  • I dont give a **** anymore
  • Windows 10 update give us first then give keyboard to IOS....
  • WTF is this a joke? One extra reason to switch the platform. I can't believe it honestly they're great at putting people off their own OS.
  • Alternative analysis: Microsoft is really great at fixing the OS of other companies ;P
  • Spot on..hahaha
  • Another: This is what MSFT can do on my iOS? Let me check those Windows Phone so I can test the whole/full integration
  • They should fix their own OS first. Windows 10 have some bugs that persists from at least 2 builds, like the dark mask behind the apps list disappearing.
  • Apps don't fix operating system especially when other better alternatives already exist not that the MS Keyboard isn't awesome. If only Windows allowed custom keyboards but that still seems to be lacking. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • Also they will likely be collecting keyboard usage data to improve WordFlow even more.
  • Hmmm...maybe the best way to fix Windows is to send Satya to Google or Apple. ☺
  • Yeah move to satya to Google there can be useful
  • This is going to escalate quickly.
  • Is this a good news or bad news for us?
  • Neutral, the only thing no good, about me, is ms wasting resources on theese crazy things
    They should spend better resources improving windows mobile...
  • +1
  • "mobile first"...
    Yes, ios and android first
    This is nadella
  • Funny thing, when this guy went to board everyone was happy even when told that would give to the others all what Microsoft do, there everyone said nothing out questioned that, now the guy is doing his promise and to everyone now is like the most detestable over the earth? Is funny because to everyone liked this Indian guy and now don't like then should just enjoy what is doing. Destroying all the things Microsoft have done
  • Good news for iPhone users. Neutral for Windows Phone/Mobile users. Bad news for Windows tablet users.
  • Good for ios and Microsoft. . Before they realise it they will be using the whole Microsoft suite.
    Just get a Lumia.
  • How do they profit from this? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think it's more to do with getting everyone involved with the windows eco system. It's a long game they are playing but I think it will work. . The word flow is one of best keyboards about along side blackberry virtual. . I think a lot of people would try it and keep it
  • BB10 keyboard is also awesome! Just love all its features!
  • This also should help overcome the MS is crappy and evil vibe. Pretty soon people will associate MS with quality. They might take a look at an MS phone or other device. Developers won't be ashamed to make a Windows app.
  • Why on earth would someone get a Windows Phone if everything Microsoft offers is on their current platform?  There is nothing to compel a person to look elsewhere.
  • They don't care if they have a Windows phone. As long as they can sell them Microsoft services, they are fine with that.
  • Thats some wishful thinking. Im guessing most ios users will just use the standard ios keyboard because 3rd part implementation is a pain on ios. People arent going to use a keyboard and think man do i need a lumia now. Lol come on
  • So the best of Microsoft is really on the iPhone...Spend more time really on your own platforms please, and making Windows users feel a premium and synergetic experience instead (otherwise, why I choose your product?) And any thoughts of bringing Wordflow to tablet?
  • Yay for Microsoft :) Push through these complainers as usual Windows Central users are getting frisky Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • How I wish there was a way to filter out all posts by certain users.. They just copy-paste same thing in every article, sometimes multiple times and offer zero insight
  • Interesting. I'm just waiting to see that live tiles are available on iPhone and then my daughter and I are definitely gone, but I don't see it happening.
  • They'll make a live tile launcher for Android. Wait for it.
  • They have Launcher 8
  • That's not from Microsoft and it doesn't perform like a real Live Tiles at all. The launcher is mainly for aesthetics with few Live Tiles functionality on some apps.
  • Arrow launcher is the name from Microsoft launcher on android
  • Hmm.  Is it the WP8.1 version, or the W10M version they're bringing over? If the former, that's great.. WP8.1's keyboard is excellent.  If it's the W10M version, maybe they should just put a bag of excrement on Apple's doorstep and light it on fire instead.  The W10M keyboard is garbage.  They've destroyed the autocorrect/prediction algorithms that were so great in WP8.1.
  • Agreed. 8.1 keyboard was so much better.
  • I thought it was just me! The wp10 prediction is sooo bad!
  • W10M prediction and overall experience isn't as great as WP8.1. I tend to have some mistakes on W10M for some reason but was fine when I tried using WP8.1 (during the time I reflash back to WP8.1 to get new W10M update).
  • Agree as well. Definitely something off with the WM10 keyboard when compared to 8.1.
  • Agree.
  • Yeah, I don't use it nearly as much as I did on 8.1.
  • Does anybody know if the wp10 insider builds have better word flow?
  • Word flow (Swype) keyboard work on some apps and doesn't work for some apps. Eg: It was not working in Windows store and Edge browser but after some updates it was working in store. Still not working in edge.
  • It works in edge but you have to hit space after each word :) soooo annoying :)
  • I really hope it's the WP8.1 version, specially when they bring it to Android. Otherwise there they'll get absolutely crushed by SwiftKey.
  • Rather reserved in the comments so far. Maybe the fans have literally just given up and gone over to iMore and Android Central :D
  • This is good for Bing since MS can extract more telemetry data to improve its search results. I was more inclined for Microsoft to bring this feature to W10 tablets.
  • Where are getting this?
  • In the grand scheme of things, its just another small straw. (Ow, my back is starting too hurt)    
  • You don't look like a camel in your picture. Whats going on here!!! :P
  • That's all well and good, but can MS work on keeping up with new and custom emojis on WM10? Tired of getting rectangle boxes...
  • Lol, Microsoft working on their own OS? Good one. Posted via the Windows Central App for Symbian
  • Symbian, really? :D
  • Lol Symbian! That OS won't just die easily. XDD
  • They can't beat swiftkey that it's already on iPhone
  • I least I can tell people on an iphone they can install a far superior keyboard when it's out for all. personally would like to see this on win10 on-screen keyboard devices already, sheesh.
  • Hm, I really don't mind them porting it over to iOS but shouldn't they bring it over to Windows 10 tablets first? Just saying. Then again, they could already be working on this but since it'd be part of normal Insider builds there'd be no need to write emails abou it.
  • Hopefully iOS brings some things to windows 10 (mobile) in return - msft is pimping up their OS
  • Because nobody uses it so of course they will make apps for android and ios. Its where the users are
  • I am all for Microsoft putting more of it's apps on IOS and Andriod. It will make it easier when I have to switch. I am not trying to be funny, but if Microsoft eventially kills off it's Phone platform, I want to use what I am use to.  
  • My thoughts exactly.  
  • they should have brought it desktop first.
  • I agree. My Windows tablet is in a drawer, since I can't type on it without an external keyboard. I use my Android tablet with SwiftKey, which I am able to type on without needing an external keyboard. Posted from my Moto X Pure Edition via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Tapping keys one by one on screen doesn't work?
