Microsoft brings Solitaire Collection to Android and iOS

After living on Windows for more than 25 years, Microsoft is bringing its classic Solitaire to iOS and Android (opens in new tab). The free Solitaire Collection is now available on both the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store, where Microsoft is hoping to add even more players to the millions that already enjoy the game on Windows and Windows Mobile.

Solitaire junkies on Android and iOS will get access to all of the game modes you'd expect, including Klondike, Spider, Freecell, Tripeaks and Pyramid. Players on both platforms can also check out daily challenges, which will reward badges and other goodies. And if you sign in with your Microsoft account, you can also earn Xbox Live achievements and sync your progress and game data with your other devices.

It's definitely interesting to see Microsoft bring such an iconic part of Windows to other mobile platforms. If you use Android or iOS, or simply know someone else who does, you can grab the Solitaire Collection on the Google Play Store (opens in new tab) and the App Store (opens in new tab) now. Of course, the game is always available on the Windows Store (opens in new tab) as well.

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  • Taking Windows Phone exclusives away just like that.
  • Surely this will mean a cataclysmic loss of marketshare from the massive 0.1% they have now, this must not happen...... /s
  • It's even worse than that: number of Xbox games Microsoft released on Android or iOS since 2015 = 5 (at least). And on Windows phone? One... Gifting away your platform-exclusive features to competitors is short-sighted, at best.
  • Agreed and then you'll get downvotes for saying your view
  • Sure people hate the truth and guys who speak the truth with more facts. I for one don't really care about downvotes, adds no value to my life in anyways.
  • Agreed
  • He will get down voted, because its not new to anyone. And it fails to realise that Microsoft are a devices and services company, selling and promoting their wares across platforms. The myopic view that Microsoft must silo and build only for Windows is not recognising the reality of how the worlds works.
    Basically, its just low IQ whining. Its down voted because its tedious to read.
  • Not only WP exclusives, also Windows exclusives. *sigh* Why not? We already gave Office and the achievement system away, why not the games too?
  • We?
  • I dont get the hate... Microsoft is a software company so it is logical that it wants as many people as possible to use their apps and services. Juat because they released some apps for android and ios doesnt mean they will stop the support on those apps on w10m
  • Why don't they put all of their games on PS4 and Wii U, then? There must be some reason... Also, they've released far more Xbox games on iOS and Android the past two years then on Windows Phone.
  • The most EXCELLENT comment I've read today.
  • The XBox isn't a failed product unlike WMobile. XBox is a desired product and as such consumers will buy an XBox while not going anywhere near a WMobile device. I know it's unpalatable for MS fans however MS has to go the where the users are if the users won't come to MS!
  • They need exclusives on Xbox One to get more people signing up for Xbox Live Golf which is the service that Xbox makes a lot of it's money from
  • Tell Playstation and Nintendo to release their exclusives to others
  • Exactly. MS software and services don't have to fail because MS hardware isn't in a good position. People who are letting their "brand loyalty" tug on their heartstrings are forgetting that MS is a BUSINESS. Businesses need clients to consume their goods and services. MS has been pretty persistent in keeping many of their games and apps off the other platforms for a long time but they have to be realizing that these are obvious business oversights. They couldn't continue to ignore that potential market. In case you've been intentionally blocking it out. Bing ad revenue is now a a part of MS' main mission.
  • Thank you Microsoft for reaching customers where they want to be. Next up how about dialer/phone and photos app.
  • Xbox acheivments on iOS and Android?? 
  • This would be great
  • This would be great
  • This has been happening for a long while, hasn't it?
  • Heresy!! Haha
  • Why is it not available on xbox yet?
  • My guess is power consumption. The way this game kills my phone's battery, I'm not sure my house would have enough power for it on the Xbox. Maybe if I unplug the refrigerator. All kidding aside though, great question.
  • This goes way back...nothing to see here.
  • Nice. Now I can replace that other solitaire app on my phone.
  • Thank you, Microsoft! I am glad to see this on my 6s!
  • This is exciting news for me as well. The solitaire game is well done on Windows - I was hoping they'd bring it to iOS. Downloading now.
  • Wonder if it will sink with the WP8 version.  I could have a very roundabout way for getting that last achievement (4-suit spider) if I almost finish it on my Nexus 5X and then switch over to my old WP8 for the final completion lol.
  • Sync. A sink is the thing you have in your kitchen.
  • Going universal, good because it all about windows only, also carry our sisters along. That's what make it universal.
  • It's a proof, that MS is still taking care about mobile platforms. Others than w10m, but still mobile :)
  • If it makes anyone feel better, Microsoft put in almost zero effort for this release. Rather than make it match Google and Apple's design guidelines, it still looks exactly like a Windows 10 app.
  • This is the ultimate consumer strategy from's happening.
  • What shall I say, MS is making it more interesting every day to abandon windows mobile. Interesting strategy, they will end up having all the ms products on the OS of the competition, but they are not making any money on it. In the end android and ios will also take over the pc market and MS will only have cloud services left. Very strange strategy. I'm still using Windows mobile despite all the efforts of MS to make me switch to ios or android. But if I look at it rationally I should have abandoned windows mobile a year ago. everything is better on the competing platforms. And Ms is making sure that the gap continues to widen.
  • Totally agree
  • Microsoft.. I know you are a software company. But you have W10M to support more. How can W10M live without any exclusives?
  • Exclusives aren't the problem though. The app gap (both in numbers and features) between W10M and iOS/Android is.
  • Woohoo! Tired of those other scabs on android with their ad based apps that plain suck.
  • they are going to need big reasons on software side and hardware side for switching to windows mobile when surface phone launches or maybe its not a surface phone it might be a note taking phone a competitor to the one and only galaxy Note
  • Just today an uncle said to me "i don't understand mobile games, Facebook sends candy crush notifications, but i ignore them because i don't understand, ionly used to play the old card games on the pc' I said to myself 'how the fk can you not understand candy crush' and then answered to her '(Microsoft's) solitaire is available on cellphones since long time ago' Little did i knew that it actually wasn't. Only on windows phones. What the actual lol. I really was in a bubble, thankfully now i'm a galaxy s7 edgy user since almost two weeks.
  • Anyone got a play store link to it yet? I've searched but can't find it...
  • EDIT: Or just read the article.
  • This game was developed by third-party developer (Arcadium) and maybe they were unsatisfied with installs so decided to bring the game to other systems, this company s pretty greedy, so it's understandable.
  • I giant leap for mankind.
  • Yeah!!
  • Also, if you download and play on Android/iOS in the next 30 days, you'll get a free month of premium (2x coins for daily challenges, no ads and free boosts in TriPeaks and Pyramid). I'm not sure if that's supposed to sync up between devices using the same XBL account though (not showing up as a premium user on my PC even though I claimed the free month on my Pixel C with the same account).