  • It's too tedious on a 7" tablet. Swiping is faster. Posted from my Moto X Pure Edition via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Wow.....First world problem if I've ever heard one....
  • This is an improvement in Swype. Swype started on Winmo back in Winmo 6.1 on the Omnia 2. It was then replaced.
  • Got it. I thought you meant it literally didn't work. I've used the touch keyboard on my desktop with a mouse pointer(just to try it out). The option to click and drag with Word Flow would be very welcome.
  • Seriously, MSFT, get your act together. Logically, it makes more sense to tidy your home first before attempting to tidy someone else's. This is unnecessary division of labour when all hands are needed on deck to perfect Windows 10!
  • Of course it is.
  • Yeah, I need it for my touch screen 2-in-1 with Windows 10. I fail to understand why the touch screen keyboards for Windows 10 doesn't have it when it is on the Windows 10 Mobile. They think I will only use it on a phone? 
  • What's the point of making your own devices? Getting very disillusioned with MS lately. :(
  • While companies like ABC are pulling key apps from Windows phone, Microsoft themselves is trying to do their part in helping sink the ship.
  • I think Microsoft wants us all to leave Windows Phone. That way there's no one left and they won't upset anyone when they pull the plug on it because there will be no one left
  • Seriously, how can anyone not think that?  I can already hear the conference presentation... "just switch over, you'll still be able to use all of the great Microsoft services you know and love!"
  • I'm still just puzzled why Microsoft's own mobile platform seems to be so despised by their own developers while at the same time they try and bamboozle people into buying their phones. Seems pretty clear where their mobile future is.
  • Errr any chance we can get it working on friggin' Edge first??!!
  • #this
  • Your profile pic is amazing. I wish they kept that on for all year. Posted via the Windows Central App for Symbian
  • And, you know that other thing? The one with 180 million users????
  • Awesome for iOS users - I'll definitely use this on my iPad when it gets released   That said, I would LOVE for the swipe keyboard to make its way over to Windows 10. I would use my Surface in Tablet mode WAY more often if I didn't have to deal with the type keyboard or break-out a wireless one
  • Tablets and Xbox one as well, come on!!
  • Great. And it is not even available for the Surface or Windows 10 touch computers yet...
  • Maybe they should focus on how crappy it is on their own product first... Just a thought
  • I think we're at the point where Microsoft knows people are stuck, and even if they want to stay with WP they're finding themselves in situations (work apps, Verizon, etc.) where it's just not practical to keep clinging, do they're doing what they can to make transitioning platforms easier and keeping people in their ecosystem so if/when they do sort things out and make W10M a viable option for them again, they can just as easily switch back. I know the keyboard would have been a huge sticking point for me if I ending up switching because there's so much muscle memory involved.
  • Daniel: I know you have to be sort of neutral, especially being the person that reports the news, but curious as to how you feel about type of things like this (MS releasing their own apps or tools to iOS and Android, often either before implementing it onto their own platform first and/or giving others a more polished or better app)? Does it upset you or frustrate you as much as some of the folks in this site? MS' sound reasoning for doing this notwithstanding because I think something can make logical sense but still be upsetting at the same time.
  • I'm fine with it. I'm more interested in Microsoft rehabilitating their name in the consumer space. Make the Microsoft brand something awesome for more than Microsoft fans. They know Windows Phone has to stand on its own. They know the challenge so they either rise to it or give up. Thing is, the more people use Microsoft services/apps on other platforms, the more a Windows Phone (in the future) will look...well, interesting. No different than how pre-2007 people thought it'd be cool if Apple made a smartphone. Also, this one make or break Windows Phone. BlackBerry has done the same too and the third-party KB experience on iOS is, well, lacking. Not very good at all.
  • Daniel please....
    Ms is bashing their brand doing this
    Ppl laugh at ms nowadays
    This is a sign of terrible weakness of the brand
    When ibm did this after some years their completely exited the pc world!
    Ms is sinking
    Una prece
    They turning just into an ISP
  • Oh well. I'm sure you'll get over it. You don't own stock in Microsoft, do you? Then I wouldn't worry. Life will go on. Also, was that a haiku you wrote? lol
  • No no...
    I worry a lot, i'm an IT and i work on ms platforms since about 20 years If ms sink it's a very big problem for my work too, i'm a 100% consultant on ms sw.. Ms managers are nowadays in a total chaos, this is no good for me at all
  • Lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Nexus 5x
  • I have MS stock, so can I think they are executing a horrible plan that I predict will be studied in biz schools for how to destroy a brand? :) Just because they have a plan with oft-repeated mantras, doesn't make it a good plan.
  • Daniel, I beg to differ regarding those using Microsoft services on other platforms getting interested in Windows Phone in the future. What a bowl of jelly tripe. When the services are better on other platforms why go backwards to Microsoft's own test bed (that's how I feel Windows Phone is currently). Ugh.
  • Agree with tropolite
  • God I wish if anyone remembers who made money in the PC era - hardware manufacturers or the OS manufactureres? Services are the new OS - with the cloud taking over the OS becomes less relevant and it's all about the service/application/app / donkey kong if you want to call it that.   Yes, windows phone is less unique. Oh and I agree that people might not come to windows phone when they have the service available on iOS. Not buying into the "it's a taste to get people on board". It's more of sell where people are. And no you don't have to pay for apps - there is something called data and that is good enough to give the app away for free. Here's the thing - Windows phone as an OS will survive just because it is the same windows across platforms. In the future you might be able to install it on any device. But you might not because of the lack of apps. And MS is fine with it because it's money comes from powering the back end of services and services. THink about it - Apple makes profits from selling a phone and upgrades to the phone. MS makes money from selling you a Office 365 subscription, powering the back end of your beloved snapchat with it's cloud platform, data mining. blah blah blah.  
  • That logic make
    Zero sense because Microsoft has done absolutely nothing to give windows phone the chance to stand on Its own.
  • oh man, i would love the windows keyboard on android or ios. it's still my favorite keyboard!
  • People are too negative sometimes. Many friends are using outlook on iPhone, because it is better, now they can have a great keyboard too, and guess what? Microsoft again, they must be everywhere
  • Not happy with MS anymore.... Start packing sir...
  • It would be even nicer if Microsoft spent some effort to bring it to Windows phone :-( I can already choose at least three diffrent alternativ on ios and probably even more on android as a swedish user but none on Windows phone. Now Microsoft port the keyboard to ios, maybe they will also enable it for the Swedish language on ios. One more reason to jump ship. :-(  
  • And here we go....
    Bye bye Lumia. Thanks God I shifted to Android at right time. Posted via my Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo which isn't as much abandoned as any Windows Phone on the Windows Central App for Android
  • Honestly, I'd have more respect if you used an iPhone :P Android is still just so...eck.
  • Dan I knew you where an iPhone fan
  • I wouldn't say that, but I have said in the past if I have to give up Windows Phone I'd use an iPhone. I still find iOS incredibly boring, however.
  • Great news.. Now I can have consistency in the case of keyboards in my Lumia and iPhone.. Bring it on MS... :)
  • Thanks for replying Dan, but please tell me how do you find windows phone/ mobile?
  • You should check Daniel's point of view on Galaxy S6 with other colleagues at that makes a lot of sense how he hates android no matter how good the device is.
  • I agree
  • The right time fir you was when Galaxy S3 was released?
  • S3 neo ... seriously? Got my Lumia 930 cheaper than that and it is miles away from that laggy thing stuck on android 4.4 .
  • Mine is even worse bro, on Jelly Bean 4.3.. :'( would be changing soon though. Probably LEnovo Vibe S1 or One Plus Two.
  • I want this on Android. It's one of the things that I miss most about Windows Phone
  • Have you tried SwiftKey? It works just as well on Android as WordFlow did on Windows Phone. Posted from my Moto X Pure Edition via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They need to put it in desktop Windows 10. It would be great to use this on a tablet!
  • How about focusing on making Windows Phone better instead of focusing on making other platforms better?
  • Bad.
  • Who's bad? MJ
  • Am I the only person that wants this for the W10 on screen keyboard? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No you are not
  • I never thought if see the day when Microsoft started working for Apple (and Android). Really, tell me again why I should get all excited when I see these Windows features going onto other OS's and lose all the uniqueness and excellent features (most times with better capabilities on other OS's) from Windows Mobile?
    Or is this Microsoft's plan... to drive their consumers from their hardware because they want to stay a software company?
    Seriously this is going too far Microsoft. Stop the rot and give us Windows Mobile users reason to stay with WM and not get better usability from Microsoft by going Apple or Android!
  • Well, that day has arrived and you're seeing whatever it is you see this as.  Bottom line is, MS IS a software company and its services have always played on IOS. Why should this service be any different? Because MS builds its own phone?  This isolationist attitude needs to get a reality check. Its a phone, not your woman.
  • MS is a software company have to adapt to the market ... don't be the Blockbuster to Netflix !
  • Lmao, Microsoft has really done a great job making me not regret switching from WP. Posted via the Windows Central App for Symbian
  • You switched from WP to Symbian? Who are you, Benjamin Button? You living a reversed timeline there buddy?
  • I'm not actually on Symbian. Just wanted to see the reaction I got and if anyone noticed. Apparently a lot of people noticed. Lol. I'm on Android now. Posted via the Windows Central App for Symbian
  • Are you kidding me
  • No. I'm serious. It really did snow last week.
  • Maybe this will be good for data collection in order to improve Cortana and Bing.
  • The only other reason I can think of is that they concede defeat and windows mobile it's really dead just like bbm.
  • BBM isn't dead. It's available for all platforms including Windows Phone. Posted from my Moto X Pure Edition via the Windows Central App for Android
  • in the future they are going to know they have done a lot of mistake when every one jumps from their os
  • I think I am just going to jump ship and get an iPhone. Microsoft is taking the piss now. Im fed up in being loyal to ms.
  • If you go to an iPhone, you will still have Microsft apps. Microsoft HAS YOU!!! *rubs hands evily*
  • Swiftkey is better than the Windows phone keyboard. I like the customization you can have with Swiftkey. It also remembers your email address as unlike windows phone keyboard.  
  • That would be sweet. I get so tired of typing in my email address.
  • So if your keyboard gets hijacked, they can easily get your email and probably your passwords too.
  • Doom I tell you. DOOM! Or that's theme I see in these comments. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • Ha-ha yeah Posted via the Windows Central App for Nexus 5x
  • I like Quake better.
  • Sweet! Can't wait to try this out on my iPhone.
  • Microsoft has been very generous to competitors lately. So, I guess this should work like their bygone idea of flooding the market with affordable Lumias?
  • Maybe MS can port HBO Go and Amazon video iOS apps to windows mobile. That would be a great trade for the "famous" flow being on iPhone.
  • Amazing how most replying on this have zero clue why MS does this, and just post all emo negativity. Putting Microsoft feats on other phones, makes Microsoft to be everywhere. Its a benefit for Microsoft! Nobody is forcing u to get a windows phone and be all emotional about moves like these. This is going to be a standard like win10 is covering other brands. Microsoft everywhere is not a loss... At all. Having Microsoft everywhere, makes the future of windows phone even more interesting. Then again.. I like to see the whiners on this page swap to other phones and see the regret in the end when Microsoft makes its best move for windows phone.
  • LOL please be honest....
    They spend more resources on other platforms than improving their own!
    This is *fooling* their users
  • Lol yeah I like how MSFT is spreading itself out ;p. It could be a good thing in the long run. Posted via the Windows Central App for Nexus 5x
  • Their resouces are limited. Taking time to develop for other platforms = taking resouces from their own. WM10 keyoard is awful and W10 and W10M are using  mashine translation for some localisations. Windows 10 tablets still don't have swype cause resouces a devoted for IOS.  
  • Fix Word flow in windows 10 mobile first. Word flow still not working in edge in os .63
  • Working fine for me on 950xl
  • 3rd party keyboard are buggy as hell on iOS.  Definitely not the OS on which to be using a 3rd party keyboard.  
  • This is actually pretty neat. Hopefully they release it for free, give our iOS companions some sweet relief from their godawful keyboard. Window Phone's keyboard has always been my favorite (Which is why I find it odd that the tablet keyboard on Windows 10 is ok, but kinda "meh." And the one on 8.1 honestly kind of sucked), and iOS has always been the biggest pain to use. Glad Microsoft is giving iOS users another, pretty awesome, option.
  • Good luck with that. On WP 8.1 it was great, but on 10 the accuracy is way off from where it used to be. I've found this lowered accuracy on both a 1520 and a 950XL.
  • One day they may bring windows to iphones and androids! Just think of that!
  • I really wish they would make this windows tablets. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android because I am unfortunately with Sprint
  • I wish they'd bring it to PCs. I would love it on my Surface when I don't have my Type Cover.
  • Tbh the world flow keyboard in win10m straight up sucks, it was glorious in wp8.1, wtf?
  • It's nearly indentical (other than the little cursor) to the WP 8.1 version. What on Earth are you talking about?
  • Agree, it is fantastic
  • He's referring to accuracy and performance, not looks
  • One less reason I can give people why Windows phone is better.
  • Agree
  • Microsoft is axing there own mobile platform, i think they will shut down the mobile business, that's why they are porting all the KEY features of windows mobile to other mobile platform giants... Android n IOS never share there App, why "MS" why are u axing ur own mobile platform.
  • This really shows how big Microsoft is. Theay are creating services for all, unlike apple and google.
  • No, this just show ms's weakness not being able to sell their own devices and platforms
  • If people get all the features of WP in other platform, then why should they move to WP.. People will purchase new ios/android device instead of WP because all the best features of WP are already in other platforms... Soon continuum will also be shared..
  • This is awesome. I switched to an iPhone last week (I was on a 1020 and just wanted something new, but not the 950, so on an iPhone for a year until a better WP comes out).  Typing on the iPhone, even with the Swype keyboard enabled, is one of the worst smart phone experiences I've ever had. So, so terrible. There are many, many things WP has that iPhone doesn't have that I miss. I can't wait til next year when there will (hopefully) be a W10 phone that is compelling.
  • Microsoft is trying to become the number one software company, so it's clear this had to happen sooner or later. That's how they make money, and I'm perfectly fine with it. But less and less features make Windows Phones unique, and I can't see people buying Lumias for Continuum. I still love Microsoft's design language, but the competition has gotten crazy good, Microsoft services are everywhere (they're even better on iOS sometimes) and everything else is still lagging behind after five years. I can't see the point in recommending Lumias anymore, and I think they know more and more fans are getting disappointed. But hey, Microsoft's not a charitable organization. They're testing the waters and investing time and money on profitable platforms.
  • Hopefully it's Microsoft's long game, get everyone on ios and Android using MS services then release a killer phone. W10m isn't in the position to attract most users currently however MS services and app suite are. Get them using Microsoft everyday on other platforms whilst they get w10m up to speed. When people are see how good these features are and that they could have them condensed into one very slick package might make them switch to windows mobile.
  • lol, here we don't see a lumia spot on tv since about one year ago...
    How can ms idiot managers believe to sell and improve n. of apps in the store without marketing campaigns on tv, radio etc for the critical mass?
  • Not to be personal but wow aren't you soimething. Seriously you are a software engineer? Want yur software to be exclusive to just one platform that has no users? Is that how you want to make money. yeah it sucks for keeping WP "unique" but that's not MS's business model. Get over it. I use a WP because I like the camera and the design. Not because I have Wordflow and iOS does not. Not running around pointing it out
  • As a WP user, I don't really mind that iOS gets this awesome keyboard. Android too. I just hate when they get MS stuff FIRST or they get a BETTER version. Unfortunately, those things are not uncommon now.
  • Agree
  • redstone
  • When in windows phones 10 ???
  • I miss the WordFlow keyboard. I moved to Android on the G4 back in August, and it's been slow and laggy, while my old Lumia 822 is currently faster. I would switch back if I weren't missing certain college apps and the phones were on Verizon.
  • Great idea MS. Bring EVERYTHING that makes your phones a Windows Phone and port it over to Android and IOS. Brilliant. I see you don't give 2 ish's about Windows Phone. I will soon be a former WP user.
  • Ms managers are so incompetent that when they will understand this will be too late
  • Why people complain all the time???They said that don't like google because they don't make apps for windows phones but they are the same who blame Microsoft when it makes applications for others platforms.So I'm confused.
  • There's also similar 3rd party apps in iPhone. For me at least, the biggest problem is not about accuracy or the typing speed itself. Switching to and from 3rd party keyboards (and even 1st party keyboard) in iPhone is slow. Yes, Swift has option to predict multiple languages in one keyboard so you don't need to switch, but when you need something non-Latin like CJK language then there's no choice, and the lag is long enough to be annoying. Other 3rd party keyboard users in iPhone would testify for the lackluster performance too. Apple still need to fix that part of their OS.
  • Can they please add it to the Edge browser bar first!?
  • Well, I guess in a few months we will get the news that Microsoft is porting over Continuum to iOS and Android.
  • Satya won't be happy until Windows Phone's market share falls below 1%...
  • Agree
  •   how about getting this keyboard to us windows 10 surface user huh?  be nice to quickly swipe words out.  
  • Seriously? What about bringing it to Windows 10 keyboard? Been waiting forever for it on my tablet.
  • FFS MS, can we not have ANYTHING to bolster as a reason to switch to WP?? How can you expect me to evangelize the product when nothing is unique to windows phone now. What's next to go, live tiles???
  • OMG, they didn't bring it to their own devices yet... (Word Flow in Czech is not available in WP8.1, but you can upgrade to Windows 10 and then downgrade to WP8.1 and guess what, Word Flow is there...) Why, Microsoft, why...
  • Where's the money in that?
  • The money is in ms managers get from apple
  • Boy they really know how to build an os fan base. Let's give away the only few things that make it worth being on windows to everyone. No one will have a reason to switch now.
  • No words, i will switch to iPhone
  • But you'll have the keyboard!
  • Before I read the article, my initial thought "W10m is over". Now I'll read it
  • Now that I'm really thinking about this, their approach is starting to make sense. It's actually pretty clever too! If I were an iPhone user and I was already using some of Microsoft's services on my iPhone already such as Skype, Outlook, and Office, I would already know that I prefer Skype over FaceTime (especially for business), Outlook over the barebones Mail app on iOS, and Office over iWork. This would lead me to discover Cortana, how much smarter she is than Siri, and how much better she gets on Windows. I realize OneDrive is a much better solution than iCloud, and that I can even get more storage by simply backing up my photos online, using Bing through their rewards system and through my Office 365 subscription. So I switch cloud storages. Then finding out about how much better the Word Flow keyboard is than the stock iOS one would make me change my default. Later on, I see that Windows is becoming very popular with game-changing hardware like detachable screens on powerful laptops, liquid cooling and amazing camera tech in smartphones, and apps that work on and span across every Windows device. I also see that their app ecosystem has dramatically improved, and even has apps that were once iOS-only. Then I look back at my iPhone that has no platform agnosticism, services that are barely accessible outside of an Apple ecosystem, and all-proprietary non-universal hardware, all in an outdated, overpriced and restricted slab of "rose-gold" and notice that Microsoft has literally taken over my iPhone with services of much better value, and if I switch to Windows, that all of these services will work together SO MUCH BETTER than they would in their own little apps. Cortana will speak to my apps. My websites, OneDrive photos and videos, contacts, text and Skype messages, emails, OneNote notebooks, and more will magically appear on my PC and every other Windows device I own, simply by signing in. Plus, I can turn my phone into a PC, turn my tablet into a laptop, and actually send files on my phone over Bluetooth to another device..... Then I'd cancel my iPhone pre-order. And maybe even trade in my Apple Watch for a Microsoft Band, and replace my MacBook with a brand new Surface Book! My denial of Microsoft's commitment to Windows all started when they brought Xbox Live achievements over to iOS games. Then came the Office suite, better Skype apps, Bing, Sway, and then Cortana. Only now, hearing the news about the Word Flow keyboard making the move to iOS has changed my idea of Microsoft's commitment. Not only are they successfully growing their software business, but they're attracting customers who were once blind to the fact that Windows even existed!
  • That's definitely not going to happen. It might but it's a fairy tale. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • Maybe. But I have a feeling teams of analysts backed by a multibillion dollar company probably know a bit more than us/random user(s)
  • That's straight up hilarious.   When, at any time over the last 7 years, have the analysts for Microsoft gotten anything even REMOTELY close to correct regarding mobile?
  • But u missed something important. Every single tech company has its best services on iOS, so why would u switch to any other mobile OS if u have the best of apple, Microsoft, Google and others on one device? Not happening, specially when windows 10 mobile is still number 100 on Microsoft priority list, forget about support from other companies. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well, I bet with this rate, continuum is coming from Microsoft to other OS's inevitably. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Mastermind. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • LOL!!!!
  • Tbh I think MS is at the point where they're trying to keep WP alive but they are porting stuff to other platforms because deep down they know it won't last and want to carry on its legacy. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So the next what will be?
    Windows desktop and office?
    Ms is showing too much wickness
  • I never said MS is wicked or bad I'm just thinking of their ideas I love MS.
  • Word flow... Using for the first time now. What the he'll, it works! Lol this thing will make my life more simple. Hope it works in Brazilian Portuguese good as in English, gonna try in some Brazilian sites right now.
  • Some times i do think that if i switch to android i will get all the apps and all Microsoft apps as well. Infact Microsoft is building much improved apps for android than for windows phone. So what's the use of staying in windows platform.
  • Well, for me the integration of my telephone, my desktop, my tablet and my Xbox One are really handful... It makes all simpler
  • By the way, really don't understand what benefit Microsoft gonna get delivering an feature like this into other platforms, things like OneDrive, Office ok... But this? How they intend to make money?
  • One day will know... Or some manager should explain us...
    (my own opinion it's just a waste of resources and a damage to the brand)
  • MS takes over like a virus, instead of folding. They're adapting.
  • Mastermind Nadella will make money. When he gets the new job at Apple/Google. Sad that Gates decided to destroy Microsoft.
  • Some days I think, give MS some slack, it's a big elephant in a rapid world. But in the future, maybe, MS will just be dealing with software and surely doing it great and being one of few companies earning money. I bought my first windows phone in 2011(htc mozart) and the look of the UI compared to android (even nexus)was truly AMAZING! I did'nt at the time give a **** about the app gap. But things have changed over time, and with the introduction of Lollipop I think the material design outshines(even on my skinned sony xperia) W10M. The beauty remains only in the live tiles I'm truly sorry to say..
  • Lmao, I can picture Dan laughing right as he posted this article knowing what the reaction would be from the m-asses here. "getting an iPhone" "switching to android" lol, don't forget to download the Microsoft suite of apps after you register a google or itunes account.
  • #1 the wordflow keyboard feature makes zero impact when someone considers an iPhone vs a WP. So why not bring it to iOS?
    #2 I read nothing about the Guinness book of world records achievement. I hope MS rooted their own horns when this happened. *edit* WAIT WAIT. So they're bringing this to iOS before Windows 10 where it would be very useful in tablet mode???? WTF.
  • Bring it to big win on my tablet Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • One more stuff away from Windows phone !! Nice !!!
  • Been missing it. Love this keyboard good to know I can use it on my iPhone 6s now.
  • I think they should get it working right on Windows 10 Mobile before tackeling other platforms. I found it the most accurate such offerring on WP8, comparing it to various options on both iOS and Android. It really was outstanding. Unfortunately the quality has nose-dived on Win10M. It picks the wrong word more often than it used to and on several apps (Edge most notably) it is completely broken, skipping every other word unless you remeber to hit a space ending a swipe.
  • Make it paid... Put a $10 tag
  • Should bring SwiftKey to windows phone.
  • It is like if you cannot dismantle the entire building in one go, start by removing bricks one by one.
  • In Microsoft's defense, Apple and Google brings a lot of great applications to Windows (desktop OS) because MS Windows is still the market leader by far. Since Microsoft is the underdog in the mobile industry, they have to do the same to keep relevant in that space by putting their apps where the customers are.
  • Apple and Google only built their apps for Windows desktop for the same reason Microsoft is building mobile apps for their platforms: that's where the customers are. The big difference with mobile though, is that this is largely a one-way street: while Microsoft also supports their non-mobile platforms, they do not return the favor for Microsoft's mobile platform.
  • Still, it's better that MS takes over like a virus then slowly wilting like a dying plant. Least it spurs competition.
  • I just don't understand how giving your competitors all of your differentiating technology is going to help bring people to your product, especially if the average user doesn't know they are using a Microsoft product... Giving me less and less ammunition when my friends ask why I like Windows phone
  • This is not a bad thing. Familiarity is what you need so the more Microsoft things used on the iPhone the easier it is for those users to transition to Windows mobile later or for us to transition to it.
  • Oh GOD....Okay, even that i have the G3 (i bought off contract) i'll give 1 last chance to Microsoft when i renew my contract and take the 640 XL (or the 640). 
  • Don't waste your time , just switch
  • Iam switching
  • Someday we will need an iPhone or Android to have better Microsoft experience, may be Microsoft is trying to keep apps alive after killing windows mobile
  • They'd better port wp8 keyboard to w10m.
    Wordflow is broken there, not really flowing.
  • On last gen devices. Much has improved on the new hardware.
  • This is why we can't have nice things
  • I personally felt windows' word flow keyboard is fantastic to type from the usage of some android & windows handsets. Now it's deliberately proved. Happy to choose windows. But windows mobile 10 needs some fixes in this field..
  • Impressive move Microsoft. Wordflow is awesome as we all know. Besides, its all about Microsoft Services when the dust clears.
  • How about adding it to Windows 10 proper so I can use it on my Surface? Would love it when I use the on screen keyboard. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Microsoft Company employee's with CEO uses iphone/android instead of their own WP, that's why they are too much concern for ios n android..
  • True
  • Q: Hey! I am a fan of features from Microsoft on a smartphone, heard they are best. Which windows phone should I buy?
    A: Buy an iphone, they are the best phones with Microsoft features!
  • Yeahh... That's right..!! And just wait "continuum" is coming soon hahaha....
  • The best Windows Phone is the iPhone "Pro." I honestly cannot wait for this. After recently going from a 920 to an iPhone 6S Plus, one of the many things I missed was the keyboard. Though 3D touch cursor control blows that little joynib that WP has, the feel and flow of WP just was wonderful. Installed Flesky and Touchpal which have somewhat of the same feel, but it just aint the same. 
  • I'm a little not pleased but let's be open minded about this.
  • Good for them. Keep doing whatever it is you're doing, MS and good luck, you'll need it.
  • It's all over!!!!! I can never look at my Lumia 640 again.  I mean the moment after I read the article I realized my device was no longer special, the live tiles no longer so lively. People can we have a little calm? I mean on one hand we get news Windows on ARM is still active and we got Redstone. We are getting a Surface phone. Until Nadela says no more phone calm down.  
  • Well now Microsoft is steeping on some nerves
  • For now 10 mobile is pretty much a no go area for non-fans. Too buggy and too much half baked functionality.
    I switched my company to new hardware on Windows 10 and i regret it a lot. It's less stable than windows 7 and 8 and All Windows 10 pc's loose connection to the server 20 times a day. We have been trying to find the cause for two weeks now, but without success. We are going back to windows 7. Why the hell is MS wasting resources on other platforms while 10 still needs some serious work.
  • Please report this to MS
  • Explain this to the mastermind
  • We are guinea pigs for ms
    That's why i gone out insider program
  • Really? Wtf are you doing MS? , anyways , I don't care anymore , gonna go iOS in the coming months
  • wow what part of software and services do we not get? Apple makes a most of its money sell hardware. Everyone else that tried selling hardware has gone private (again) (Dell) and is focussing on servers and DC infrastructure or split the company (HP) and are hoping the hardware (consumer) division dies a slow death. Back in the day the money was in the software and that is true to this day. Only we call them apps now. Why do you think Apple is introducing Apple news Apple radio whatever crap Apple this apple that? At one poiunt early 2015 the only Apple app in the top 20 used on an iPhone was the itunes app (or music or whateever - you get it) the rest belonged to facebook or google or some game NOT APPLE. Which is a problem because selling a phone can only bring you so much money - keeping you hooked to my ecosystem will bring in a lot more.   MS could care 2 hoots about WP fans getting angry about wordflow being on iOS because they make their money not from selling a LUmia but from their services and from Azure that powers the back end of a whole host of apps. Once the move to the cloud accelerates - you'll give 2 hoots about the OS as your phone will just be a screen with a DC in Arkansas powering it.  
  • Its painful to hear this but i think its a good thing to get people to see how great windows apps are. Since its free they can always take it out from the apple store and when people are use to their services they might consider switching to windows. Its not always going to be iphone on the market. Ones their sales come down they might consider even putting face time for the public as well just as blackberry did with bbm. Its just a matter of time. Apps can always be taken out from stores. I just hope thats the plan.
  • What's the Redstone all about?
  • I'd like word flow on Surface....
  • MS I see the moves y'all making
  • MS has really lost focus. Windows 10 is full of bugs both phone and desktop and MS is busy solving other platforms problems instead of making windows better. Who told MS they are leading in Software in the world? They should prove it and stop wasting time.
  • **** u Microsoft keeping nthing special for ur own OS everything I love about this OS is being ported to IOS so I guess I'll leave this piece of **** OS
  • I feel your pain, that's just the handwriting on wall, just switch over to iOS, you won't miss anything
  • Microsoft keeps disappointing me.
  • That's there hobby
  • iPhone keyboard
  • MS sucked, the keeping porting their good app to other platform and others will not do the same, when is chrome coming to Windows phone?
  • Expect edge (when its completed) to go everywhere, which would make more sense then wordflow.
  • When pigs fly
  • Microsoft have eventually nothing compared to iOS but want to give eventually everything it has to other platform. That's great keep giving all that is left of Microsoft until there's nothing else to hold unto windows phone, maybe someday they will give live tiles too to iPhone, I hope that day comes
  • Yea, my next phone will be a wp, oh wait everything on wp is on iPhone, and even better, an iphone it is then
  • Is Microsoft big plan to get everyone using their apps on iphone/Android and then pull them all on one day and try and force everyone back.
  • Lol dream it
  • I think WordFlow is so good that Microsoft should protrude to bring it to all windows 10 devices first. I think it's so good that the windows 8 and 19 virtual keyboard experience is a hating and poor one on tablet and surface devices. Have been asking it for almost a year now v via insiders feedback as part of improving the tablet experience side of the IS. I think Windows 10 could really use it. No excuse really.In my daily use of WordFlow on my Lumia device it's very good. It has a good workflow to it as well when typing on a virtual keyboard on small touch screen devices. After this they can stay penetrating into other markets like iOS and Android. I think not doing this first is poor management of agenda priorities. ​
  • Remember the mastermind "mobile first"
    Mobile first in his mad mind mean ios and android first...
  • It could be so that if people have an iPhone and start using windows features on their phones and actually like them, they might consider buying a windows phone instead, when they have to make their next decision. A lot of people buy Apple the first time and do not mind the high price, but the following phone they may think twice to spend that much money again. And then they remember the windows SOS they used. So maybe not such a bad idea.
  • Hahaha I like your faith
  • Amazing, of course that's a brilliant plan, how come no one else thought of this explanation? /s
  • Microsoft CEO uses an iphone, that's why all of windows key features are being port over to iOS, because I don't see any other reason why Microsoft would do this
  • You sir, are an idiot.
  • He is surely less idiot than some ms managers.... Market share of wp/wm confirm this
  • Finally, why don't sell yourself to Google or Apple?
  • My next phone is iPhone.
  • Go ahead and throw your money at them.
  • Look I understand where the mobile phone market is but its a bit frustrating when you read about features going onto other platforms when your waiting for your phone to receive the windows 10 update and the ability to use the windows 10 apps.
  • It is hard to understand Microsoft's thinking. They are improving the iPhone and wonder why sales for windows phone are dropping and nobody develops apps for Windows 10 mobile. I can't see, that they are committed to their own products. Rather, they are committed to making fast revenue, and be it by fooling the folks that were stupid enough to buy a windows phone. The lesson is: if you want all the benefits together, get an iPhone. This is supported both by Apple and Microsoft.
  • I want Word flow keyboard on my Windows 10 tablet :(
  • Wordflow definitely turned into a piece of crud when I upgraded my L930 to Windows 10. Can't see the IOS users being very impressed with it in it's current state. The number of times it gets 'to' and 'too' the wrong way round is beyond belief. It never used to and that's just one example of many issues I have with it at the moment.I currently spend more time going back correcting messages than I do writing them in the first place!! There's something similar on my Nexus tablet and it works so much better.
  • Its obviously going to be better than WP. Microsoft is a buster.
  • Great idea!
  • Great news for iPhone users. I myself will stick with Windowsphone. :P
  • Goddamn MS. Bringing it to other platforms before adding more languages. How in gods name can 3rd party, comparatively small devs have support for more languages than MS?
  • Next is an app which makes it easier to switch from wp to ios...
  • They better have a damn app to change the iphone UI to live tiles, and a removable battery.
  • It's called W10M.
  • Wordflow is alright, but the keyboard is the real kicker.
  • Thanks Obama.
  • Nice move.
  • So what's the point of having a windows phone?
  • Explain this to the mastermind
  • What about word flow on the desktop and tablet (x86) versions of Windows 10??
  • Good point!
  • SMH why MS didn't ship Windows 10 without this feature. Tablets do benefit from having Word Flow.
  • We still have just 5 reasons to buy wm :( 1) best camera (950xl)
    2) best gui (live tiles)
    3) office mobile completely free
    4) continuum
    5) better integration with w10 on pc Hope ms idiot managers do not remove other exclusive good points
  • Seems like Microsoft wants to make it harder to have a reason to switch to windows phones. Everything good on my HTC 8XT that I loved and made windows phones stand out I can just get from the app store or Google play. Soon there will be no reason for anyone to switch. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • If you buy a 950XL and try the camera you have a great reason...
    But hope some ms manager will not make further damages
  • German was way better with the keyboard from wp8.1! Now it often corrects to old spelling ...
    They should also first bring it over to windows 10 for tablets ...
  • I also can't believe they are planning word flow with shape writing (swype) for iphones before bringing it to tablets.  I have a windows 10 tablet and it has word flow but not the shape writing (swype) and I really miss it.
  • They are really Working hard to shut down Windows 10 Mobile.. Good.. Earlier Cortana.. And now word flow.. Great move.. Very soon W10M is going to shut down.. Switching to Android fast and furious!!
  • Microsoft is really working hard.... actually very hard to shut down W10M.. Earlier Cortana and now Word flow.. Great move.. Soon W10M will shut down. Switching to Android fast and furious!!
  • Ms sold 50000 lumia 950/xl in italy, 1 month of delay to shipments of free continuum docking stations since they completely ran out of stocks My dear the mistermind is a mad-mind
    Lol Ms still exist only thanks to us!
  • Windows Phone abandonware. They are slowly moving everything to Android and especially IOS. I wouldn't be surprised if they suddenly announced that WP is dead and MS has partnered with Apple or Google for mobile devices. Continuum can is supported by the newer hardware in Android anyways. MS the most confused and disoriented company ever.
  • I didn't see ios had shared any of their useful features sharing with Windows phone
  • Someday when you buy an iphone, this is what you'll see when booting up. (iphone logo) at the bottom of logo it says "powered by Microsoft" Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • When in India?
  • If you can't beat em join em
  • I would also prefer wordflow for Windows 10(PC) as well. the keyboard must be resizable (to the size of a mobile keyboard) and movable to the sides so that we can easily swipe-type on touch enabled laptop/tablets like surfaces.
  • In my opinion it's just an alt strategy by microsoft in which they get majority users hooked to basic services that they offer on rivals OS's while their own OS matures. Microsoft am sure is developing a future proof mobile OS, once done they can drop support for thier apps on iOS, android resulting in people migrating  in droves to WM10 for they are hooked on to MS services  
  • "while their own OS matures."   LOL  That's gut-busting funny, right there.
  • I want a ROM of Android with a Microsoft suite of apps, home screen, lock screen, and (eventually) keyboard. That would make me happy for some reason...
  • :(
  • I don't get why Microsft makes apps for Apple when Apple doesn't even create their apps to run on Windows phone. 
  • I dunno, ever since i upgraded to windows 10 mobile, im notice i dont use word flow much because its not giving me the right words.
  • That's it for me. iPhone shall be my next.
  • MS has already given Cortana, all its Bing apps, Microsoft Office apps and now Word Flow. What's next, an Android Launcher that offers Live Tiles? That's about the only thing that's different in Windows Mobile from Android and iOS from a user's point of view... Posted via the Windows Central App
  • I wouldn't be surprised.
  • How about they bring it to the tradition desktop first.... It would be nice on the surface tablets.
  • They are so clueless.
  • I like Android, and I have a few Android devices, so it's cool that Microsoft is developing stuff for competing platforms, but damn it Microsoft. How about FIRST supporting your own platforms and THEN bringing it to other platforms? Wordflow keeps predicting the wrong word on W10m, and it doesn't even exist on tablets. Man, Microsoft devices get no love, not even from Microsoft itself.
  • I'd like them to open up the windows 10 mobile IME to other vendors as well.  They need to keep their own mobile platform as attractive and cusomizable as the alternatives.  So far all they're doing is widening the gap porting their secret sauce to the competition.
  • Great... now give us an Android version.  I miss everything word flow had to offer me. 
  • Try SwiftKey for Android. It offers all of the same features as WordFlow.
  • I wonder how porting over the keyboard will make them money. It definitely won't make Windows Phone owners happy.
  • Great work by Microsoft. Wonder why their not concentrating on its platform with more feature and updates to its OS ! XD
  • Can someone show to me how to use it???link or site.
  • Really? How about finally getting wordflow on tablets and pc's first.
  • One less reason to bother with Windows 10 mobile, which is a joke anyway next to iOS and Android, Google's keyboard are much better but I like Apple's keyboard the best just like I like Apple's iOS platform the best too. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Anyone who likes this idea must be daft, Microsoft is indeed using this as a trojan horse and if thier plan suceeds then windows phone will over take the market cause everyone wants the windows features.  My hope is they develop all this stuff just to take it AAALLL away in a split second and cause everone to realize what an insignnificant company Apple really is.
    Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Sway, Bing, Wordflow, Sunrise, MINECRAFT!!, holy crap. They have sucha massive upper hand over any other company.. can't believe anyone would switch from Windows to anything else right before Microsoft's deadly strike!
  • i see what you're saying,but time will tell if such will happen
  • I understand why Microsoft wants is services on other platforms, but wordflow?? There's no advantage that I can see for putting it in other platforms.
  • Microsoft! Are you insane???? Instead of promoting the best feature of windows phone you are porting them to ios who promote Siri a way better manner than you ever focus on promoting Cortana.... This time I'm really loosing my temper....
  • This is effing awesome! I went from the 822 to a Note 4 and the only thing I hate about it is the keyboard!! Absolute ****. Word prediction sucks. Instead of using simple words, it comes up with **** I've never heard of. It always uses the wrong form of then/than. It's actually better to use voice recognition to write out entire texts or emails; it almost never gets anything wrong with those.
  • If it's the version the runs on WP8.1, then I'm happy for them.  If it's the one from W10M, I feel very, VERY sorry for them.  It is absolutely the worst experience.  It's FAR less accurate and tremendously SLOWER.  I find I can get things done quicker by typing directly on W10M.
  • Crazy Microsoft.
  • Fnk yeah Microsoft
  • Funk you!
  • i thought whole point of being Insider is testing out new services,apps or changes to both within Microsoft Ecosystem, not on other Ecosystems.
  • I guess it's good to spread the wealth... The keyboard on the windows phone is the main reason I like using a windows phone.. I think it's the best. Red​920
  • YES!!! Word Flow is definitely the best keyboard out there when it comes to smartphones. I've missed it horribly since getting my iPhone 6s in late September. It's definitely one of my favorite features of Windows Phone that is severely lacking in my everyday smartphone use. Can't wait!
  • T-Mobile's OS duopoly push and general platform bigotry sure worked well on you.
  • I was hoping this was a feature that would stay unique to Windows phones... an advantage of the windows ecosystem. Pray tell if IOS gets Cortana, Flow Keyboard, Continuum and better versions of all MS productivity Apps... why should I buy a Windows phone at all? The pretty tiles?  
  • I am using a Lumia 1520 and iPhone 6s. I am typing this on my Lumia 1520. I must admit the iPhone keyboard is better at least for me. Better suggestion, more accurate, faster to type on with much less typos. For the sake of this, I just tried to write the exact same thing on my iPhone. IPhone 6s is way too faster and smoother. It might be because everything is extremely smooth on the iPhone. Although, I love the keyboard on Lumia 1520. It is undoubtedly the best keyboard experience on any windows I have used.
  • I am using a Lumia 1520 and iPhone 6s. I must admit iPhone is much better, faster to type on with less typos, has more suggestion and is simply more accurate. I am writing this on my Lumia 1520. To put this to the test, I rewrote this whole thing on my iPhone and it was really smoother and faster at least for me. We have to appreciate whatever is better. It is not time to be subjective and be a fanboy. We know iPhone is better when they push updates every month, while we Windows users are waiting for 2 years to get an update. I am still not sure if the Lumia is getting the Windows 10 update any time soon. However, the keyboard on the Lumia 1520 is the best experience on any Windows phone I have ever used, but it is still much worse that that on the iPhone 6s. It is for sure it will be great on the iPhone since all the MS apps are awesome on iPhone.
  • I hope microsoft know what she is doing cause bringing all exclusive features to other phones make us that own windows phones to have no more reason to buy Windows phone again.I dont know if what microsoft doing will work,but i really doubt if my next phone will be a windows phone even tho i love the OS.
  • OMG please bring to Android. Please.
  • Yet they dont have it on their surface tablets. Every other platform will soon have it but Microsofts Surface. Whos the idiot that makes these decisions
  • I received this email, and I own an iPhone6+. I replied that they can count me in! I really am not in love with Apple's default keyboard, so I'm up for a change! :-)
  • Can't MS get the flow keyboard working on W10 Mobile first? Or is it just me? I've not had word flow since W10 Mobile was first released.
  • If it's best, why to keep it.
    Sharing is caring and word flow keyboard. I loved it using on my L520.
    Would love to see it on Android too. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • When they will have a good product, perhaps then to port it out. Right now, even in WP 10, beta teher are a lot of problems. Woudn't been better to put the resources just on WP, to have all of us a more finneshed product? 
  • Deciding to switch to iPhone keeps getting better and better.  Thanks, Microsoft!  The world won't miss Windows Mobile when it's gone.
  • Google Keyboard and alternatives such as SwiftKey have been offering swipe to type for years now so I don't see why this should be a big deal for either iOS or Win10M. My two cents.
  • Meanwhile my Windows 10 tablet/PC keyboard doesn't support Word Flow. SMH
  • Too bad the keyboard sucks now. Accuracy is beyond terrible and it seems they have removed the feature allowing you to add words to the limited dictionary. I've resorted to using Cortana most of the time because I spend more time correcting word flow crap predictions than it takes to just tell Cortana what I want to say.  
  • .
  • Reasons to stick with W10 mobile are getting shared one by one.. I think by the time I will need to replace my L950 there will be no hesitation to switch since all the features I love will be on competing platforms - but of course, with extra added stuff:) 
  • Dumping my Lumia 925 for an iphone 6 plus. Miss NOKIA for its awesome hardware. However Microsoft has messed up, its bringing all its apps to others then I dont see any point at all using this device. Satya Nadella is a balled piece of garbage. 
  • I want this on Android so very badly.  
  • Hi William You already have the excellent Swype app integrated into Android. Why would you want Word Flow? Microsoft can't even get it to work properly on Windows phones.... It drives me mad and I am resolved to go back to Android with my next phone. An example (on my Lumia 640XL) this morning is trying to send a text message using Word Flow, it would not recognice the following words no matter how carefully I swyped: nasty, chimney, gut, instinct, couple, infection, bacteria And this is just in the course of a couple of texts. Not particularly obscure lexical items. Swype on Android was very good at this. In fact, the more complex the word, the more likely it was to get it right. So I end up tapping out each word which renders the Word Flow impractical.              
  • So, who get's to participate?  I'm part of the insider program, like thousands of other people, yet I didn't get an email?  As a mobile admin at my company, it would be nice to get my hands on this. 
  • The title of this article begs the question, Microsoft Word Flow famed for what? Being really *****? I'm a dedicated user of Word Flow on my Lumia 640XL. I switched to a Windows phone after years of using Android for various reasons, one of them being that Microsoft had included a Swype- like app for input. I have stuck at it for over a year but I am at the end of my tether with the thing. The Swype app integrated into Android was really very good. Why would anyone want Word Flow?  It drives me mad and I am resolved to go back to Android with my next phone. An example (on my Lumia 640XL) this morning is trying to send a text message using Word Flow, it would not recognice the following words no matter how carefully I swyped: nasty, chimney, gut, instinct, couple, infection, bacteria And this is just in the course of a couple of texts. Not particularly obscure lexical items. Swype on Android was very good at this. In fact, the more complex the word, the more likely it was to get it right. So, on my Lumia, I end up tapping out each word which renders the Word Flow impractical. And it hasn't improved in the past 15 months, despite several "major" updates to Windows Phone 10. If Word Flow for Windows is anything to go by, I would advise everyone to avoid it on iOS.